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Physiological Measures of Emotion From a Developmental Persp - 2826993534

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Physiological Measures of Emotion From a Developmental Persp Wiley-Blackwell

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In the past decade, there has been a dramatic growth in research examining the development of emotion from a physiological perspective. However, this widespread use of physiological measures to study emotional development coexists with relatively few guiding principles, thus reducing opportunities to move the field forward in innovative ways. The goal of this monograph is to present the state of the§science on the physiology of emotion from a developmental perspective in order to take stock of the knowledge base at this historical moment in time and to cultivate greater integration§and coordination in the field as a whole. The authors of the 13 chapters comprising this monograph provide brief and focused essays that emphasize 5 core themes: the time course of emotion, the context of physiological measurement, the nature of developing physiological and behavioral systems,§the specificity of associations between physiological measures and distinct aspects of emotion, and coordination among multiple physiological systems. This monograph has four parts. Part 1 describes integrative measurement approaches to the study of emotion and physiology, including measurement§of multiple biological systems and a focus on individual differences in the links between physiology and emotion. Part 2 emphasizes socialization and contextual and environmental factors that influence the physiology of emotion. Part 3 reviews maladaptive physiological processes that underlie or influence§affective disruptions and affective psychopathology. Part 4 describes overarching issues in the study of physiology and emotional development, articulating measurement guidelines and cutting-edge methods and statistical techniques. The work presented here represents the current state of the field,§as well as exciting new directions that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of emotional well-being, risk, and psychopathology. Taken together these 13 essays provide an innovative view on the psychophysiology of emotion, emotional well-being, and affective psychopathology from a developmental perspective.


Advanced Methods in Protein Microsequence Analysis - 2834692778

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Advanced Methods in Protein Microsequence Analysis Springer, Berlin

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Much of the recent spectacular progress in the biological sciences can be at tributed ot the ability to isolate, analyze, and structurally characterize proteins and peptides which are present in cells and cellular organelles in only very small amounts. Recent advances in protein chemistry and in particular the application of new micromethods have led to fruitful advances in the understanding of basic cellular processes. Areas where protein-chemical studies have resulted in interest ing discoveries include the peptide hormones and their release factors, growth factors and oncogenes, bioenergetics, proton pumps and ion pumps and chan nels, topogenesis and protein secretion, molecular virology and immunology, membrane protein analysis, and receptor research. In fact, the key methods are now on hand to unravel many of the major outstanding problems of molecular biology and in particular questions of fundamental interest which relate to devel opmental biology and specificity in cell-cell interaction. In this volume we have assembled descriptions of procedures which have re cently been shown to be efficaceous for the isolation, purification, and chemical characterization of proteins and peptides that are only available in minute amounts. Emphasis is placed on well-established micromethods which have been tested and found useful in many laboratories by experienced investigators. The chapters are written by specialists, and describe a range of sensitive techniques which can be used by researchers working in laboratories with only modest resources and equipment.


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