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Big Nate: I Can't Take It! - 2839905159

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Big Nate: I Can't Take It!

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children



Take Me To The River - 2844418800

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Take Me To The River Ace Records

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Bell, William - You Don't Miss Your Water 2. Alexander, Arthur - Go Home Girl 3. Redding, Otis - These Arms Of Mine 4. Hughes, Jimmy - Steal Away 5. Simon, Joe - My Adorable One 6. Wright, O V - You're Gonna Make Me Cry 7. Sledge, Percy - When A Man Loves A Woman 8. Giles, Eddy - Losin' Boy 9. Redding, Otis - Try A Little Tenderness (Take 1) 10. Jackson, Jarvis - Something I Never Had 11. Pickett, Wilson - Ninety-nine & A Half (Won't Do) 12. Floyd, Eddie - Got To Make A Comeback 13. Rich, Charlie - When Something Is Wrong With My Ba 14. Carr, James - The Dark End Of The Street 15. Mccall, Toussaint - Let's Do It Over 16. Franklin, Aretha - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man 17. Sam & Dave - I Can't Stand Up Fpr Falling Down 18. Edwards, June - You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My 19. Masqueraders, The - Let's Face Facts 20. James & Bobby Purify - She Ain't Gonna Do Right 21. Johnson, Al - Bless Your Little Sweet Soul 22. Lee, Laura - Dirty Man 23. Hinton, Eddie - Cover Me 24. Reuben Bell / Beltones, The - You're Gonna Miss Me 25. James, Etta - I'd Rather Go Blind 26. Toney Jr., Oscar - Without Love (There Is Nothing) 101. Maurice & Mac - You Left The Water Running 102. Bryant, Don - I'll Go Crazy 103. Brandon, Bill - Rainbow Road 104. Walton, Shirley - The One You Can't Have (All By Y 105. Bollinger, William - Tell Him Tonight 106. Ollie / Nightingales, The - A Smile Can't Hide (A 107. Wiggins, Spencer - Uptight Good Woman 108. Bell, William - I Forgot To Be Your Lover 109. Hammond, Clay - I'll Make It Up To You 110. Carter, Clarence - Slip Away 111. Carr, James - That's The Way Love Turned Out For M 112. Borders, Tony - Polly Wally 113. Staton, Candi - Another Man's Woman, Another Woman 114. Tex, Joe - Buying A Book 115. Duke, Doris - To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Wo 116. Kelly, Paul - Stealing In The Name Of The Lord 117. Z Z Hill - Faithful & True 118. Brooks, Chuck - Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse D 119. Anderson, Kip - I Went Off & Cried 120. Barbara / Browns, The - If I Can't Run To You I'll 121. Thompson, Paul - What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me 122. Taylor, Johnnie - Jody's Got Your Girl & Gone 123. Bailey, Thomas - Wish I Was Back 124. Braswell, Jimmy - I Can't Give You My Heart 125. Mccrae, Gwen - Lead Me On 201. Strong, Marcel - Mumble In My Ear 202. Lasalle, Denise - Breaking Up Somebody's Home 203. Green, Al - Tired Of Being Alone 204. Wiggins, Spencer - I Can't Be Satisfied 205. King Floyd - Groove Me 206. North, Freddie - She's All I Got 207. Newsome, Bobby - Jody, Come Back & Get Your Shoes 208. Mel & Tim - Starting All Over Again 209. Dees, Sam - We Always Come Back Strong 210. Knight, Frederick - I've Been Lonely For So Long 211. Ingram, Luther - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't 212. Peebles, Ann - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 213. Womack, Bobby - I'm Through Trying To Prove My Lov 214. Jackson, Millie - It Hurts So Good 215. Quiet Elegance - You've Got My Mind Messed Up 216. Patterson, Bobby - I Get My Groove From You 217. Young, Tommy - Ake Time To Know Him 218. Jackson, George - How Can I Get Next To You? 219. Soul Children, The - I'll Be The Other Woman 220. Carter, Clarence - Heartbreak Woman 221. Davenport, Chet - Take One Step (I'll Take Two) 222. Green, Al - Take Me To The River 223. Tate, Tommy - If You Got To Love Somebody 224. Davis, Geater - I'll Play The Blues For You


All I Can Be / In This. . - 2839336806

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All I Can Be / In This. . Cherry Red


1. All I Can Be (Is A Sweet Memory) 2. Every Second 3. Faithful Old Flame 4. Scuse Moi, My Heart 5. Any Old Strech Of Black Top 6. Love, Me 7. Blue Magic 8. It Could've Been So Good 9. Sadly Ever After 10. If I Were You 11. What They Don't Know 12. In This Life 13. Big River 14. Somebody Else's Moon 15. You Can't Take It With You 16. That Was A River 17. I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) 18. Latter Day Cowboy 19. Many A Mile 20. Let It Be Me


It's Gonna Take A Miracle - 2839505062

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It's Gonna Take A Miracle RPM

