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Power Tactics of Jesus Christ and Other Essays - 2835285170

125,39 zł

Power Tactics of Jesus Christ and Other Essays INGRAM INTERNATIONAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this classic volume available once again, it is the title essay that is the most controversial. Jay Haley proposes an original interpretation of the Bible analyzing Jesus? actions as a man trying to build a mass movement to topple a power structure. Using wit and wry humor, Haley instructs the reader in the other essays on what it takes to be schizophrenic, as well as the art and technique required to have an awful marriage, and how to be an awful therapist. His rationale for a directive therapy is the subject of other essays.


The Britten - Pears Collect - 2839302249

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The Britten - Pears Collect Decca


1. Peter Grimes, Op.33 (Original Version) 2. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes! (Prologue) 3. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes, I Here Advise Y 4. Britten, Benjamin - The Truth...the Pity... (Pro 5. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude I: On The Beach (Pro 6. Britten, Benjamin - Oh, Hang At Open Doors (Act 7. Britten, Benjamin - Hi! Give Us A Hand (Act 1) 8. Britten, Benjamin - The Carter Goes From Pub To Pu 9. Britten, Benjamin - Look, The Storm Cone! (Act 1 10. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Ii: The Storm (Act 1 11. Britten, Benjamin - Past Time To Close! (Act 1) 12. Britten, Benjamin - Get The Brandy, Aunt! (Act 1) 13. Britten, Benjamin - Old Joe Has Gone Fishing (Ac 14. Britten, Benjamin - The Bridge Is Down, We Half S 15. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Iii: Sunday Morning 16. Britten, Benjamin - Glitter Of Waves (Act 2) 17. Britten, Benjamin - Child, You're Not Too Young To 18. Britten, Benjamin - Fool To Let It Come To This! 19. Britten, Benjamin - We Planned That Their Lives 20. Britten, Benjamin - Swallow! Shall We Go (Act 2) 21. Britten, Benjamin - From The Gutter (Act 2) 22. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Iv: Passacaglia (Act 23. Britten, Benjamin - Go There! (Act 2) 24. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes! Nobody Here? ( 25. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude V: Evening (Act 3) 26. Britten, Benjamin - Assign Your Prettiness To Me 27. Britten, Benjamin - Is The Boat In? (Act 3) 28. Britten, Benjamin - Mr.swallow! (Act 3) 29. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Vi: Fog (Act 3) 30. Britten, Benjamin - Grimes! Grimes! (Act 3) 31. Britten, Benjamin - To Those Who Pass The Borough 32. Not Applicable - Britten: Peter Grimes - Closing C 101. Not Applicable - Britten: Billy Budd - Opening Cre 102. Billy Budd - Opera In 2 Acts, Op.50 (Original Vers 103. Britten, Benjamin - I Am An Old Man (Act 1) 104. Britten, Benjamin - Pull, My Bantams! (Act 1) 105. Britten, Benjamin - Boat Ahoy! (Act 1) 106. Britten, Benjamin - I Heard, Your Honour! (Act 1) 107. Britten, Benjamin - Christ, The Poor Chap! (Act 1) 108. Britten, Benjamin - Boy! My Compliments To Mr. Red 109. Britten, Benjamin - Any Danger Of French Notions S 110. Britten, Benjamin - We Are, Sir. Claggart Is An Ab 111. Britten, Benjamin - Land On The Port Bow, Sir (Act 112. Britten, Benjamin - Blow Her Away, Blow Her To Hil 113. Britten, Benjamin - Come Along Dansker & Sing (Act 114. Britten, Benjamin - O Beauty, Handsomeness Goodnes 115. Britten, Benjamin - Come Here. Remember Your Promi 116. Britten, Benjamin - Billy! Hist! Billy Budd! (Act 117. Britten, Benjamin - Dansker, Old Friend, Glad To S 118. Britten, Benjamin - I Don't Like The Look Of The M 119. Britten, Benjamin - This Is Our Moment (Act 2) 120. Britten, Benjamin - There You Are Again, Master-at 121. Britten, Benjamin - O This Cursed Mist (Act 2) 122. Britten, Benjamin - Claggart, John Claggart, Bewar 123. Britten, Benjamin - The Mists Have Cleared (Act 2) 124. Britten, Benjamin - William Budd, You Are Accused 125. Britten, Benjamin - I Accept Their Verdict (Act 2) 126. Britten, Benjamin - Look! Through The Port (Act 2) 127. Britten, Benjamin - Here! Baby! Dansker, Old Frien 128. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude (Act 2) 129. Britten, Benjamin - According To The Articles Of W 130. Britten, Benjamin - We Committed His Body To The D 131. Not Applicable - Britten: Billy Budd - Closing Cre 201. Owen Wingrave, An Opera In 2 Acts, Op.85 (Original 202. Britten, Benjamin - Prelude (Act 1) 203. Britten, Benjamin - You've Got Your Maps There? (A 204. Britten, Benjamin - Is It? Is Glory Everything? (A 205. Britten, Benjamin - Oh! I Thought I Knew Them All 206. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude 1 (Act 1) 207. Britten, Benjamin - At Last It's Out (Act 1) 208. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude 2 . ..war Is The Sta 209. Britten, Benjamin - Your Sherry, Mrs. Coyle (Act 1 210. Britten, Benjamin - Owen, You Can't Mean It (Act 1 211. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude 3 (Act 1) 212. Britten, Benjamin - Oh, How Unforeseen (Act 1) 213. Britten, Benjamin - & Now To Face Them (Act 1) 214. Britten, Benjamin - Sirrah! How Dare You! (Act 1) 215. Britten, Benjamin - Coyle, I Wish I Had Not Come ( 216. Britten, Benjamin - Ah! Owen (Act 1) 217. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude 4 (Act 1) 218. Britten, Benjamin - May God Bless The Queen (Act 1 219. Britten, Benjamin - There Was A Boy, A Wingrave Bo 220. Britten, Benjamin - They Called For Him To Toll Th 221. Britten, Benjamin - I Envy You, This Fine Old Hous 222. Britten, Benjamin - Aha! (Act 2) 223. Britten, Benjamin - It's Over, I'm Disinherited (A 224. Britten, Benjamin - & With His Friend Young Lechme 225. Britten, Benjamin - Now You May Save Your Scornful 226. Britten, Benjamin - Ah, Owen, What Shall I Do? (Ac 227. Britten, Benjamin - Is That You, Coyle? (Act 2) 228. Britten, Benjamin - Ah, Owen, Owen You've Gone (Ac 229. Extracts From Music Now 230. Not Applicable - The Place Is Snape, In Suffolk... 231. Not Applicable - Colin, Would It Be Possible For Y 232. Not Applicable - Peter, You're Multi-parted In Thi 233. Not Applicable - Ben, What Was It That First Attra 301. Not Applicable - Gay/britten: The Beggar's Opera - 302. The Beggar's Opera (Realised By Benjamin Britten) 303. John Gay - If Poverty Be A Title To Poetry (Prolog 304. John Gay - Overture (Prologue) 305. John Gay - Through All The Employments Of Life (Ac 306. John Gay - 'Tis Woman Seduces All Mankind (Act 1) 307. John Gay - A Register Of The Gang (Act 1) 308. John Gay - Women Are Bitter Bad Judges...if Any We 309. John Gay - Yonder Comes My Husband...virgins Are L 310. John Gay - Our Polly Is A Sad Slut (Act 1) 311. John Gay - The Girl Shows...o Polly, You Might Hav 312. John Gay - What Is A Jointure...the Turtle Dove Th 313. John Gay - Now I Am A Wretch Indeed...pretty Polly 314. John Gay - My Heart Was So Free (Act 1) 315. John Gay - Sure, My Dear...were I Laid On Greenlan 316. John Gay - The Miser Thus A Shilling Sees (Act 1) 317. John Gay - But The Present Time Is Ours (Act 1) 318. John Gay - Fill Ev'ry Glass (Act 1) 319. John Gay - It's Now High Time...let Us Take The Ro 320. John Gay - If The Heart Of A Man (Act 1) 321. John Gay - Mrs Coaxer...youth's The Season Made Fo 322. John Gay - It's Your Own Choice...before The Barn- 323. John Gay - But To Be Sure, Sir...the Gamesters & L 324. John Gay - Constables, The Tree I Shall 325. John Gay - Noble Captain, You Are Welcome (Act 2) 326. John Gay - To See You Tortured...thus When A Good 327. John Gay - You Know, Lucy...the First Time At The 328. John Gay - Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir? (Act 2) 329. John Gay - I Will Not! Happy Could I Be With 330. John Gay - Really, Miss Peachum, You Expose Yourse 331. John Gay - Why How Now, Madam Flirt? (Act 2) 332. John Gay - No Pow'r On Earth Can E'er Divide (Act 333. John Gay - To Be Sure, Wench (Act 3) 334. John Gay - Dear, Sir, Mention Not My Education...w 335. John Gay - Thus Gamesters United In Friendship (Ac 336. John Gay - Look Ye, Mrs. Jenny (Act 3) 337. John Gay - Slippery Sam...the Modes Of The Court ( 338. John Gay - Keep A Watchful Eye On Polly...what Gud 339. John Gay - In The Days Of My Youth (Act 3) 340. John Gay - Jealousy, Rage, Love & Fear...i'm Like 341. John Gay - A Curse Attends A Woman's Love (Act 3) 342. John Gay - Come, Sweet Lass, Let's Banish Sorrow ( 401. Not Applicable - Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction 402. Idomeneo Kv 366 403. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Overture (English Versi 404. Idomeneo Kv 366 (English Version) 405. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - When Will The Gods Have 406. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Bring The Trojan Captai 407. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - These Are The Wretched 408. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Hear Me, My Lord (Act 1 409. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Ye Gods, Save Them!! (A 410. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Safe From The Storm At 411. Giovanni Battista Varesco - Ah, What Do I See? (Ac 412. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - To Neptune Sing Praises 413. Not Applicable - Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction, A 414. Idomeneo Kv 366 (English Version) 415. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Larghetto From K.367 - 416. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Come, My Gentle Princes 417. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Who Can Explain The Mea 418. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - What Greater Joy Than T 419. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Prince, We Must Part No 420. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Oh, Portent O'erwhelmin 501. Not Applicable - Mozart: Idomeneo: Introduction, A 502. Idomeneo Kv 366 (English Version) 503. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Gentle Zephrs, Soft Car 504. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - O Princess, Forgive Me 505. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - What Do I See Here? (Ac 506. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - My Lord, Outside The Ga 507. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Look Around Here, I Pra 508. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - March - Great Neptune, 509. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - The Hero Victorious Tri 510. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Idomeneo Shall Reign No 511. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Here Me Now (Act 3) 512. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - God Of Love, Be Thou Am 513. Not Applicable - Mozart: Idomeneo: Closing Credits 601. Not Applicable - Schubert: Winterreise - Opening C 602. Winterreise D 911 603. Schubert, Franz - 1. Gute Nacht 604. Schubert, Franz - 2. Die Wetterfahne 605. Schubert, Franz - 3. Gefrorne Traenen 606. Schubert, Franz - 4. Erstarrung 607. Schubert, Franz - 5. Der Lindenbaum 608. Schubert, Franz - 6. Wasserflut 609. Schubert, Franz - 7. Auf Dem Flusse 610. Schubert, Franz - 8. Rueckblick 611. Schubert, Franz - 9. Irrlicht 612. Schubert, Franz - 10. Rast 613. Schubert, Franz - 11. Fruehlingstraum 614. Schubert, Franz - 12. Einsamkeit 615. Schubert, Franz - 13. Die Post 616. Schubert, Franz - 14. Der Greise Kopf 617. Schubert, Franz - 15. Die Kraehe 618. Schubert, Franz - 16. Letzte Hoffnung 619. Schubert, Franz - 17. Im Dorfe 620. Schubert, Franz - 18. Der Stuermische Morgen 621. Schubert, Franz - 19. Taeuschung 622. Schubert, Franz - 20. Der Wegweiser 623. Schubert, Franz - 21. Das Wirtshaus 624. Schubert, Franz - 22. Mut 625. Schubert, Franz - 23. Die Nebensonnen 626. Schubert, Franz - 24. Der Leiermann 627. Not Applicable - Schubert: Winterreise - Closing C 628. The Mock Marriage 629. Henry Purcell - Man Is For The Woman Made (Arr. Br 630. Britten, Benjamin - The Foggy Foggy Dew 631. Britten, Benjamin - O Waly Waly 632. Britten, Benjamin - Sweet Polly Oliver 633. Britten, Benjamin - Sally In Our Alley 634. Britten, Benjamin - Tom Bowling 635. Britten, Benjamin - The Lincolnshire Poacher 636. Britten, Benjamin - The Plough Boy 637. Britten, Benjamin - Oliver Cromwell 638. Peter Pears & Benjamin Britten Discuss Winterreise 639. Not Applicable - Fruehlingstraum (Original Version 640. Winterreise D 911 641. Schubert, Franz - 17. Im Dorfe 642. Peter Pears & Benjamin Britten Discuss Winterreise 643. Not Applicable - Der Leiermann (Original Version)


