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Visible | Invisible - 2826942261

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Visible | Invisible Distributed Art Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Visible | Invisible" presents 40 of the completed landscape designs by the widely recognized firm Reed Hilderbrand. Douglas Reed and Gary Hilderbrand are known for their rigorously conceived and carefully executed projects that merge the particular native qualities of a site with recognizably contemporary design expression. Their embrace of modernism, devotion to intellectual traditions in their field and deep engagement with horticulture, ecology and urban forestry are evident in all of their work. The firm has worked with numerous internationally known architects, including Allied Works Architecture, ARO | Architecture Research Office, Machado and Silvetti, Safdie Associates and Tadao Ando Architects. The books narrative describes Reed Hilderbrands sensibilities and working methods, examining a range of public and private commissions including institutional campuses in urban and rural settings, residences and civic infrastructure projects. An introduction by Reed and Hilderbrand looks at the firms 20-year evolution, and five essays by noted scholars develop specific themes that characterize the work. Also included are an extensive photographic essay by Millicent Harvey, and 60 drawings that document the featured projects and several unbuilt works. Internationally renowned landscape architect Peter Walker contributes a preface, placing Reed Hilderbrands 20 years of work within the highest calibre of landscape architectural projects being executed worldwide today. Elegantly designed and lavishly produced, "Visible | Invisible" is ideal for architects, designers, gardeners, preservationists and anyone who appreciates truly beautiful books.


Silent Form - 2826903068

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Silent Form Park Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

E2A Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert Architects has been established by the two brothers in Zurich in 2001. They soon gained national, and increasingly also internationally, recognition for their work in exhibition designs, industrial architecture, public buildings, and housing. American-born photographer Jon Naiman has been studying and documenting E2A's work for many years as a photographic artist. His preferred means for this is black-and-white photography of their architectural models. His carefully conceived images show the entire range of models, from conceptual studies and working materials to highly detailed miniatures of realised buildings, emphasising their formal qualities. Naiman shows experiences urban space, of visual space rather than mere miniature buildings. His pictures oscillate between abstract, almost calligraphic, signs and the perfectly focused depiction of a spatial situation. Silent Form is the conversion of this visual research into book in which utmost care has been given to design and materialisation and the arrangement and sequence of images. An essay on the neuro-biological fundamentals of perception and exemplariness complements the art.


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