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. It S Gonna Take A Miracle 2. Poor Boy 3. Watch What Happens 4. You Bring Me Down 5. Yes, I M Ready 6. Don T You Cry 7. I Want To Meet Him 8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 9. How Can You Face Me 10. Only When You Re Lonely 11. He S Gone 12. Never Again 13. Baby Are You Putting Me On 14. Love Without An End 15. Getting Through To Me 16. It S A Big Mistake 17. Don T Throw Me Away 18. Lonely Girl 19. I Don T Want To Be The One 20. Shangri-la 21. It S Better Not To Know 22. Think Before You Act 23. Let Me Know When It S Over 24. Forever More 25. The Rest Of My Life 26. I Can T Stop Running Away 27. An Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair) 28. When Summer S Gone 29. (He Is) My Man 30. Take My Love (And Hide It From My Heart)


Big Stiff Boxset - 2844896042

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Big Stiff Boxset Salvo/USM


1. Lowe, Nick - Heart Of The City 2. Pink Fairies, The - Between The Lines 3. Roogalator - All Aboard 4. Gang, Tyla - Styrofoam 5. Lewis, Lew & His Band - Boogie On The Street 6. Damned, The - New Rose 7. Plumnet Airlines - Silver Shirt 8. Motorhead - White Line Fever 9. Damned, The - Neat Neat Neat 10. Costello, Elvis - Less Than Zero 11. Devo - (I'cant Get No) Satisfaction 12. Wall, Max - England's Glory 13. Adverts, The - One Chord Wonders 14. Lowe, Nick - Marie Provost 15. Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World 16. Dury, Ian - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 17. Damned, The - Problem Child 18. Yachts, The - Suffice To Say 19. Wallis, Larry - Police Car 20. Farren, Mick & Deviants, The - Let's Loot The Supe 21. Dury, Ian & Blockheads, The - Sweet Gene Vincent 22. Damned, The - One Way Love 23. Wreckless Eric - Reconnez Cherie 24. Aire, Jane & Belvederes, The - Yankee Wheels 25. Graham, Ernie - Romeo & The Lonely Girl 101. Members, The - Solitary Confinement 102. Humphrey Ocean & Hardy Annuals, The - Whoops A Dai 103. Realists, The - I've Got A Heart 104. Lewie, Jona - The Baby, She's On The Street 105. Lovich, Lene - I Think We're Alone Now 106. Devo - Be Stiff 107. Wreckless Eric - Take The Cash (K.a.s.h.) 108. Jupp, Mickey - Old Rock 'N' Roller 109. Sweet, Rachel - B.a.b.y. 110. Lovich, Lene - Lucky Number 111. Sports, The - Who Listens To The Radio? 112. Subs, The - Gimme Your Heart 113. Rumour, The - Frozen Years 114. Sweet, Rachel - I Go To Pieces 115. Lovich, Lene - Say When 116. Madness - One Step Beyond 117. Maccoll, Kirsty - You Caught Me Out 118. Pointed Sticks - Out Of Luck 119. Dirty Looks - Lie To Me 120. Lewie, Jona - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen 121. Any Trouble - Yesterday's Love 122. Plasmatuics, The - Butcher Baby 123. Go-go's, The - We Got The Beat 124. Motor Boys Motor - Drive Friendly 125. Dekker, Desmond - Please Don't Bend 126. Carrasco, Joe King & Crowns, The - Buena 201. Any Trouble - Girls Are Always Right 202. Equators, The - Baby Come Back 203. Dixon, Nigel - Thunderbird 204. Lewie, Jona - Stop The Cavalry 205. Stewart, Davo & Blunstone, Colin - What Becomes Of 206. Tudor, Tenpole - Swords Of A Thousand Men 207. Department S - Going Left Right 208. Theatre Of Hate - Do You Believe In The Westworld? 209. Tudor, Tenpole - Wunderbar 210. Stardust, Alvin - Pretend 211. Stewart, Dave & Gaskin, Barbara - It's My Party 212. Bremmer, Billy - Loud Music In Cars 213. Dancing Did, The - The Lost Platoon 214. Electric Guitars - Language Problems 215. Novik, Birgit & M - Danube 216. Belle Stars, The - The Clapping Song 217. Via Vagabond - Who Likes Jazz? 218. Belle Stars, The - Sign Of The Times 219. Ullman, Tracey - Breakaway 220. Yello - I Love You 221. Tudor, Eddie Tenpole - The Hayrick Song 222. Passion Puppets - Like Dust 223. Ullman, Tracey - They Don't Know 301. Maccoll, Kirsty - Terry 302. Inspirational Choir Of The Pentecostal First Bo - 303. Ullman, Tracey - Move Over Darling 304. Pogues, The - Dark Streets Of London 305. Maccoll, Kirsty - A New England 306. Pogues, The - A Pair Of Brown Eyes 307. Untouchables, The - Free Yourself 308. Makin' Time - Here Is My Number 309. Untouchables, The - I Spy (For The Fbi) 310. Pogues, The - Dirty Old Town 311. Ruefrex - The Wild Colonial Boy 312. White, Andy - Religious Persuasion 313. Mint Juleps, The - Only Love Can Break Your Heart 314. Furniture - Brilliant Mind 315. Dr. Feelgood - Don't Wait Up 316. Chase, Tommy - Killer Joe (Right Cross) 317. Prisoners, The - Whenever I'm Gone 318. Pogues, The / Dubliners, The - The Irish Rover 319. Enemy, The - Dancin' All Night 320. Eskimo Disco - What Is Woman? 321. Producers, The - Barking Up The Right Tree 322. Tranzmitors, The - Broken Houses 323. Any Trouble - That Sound 324. Reagan, Ronald - The Wit & The Wisdom Of Ronald Re