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

32,40 zł

Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


John of Ruysbroeck - 2853158109

65,46 zł

John of Ruysbroeck Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from John of Ruysbroeck: The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage; The Sparkling Stone; The Book of Supreme Truth Of the Kingdom of the Soul Of a Spiritual Meeting of God and Ourselves Of the desire to know the Bridegroom in His Nature Prologue How we achieve Supernatural Sight in our Inward Workings Of a Three-fold Unity which is in us by Nature Of the Inflow of the Grace of God into our Spirit Showing how we should found our Inward Life on a Freedom from Images Of a Three-fold Coming of our Lord in the Inward Man Of the Second Coming of our Lord in the Inward Man Of the Third Coming of our Lord How the First Coming has Four Degrees Of Unity of Heart Of Inwardness Of Sensible Love Of Devotion Of Gratitude Of Two Griefs which arise from Inward Gratitude A Similitude how we should perform the First Degree of our Inward Exercise Another Similitude concerning the same Exercise Of the Second Degree of our Inward Exercise, which increases Inwardness by Humility Of the Pure Delight of the Heart and the Sensible Powers Of Spiritual Inebriation What may hinder a Man in this Inebriation A Similitude how a Man should act and bear himself in this case Of the Third Degree of the Spiritual Coming of Christ Of the Pain and Restlessness of Love Of Ecstacies and Divine Revelations An Example showing how one is hindered in this Exercise About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Islam For Dummies - 2826792077

76,53 zł

Islam For Dummies Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Many non-Muslims have no idea that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews, and that Islam preaches compassion, charity, humility, and the brotherhood of man. And the similarities don't end there. According to Islamic teaching, Muhammad founded Islam in 610 CE after the angel Gabriel appeared to him at Mecca and told him that God had entered him among the ranks of such great biblical prophets as Abraham, Moses, and Christ. Whether you live or work alongside Muslims and want to relate to them better, or you simply want to gain a better understanding of the world's second largest religion, "Islam For Dummies" can help you make sense of this religion and its appeal.From the "Qur'an" to Ramadan, this friendly guide introduces you to the origins, practices and beliefs of Islam, including: Muhammad, the man and the legend; The Five Pillars of Wisdom; The Five Essentials beliefs of Islam; The different branches of Islam and Islamic sects; The "Qur'an" and Islamic law; Islam throughout history and its impact around the world Professor Malcolm Clark explores the roots of Islam, how it has developed over the centuries, and it's long and complex relationship with Christianity.He helps puts Islam in perspective as a major cultural and geopolitical force. And he provided helpful insights into, among other things: Muhammad, the Qur'an and the ethical teachings of Islam; Muslim worship, customs, and rituals surrounding birth, marriage, and death; Shi'ites, Sunnis, Sufis, Druze, and other important Muslim groups; and Islam in relation to Judaism and Christianity. In these troubled times, it is important that we try to understand the belief systems of others, for through understanding comes peace. "Islam For Dummies" helps you build bridges of understanding between you and your neighbors in the global village.


