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Corn Steep Liquor - 2837116328

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Corn Steep Liquor LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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The importance of poultry industry in Pakistan is not only because it provides animal proteins to rapidly growing human population but also it has momentous share in the economy of the country. The total poultry population in Pakistan is 663 million with 542.74 million broilers. This sector produces 767 (000 tones) meat annually that is 24.8% of total meat production in the country. Profitable poultry production is possible if balanced and cost effective diets are formulated. Poultry production is handicapped because of high feed cost as it accounts up to 70% of total cost of production. The high price and limited quantities of conventional protein feed ingredients always provoke avian nutritionists to explore the nutritional potential of un-traditional protein sources in terms of their biological evaluation. Usage of non-conventional ingredients plays their part to bridge the nutrient gap and make feed formulation more versatile. Corn steep liquor (CSL) is one of such untraditional by-products of corn wet-milling industry that can be used as feed ingredient in poultry diet. High protein content of CSL makes it an excellent protein source to be used in poultry diet.


Growth of Farm Animals - 2854248598

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Growth of Farm Animals CABI

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An understanding of the processes that change the shape and composition of farm animals is fundamental to all aspects of production. Updated to include new chapters on avian growth and global warming, and citing new research throughout, this comprehensive textbook provides key information on how animals grow and change in shape and composition, and the factors that affect these processes. Presented in a larger format with new photographs and focus boxes, this third edition continues to fill the important role of helping to understand how the basics of growth must be thoroughly understood if farm animals are to be used efficiently and humanely in producing food for mankind.


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