I Don't Like You at All Big Brother!! Vol. 7-8 - 2826835363

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I Don't Like You at All Big Brother!! Vol. 7-8 Seven Seas P.,N.Y.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The wackiest love triangle ever is now a hit anime series! The hilarity continues as Takanashi Nao's massive crush on her adoptive older brother Shuusuke grows. But her best friend Iroha will not be overshadowed, as she desperately competes for Shuusuke's affection in an ever-escalating battle. Meanwhile, class president Mayuka has introduced a secret weapon that Shuusuke can't possibly resist. As Nao and Iroha strive to outdo Mayuka, frisky Shuusuke struggles to keep his cool--and more importantly, his sanity.


Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? - 2850778378

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Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? IBM Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"This is the book for people who never get past page two of a management book-it is as close as the genre comes to being a compulsive page turner. Its main thesis is built on at least three big ideas that are individually persuasive and cumulatively compelling. They naturally fit into an alignment tool that is applied to the range of day-to-day and exceptional challenges all enterprises face, including the Holy Grail of transformational change." -Donald Macrae, general counsel and chief knowledge officer, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, England "Having been in the business of cultural transformation and alignment for many years, I've carefully looked for a thoughtful strategy and an intentional approach to bringing about healthy and thriving cultures. Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? is simply the best-it is the most thoughtful and practical work I've seen in this growing and critical area. This is a must buy!" -Dr. Ron Jenson, Future Achievement International, international author, speaker, and consulting and executive coach "Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? is a superb account of how to manage the 'soft side' of mergers and acquisitions, but it has great value for managing many other new business practices as well, such as Open Innovation. It provides a powerful, practical method to identify conflicts, develop alignment, and achieve effective coordination between two parties that would be tremendously helpful in a variety of collaborative contexts, such as alliances, research partnerships, or joint ventures. Moulton Reger and her colleagues at IBM should be congratulated for a thoughtful, insightful book." -Henry Chesbrough, professor at University of California Berkeley's Haas School of Business, author of Open Innovation "Numbers are neat and clean. Human beings are often messy and complex. If everyone in your organization knew what to do and when, how, where, and-most importantly-why to do it, how would your organizational culture be defined? The authors of Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? have introduced new ways to proactively address culture and, most importantly, tie it to bottom-line benefits." -James H. Amos, Jr., chairman emeritus, MBE/The UPS Store "This book is a must read for leaders hoping to change their organization's culture as well as those attempting to merge firms with uniquely different cultures. Moulton Reger's insights are grounded in theory and real-world experience. In this unique book, culture change is a complex concept broken down into bite-sized pieces and presented in a way that any leadership team can embrace at its own pace." -Merrill J. Oster, author of Vision Driven Leadership, founder Oster Communications, Inc. "Here at last is a business book that takes culture seriously and isn't intimidated by it. The method described can be used with practically any type of business problem in any industry, and the book does an excellent job of drawing on research and theory while keeping the focus practical. The three elements of Outcome Narratives, Right vs. Right, and Business Practices are significant ideas in their own right-each is a unique insight. All three ideas have been around in various guises for several years, but have not been as well crystallized or as focused on complex business problems as they are in this book. The authors' achievement is extraordinary and goes a long way toward making the juicy idea of culture something to be built on and worked with." -Peter Vaill, professor, Antioch University "The Achilles heel for any major organizational change is that organization's culture. In every change, consultants talk about culture, but few provide specific sequential steps designed to actually do anything about it. This book provides such steps, and provides them in ways that makes sense. 'Makes sense' is the key because the steps provided can be easily adapted to virtually any organization, large or small." -George Falldine, Air Force civil servant, Air Force Materiel Command "Sara Moulton Reger is one of the premier organizational design consultants in the country, and this book reflects her in-depth knowledge of and experience with the subject matter. This book is essential reading for those striving to achieve greater results from ongoing change initiatives. Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? contains a broad range of concepts, examples, and specific steps culled from Moulton Reger's direct experience. Such a complete presentation of strategic and tactical advice makes Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? a mandatory addition to every manager's bookshelf." -Steven Bragg, CPA, author of twenty-eight business books, CFO of Premier Data Services "This is a serious book that gives intelligent guidance to anyone who leads an organization and takes creating and managing culture seriously. The section on Outcome Narratives is the best 'how to' on casting a unifying vision that I have seen. If you're a leader and take your role in creating and managing corporate culture seriously, then you should read this book." -Regi Campbell, principal, Seedsower Investments, author of About my Father's Business "I don't read most 'culture change' books-waste of time. This book is different. Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? combines both soft and hard approaches, with a continuous focus on how-to and results. Buy it. But, more importantly, read it." -Jack Grayson, founder and chairman, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) "We used Right vs. Right to help integrate an important acquisition-one that brought many differences we needed to carefully leverage to achieve IBM's business objectives. I found it to be a powerful technique for quickly reconciling strategic views of the business model and different operating preferences. Now, a few months later, we have the business results-and employee satisfaction-to prove Right vs. Right works." -Jim Corgel, general manager, Small and Medium Business Services, IBM "Leaders wouldn't think about doing a major project without a plan and a project manager, but how many consider the cultural implications? This book fills a key void because it clarifies the topic of culture so that it is easier to understand, and includes examples for applying the framework to many types of situations, including business-to-business alliances and crossgeography teams." -Cindy Berger, vice president, American Express "There is no question that the biggest hurdle to achieving a successful merger is culture. Market opportunities may be staggering and synergies may seem perfect, but, without a cultural match, odds are the merged company will struggle. Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? can help you avoid the problems. Even if you are not contemplating a merger, Moulton Reger's deep insight provides an excellent management primer and interesting historical perspective. A worthwhile read." -John R. Patrick, author of Net Attitude, president of Attitude LLC "This is an excellent book that provides a pragmatic approach to identifying and alleviating cultural issues created when two groups of people must work together. Effectively blending business cultures is a key requirement for successful outsourcing, and most companies lack the tools necessary to do this. Companies looking to reduce outsourcing risk should follow IBM's Tangible Culture approach." -Lance Travis, vice president, Outsourcing Strategies, AMR Research "This book will help leaders and cultural-change practitioners take a practical, well-architected approach to creating the culture they need to support their strategies. Thanks, IBM, for sharing what you have learned from your own transformation." -Valerie Norton, vice president, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness, Merck & Co., Inc. "Based on IBM's own experience with organizational transformation and mergers, this book belongs on the reading list of any executive contemplating major changes to their business." - Peter Richerson, professor, University of California Davis - "Finally, a book that goes beyond just declaring 'it's the culture change' and gets to a real recount of why and how to move on that need. This is a practical approach for senior leaders in large corporations and government to address the most pressing issues in modern business life!" -Kenneth I. Percell, executive director, Warner Robins Air Logistic Center "I like the way the authors move the idea of organization culture from intangible (values) to tangible and practical. They offer that culture can be viewed and changed by examining and discussing what people do. Using the techniques described in Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? will demystify culture clash." -Lynda Aiman-Smith, Ph.D., North Carolina State University "A must read for leaders charged with planning and executing major change initiatives involving a single organization or multiple organizations. The book is original, thoughtful, thorough, and pragmatic. The elements of Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? and their interrelationships that work to drive successful change are particularly beneficial. The authors demonstrate a hands-on grasp of this important subject and the related literature. The material is presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format, with lots of tables, charts, and illustrations to help guide the reader." -Stephen W. Brown, Edward M. Carson chair in services marketing, professor and executive director, Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University "Many have observed that mergers and acquisitions will fail to achieve their goals without proper attention to human and cultural factors, but few have shown us the way to manage these factors in any meaningful way. This book takes up that challenge and delivers a real solution by identifying business practices as the crucial element of 'culture' that can make or break a merger or acquisition, and by providing a hands-on methodology for managing and aligning differences across cultures." -Marietta Baba, dean of the College of Social Science, professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University "Sara Moulton Reger's application of Business Practices, Right-vs. Right, and Outcome Narratives to business transformation spoke directly to my own business experience. I found the book's comprehensive approach very appealing. It brought together the story of a historic merger; a review of traditional approaches to culture transformation in business organizations; the powerful new techniques of Outcome Narratives, Right vs. Right, and Business Practices Alignment; and useful examples of the way to apply these techniques." -Dwight E. Collins, Ph.D., adjunct professor, Presidio School of Management, sustainable business and supply chain optimization consultant, president, Collins Family Foundation "We know unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions are often the result of underestimating the people and the cultural issues. Derived from experience, here is practical help in improving your chances of being one of the success stories." -David Hope, human resources director, Norwich Union Insurance "This is state-of the-art. This practical approach is extremely useful for anyone involved in integrating two large organizations, especially professional organizations. I found the book Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? fascinating-excellently describing the preparation and process that is required in integrating culturally different organizations." -Fred WI Lachotzki, professor of business policy, Nyenrode University, coauthor of Beyond Control: Managing Strategic Alignment through Corporate Dialogue Nowadays, nearly every business leader recognizes the crucial importance of culture. But, in many organizations, attempts to handle culture issues remain "squishy," unfocused, and unlikely to bring any value or results. Now, IBM's leading experts reveal the way to make culture tangible to everyone involved-and how to effectively deal with a variety of culture challenges. Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? leverages the lessons learned during IBM's $3.5 billion acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting: insight that IBM has crystallized into a powerful methodology for transforming business culture. The authors introduce "Business Practices," an actionable surrogate for "culture" that business people can identify with, gauge, and act upon. Then, one step at a time, you'll learn how to apply IBM's practical culture transformation techniques in your unique environment. You'll discover common patterns that lead to culture clashes so you can resolve or, better yet, prevent them. You'll learn to clarify your expectations so people really "get" it-and do it. You'll gain the way to measure culture change progress in terms everyone can understand and buy into. Whether you're involved with M&As, joint ventures, major transformation, internal restructuring, or any other initiative where culture is important, this book can help you take culture from a worrisome risk to a competitive advantage. *Business Practices: the unseen hand that propels action Uncover what makes your organization unique *Right vs. Right: What to do when good options conflict Understand and manage the source of culture clash *Outcome Narratives: Get to the right place, the right way Clarify your desired future, clear the obstacles, measure progress, and deliver results Successful culture change requires the same discipline you bring to the rest of your business. It demands a strong methodology that helps you clarify your goals and expectations, identify and overcome obstacles, measure progress...and get results. This book delivers that methodology. IBM's powerful, proprietary Tangible Culture approach will help you make culture visible and measurable- so you can replace "feel good" culture work with focused, actionable plans for change. Use IBM's techniques to surface, understand, and reconcile differences among groups that must work together, so you can launch alliances more more value from acquisitions...enhance cross-silo and global operations...choose the right strategies...and make real transformation happen. Whatever your goals, culture is central to your success. With this book, you can finally address culture-systemically, proactively, and effectively. Leverage IBM's Breakthrough Methodology for Driving Effective Culture Change * Drive real culture change, survive the effort, and reap genuine results * Overcome culture challenges and risks * Successfully execute on M&As, business alliances, transformation and internal restructuring * Use downloadable templates to customize IBM's techniques for your environment * Learn what IBM learned from its $3.5 billion acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Foreword xxi Preface xxiii Acknowledgments xxv About the Author xxvii Contributing Authors xxix Section I: The Basics 1 Chapter 1: Introduction-An Overview of Tangible Culture 3 Chapter 2: We Can't Do This the Traditional Way-IBM's Acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting 17 Chapter 3: Traditional Approaches to Culture Transformation-How Others Have Dealt with the Challenge 33 Chapter 4: How to Get to the Right Place the Right Way-Outcome Narratives 49 Chapter 5: The Good Thing That Can Cause Big Trouble-Right vs. Right 67 Chapter 6: The Unseen Hand That Propels Organizational Action-Business Practices 85 Chapter 7: Putting It All Together-The Business Practices Alignment Method 103 Section II: The Application 119 Chapter 8: Mergers and Acquisitions- Managing the Common Sources of Culture Clash 121 Chapter 9: Alliances-Finding Ways to Leverage Your Collective Capabilities 143 Chapter 10: Major Restructuring-Gaining Sustained Value from Your Reorganization 163 Chapter 11: Major Transformation-Addressing Your Plan's Hidden Barrier 181 Chapter 12: Key Decisions and Everyday Business-Extending Tangible CultureInto the Operational Parts of Your Business 203 Section III: The Projects 225 Chapter 13: The Co-operators-Using Business Practices to Clarify Expectations 227 Chapter 14: Sales Pipeline-Using Right vs. Right to Differentiate Issues 241 Epilogue 251 Appendix: About the Contributors 255 Index 268