Mel Gibson - 2826780093

102,59 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From cult screen actor to major movie director, Mel Gibson has firmly secured his place as a Hollywood player. His latest directorial project, The Passion of the Christ, has landed him centre stage once more, and author Wensley Clarkson tells how reveals Mel's views on the controversy surrounding it. In addition, he'll uncover: the years of girlfriends, drinking and gambling; the inside stories of Mel's Hollywood business deals and how powerful Hollywood figures helped him to overcome his addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, plus the details of his marriage to Robyn and the secrets of his life with his many children. Mel Gibson:: Man on a Mission provides an in-depth glimpse into the life of an actor who, despite his up-front public persona, is a fiercely private man about whom relatively little is really known.


Truth and Fiction in The "Da Vinci Code" - 2834154907

63,02 zł

Truth and Fiction in The "Da Vinci Code" Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A staggeringly popular work of fiction, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" has stood atop "The New York Times" Bestseller List for well over a year, with millions of copies in print. But, this fast-paced mystery is unusual in that the author states up front that the historical information in the book is all factually accurate. But, is this claim true? As historian Bart D. Ehrman shows in this informative and witty book, "The Da Vinci Code" is filled with numerous historical mistakes. Did the ancient church engage in a cover-up to make the man Jesus into a divine figure? Did Emperor Constantine select for the New Testament - from some 80 contending Gospels - the only four Gospels that stressed that Jesus was divine? Was Jesus Christ married to Mary Magdalene? Did the Church suppress Gospels that told the secret of their marriage? Bart Ehrman thoroughly debunks all of these claims. But, the book is not merely a laundry list of Brown's misreading of history. Throughout, Ehrman offers a wealth of fascinating background information - all historically accurate - on early Christianity. He describes, for instance, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (which are not Christian in content, contrary to The Da Vinci Code); outlines in simple terms how scholars of early Christianity determine which sources are most reliable; and explores the many other Gospels that have been found in the last half century. Ehrman separates fact from fiction, the historical realities from the flights of literary fancy. Readers of "The Da Vinci Code" who would like to know the truth about the beginnings of Christianity and the life of Jesus will find this book riveting.


Jean Danielou's Doxological Humanism - 2835639303

97,87 zł

Jean Danielou's Doxological Humanism Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: In the spring of 1946, Jean Daniélou published an article by the title of "Les orientations presents de la pensée religieuse" for Etudes. Daniélou's article--at least according to his critics--set the program for what would be later referred to as la nouvelle théologie. Though Daniélou's influence was definitive at the inception of the movement (loosely understood) and continued up until Vatican II and after it, relatively little (especially compared to his close associate Henri de Lubac) has been written about Daniélou in English even in the recent resurgence of interest in nouvelle théologie. This book seeks to fill that gap in part by providing an overview of his theology with extensive reference to his vast corpus of writings by highlighting what seems to be the key to his thought: that all human beings were made for contemplation and that one is only truly human when one exercises this innate calling in a Trinitarian fashion. Endorsements: "Marc Nicholas's superb study of Jean Daniélou demonstrates that our modern, cultural melancholy derives largely from our saintlessness. Yet a surpassing joy awaits all who are willing to embrace the saintly life of prayer and contemplation as Daniélou envisions it. Far from being escapist and otherworldly, Nicholas reveals that a liturgical existence is profoundly political. Christian saints humanize the city of man, he shows, by building the city of God in our midst." --Ralph C. Wood, Baylor University "Jean Daniélou is one of the less-studied figures in the twentieth-century Catholic movement of nouvelle théologie. Nicholas remedies this by holding him up as a theologian who successfully reintegrates theology and spirituality, giving voice to an integral humanism that does true justice to the doxological essence of humanity. Jean Daniélou's Doxological Humanism is a patient and careful account of many of Daniélou's writings, which sheds light on the French Jesuit's deepest motivations." --Hans Boersma, Regent College "Drawing on the resources of the unjustly forgotten Jean Daniélou, Marc Nicholas presents an extended argument for a theocentric humanism. Nicholas shows how our ability to affirm the beauty and the dignity of human existence stands or falls with the question of God. 'For there is not one single human being,' Daniélou writes, 'who is not destined, one day, to be transformed in Christ and to contemplate the Trinity.'" --Nicholas J. Healy Jr., John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family Author Biography: Marc C. Nicholas is an instructor in religion in the Philosophy department at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas.


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