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Becoming A Teacher Of Language And Literacy - 2849921872

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Becoming A Teacher Of Language And Literacy

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Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy - 2854235361

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Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy Cambridge University Press

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Becoming a Teacher of Language and Literacy explores what it means to be a literacy educator in the twenty-first century. It promotes a reflective and inquiry-based approach to literacy teaching and examines three central questions: 1. How do teachers approach the teaching of reading and writing, speaking and listening within a digital age? 2. How do teachers approach the standardisation of literacy, including high-stakes testing? 3. How do teachers work within the framework of the Australian Curriculum: English? The book covers a range of contemporary topics in language and literacy education, including reading and creating digital texts, supporting intercultural engagement in literacy education, and developing community partnerships. Each chapter features teacher narratives, current theoretical perspectives, examples of practice and reflective questions. The narratives are designed to prompt reflection about teachers' professional practice within local school settings. They convey the voices of teachers as they grapple with the challenges of their professional practice.


Becoming A Teacher Researcher In Literacy Teaching And Learning - 2846030607

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Becoming A Teacher Researcher In Literacy Teaching And Learning

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Becoming A Teacher Of Reading - 2840137497

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Becoming A Teacher Of Reading

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Becoming a Music Teacher - 2854550445

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Becoming a Music Teacher Oxford University Press Inc

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New music teachers often struggle to find a way to connect the content learned in college classes with the content that will be taught in the classroom, since the nature of their work demands a high level of both musical and educational ability, while also the skills to switch from tuning an orchestra to leading a marching band or practicing voice parts with a chorus. Becoming a Music Teacher: Student to Practitioner focuses on making the connections between the college music classroom and public school music classroom transparent, visible, and relevant. Award-winning music educators Donald L. Hamann and Shelly Cooper have created a versatile text for music teacher education, and one that will provide a significant resource for music education students across the US. Based around an innovative organization and approach, Becoming a Music Teacher is made up of 40 short modules that focus on increasing a teacher's comfort and confidence level when instructing or leading groups. Each module is broken down into four individual components that demonstrate real life transfers from classes to classroom through the components of Personal Awareness, Personal Musicianship, Pre-Conducting, and Professional Knowledge. The Personal Awareness component gives a lesson on good teaching skills by focusing on body awareness, body language, and communication styles rather than abstract theories of education. Personal Musicianship provides a guided learning approach to teaching sight-singing and opportunities to create both vocal and instrumental accompaniments with the songs that are included in the modules. Pre-conducting discusses ways in which certain gestures or concepts could be used in rehearsing a school ensemble through the development of hand/arm independence, posture, and gestures. Professional knowledge links the module to the real world and places it in the context of the workplace, offering advice on how to work with other teachers and administrators, and includes characteristics of successful teachers, the role of schools in contemporary society, and diverse learners. When taken together, these components help the student develop a genuinely rounded skill set for the classroom. The lessons are activity-based and interactive, allowing readers to experiment, communicate, and provide feedback. The modules are also flexible and have been designed to be easily integrated into a music education classroom and applied to specific age groups, includingadult learners, a demographic many music education students encounter but one rarely discussed in music education classrooms. Each module stands alone, allowing instructors to customize their lesson plans by selecting or highlighting the modules most relevant to their class. This text also includes exercises that promote reflection on professionalism, collegiality, and legal factors that affect both students and teachers, not found in most education texts.


The Complete Guide To Becoming An English Teacher - 2840073203

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The Complete Guide To Becoming An English Teacher

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Becoming An Outstanding English Teacher - 2840421769

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Becoming An Outstanding English Teacher

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Language teaching and language learning - Methods in a course book for German learners of English - 2826818314