Big Box Of Hank Williams - 2851168035

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Big Box Of Hank Williams Evangeline


1. Never Again 2. I Watched My Dream World Crumble 3. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep 4. They'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 5. Let The Spirit Descend (Live) 6. The Pale Horse & His Rider 7. I've Just Told Mama Goodbye 8. Lost On The River 9. Why Don't You Love Me? 10. Hey Good Lookin' 11. Moanin' The Blues (Live) 12. Honky Tonk Blues 13. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me 14. I'll Never Get Outta This World Alive 15. Men With Broken Hearts 16. Crazy Heart 17. Honky Tonkin' 18. Lovesick Blues 19. Won't You Sometimes Think Of Me 20. Jambalaya 101. Calling You 102. Honky Tonk Blues 103. Rootie Tootie 104. Fly Trouble 105. Six More Miles 106. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 107. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 108. Wedding Bells 109. Why Should I Cry 110. Baby We're Really In Love (Live) 111. Help Me Understand 112. When God Dips His Love In My Heart 113. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 114. Just Waitin' 115. Heaven Holds All My Treasures 116. I'll Never Get Outta This World Alive 117. Lovesick Blues 118. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 119. I Won't Be Home No More 120. Wedding Bells (Live) 121. In My Dreams You Still Belong To Me 201. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 202. Calling You 203. You Better Keep It On Your Mind 204. A Mansion On The Hill 205. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 206. 'Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone 207. I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) 208. Lost Highway 209. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living 210. Window Shopping 211. Let's Turn Back The Years 212. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 213. Nobody's Lonesome For Me 214. The Funeral 215. Howlin' At The Moon 216. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul 217. Dear John 218. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' 219. Jesus Remembered Me 220. Medley 221. Happy Rovin' Cowboy 222. I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 223. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 224. Fisher's Hornpipe 225. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine 226. Sally Goodin 301. My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate) 302. Half As Much (Live) 303. On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain 304. Mind Your Old Business 305. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy 306. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 307. I'm Satisfied With You 308. Baby We're Really In Love 309. There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby 310. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind? 311. Lost On The River 312. Why Should We Try Anymore? 313. My Heart Would Know 314. The Old Country Church 315. Cold Cold Heart (Live) 316. Why Don't You Love Me 317. You Broke Your Own Heart 318. I Told A Lie To My Heart 319. Where The Soul Of A Man Never Dies 320. Medley 321. Happy Rovin' Cowboy 322. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 323. I'm Telling You 324. Bill Cheatam 325. When God Comes & Gathers His Jewels 326. Sally Goodin 401. Move It On Over 402. I Can't Get You Off My Mind 403. Lovesick Blues 404. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) (L 405. Pan American 406. My Buckets Got A Hole In It 407. Fool About You 408. Beyond The Sunset 409. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 410. I Want To Live & Love 411. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) 412. I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die 413. Take These Chains From My Heart 414. Your Cheatin' Heart (Demo) 415. You Win Again 416. Singing Waterfall 417. Hey Good Lookin' (Live) 418. Window Shopping (Live) 419. Half As Much 501. My Sweet Love Ain' Around 502. The Blues Come Around 503. Moanin' The Blues 504. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 505. Dear John 506. Settin' The Woods On Fire 507. Mother Is Gone 508. Long Gone Lonesome Blues 509. Kaw-linga 510. I'm Sorry For You My Friend 511. Help Me Understand 512. Cold Cold Heart 513. I'm Goin' Home 514. Jambalaya (On The Bajou) (Live) 515. The Log Train 516. A House Of Gold 517. Jambalaya (On The Bajou) 518. Honky Tonk Blues 519. Pan American 520. Ramblin' Man


