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Peroxidases and Catalases Wiley & Sons

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Single source guide to peroxidases and catalases§Reflecting the important historical discoveries and exciting research in the field in recent years, Peroxidases and Catalases: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology and Physiology provides a much-needed systematic, up-to-date treatment of peroxidases and catalases.§From the structure and properties of the various superfamilies to current applications of peroxidases, the book consolidates vast amounts of information previously scattered in the professional literature, covering all aspects of these ubiquitous enzymes that act on a variety of substances and processes in living systems-their properties, reactions, crystal structures, cloning, and more.§Considering the subject from both theoretical and applied perspectives, Peroxidases and Catalases offers a critical review of the literature and detailed discussions of the most current research. Chapters cover:§The background and history of peroxidases and catalases§Plant, fungal, and bacterial peroxidase superfamilies and their organization§Mammalian peroxidases including medical and physiological roles§Spectroscopic and theoretical techniques for studying peroxidases highlighting the contributions of physicists and physical/theoretical chemists§Heme peroxidases, catalases, and other peroxidases such as vanadium and selenium peroxidase§Relevant plant and animal physiology§This one-stop reference is a vital reference for biochemists, biologists, biochemical engineers, physiologists, environmental and pharmaceutical researchers, and others interested in the study and use of peroxidases and catalases.Peroxidases and Catalases provides a summary of current research on peroxidase and catalase enzymes, along with detailed chapters on mammalian peroxidases, medical and physiological roles, as well as spectroscopic and theoretical techniques, enabling biochemists to understand the contributions made principally by physicists and physical/theoretical chemists. Plus, the text discusses heme peroxidases and catalases, as well as other peroxidases, like vanadium peroxidases and selenium peroxidase. This book is a vital reference on peroxidases and catalases for engineers and researchers.


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