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Why It Is Good to Be Good - 2854225333

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Why It Is Good to Be Good Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Why It Is Good to be Good, John H. Riker argues that modernity, by undermining traditional religious and metaphysical grounds for moral belief, has left itself no way to explain why it is personally good to be a morally good person. Furthermore, modernity's regnant concept of the self as an independent agent organized around the optimal satisfaction of desires and involved in an intense economic competition with others intensifies the likelihood that modern persons will see morality as a set of limiting constraints that stand in the way of personal advantage and will tend to cheat when they believe there is little likelihood of getting caught. This cheating has begun to severely undermine modernity's economic and social institutions. Riker proposes that Heinz Kohut's psychoanalytic understanding of the self can provide modernity with a naturalistic ground for saying why it is good to be good. Kohut sees the self as a dynamic, unconscious structure which, when coherent and actively engaged with the world, provides the basis for a heightened sense of lively flourishing. The key to the self's development and sustained coherence is the presence of empathically responsive others-persons Kohut terms selfobjects. Riker argues that the best way to sustain vitalized selfobject relations in adulthood is by becoming an ethical human being. It is persons who develop the Aristotelian moral virtues-empathy for others, a sense of fairness, and a resolute integrity-who are best able to engage in the reciprocal selfobject relations that are necessary to maintain self-cohesion and who are most likely to extend empathic ethical concern to those beyond their selfobject matrixes. Riker also explores how Kohut's concept of the self incorporates a number of the most important insights about the self in the history of philosophy, constructs an original meta-psychology that differentiates the ego from the self, re-envisions ethical life on the basis of a psychoanalytically informed view of human nature, explores how persons might be able to nourish their selves in an age that neglects and destabilizes person's selves, and concludes with suggestions for how modernity must change if it is going to support selves and provide a compelling ground for moral life.


For Her Own Good - 2854324138

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For Her Own Good PLUTO PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Are women by their very nature as frail, as prone to disease, as vulnerable and as inept as the experts appear to believe? In For Her Own Good, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English dismantle 150 years of scientific and medical advice to women and ask why it was that women were apparently so eager to accept the opinion of 'professionals' on every aspect of their lives - be it health care, childcare, motherhood, diet, housework, or sex. Were the rules and logic of scientific progress, supposedly working for the good of humanity at large, as impartial as they were claimed to be? Or were the expert opinions in fact just another weapon in the arsenal of patriarchy - an effective device to subjugate adn neutralise women? Ehrenreich and English supply a fascinating perspective on female history in this brilliant account of pundits and their victims over the last century and a half. 'An outspoken new book' Observer 'This sorry tale is told wittily and without rancour' British Medical Journal 'A splendidly bold and readable review of medical, psychological and social theory since the industrial revolution' The Guardian


Just About As Good As It - 2839390570

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Just About As Good As It SMITH & CO

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Ready Teddy 2. Good Golly Miss Molly 3. Slippin' And Slidin' 4. Lucille 5. Keep A Knockin' 6. Rip It Up 7. Hey Hey Hey Hey 8. The Girl Can't Help It 9. Jenny Jenny 10. Long Tall Sally 11. Can't Believe You Want To Leave 12. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 13. I Get It 14. True Fine Mama 15. Miss Ann 16. Send Me Some Lovin' 17. Chicken Little Baby 18. Tutti Frutti 19. She's Got It 20. Baby 21. Heeby-jeebies 22. Shake A Hand 23. All Around The World 24. Baby Face 25. Ooh My Soul 26. I'll Never Let You Go 27. She Knows How To Rock 28. Directly From The Heart 29. Early One Morning 30. All Night Long 31. I'm Just A Lonely Guy 32. Valley Of Tears 33. Freedom Ride 34. Long Tall Sally 101. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On 102. Oh Why 103. Kansas City 104. He Got What He Wanted (But He Llost What He Had) 105. Little Richard's Boogie 106. Get Rich Quick 107. I Brought It All On Myself 108. Every Hour 109. Joy Joy Joy (Down In My Heart) 110. I Love My Baby 111. Always 112. Taxi Blues 113. Please Have Mercy On Me 114. Ain't Nothin' Happenin' 115. Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens 116. Call His Name (Christine Kittrell Feat. Little R 117. Fool At The Wheel 118. Ain't That Good News 119. Maybe I'm Right 120. Every Night In The Week 121. He Got What He Wanted (But He Llost What He Had) 122. Why Did You Leave Me 123. Ride On King Jesus 124. Lord Have Mercy (I'm So Lonely) (Christine Kittr 125. Sumpin' Jumpin (The Robert 'Bumps' Blackwell Ban 126. Get Rich Quick 127. I Love My Baby 128. Do Lord 129. Every Night About This Time 130. I'm In Love Again