Oh Yes We Can Love - 2839391622

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Oh Yes We Can Love Universe


1. Noel Coward - Mad Dogs & Englishmen 2. Berry, Chuck - Around & Around 3. Richard, Little - Ooh My Soul 4. Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac 5. Max Harris - Gurney Slade 6. Les Vandyke - Bee-bom 7. Winifred May - Jealousy 8. Dixon, Willie - You'll Be Mine 9. Brel, Jacques - Amsterdam 10. Reed, Lou - I'm Waiting For The Man 11. Bowie, David - London, Bye, Ta Ta 12. The Stooges - 1969 13. Davies, Raymond Ray - Lola 14. Godley, Kevin - Neanderthal Man 15. Mike Steiphenson - Burundi Black 16. Way - Back Street Luv 17. Alice De Buhr - Charity Ball 18. Eddie Hardin - Magpie 19. Moroder, Giorgio - Son Of My Father 20. Bolan, Marc - Hot Love 21. Lea, James - Coz I Luv You 101. Bowie, David - All The Young Dudes 102. Reed, Lou - Walk On The Wild Side 103. Ferry, Bryan - Virginia Plain 104. Bolan, Marc - Metal Guru 105. Osmond, Wayne - Crazy Horses 106. Bowie, David - Andy Warhol 107. Nicholas Barry Nicky Chinn - Can The Can 108. David Johansen - Looking For A Kiss 109. Mitchell, Joni - This Flight Tonight 110. Nicholas Barry Nicky Chinn - Ballroom Blitz 111. Dennys, Phil - Dance With The Devil 112. Essex, David - Rock On 113. Wood, Roy - Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad) 114. John, Elton - Bennie & The Jets 115. Blue - Dancin' (On A Saturday Night) 116. Peter Shelley - My Coo Ca Choo 117. Bowie, David - The Man Who Sold The World 118. Bowie, David - Growing Up & I'm Fine 119. Harley, Steve - Judy Teen 201. Ron Mael - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both 202. Russell - Tell Him 203. Nicholas Barry Nicky Chinn - Tiger Feet 204. Ian Kimmet - Bish Bash Bosh 205. Billy Page - The 'In' Crowd 206. Patti Smith - Piss Factory 207. Harley, Steve - Tumbling Down 208. John Rossall - Angel Face 209. Bill Martin - The Bump 210. Waddington, Anthony - Sugar Baby Love 211. Young, Kenny - Only You Can 212. Simmons, Gene - Rock & Roll All Nite 213. Georg Kajanus - A Glass Of Champagne 214. Ian Hunter - Once Bitten, Twice Shy 215. Merrill - I Love Rock 'N' Roll 216. Bill Martin - Saturday Night 301. Debbie Harry - Rip Her To Shreds 302. Bill Nelson - Ships In The Night 303. Joan Jett - Cherry Bomb 304. Lynne, Jeff - Rockaria! 305. Douglas Colvin - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 306. Hewson - The Crunch 307. Andy Mackay - Ok? 308. John Foxx - Rockwrok 309. Ballard, Russell - New York Groove 310. Glenn Tipton - Take On The World 311. Jay, Fred - Rasputin 312. Idol, Billy - Valley Of The Dolls 313. Leander, Mike - Rock 'N' Roll / Night Clubbing 314. Howard Devoto - The Light Pours Out Of Me 315. Marco Pirroni - Antmusic 316. Bolan, Marc - Solid Gold Easy Action 317. Bowie, David - Ziggy Stardust 318. Finch, Richard - That's The Way (I Like It) 401. Martin Degville - Love Missile F1-11 402. Fogerty, John - Up Around The Bend 403. Tony Wilson - Emma 404. Steven Morrissey - Glamorous Glue 405. Brett Lewis Anderson - Metal Mickey 406. Mark E. Smith - Glam-racket 407. James Neil Morrison - Glam Rock Cops 408. Trevor Horn - Everybody Up! 409. Sarah Cracknell - Star 410. James Warren Fry - The S.a.s. & The Glam That Goes 411. Nigel Hoyle - To Earth With Love 412. Manson, Marilyn - The Dope Show 413. Jarvis Cocker - We Are The Boys 414. Dan Hawkins - Growing On Me 415. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine 416. Ola Salo - Clamour For Glamour 417. Christopher Schwartz - Unstoppable


