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Assessment Of Business Process Reengineering Implementation And Result - 2860649427

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Assessment Of Business Process Reengineering Implementation And Result

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Business Process Implementation Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc

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The speed with which today's businesses have to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and the complexity required to remain ahead in a competitive environment have forced the development of automated business process systems. Business Process Implementation describes a new method for designing and implementing office workflow systems.This method was developed by Graham Twaddle and his colleagues, and has been analysed and described by Michael Jackson, one of the pre-eminent contributors to current software development practices. It has been tried and tested by Sherwood International UK who have incorporated it into their award-winning Logicware software support system. The method consists of a carefully crafted combination of data and process modelling that permits highly parallel, and therefore highly efficient and flexible workflow. Moreover, it embodies a novel approach to database design and implementation that gives many of the benefits usually ascribed to object orientation but requires only a conventional relational database environment. Key Features of the book include:A clear and insightful description of the method, its range of applicability and its use. Innovative diagram and textual notations for data and process modelling. A thorough description of the Logicware software support system which provides insight into implementation issues and shows how to mechanize and simplify development. Questions at the end of each chapter, providing readers with an opportunity to check their understanding of the concepts involved.  This book will be invaluable for anyone who has to develop and use business systems for information and administration and especially to those working in an environment where office workflow is an important concern. It will provide the reader with a way of clearly documenting the processes and process-related knowledge that are the end result of a Business Process Reengineering study. It also provides an approach to implementing the reengineered processes that has been tried and tested successfully in large systems for critical business applications.


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