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Language teaching and language learning - Methods in a course book for German learners of English GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Other, printed single-sided, grade: 2,7, University of Siegen, course: Teaching English: Methods And Approaches, language: English, abstract: In my term paper I will try to investigate a unit of an English course book for German learners of English as their second language. For this aim I will use the English G2000 B1 for the fifth grade Realschule . I decided for the Realschule version as I m studying on teaching profession for this type of school.Considering the extent of this paper I will not be able to investigate this course book completely. Instead of this I will concentrate on a small unit topic 4 in the end of unit four, which deals with money and shopping. In G2000 every unit closes with such a short topic-unit and it has just like the larger units a focus on a language skill. In case of topic 4 it is speaking.In order not to write too much I will put emphasize on the methodological and theoretical background of the exercises and tasks of this unit: Which methods are used? What about the role of the learner/teacher? Which competences are demanded and supported? Is it sufficient to teach English only with the help of a course book?Therefore I will give a short glimpse on the historical background of language teaching and learning at first, so that the reader deserves basic information about methods and their theoretical background.For a better entrance to my topic I will also involve the teacher s manual. It includes information about new vocabulary, materials and methods. Furthermore it offers the teacher instructions for the exercises in the student s course book.Therefore it is in a way essential, because it is in fact a manual for the student s book. Topic 4 consists of four main exercises. Some of them are slightly complemented by parallel tasks from the pupil s workbook, which is also available as additional support to the course book. Furthermore there is a Vocabulary Action Sheet in the end of the teacher s manual including some vocabulary exercises for each unit.


Becoming Loquens - 2854465099

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Becoming Loquens Peter Lang GmbH

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Once declared an unworthy pursuit for learned linguists, the study of language origins has recently become a matter of intensive respectable research. The change is understandable, because, while the nineteenth-century imaginative linguists could only speculate, today's scientists can soberly investigate and present the hard data that could serve to outline the gradual evolution that led to the emergence and development of oral communication. Tracing that process or, rather, contributing to that effort, is the objective of this collection of articles and the collective endeavor of their authors, who from their own specific vantage points - primatology, anthropology, anatomy, cognition, neurology, linguistics, and sociology - are presenting data and analyses that will help the reader to gain better insight and clearer understanding of how humans have developed that fascinating tool of ours - language.


Teach English as a Foreign Language: Teach Yourself - 2854308159

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Teach English as a Foreign Language: Teach Yourself Teach Yourself Books

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This new edition of Teach EFL is the ultimate practical reference guide to becoming an EFL teacher. "Riddell's book is a classic - it answers all those questions new language teachers have...covers an amazing amount in a clear accessible way." David Carr, Director of Teacher Training International House London This book is packed with information on: -effective teaching techniques. -sound classroom management. -practical lesson planning. -successful job hunting and career development. This is an indispensable book for all new EFL teachers: a step-by-step guide on what to teach and how to teach it. This edition has been fully revised to include: -insights from teachers working around the world. -up-to-date information on technology as an aid to learning. -comprehensive information on the increasingly popular task-based learning. -invaluable advice on making the transition from learning to teaching. -clear guidance on ongoing professional development. -useful examples of teaching in different international contexts. Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by learners for over 75 years.


Effective Foreign Language Teaching at the Primary Level - 2854467166

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Effective Foreign Language Teaching at the Primary Level Peter Lang AG

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This book focuses on the most recent methodological developments and views in the field of foreign language teaching with issues concerning mainly the foreign language teacher. Its aim is to lead teachers to a better understanding of their own assets, beliefs, and values, and to help them to improve their competencies. It deals with both the methodological and language preparation of teachers in order to give them a deeper understanding of the process of teaching and learning languages at the primary level. The first part of the book presents several papers about different methodological issues, linking theory and practice. The education of the teacher from a linguistic and a methodological point of view is the main focus. The next section of the book deals with research in language teaching, teacher education, and language. Finally the last section brings together four papers dealing with classroom teaching and the role of observation in teacher education. Effective Foreign Language Teaching at the Primary Level is of interest to teachers, teacher trainers and student teachers as it analyses important questions such as the nature of language teaching, the specific skills needed, the creation of an appropriate environment for teaching, and the use of materials and resources. Teachers can find both theoretical reflections and practical suggestions for the classroom by experts from several countries in the light of most recent research and thinking.


