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The Birthday That Changed Everything - 2840243710

39,99 zł

The Birthday That Changed Everything

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>RomanceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & cont...

'A Lovely, Emotion-filled, Giggle-inducing Story' - Sunday Times Bestselling Author Milly Johnson She Wanted A Birthday Surprise, Just Not The One She Got...


Pretties. Pretty - Erkenne dein Gesicht, englische Ausgabe - 2843286161

50,68 zł

Pretties. Pretty - Erkenne dein Gesicht, englische Ausgabe Simon & Schuster US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Zu schön, um wahr zu sein.Tally ist eine Pretty geworden. Sie sieht umwerfend aus, trägt coole Klamotten, hat einen tollen Freund und ist ungeheuer beliebt. Sie ist so, wie sie es sich immer gewünscht hat. Aber trotz all dem Spaß - den Dauerpartys, dem Hightech-Luxus, den vielen Freiheiten - wird Tally von dem unbestimmten Gefühl geplagt, dass etwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Etwas Wichtiges. Dann erhält sie eine Botschaft aus ihrer Ugly-Vergangenheit. Und plötzlich weiß sie wieder, was mit den Pretties nicht stimmt. Damit hört der Spaß auf und Tally muss kämpfen - um ihre Erinnerungen und um ihr Leben. Denn die Behörden haben nicht vor, jemanden mit diesem Wissen davonkommen zu lassen. In Tally's world, your 16th birthday brings an operation that turns you from a repellant Ugly into a stunningly attractive Pretty, and catapults you into a high-tech paradise where your only job is having a really good time. Just before her birthday, Tally discovered that turning Pretty comes with a terrible price. She vowed to accept the operation, but with the understanding that her friends on the outside would rescue her, and let her be the guinea pig for the experimental and highly dangerous cure they're developing.§But in the second book of the Uglies series, Tally's Pretty. And everything's changed. The new, Pretty Tally is totally happy right where she is. She doesn't think she needs any kind of cure at all. When someone from her Ugly life shows up with a message, Tally has a hard time listening. Did she really promise to give all this up? Is she bound by a promise she made when she was a different person? If there is anything left of the old Tally, how will she fight her way out to keep her word and help her friends?


Frank Zappa albums (Music Guide) - 2826938580

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Frank Zappa albums (Music Guide) Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 39. Chapters: Frank Zappa discography, Freak Out!, We're Only in It for the Money, Lumpy Gravy, Thing-Fish, Hot Rats, Joe's Garage, Apostrophe, Uncle Meat, Absolutely Free, Sleep Dirt, The Man from Utopia, Cruising with Ruben & the Jets, Studio Tan, Orchestral Favorites, Zoot Allures, Chunga's Revenge, Hammersmith Odeon, Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention, Civilization Phaze III, One Size Fits All, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, You Are What You Is, Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch, 200 Motels, Congress Shall Make No Law, Over-Nite Sensation, Jazz from Hell, Waka/Jawaka, The Grand Wazoo, Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger, Them or Us, London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 1, Francesco Zappa, The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAAA Birthday Bundle 2010, King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa, London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 2, Baby Snakes, Everything Is Healing Nicely. Excerpt: This is a list of albums by Frank Zappa (including all those credited to The Mothers of Invention) as well as tribute albums to Frank Zappa. During his lifetime Zappa released a total of 62 albums. Between 1994 and 2010 The Zappa Family Trust has released 27 posthumous albums to his name, making a grand total of 89 albums. 130 Freak Out! is the debut album by American band The Mothers of Invention, released June 27, 1966 on Verve Records. Often cited as one of rock music's first concept albums, the album is a satirical expression of frontman Frank Zappa's perception of American pop culture. It was also one of the earliest double albums in rock music (although Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde preceded it by a week), and the first 2-record debut. In the UK the album was originally released as a single disc. The album was produced by Tom Wilson, who signed The Mothers, formerly a bar band called the Soul Giants. Zappa said many years later that Wilson signed the group to a record deal in the belief that they were a white blues band. The album features vocalist Ray Collins, along with bass player Roy Estrada, drummer Jimmy Carl Black and guitar player Elliot Ingber, who would later join Captain Beefheart's Magic Band under the name Winged Eel Fingerling. The band's original repertoire consisted of rhythm and blues covers; though after Zappa joined the band he encouraged them to play his own original material, and the name was changed to The Mothers. The musical content of Freak Out! ranges from rhythm and blues, doo-wop and standard blues-influenced rock to orchestral arrangements and avant-garde sound collages. Although the album was initially poorly received in the United States, it was a success in Europe. It gained a cult following in America, where it continued to sell in substantial quantities until it was prematurely discontinued in the early 1970s. The album influenced the production of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In 1999, it


Metamorphosis and the Trial - 2826691880

14,80 zł

Metamorphosis and the Trial HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. 'How are we to avoid those in office becoming deeply corrupt when everything is devoid of meaning?' On the morning of his thirtieth birthday Josef K. is arrested for an unspecified crime. One morning Gregor Samsa opens his eyes to discover that he has been transformed into a monstrous bug. Josef K. finds himself drawn into a quasi-legal labyrinth, while Gregor is imprisoned in his own horrific body. Strange and provocative, these tales bear down on the essential nature of Man: our desires, our hopes and our fears. 2015 marks the hundredth anniversary of publication of Metamorphosis and composition of The Trial; remarkably prescient and unparalleled in its originality, Kafka's writing gave birth to its own adjective, 'Kafkaesque' - a rare feat and one that changed the course of modern literature.