Unshrink Yourself, Other People, Business, the World - 2854318165

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Unshrink Yourself, Other People, Business, the World Financial Times Prentice Hall

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Interdependence is ten times more challenging than independence, but it is the only viable long-term solution for effectiveness in our relationships at work and at home. This is brilliantly illustrated in Unshrink." Dr Stephen Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Unshrink is the book that exposes the deep-seated myths that keep people and businesses from fulfilling their potential and replaces them with a set of principles that make us better people, that make businesses more profitable and that make the world a more decent place to live. Unshrink is a new word. It means to restore something to its natural dimensions. It leads to radical change without going back to the beginning. For ourselves, for other people, for businesses. And that's necessary argue Max McKeown and Philip Whiteley, because people and businesses have been shrunk. And to be all we can be - fulfilled, successful decent people who work in profitable, sustainable, successful businesses, we need to bust the myths that are keeping us and our companies shrunk. Our shrinking myths tell us that we are what we do, that work is more important than life, that capital creates value, that people are stupid, that people do as they are told, that all change is good, that plans must be kept secret, and that the organisation is a machine. To replace the myths we will need new principles to give us back our sleep and self-respect while at the same time increasing passion and profitability. These principles will help us deal with our world, our ever more complex world,the way it is. Clear principles and truths help us to understand unclear events and situations. From these principles we discover that we are not what we do, but what we can become. That work does not come first, it should only serve life. That we are all are human, boss and employee alike. That the plan must stop being secret so that it can unify everyone. That only good change is good. That our organisations and our world are communities not machines. That they are only improved as we share. And that sharing will only happen as trust is built not as the number of rules is increased. Does this mean anarchy? Far from it. But it does mean not treating employees like criminals, sheep, rats, half-wits, or naughty children. It means a workplace for grown-up, complete people with families, brains, unfulfilled ambitions, and pride. People who will follow willingly when they understand the principles, believe in them, and are permitted the freedom to follow their own initiative in so doing. Unshrunk people make better employees and better citizens. Unshrunk businesses make better employers and increased profit. WORK DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY


Investigating the Social World - 2212826882

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Investigating the Social World SAGE Publications Ltd

Inne 1

Praise for the Fourth Edition: `I think this volume is a good textbook and, if I were teaching a research methods subject, I would consider using it as a core text. The extensive study aids are a particularly attractive aspect of the book as a teaching pool' - Qualitative Research Journal The continuingly updated and expanded Investigating the Social World, now in its Fifth Edition, is written so that the `doing' of social research is closely and consistently linked to important social issues, demonstrating not only the value of research, but also how technique and substance are intimately related. The text offers guides for critiquing research articles, exercises for applying research skills and the examples of analyzing and reporting social data provide instructors with key supports for effective teaching. Ethical concerns and ethical decision making are treated in tandem with each study of specific methods and an emphasis on `how to do' research is joined with an equal emphasis on giving students the critical skills necessary to evaluate research done by others.


