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Armed Candy - 2826742532

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Ksi±¿ki / Literatura obcojêzyczna

Armed Candy is the true story of one woman's struggle for survival on Britain's meanest streets. Kay has spent her whole life trying to escape. Sexually abused by her grandmother, she pleaded to return to her mother's care. But instead of finding a safe haven, Kay entered a world of drug abuse, swinging and dabbling in the occult. Although still a small child, she was soon buying drugs for her mother and being moved out of her bed as orgies ensued in her home. When she tried to escape, she ended up in a violent marriage, from which she fled in fear of her life. Turning to her mother for help, she was tricked into prostitution, her own mother acting much like a pimp. Kay became a high-class call girl, but then, through a chance meeting, she got involved with the most dangerous criminal gang in Glasgow. Women associated with such gangs are often seen as decorative arm candy, but Kay was admitted to the inner core, where she became involved in making decisions of life and death. She fell in love with the gang's equaliser, a young man feared throughout the country, and together they formed a formidable partnership. But they were too successful, and when they appeared to threaten some powerful interests they had to be taken out. The day that Kay's lover was gunned down in broad daylight saw the beginning of a reign of death in the city, as the organised crime world became paranoid and turned in on itself. For Kay, it was the beginning of her way out.


Making Sense of Pakistan - 2844394153

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Making Sense of Pakistan HURST C & CO PUBLISHERS

Ksi±¿ki / Literatura obcojêzyczna

Pakistan's transformation from a country once projected as a model of Muslim enlightenment to a state now threatened by an Islamist take over dominates the headlines. Many account for the change by pointing to Pakistan's controversial partnership with the United States since 9/11; others see it as a consequence of Pakistan's long history of authoritarian rule, which has marginalized liberal opinion and left the field open for inroads by the religious right. Farzana Shaikh argues that while external influences and domestic politics have unquestionably shaped the direction of change, the country's social and political decline is rooted primarily in uncertainty about the meaning of Pakistan and the significance of 'being Pakistani'. She shows how this has pre-empted a consensus on the role of Islam in the public sphere, which has encouraged the spread of political Islam. It has also widened the gap between personal piety and public morality, corrupting the country's economic foundations and tearing apart its social fabric. More ominously still, it has given rise to a new and dangerous symbiosis between the country's powerful armed forces and Muslim extremists. They have been rival contenders in the struggle to redefine the meaning of Pakistan but their convergence, enhanced by internal and foreign conflicts, has led to the militarization of society and the Islamization of the military. Drawing on her earlier work on the origins of Pakistan, Shaikh demonstrates how the culture and ideology that constrained Indo-Muslim politics in the years leading to Partition in 1947 have left their mark on the country. In this broad yet discriminating study, these insights from history are skilfully deployed to better understand Pakistan's troubled present.


Taktik-Shooter - 2850774132

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Taktik-Shooter Books on Demand

Ksi±¿ki / Literatura obcojêzyczna

Quelle: Wikipedia. Seiten: 50. Kapitel: Counter-Strike, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Battlefield, Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six, Operation Flashpoint, Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon, America s Army, SWAT, Battlefield 1942, True Combat: Elite, Söldner Secret Wars, Brothers in Arms, ArmA: Armed Assault, Delta Force, Tactical Ops, ARMA 2, AssaultCube, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41 45, Vietcong, Conflict: Desert Storm 2, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad. Auszug: Counter-Strike , kurz CS, (engl. für Gegenschlag) ist ein Computerspiel für den PC aus dem Genre der Online-Taktik-Shooter. Das erstmals am 19. Juni 1999 veröffentlichte Spiel ist eine Modifikation des Ego-Shooters Half-Life und wurde besonders durch LAN-Partys und das Internet bekannt. Counter-Strike wurde von einer von Minh Le ( Gooseman ) und Jess Cliffe ( cliffe ) geleiteten privaten Gruppe entwickelt, deren Mitglieder heute zum Teil für das Unternehmen Valve arbeiten. In dem Spiel geht es um Gefechte zwischen Terroristen und einer Antiterroreinheit, bei denen bestimmte Aufträge erfüllt werden müssen. Seit der Veröffentlichung von Version 1.0 am 8. November 2000 war Counter-Strike über zehn Jahre lang eines der populärsten und meistgespielten Online-Actionspiele und das meistgespielte Spiel im E-Sport. Aufgrund seiner hohen Bekanntheit wurde das Spiel von den Medien regelmäßig als Beispiel für Killerspiele herangezogen und auch mit Amokläufen wie dem Amoklauf von Erfurt in Verbindung gebracht. Ungewöhnlich ist und war die lang anhaltende hohe Popularität von Counter-Strike, trotz des Alters des Spiels und der inzwischen deutlich veralteten Grafikdarstellung. Inhalt des Spieles ist ein taktisch geprägter Kampf zwischen zwei Gruppen, den Terroristen ( T ) und der Antiterroreinheit (engl. Counter-Terrorists , CT ), einer polizeilichen Sondereinheit. Je nach Szenario erhalten die Teams verschiedene Aufträge, deren Erfüllung das jeweils gegnerische Team verhindern muss. Durch Eliminierung der gegnerischen Spieler oder Erfüllung von Missionszielen erhält der einzelne Spieler Punkte sowie virtuelles Geld. Die Missionsziele sind meist entweder für die Antiterroreinheit das Befreien von Geiseln oder für die Terroristen das Legen einer Bombe (C4). Für Abschüsse eigener Teammitglieder oder Geiseln werden dem jeweiligen Spieler Geld und Punkte abgezogen. Das Spiel basiert auf einzelnen Runden. Die beiden Gruppen starten an zwei festgelegten Punkten auf der Karte, den Sp


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