Delta Teacher Development: Being Creative - 2837115995

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Delta Teacher Development: Being Creative Heinle

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Being Creative takes you on a journey that reveals how all teachers have the potential to become creative. Whether you are experienced or new to the classroom, Being Creative allows your teaching to take flight. It shows that: creativity, so often overlooked, is crucial to successful teaching the creative potential of teachers can be developed creativity will almost always bring changes for the better Being Creative contains three distinctive parts A, B and C which focus in turn on theory, practice and development: Part A: Looks at how definitions and concepts of creativity have developed in history and demonstrates how this links with current thinking on creative practice. In particular, it looks at Creativity and Teachers and Creativity and the Classroom, leading to a discussion about how creativity can be developed by appropriate strategies. Part B: Contains highly practical activities which can be added to the repertoire of any busy teacher. They follow the strategies outlined in Part A - simplicity, combinational creativity, playfulness and risk taking - and they all require little or no preparation, while adding excitement to any language classroom. Teachers will find the additional comments that accompany each activity particularly useful, providing rationales and inviting reflection. Part C: Looks at the challenges of bringing change to the classroom, helping teachers to overcome some of their fears and resistance to creativity. There are exercises to do alone or in teacher development workshops so you can continue your journey towards creativity as part of your continuing professional development.


Edexcel International GCSE Arabic 1st Language Student Book - 2854254022

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Edexcel International GCSE Arabic 1st Language Student Book PEARSON

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* Written by Hazim Abbas, a highly experienced teacher trainer and Chief Examiner, and Eltayeb Abusin, leader of an International School and Chair of Examiners. * Provides extensive support for the required grammar points. * Includes guidance on different writing styles such as letter writing, speech, reports, articles, narrative and more. * Provides assistance to students with reading comprehension through a variety of different reading passages. * Provides academic and technical support for exam questions. * Exam-focused exercises and activities throughout. Author Biographies Professor Eltayeb Ali Abusin received his BA, MA and PhD in Arabic from the University of Khartoum in Sudan, and then joined the university as an executive director. Professor Abusin then moved to a constitutional post as a Minister of Regional Affairs in Sudan, before becoming a member of the senior management team and Head of Arabic for King Fahad Academy in London. He then moved to the United Arab Emirates where he worked for the School of Research Science as dean. He is the Chair of Examiners for Edexcel Arabic as well as the leader of Saudia International Schools in Khartoum, Sudan. . . ( ) -- . Hazim Abbas is a graduate of University of London and a specialist in phonetics of both English and Arabic languages. He has over thirty years' teaching experience at all levels.Most of his teaching career was in senior positions and during the last few years he was Director of Arabic Studies in international schools. Currently he is a Chief Examiner and a national and international teacher trainer for Edexcel International GCSE Arabic. He is also an advisor on Arabic studies and examinations to a European Ministry of Education. #15;


Delta Teacher Development: Culture Our Classroom - 2854277143

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Delta Teacher Development: Culture Our Classroom Heinle

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Culture in our Classrooms acknowledges the role of culture in the English Language Teaching classroom and provides lesson content which is relevant, useful and engaging for students. Over 80 practical and easy-to-use communicative activities will help your students: become aware of the target-culture norms and behaviours understand better their own and other beliefs and values see beyond stereotypes and empathise with other cultures Culture in our Classrooms contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development: Part A: Examines definitions of culture. The authors examine the beliefs behind behaviours, and reflect on the inextricable link between culture and language - suggesting that culture as


Project 4: Teacher's Book - 2826621866

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Project 4: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press

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Tried, tested, trusted ... and now even better! Teachers all over the world trust Project. This brand-new edition has been improved and updated in direct response to feedback from teachers. The tried and tested methodology, together with the wide range of material presenting real language in real contexts, will inspire a new generation of English learners from the ages of 9-10 years. Key features New, clear vocabulary sections added to the grammar-based syllabus and integrated skills work. Texts, topics and activities such as cartoons, traditional songs and stories and project work will all appeal to students.


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