THE WORLD OF FRANK SINATRA [2 CD box] - 2834459359

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Muzyka / Muzyka rozrywkowa



Ordering Your Private World - 2844163804

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Ordering Your Private World Thomas Nelson

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We have schedule planners, computerized calendars,and self-stick notes to help us organize our business and social lives everyday. But what about organizing the other side of our lives-the spiritual side? One of the great battlegrounds of the new century is within the private world of the individual.The values of our Western culture incline us to believe that the busy, publicly active person in ministry is also the most spiritual. Tempted to give imbalanced attention to the public world at the expense of the private, we become involved in more programs, more meetings. Our massive responsibilities at home, work, and church have resulted in a lot of good people on the verge of collapse. In this timely update of his classic Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald equips a new generation to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness. "With much enthusiasm I recommend this book to all of you who, like me, need order in your private world." -Charles Swindoll, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary "This book was the primary instrument that God used to motivate me to integrate spiritual disciplines into my daily walk with Christ ...I shudder to think where I'd be today had I not read it." -Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor,Willow Creek Community Church


Somewhere in the World Right Now - 2854346712

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Somewhere in the World Right Now Random House Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"School Library Journal called Stacey Schuett's stunning authorial debut "a book that is perfect for sparking an interest in geography, emphasizing the amazing concept that at the same moment we are getting ready to sleep, other people are starting a new day." And in a starred review, "Publishers Weekly added, "Schuett proves as nimble with words as with a paintbrush." It's a good-night wish that circles the globe.


Other Journal - 2843502895

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Other Journal Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THE OTHER JOURNAL: EVIL Description This world is a fallen place rife with suffering, oppression, and violence, a land of tsunamis and earthquakes, genocide and crime sprees. We are surrounded on all sides by brokenness, yet we have difficulty spotting its source. We see the effects of evil, yet we rarely grasp its true nature and breadth. In issue #20 of The Other Journal, our contributors analyze the haunting opacity of evil and call us to name and resist its insidious influence. The issue features essays and reviews by Brian Bantum, Gregory A. Boyd, Andrew W. E. Carlson, Jacob H. Friesenhahn, David Kline, Agustín Maes, Rebecca Martin, Branson Parler, Anthony B. Pinn, Dan Rhodes, and Lauren Wilford; interviews by Allison Backous, Brandy Daniels, Chris Keller, Ronald A. Kuipers, and David Kline with Richard Beck, J. Kameron Carter, Richard Kearney, C. Melissa Snarr, and Christian Wiman; and fiction and poetry by Mark Fleming, Chad Gusler, Jennifer Strange, and Kali Wagner Other Issues of The Other Journal The Other Journal: The Food Issue The Other Journal: The Celebrity Issue Other Books by The Other Journal Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll by Joel Heng Hartse The Spirit of Food edited by Leslie Leyland Fields Jesus Girls edited by Hannah Faith Notess "God Is Dead" and I Don't Feel So Good Myself edited by Andrew David, Christopher J. Keller, Jon Stanley Remembering the Future edited by Chris Keller, Andrew David


Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias - 2854109292

51,27 zł

Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Książka, posiadająca istotne walory praktyczne, jest pierwszą pozycją polskiej autorki w tak kompleksowy sposób analizującą nie tylko istotę funkcjonowania kredytowych instrumentów pochodnych, ale również modele ich wyceny, doskonalenie których autorka słusznie uznaje za kluczowe dla rozwoju tego rynku. Niewątpliwą zaletą opracowania jest mnogość przykładów, przeprowadzających Czytelnika przez kolejne etapy szacowania wartości omawianych struktur i tworzących idealną bazę dla zrozumienia konstrukcji tych złożonych produktów. Prof. zw. dr hab. Janusz Soboń Publikacja stanowi cenne kompendium wiedzy zarówno dla praktyków rynku finansowego, jak i studentów oraz słuchaczy studiów podyplomowych i doktoranckich, jak również dla pracowników nauki zainteresowanych wdrażaniem metod kwantyfikacji ryzyka kredytowego w praktykę. Prof. nadzw. SGH dr hab. Paweł Niedziółka Nazwa - Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe Autor - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - CeDeWu Kod ISBN - 9788375563733 Kod EAN - 9788375563733 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2011 Język - polski Format - 16.5x23.0cm Ilość stron - 280 Podatek VAT - 5%


