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Behavioral Economics - 2826764275

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Behavioral Economics Cambridge University Press

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This book presents a history of behavioral economics. The recurring theme is that behavioral economics reflects and contributes to a fundamental reorientation of the epistemological foundations upon which economics had been based since the days of Smith, Ricardo, and Mill. With behavioral economics, the discipline has shifted from grounding its theories in generalized characterizations to building theories from behavioral assumptions directly amenable to empirical validation and refutation. The book proceeds chronologically and takes the reader from von Neumann and Morgenstern's axioms of rational behavior, through the incorporation of rational decision theory in psychology in the 1950s


Immigration Economics - 2826918992

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Millions of people--nearly 3 percent of the world's population--no longer live in the country where they were born. Every day, migrants enter not only the United States but also developed countries without much of a history of immigration. Some of these nations have switched in a short span of time from being the source of immigrants to being a destination for them. International migration is today a central subject of research in modern labor economics, which seeks to put into perspective and explain this historic demographic transformation. Immigration Economics "synthesizes the theories, models, and econometric methods used to identify the causes and consequences of international labor flows. Economist George Borjas lays out with clarity and rigor a full spectrum of topics, including migrant worker selection and assimilation, the impact of immigration on labor markets and worker wages, and the economic benefits and losses that result from immigration. Two important themes emerge: First, immigration has distributional consequences: some people gain, but some people lose. Second, immigrants are rational economic agents who attempt to do the best they can with the resources they have, and the same holds true for native workers of the countries that receive migrants. This straightforward behavioral proposition, Borjas argues, has crucial implications for how economists and policymakers should frame contemporary debates over immigration.


Using Laboratory Experiments to Build Better Operations Management Models - 2826875849

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Using Laboratory Experiments to Build Better Operations Management Models now publishers Inc

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Using Laboratory Experiments to Build Better Operations Management Models focuses on controlled laboratory experiments used to test existing, and develop new, theory in operations management. Much of the methodology discussed is in line with economics rather than psychology, which also provide a valid and useful, but different, paradigm. This monograph is organized as follows. Section 2 presents a short history of experimental economics, focusing specifically on some fundamental games that proved to be important in economics as well as in behavioral operations management. Section 3 discusses some basics of experimental design as well as "best practices" for conducting laboratory experiments. This section reviews issues related to providing a context, the effect of subject pool, the effect of incentives, and the uses of deception. The goal of Sections 4, 5, and 6 is to outline how experiments have been used to shed light on behavioral factors within three different operational contexts - the behavior in the Newsvendor problem (Section 4), supply chain contracts (Section 5), and procurement auctions (Section 6). Section 7 concludes with a discussion of future trends and promising directions for future research.


Thinking, Fast and Slow in 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Daniel Kahneman's Critically Acclaimed Book (the 30 Minute Expert Series) - 2838788652

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Thinking, Fast and Slow in 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Daniel Kahneman's Critically Acclaimed Book (the 30 Minute Expert Series) UNIV OF TORONTO PR

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We strongly encourage you to purchase the original book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. How are decisions made? When can you trust fast, intuitive judgment, and when is it biased and unreliable? Learn how to transform your thinking to help avoid overconfidence and become a better decision maker. Thinking, Fast and Slow 30 Minutes is the essential guide to quickly understanding the fundamental components of decision making outlined in Daniel Kahneman's best-selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. Thinking, Fast and Slow 30 Minutes offers: .Insightful information about Daniel Kahneman and his background as a renowned psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics .Critical reception to the work, highlighting essential arguments by major publications and thought leaders .Key concepts from the book, including an explanation heuristics and biases, the two selves, and the two distinct thinking systems-the intuitive System 1, and the effortful System 2 .Illustrative case studies demonstrating Kahneman's ground-breaking research in behavioral economics .Real-world applications for utilizing Kahneman's theories in everyday life In Thinking, Fast and Slow, best-selling author Daniel Kahneman has compiled his many years of innovative research to offer practical knowledge and insights into how people's minds make decisions. Challenging the standard model of judgment, Kahneman aims to enhance the everyday language about thinking to more accurately discuss, diagnose, and reduce poor judgment. Presenting a framework for how the fast System 1 and the slow System 2 impact the mind, Thinking, Fast and Slow reveals the far-reaching impact of cognitive biases-from creating public policy to playing the stock market to increasing personal happiness-and provides tools for applying behavioral economics toward better decision making. About the 30 Minute Expert Series Offering a concise exploration of a book's ideas, history, application, and critical reception, each text in the 30 Minute Expert Series is designed for busy individuals interested in acquiring an in-depth understanding of seminal works. The 30 Minute Expert Series offers detailed analyses, critical presentations of key ideas and their application, extensive reading lists for additional information, and contextual understanding of the work of leading authors. Designed as companions to the original work, the 30 Minute Expert Series enables readers to develop expert knowledge of an important work 30 minutes.


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