Can You Keep a Secret? - 2842079821

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Can You Keep a Secret? EBURY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'He planted his big arms on the bed on either side of me, and I wanted him to take control - I wanted him to be the boss.' Katie Collins went from being a shy, excluded teenager to the youngest, naughtiest and most popular woman on the Dublin sex scene. Her journey began before she was even 16, stripping on a webcam for an audience of strangers. By her late teens she was exploring the thrill of being a submissive, finding herself centre stage in 50-strong orgies, having sex with ten men in one night; being chained, whipped and spanked; and living a day to day life unimaginable to most women. But as her uncontrollable sexual desires begin to consume her, Katie has to question whether her extreme behaviour is really an expression of sexual liberation, or something more troubling. Brutally honest, Can You Keep a Secret? is a page-turning true story of one woman's journey from innocence to experience.


Music From Big Pink / The Band (Limited) - 2839273763

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Music From Big Pink / The Band (Limited) Universal Music / EMI


1. Tears Of Rage (2000 Digital Remaster) 2. To Kingdom Come (2000 Digital Remaster) 3. In A Station (2000 Digital Remaster) 4. Caledonia Mission (2000 Digital Remaster) 5. The Weight (2000 Digital Remaster) 6. We Can Talk (2000 Digital Remaster) 7. Long Black Veil (2000 Digital Remaster) 8. Chest Fever (2000 Digital Remaster) 9. Lonesome Suzie (2000 Digital Remaster) 10. This Wheel's On Fire (2000 Digital Remaster) 11. I Shall Be Released (2000 Digital Remaster) 12. Yazoo Street Scandal (2000 Digital Remaster) 13. Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take) (2000 Digital Remas 14. Katie's Been Gone (Outtake) (2000 Digital Remaster 15. If I Lose (Outtake) (2000 Digital Remaster) 16. Long Distance Operator (Outtake) (2000 Digital Rem 17. Lonesome Suzie (Alternate Take) (2000 Digital Rema 18. Orange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast)(outtake D 19. Key To The Highway (Outtake) (2000 Digital Remaste 20. Ferdinand The Imposter (Outtake-demo) (2000 Digita 101. Across The Great Divide (2000 Digital Remaster) 102. Rag Mama Rag (2000 Digital Remaster) 103. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (2000 Digital 104. When You Awake (2000 Digital Remaster) 105. Up On Cripple Creek (2000 Digital Remaster) 106. Whispering Pines (2000 Digital Remaster) 107. Jemima Surrender (2000 Digital Remaster) 108. Rockin' Chair (2000 Digital Remaster) 109. Look Out Cleveland (2000 Digital Remaster) 110. Jawbone (2000 Digital Remaster) 111. The Unfaithful Servant (2000 Digital Remaster) 112. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (2000 Digital Remas 113. Get Up Jake (Outtake - Stereo Remix) (2000 Digital 114. Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take - Rough Mix) (2 115. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Alternate Mix 116. Up On Cripple Creek (Alternate Take) (2000 Digital 117. Whispering Pines (Alternate Take) (2000 Digital Re 118. Jemima Surrender (Early Version) (2000 Digital Rem 119. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Alternate Take) (2


How Can You Still Stand. . - 2839510013

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How Can You Still Stand. . UNIQUE


1. Like A Freek 2. For The Revolution 3. In Bed With The Devil 4. In The Sky 5. They Want You To Fail 6. Everything I Think Is Golden 7. Fucked 8. War On War 9. You Know Who You Are 10. Open Secret 11. Move Your Body 12. Don't Let 'Em Take Your Smile Away 13. Washington Dc 14. Are Y'all Fired Up?


Reading Can be Fun - 2851006304

72,30 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

LETTERSlike A and B and C and Dor T and Y and I and G and O and L.When we put some of them together in little bunches, we call those bunchesWORDSlike the word CAT or DOG or BOY or GIRL. On the heels of Manners Can Be Fun comes the next title in Munro Leaf's acclaimed "Fun" series, Reading Can Be Fun, first published in 1953, with lessons as timely and enduring today as they were then. In his signature style of stick-figure drawings and wholesome text, Leaf demonstrates that reading really can be fun and educational at the same time. As he describes, "The whole wonderful story of the past and the interesting days we live in now take on new color and meaning when we learn more about them through the books we read."With humorous explanations and illustrations children will chuckle while processing the fundamental reasons for learning to read. Books can be best friends, they are the source for good ideas, they are a vehicle for exploring faraway places and meeting all kinds of people, and they help boys and girls get ready to become grownups. Profoundly affecting, reading is a powerful tool in shaping a child's path to confident, happy adulthood. Leaf's "Fun" books also include Grammar, History, Arithmetic, and Science.