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - 2826947342

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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Corgi Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Exactly a week after the general election, two men - Call me Dave and Call me Nick' - walked side by side out into the rose garden of No 10 Downing Street to give their first joint press-conference as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, looking for all the world like men in love. It was a romance in which people wanted to believe. But it was also one that people couldn't help but mistrust. Most unnerving, however, was the sense that they both couldn't quite believe their luck. Cameron: I can't believe it. All those people out there just for us...Clegg: I know. It's mad isn't it. I have to keep pinching myself as well. Cameron: Go on say it again...Clegg: What? Cameron: Call me Prime Minister. Clegg: Good afternoon, Prime Minister. Cameron: Good afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister. Clegg: Loving it, Dave. Cameron: Shall we go into the Cabinet Room? Clegg: Wow. Isn't this great? Where will I be sitting? Next to you, I hope. Cameron: Of course. What do you think this lever does? Clegg: No idea. Why don't you pull it and see? Cameron: Whoops. I've just drawn the curtains by mistake. Clegg: This is going to be a laugh, isn't it? Cameron: I'll say...Just how much fun the coalition was going to be for the rest of the country was then unclear. But now, almost five years on, this must-read guide to Westminster and the forthcoming General Election exposes the realities of Coaltion while also featuring: How Labour came to get the wrong Miliband; The Big Topics - Europe, Immigration, Education, Phone Hacking, and the Economy ('Stupid'...); UKIP and other dubious acronyms; and The countdown to the General Election 2015: five years of planning since the last one. Insightful, painful and hilarious, whichever side you thought you were on.


Prospects for Sustainable Energy A Critical Assessment - 2212825401

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Prospects for Sustainable Energy A Critical Assessment Cambridge University Press

Inne 1

Fossil fuels are a finite resource, and their continued use as the world's dominant energy supply is damaging the environment. Future use of alternative methods of energy supply is inescapable, and this book explores the historical origins, technical features, marketability, and environmental impacts of the complete range of sustainable energy technologies: solar, biomass, wind, hydropower, geothermal power, ocean-energy sources, solar-derived hydrogen fuel, and energy storage. The aim is to inform policy analysts and decision makers of the options available for sustainable energy production. The book is therefore written so as to be accessible to an audience from a broad range of backgrounds and scientific training. It will also be a valuable supplementary text for advanced courses in environmental studies, energy economics and policy, and engineering.


Day Trade Futures Online (Wiley Online Trading for a Living) - 2829728388

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Day Trade Futures Online (Wiley Online Trading for a Living) Larry Williams

