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Role of Chromium in Animal Nutrition - 2850284254

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Role of Chromium in Animal Nutrition National Academies Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The American feed industry manufactures tons of dietary supplements and additives each year for inclusion in the diets of food-producing animals. Some scientists have suggested that chromium should be a key ingredient in nutritional supplements. Controversy exists, however, over whether chromium sources should be approved as feed additives and whether enough data exist to establish dietary requirements. Chromium use has been suggested to have positive impacts on farm profitability, and many animal health benefits have been attributed to chromium supplementation, including increased longevity; enhanced reproduction; decreased incidence of metabolic disorders, stress effects, and disease; reduced need for antibiotic usage; improved immune response; and lean carcass quality. This book addresses recent research on chromium in animal diets; metabolic interactions between chromium and other nutrients; assessments of form and species interactions; supplementation effects; bioavailability of chromium forms and sources; and effects of diet composition, stressors, and animal physiological status on chromium utilization. It also provides recommendations on the essentiality of dietary chromium in domestic animal species and guidelines for use of dietary chromium.


Mineralna mieszanka dodatków paszowych Wigor M - 2824849326

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Mineralna mieszanka dodatków paszowych Wigor M JHJ

Produkcja zwierzęca / Dodatki żywieniowe / Dodatki paszowe i zakiszacze

Complementary mix with garlic Ingredients: garlic concentrate, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, calcium sulphate, aluminium - WIGOR M is a mix of mineral additives of acid reaction - Micro and macro-elements in the mix help maintain the animals in good health and have a positive impact on proper development of young animals - It is rich in iron, which ensures proper development of young animals, and the copper contained in the mix promotes the absorption of iron and results in good growth, which significantly reduces the fattening time, improves feed conversion and reduces feed consumption per 1 kg of growth - The garlic has an antibiotic effect and improves feed intake - WIGOR M prevents diarrhoea and digestive disorders of different etiology. It is a mixture supplementary to pharmacological treatment of dysentery, it reduces the absorption of mycotoxins, and thus their harmfulness - WIGOR M as a feed additive for animals of all age reduces the animal losses due to collapse caused by these diseases - WIGOR M added to the feed, especially for piglets: for one week before weaning and up to a week after weaning, prevents stress caused by changes in rearing and feed, improves the growth and health of piglets Dose: per 1 ton of feed: Piglets, weaners: 5 kg Finishers: 3 kg Poultry: 4 kg


Biology of Nutrition in Growing Animals - 2850429124

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Biology of Nutrition in Growing Animals Elsevier Health Sciences

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Due to the ban of the antibiotic growth promoters new functional compounds will be characterized and their mode of action and efficacy of nutrient and tissue metabolism will be described. Safety and legal aspects in the production and the use feed additives and bioactive compounds will be presented. The book covers wide area of knowledge of dietary modulation of the gastrointestinal function in young animals through different kinds of feed additives: probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids, novel sources of feed enzymes, bioactive components and metabolic modifiers. The role of nutrition in relation to immune response and animal health, the problem of antinutrients in animal nutrition as well as biotechnological and ecophysiological aspects of nutrition will also be discussed. The book provides a comprehensive review and future perspectives in the modern nutrition of the growing animals.


