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Armed Candy - 2826742532

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Armed Candy is the true story of one woman's struggle for survival on Britain's meanest streets. Kay has spent her whole life trying to escape. Sexually abused by her grandmother, she pleaded to return to her mother's care. But instead of finding a safe haven, Kay entered a world of drug abuse, swinging and dabbling in the occult. Although still a small child, she was soon buying drugs for her mother and being moved out of her bed as orgies ensued in her home. When she tried to escape, she ended up in a violent marriage, from which she fled in fear of her life. Turning to her mother for help, she was tricked into prostitution, her own mother acting much like a pimp. Kay became a high-class call girl, but then, through a chance meeting, she got involved with the most dangerous criminal gang in Glasgow. Women associated with such gangs are often seen as decorative arm candy, but Kay was admitted to the inner core, where she became involved in making decisions of life and death. She fell in love with the gang's equaliser, a young man feared throughout the country, and together they formed a formidable partnership. But they were too successful, and when they appeared to threaten some powerful interests they had to be taken out. The day that Kay's lover was gunned down in broad daylight saw the beginning of a reign of death in the city, as the organised crime world became paranoid and turned in on itself. For Kay, it was the beginning of her way out.


Deadly Consequences - 2826927231

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Deadly Consequences Regnery Publishing Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Obama administration has announced its intention to change the long-standing combat exclusion policy that limited women to support jobs in the military; now women can hunker down in foxholes on the frontlines. President Obama is dead set on eviscerating our military by pushing women to the frontlines. He isn't the only one to blame, however-this policy is the product of a naive culture that blindly embraces government-hosted violence in the name of equal opportunity. But there is no evidence women are clamoring for ground combat assignments. Worse yet, there is significant reason to believe that women in combat will lead to a wide range of devastating consequences, many unforeseen and unintended by proponents, but no less dangerous. Pentagon insider Robert L. Maginnis exposes the cold truth behind this contentious topic, debunking barefaced myths about "gender equality" in combat situations in his new book Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat. Civilian feminists view ground combat as a glass ceiling for women's equal opportunity. They could not care less about our fighting ability or the threat it poses for women and for the men they serve with. Women in the U.S. Armed Forces are regularly held to lower training standards than men. That means that when they're called into active combat situations, they won't bring the same physical strength and skills training as men do. In training, male Marines are required to lift 40 pounds, while female trainees must only lift 20. If a ship is sinking and the only way to save it is to lift a 40-pound piece of equipment, the female Marines will be less qualified for the task. On top of this disparity is a looming draft. Security experts foresee another American draft within this generation; if women can serve in combat, every male and female over the age of 18 will be in danger of being called up. Controversial and starkly factual, Deadly Consequences is a resounding indictment of a policy that is bound to erode not only the American military, but jeopardize American security and society as well.


70s Groove - 2839442016

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1. Jackson, Michael - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 2. Earth, Wind & Fire - September 3. Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night 4. Labelle - Lady Marmelade 5. Jackson 5, The - I Want You Back 6. Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel 7. O'jays, The - Love Train 8. White, Barry - You're The First, The Last, My Ever 9. Ross, Diana - Love Hangover 10. Ward, Anita - Ring My Bell 11. Andrea True Connection - More, More, More 12. A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie 13. Mccoy, Van - The Hustle 14. Huston, Thelma - Don't Leave Me This Way 15. First Choice - Armed & Extremely Dangerous 16. Mfsb / Three Degrees, The - T.s.o.p. (The Sound Of 17. Gladys Knight & Pipes, The - Baby Don't Change You 18. Eruption - I Can't Stand The Rain 101. Brown, James - Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Mach 102. Mayfield, Curtis - Move On Up 103. Temptations, The - Papa Was A Rollin' Stone 104. Isley Brothers, The - That Lady 105. Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove 106. Sugarhill Gang, The - Rapper's Delight 107. Starr, Edwin - War 108. Collins, Lyn - Think (About It) 109. Maceo & Macks, The - Cross The Tracks (We Better G 110. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache 111. Fatback Band, The - (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Sto 112. Brass Construction - Movin' (Single Edit) 113. Ayers, Roy - Love Will Bring Us Back Together Agai 114. Third World - Now That We Found Love 115. Hancock, Herbie - I Thought It Was You 116. Sly & Family Stone, The - Runnin' Away 117. Detroit Spinners, The - It's A Shame 118. Bristol, Johnny - Hang On In There Baby 201. Gaye, Marvin - Let's Get It On 202. Commodores - Easy 203. Green, Al - Let's Stay Togehter 204. Whithers, Bill - Ain't No Sunshine 205. Paul, Billy - Me & Mrs. Jones 206. Real Thing, The - You To Me Are Everything 207. Summer, Donna - Love To Love You Baby 208. Heatwave - Mind Blowing Decisions 209. Chi-lites, The - Have You Seen Her 210. Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes, The - If You Don't Kn 211. Chairmen Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little More 212. Payne, Freda - Band Of Gold 213. Trammps, The - Hold Back The Night 214. Drifters, The - You're More Than A Number In My Li 215. Otis, Shuggie - Strawberry Letter 216. Three Degrees, The - When Will I See You Again 217. King, Evelin Champagne - I Don't Know If It's Ri 218. Connors, Norman / Henderson, Michael - You Are My


Making Sense of Pakistan - 2844394153

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Making Sense of Pakistan HURST C & CO PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Pakistan's transformation from a country once projected as a model of Muslim enlightenment to a state now threatened by an Islamist take over dominates the headlines. Many account for the change by pointing to Pakistan's controversial partnership with the United States since 9/11; others see it as a consequence of Pakistan's long history of authoritarian rule, which has marginalized liberal opinion and left the field open for inroads by the religious right. Farzana Shaikh argues that while external influences and domestic politics have unquestionably shaped the direction of change, the country's social and political decline is rooted primarily in uncertainty about the meaning of Pakistan and the significance of 'being Pakistani'. She shows how this has pre-empted a consensus on the role of Islam in the public sphere, which has encouraged the spread of political Islam. It has also widened the gap between personal piety and public morality, corrupting the country's economic foundations and tearing apart its social fabric. More ominously still, it has given rise to a new and dangerous symbiosis between the country's powerful armed forces and Muslim extremists. They have been rival contenders in the struggle to redefine the meaning of Pakistan but their convergence, enhanced by internal and foreign conflicts, has led to the militarization of society and the Islamization of the military. Drawing on her earlier work on the origins of Pakistan, Shaikh demonstrates how the culture and ideology that constrained Indo-Muslim politics in the years leading to Partition in 1947 have left their mark on the country. In this broad yet discriminating study, these insights from history are skilfully deployed to better understand Pakistan's troubled present.


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