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Written first hand by an autistic individual, the book unravels mystique over how the author, Irving Chiang, overcame all odds in conquering the 'death keel" to social acceptance. Realising that he was 'different" from other people when he was seventeen, he quickly slipped into depression. He was later diagnosed as having the Schizoid Personality Disorder. His break came after accepting Christ in his mid-twenties. Five tough years of self-rationalisation was not without fruit; he identified his difficulty as part of the autistic spectrum disorder and appears to have uncovered the cause and cure of the disorder, at least sufficient for him to lead an ordinary life. The current medical definitions of the disorder are limited in scope. They ignore a larger part of the population that have a broader autism phenotype with similar communicative and social disabilities but that are less severe in nature. The author can be reached at should there be any queries or interest in the purchase of this book. The book is also available on most on-line retailers such as and Barnes & 'All in all, this is a FANTASTIC book", Dr Wong 'I almost cried after


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