Nitrogen and Energy Nutrition of Ruminants - 2835030126

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Nitrogen and Energy Nutrition of Ruminants Academic Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This comprehensive volume examines the interrelationships of nitrogen and energy nutrition of ruminants. It provides exhaustive coverage of basic concepts, applications, and new research developments. Rumen microbial activity is emphasized. The author, an expert in animal nutrition, discusses new systems of determining dietary energy requirements, the effect of processing feedstuffs, and stress factors. He reviews the availability of nutrients in grains, distillers' grain residues, oilseed meals, molasses, silages, pastures, crop residues, and aquatic plants. Growth stimulants, nutritional management of ruminants in feedlots and pastures, and the value of feed additives are also among the topics considered. The scope of coverage provided by this volume will make it the leading reference for teachers, researchers, consultants, livestock producers, feed manufacturers, and all others who are involved in ruminant feeding and nutrition. From the Preface: This volume covers research on various nitrogen and energy feedstuffs and defines terminology commonly utilized in nitrogen and energy nutrition. The utilization of nitrogen and energy in oilseed meals, fish meals, cereal grains, distillers' residues, molasses, silages, grasses, hays, crop residues, animal waste, and nonprotein nitrogen sources is discussed. Details are given on development and utilization of net energy systems, systems for balancing total nitrogen, and nonprotein nitrogen with total digestible nutrients (TDN) or energy components of ruminant diets. Discussions are presented on metabolism, feedlot, milking, and grazing trials. Growth stimulants, processing of feedstuffs, type of animal, and environmental and management factors that affect feed intake, growth, feed efficiency, and quality of product are reviewed. Emphasis is given to the contributions of ruminal microbes in upgrading forage and nonprotein nitrogen sources to higher-quality bacterial protein, as well as their ability to downgrade high-quality protein and waste nitrogen when protein is fed in excess of microbial needs. Research is presented on means to increase bypassing of the rumen to prevent nitrogen wastage when ruminants are fed concentrate diets. Contributions of ruminal microbes in utilizing cellulosic materials as lignocellulose and hemicellulose as well as starch and other carbohydrates are discussed.


Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants - 2826708828

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Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants National Academies Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Updating two previous National Research Council publications, "Nutrient Requirements of Sheep, Sixth Revised Edition", 1985, and "Nutrient Requirements of Goats, First Edition", 1981, this new book provides an evaluation of the scientific literature on the nutrient requirements of small ruminants in all stages of life. In addition, effects of the environment, feed additives, and metabolism modifiers on nutrient requirements are addressed. Proper formulation of diets for small ruminants depends on adequate knowledge of their nutrient requirements. These requirements depend on the breed and age of the animal and whether he or she is exercising, pregnant, or lactating. "Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants" brings together a summary of this latest data with new and expanded information on the composition of feeds commonly consumed by small ruminants, both domestic and wild. For the first time this authoritative reference work includes information on cervids and camelids. Primarily intended for animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and other scientists, some sections will be useful to individual sheep and goat owners and managers and to those responsible for the care and management of wildlife species. As both a practical and a technical reference book, this material is written to ensure that diets of small ruminants contain adequate amounts of nutrients and that intakes of certain nutrients are not so excessive that they inhibit performance or impair health.


Nutrient Requirements of Horses - 2847568948

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Nutrient Requirements of Horses National Academy Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Proper formulation of diets for horses depends on adequate knowledge of their nutrient requirements. These requirements depend on the breed and age of the horse and whether it is exercising, pregnant, or lactating. A great deal of new information has been accumulated since the publication 17 years ago of the last edition of Nutrient Requirements of Horses. This new edition features a detailed review of scientific literature, summarizing all the latest information, and provides a new set of requirements based on revised data. Also included is updated information on the composition of feeds, feed additives, and other compounds routinely fed to horses. The effects of physiological factors, such as exercise, and environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, are covered, as well. "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" also contains information on several nutritional and metabolic diseases that horses often have. Designed primarily as a reference, both practical and technical, "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" is intended to ensure that the diets of horses and other equids contain adequate amounts of nutrients and that the intakes of certain nutrients are not so excessive that they inhibit performance or impair health. This book is primarily intended for animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and other scientists; however, individual horse owners and managers will also find some of this material useful. Professors who teach graduate courses in animal nutrition will find "Nutrient Requirements of Horses" beneficial as a textbook.


Nutrient Requirements Of Small Ruminants - 2850520519

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Nutrient Requirements Of Small Ruminants

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Medicine>Veterinary medicine>Nutrition

Provides An Evaluation Of The Scientific Literature On The Nutrient Requirements Of Small Ruminants In All Stages Of Life. This Book Addresses The Effects Of The Environment, Feed Additives, And Metabolism Modifiers On Nutrient Requirements. It Is Suitable For Animal Nutritionists, Veterinarians, And Other Scientists.


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