Literatura anglojęzyczna

Podana cena książki jest orientacyjna, zależy od kilku czynników. Po zakupie obsługa sklepu skontaktuje się, jeśli konieczna będzie dopłata. Book Description Wiley Online Trading for a Living When to get in-when to get out Build, test & trade a winning system Online brokers, research & market data For those who are well suited to day trading and short-term trading, the futures market is one of the best games in town. As the original short-term vehicle, the futures market allows the trader to collapse the time frame in which he or she can reach the desired profit target-or pain threshold. As a result, wins and losses are compounded much more quickly than in stock trading-and, in the case of wins, often more profitably. The ability to gain leverage with very little on margin gives you, the trader, the ability to earn more off smaller swings. And enough home runs could allow you to become your own boss, work from home in your bathrobe, or even work from your cell phone while lying on the beach. So far, so good. But what does it take to win? In Day Trade Futures Online, award-winning veteran futures trader Larry Williams gives a no-holds-barred view of the risks and rewards of this increasingly accessible arena. His straightforward approach to helping you determine your trading personality is the first step. Then he offers traders what they really need: strategies and tactics designed to beat the futures markets. From hardware and software setup to trading psychology and successful strategizing, this highly readable book covers all the bases needed to prepare you to trade online, including: - Assessing your risk threshold - Streamlining the glut of trading and price information to make it work for you - The importance of knowing how to manage your money - Choosing an online broker and utilizing other online resources, such as news, chat rooms, and message boards - When to get out of your trades - Building a system based on Larry's time-tested strategies . . . and that's just for starters. Also included are an appendix of basic futures concepts and a select bibliography of some of the best learning resources. With good humor and brutal honesty, Williams guides you in building the trading system that will work best for you. GET IN ON THE ORIGINAL SHORT-TERM GAME WITH BIG-TIME PROFITS With unflinching honesty and decades of trading experience, award-winning veteran futures trader Larry Williams lends his expertise to the many aspects of futures trading online, including: - Winning strategies - Determining your trading personality - The art of using the Internet - Hardware and software solutions - History and development of short-term trading Praise for Larry Williams and day trade futures online "Larry Williams, the astute and experienced trader, has presented the reader with many computer-tested patterns that should give one an edge up in the hard world of day trading. He not only gives the patterns, he explains the 'why' of market action and what it takes to be successful from a psychological and money management standpoint. This is one of the best practical books ever written on trading by a veteran trader. Buy it."-John Hill, President, Futures Truth Co. "Larry possesses an incredible talent to differentiate between what is important in life as well as in the markets. In his book, he shares insights into market behavior and short-term price dynamics that are useful to beginning and experienced traders alike. Whereas most day trading books merely discuss the market in generalities, Larry focuses on computer-tested techniques that can actually help make traders profitable. This is Larry at his best and finest!"-Tom DeMark, President, Market Studies Inc., author of New Science of Technical Analysis and New Market Timing Techniques "Day Trade Futures Online is another must-have Larry Williams trading book. That's because nearly all the profitable futures traders I've known have attributed their trading success to an idea or concept learned from Larry. When Larry speaks, you better listen."-Gary Smith, author of How I Trade for a Living About the Autor LARRY WILLIAMS is the all-time winner of the Robbins World Cup Championship in Futures Trading where he turned $10,000 into $1,100,000 in twelve months-mostly by day trading. His newsletter has consistently been in the Commodity Traders Consumer Report''s top five in their total net profit category. He has been profiled in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and countless other publications. His other books include Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading (Wiley).


Bali: A Cultural History - 2842744941

67,39 zł

Bali: A Cultural History Signal Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bali is unlike anywhere else. Despite the advent of international tourism, this Indonesian island remains an untarnished cultural gem set in an idyllic landscape. Spirit-haunted as is the rest of Southeast Asia, Bali boasts a unique amalgam of beliefs because Hinduism overlays a much older relationship with the physical world. Nothing is considered to be inanimate. Towering volcanoes, majestic lakes, lush forests, gushing springs, flooded paddies, golden sands and blue seas - all these spectacular features have convinced the Balinese that their island is in itself a cosmos. Even though Bali suffered under the Japanese during World War Two, in the struggle afterwards to expel the Dutch, and through the violence which accompanied the military overthrow of President Sukarno, the resilience and kindness of its inhabitants ensure that no visitor leaves the island today unimpressed by its heritage. LAND OF TEMPLES: Besides an estimated 20,000 temples, there are hundreds of thousands of shrines for the good reason that hardly anywhere is said to lack divine significance. FESTIVALS AND DRAMA: So widespread are places of worship that every village and town possesses its own religious festival, an important part of which is dance-drama. Most popular is the story of the defeat of the chief witch Rangda by the good lion Barong, but the audience knows that she will be back again. ART AND HANDICRAFTS: Because the Balinese believe that making beautiful objects is pleasing to the gods, artists and craftsmen are highly esteemed. On display along roadsides are their astounding works, which range from monumental sculpture to bright textiles.


Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców - Praca zbiorowa - 2836955726

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Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców - Praca zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Wspólne głośne czytanie buduje szczególną więź emocjonalną między rodzicami a dziećmi oraz rozbudza w najmłodszych ciekawość świata. Nazwa - Biblioteczka przedszkolaka. Wiersze dla chłopców Autor - Praca zbiorowa Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Olesiejuk Kod ISBN - 9788327429148 Kod EAN - 9788327429148 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - polski Seria wydawnicza - Biblioteczka przedszkolaka Format - 19.0x23.0cm Ilość stron - 24 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2015-04-24


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