Music From The Big Pink - 2829832156

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Music From The Big Pink Universal Music


1. Tears Of Rage 2. To Kingdom Come 3. In A Station 4. Caledonia Mission 5. The Weight 6. We Can Talk 7. Long Black Veil 8. Chest Fever 9. Lonesome Suzie 10. This Wheel's On Fire 11. I Shall Be Released 12. Yazoo Street Scandal (Alternate Take) 13. Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take) 14. Katie's Been Gone (Outtake) 15. If I Lose (Outtake) 16. Long Distance Operator (Outtake) 17. Lonesone Suzie (Alternate Take) 18. Orange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast) (Outtake-demo) 19. Key To The Highway (Outtake) 20. Ferdinand The Imposter (Outtake-demo)


Best Big Band Jazz - 2840113430

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Best Big Band Jazz


1. April In Paris 2. Corner Pocket 3. Did'n You 4. Sweetie Cakes 5. Magic 6. Shiny Stockings 7. What Am I Here For 8. Midgets 9. Mambo Inn 10. Dinner With Friends 11. Avalon 12. Body And Soul 13. Bass-ment 14. Early Autumn 15. Jones 16. Perdido 17. St. Louis Blues 18. Spacemen 19. Midnight Sun 20. Take The A Train 101. C Jam Blues 102. In A Sentimental Mood 103. Cotton Tail 104. Just Squeeze Me 105. Mood Indigo 106. Take The A Train 107. In A Mellow Tone 108. Come Sunday 109. In A Mellow Tone 110. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 111. Serenade To Sweden 112. Chelsea Bridge 113. Upper Manhattan Medical Group 114. Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me 115. Caravan 116. Sophisticated Lady 117. Johnny Come Lately 118. Perdido 119. Come Sunday 201. Trane Whistle 202. Whole Nelson 203. You Are Too Beautiful 204. The Stolen Moment 205. Walk Away 206. Jaws 207. Biddy's Beat 208. Theodora 209. Mood For Mendes 210. Daddy-o 211. Cu-blu 212. Day Dreaming 213. Can You Tell By Looking At Me 214. Tune Up! 301. Four Brothers 302. Like Some Blues Man 303. Skoobeedoobee 304. Monterey Apple Tree 305. Skylark 306. The Magpie 307. Oleo 308. Starfire 309. The Mark Of Jazz 310. Nightlife 311. Stella By Starlight 312. Lonely Time 313. Back In The Satellite Again 401. St. Louis Blues 402. King Porter Stomp 403. Willow Tree 404. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 405. Lester Leaps In 406. 'Round Midnight 407. Manteca 408. Bird Feathers 501. Nica's Dream 502. Autumn Leaves 503. Moanin' 504. April In Paris 505. Five Spot After Dark 506. Stella By Starlight 507. Minor Vamp 508. Chromatic Universe, Part I 509. Dimensions 510. Chromatic Universe, Part II 511. The Lydiot 512. Waltz From Outer Space 513. Chromatic Universe, Part III 601. Big P 602. Old Fashioned Fun 603. Mona's Mood 604. Dat Dere 605. Nails 606. On Green Dolphin Street 607. My Ideal 608. Picture Of Health 609. Flamingo 610. Dance One 611. Bright One 612. Last One 613. Cry Baby Blues 614. It Ain't Neccesarily So 615. Heat Wave 616. Guess What 617. Peanut Vendor 618. Ill Wind 619. Malaguena 620. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 621. Siboney 622. No Te Importe Saber 701. Skin Deep 702. Claxton Hall Swing 703. Phalanges 704. For Europeans Only 705. Copasetic 706. Fascinatin' Rhythm 707. Percussionistically Speaking 708. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 709. Loris 710. A Pearl For Louie 711. Here's Pete 712. My Funny Valentine 713. Mixin' The Blues 714. Poinciana (Song Of The Tree) 715. Rugolo Meets Shearing 716. Sambamba 717. King Porter Stomp 718. You Are Too Beautiful 719. Jingle Bells Mambo 720. There Will Never Be Another You 721. Conversation 722. Good Evening Friends Boogie 801. Neckbones 802. Dues Blues 803. Long Before I Knew You 804. Soft Winds 805. Tee Jay 806. Lassus' Trombone 807. It's All Right With Me 808. Polka Dots And Moonbeams 809. Old Devil Moon 810. Impossible 811. Heat Wave 812. Brassman's Holiday 813. Autumn Leaves 814. Love Is The Thing 815. Ping Pong 816. Moonlight Becomes You 817. Pawn Ticket 818. Solving The Riddle 819. Invitation 820. The Continental 821. Return Of The Zombie 822. On A Little Street In Singapore 823. Jooms Jones 901. It's All Right With Me 902. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 903. I've Never Been In Love Before 904. I Love Paris 905. Too Close For Comfort 906. Younger Than Springtime/the Surrey With The Fringe On Top 907. If I Were A Bell 908. Lazy Afternoon 909. Just In Time 910. Dancing In The Dark 911. Sophisticated Lady 912. Softly 913. Eager Beaver 914. Women Usually Do 915. After You 916. Temptation 917. Walk Softly 918. Opus In Chartreuse 919. All About Ronnie 920. Interlude 921. Lullaby Of The Leaves


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