Classic - 2839419286

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Classic Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Toodle-loo On Down 2. So Good (& Roger Sturgis) 3. Away From You (& Roger Sturgis) 4. Honey In The Bee Ball 5. Barnacle Bill The Sailor 6. Flat Face (Instrumental) 7. Keep A-knockin' (But You Can't Come In) 8. Sam Jones Done Snagged His Britches On 9. Swinging In A Cocoanut Tree (Instrumental) 10. Doug The Jitterbug 11. At The Swing Cat's Ball 12. Jake, What A Snake (Instrumental) 13. Honeysuckle Rose 14. 'Fore Day Blues 15. But I'll Be Back 16. You Ain't Nowhere 17. You're My Meat 18. June Tenth Jamboree 19. You Run Your Mouth & I'll Run My Business 20. I'm Alabama Bound 21. Hard Lovin' Blues (& Yack Taylor) 22. You Got To Go When The Wagon Comes 23. Lovie Joe (& Mabel Robinson) 24. Somebody Done Hoodooed The Hoodoo Man 25. Bounce The Ball (Do Da Dittle Um Day) 26. Penthouse In The Basement 27. After School Swing Session 101. Oh Boy, I'm In The Groove 102. Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your... 103. Don't Come Crying On My Shoulder 104. Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee 105. A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird 106. Pompton Turnpike 107. Do You Call That A Buddy (Dirty Cat) 108. I Know You, I Know What You Wanna Do 109. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (Instrumental) 110. The Two Little Squirrels (Nuts To You) 111. T-bone Blues 112. Pan Pan 113. Saint Vitus Dance 114. Saxa-woogie 115. Brotherly Love 116. De Laff's On You 117. Boogie Woogie Came To Town 118. John, Stop Teasing Me 119. How 'Bout That 120. Teacher (How I Love My Teacher) 121. Mama, Mama Blues (Rusty Dusty Blues) 122. Knock Me A Kiss 123. The Green Grass Grows All Around 124. Mister Lovingood/small Town Boy 125. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town 201. What's The Use Of Gettin' Sober 202. The Chicks I Pick Are Slender, Tender & Tall 203. I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town 204. That'll Just 'Bout Knock Me Out 205. Dirty Snake 206. Five Guys Named Moe 207. It's A Low-down Dirty Shame 208. De Laff's On You 209. Ration Blues 210. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby 211. Deacon Jones 212. The Things I Want I Can't Get At Home 213. How High Am I? 214. I Like 'Em Fat Like That 215. The Truth Of The Matter 216. Hey! Now Let's Live 217. Mop-mop 218. G.i. Jive 219. You Can't Get That No More 220. Louis' Oldsmobile Song 221. Your Socks Don't Match (& Bing Crosby) 222. My Baby Said Yes (& Bing Crosby) 223. My Baby Said Yes (& Bing Crosby) 224. Your Socks Don't Match (& Bing Crosby) 301. It's So Easy 302. Buzz Me 303. They Raided The House 304. Caldonia Boogie 305. Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door 306. How Long Must I Wait For You? 307. Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule 308. Salt Pork, West Virginia 309. Paper Boy 310. Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule 311. Reconversion Blues 312. Beware 313. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' 314. Choo Choo Ch'boogie 315. Ain't That Just Like A Woman 316. That Chick's Too Young To Fry 317. No Sale 318. If It's Love You Want Baby, That's Me 319. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens 320. Let The Good Times Roll 321. All For The Love Of Lil 322. Texas & Pacific 323. Jack, You're Dead 324. Reet Petite & Gone 325. Sure, Had A Wonderful Time 326. I Know What You're Puttin' Down 327. Open The Door Richard 401. Friendship 402. Open The Door Richard 403. Boogie Woogie Blue Plate 404. Barnyard Boogie 405. Every Man To His Own Profession 406. Early In The Morning 407. Run Joe 408. Look Out 409. Beans & Corn Bread 410. Have You Got The Gumption 411. We Can't Agree 412. Chicky-mo, Craney-crow 413. Roamin' Blues 414. Inflation Blues 415. You're Much Too Fat (And That's That) 416. Chug Chug Boogie 417. There'll Be No Days Like That 418. Pettin' & Pokin' 419. You're On The Right Track, Baby 420. Don't Burn The Candle At Both Ends 421. Why'd You Do It, Baby 422. Daddy O/safe, Sane & Single 423. I Know What I've Got, Don't Know What I'm ... 424. You Broke Your Promise 425. Push-ka-pee She Pie (The Saga Of Saga Boy) 501. Cole Slaw 502. Beans & Corn Bread 503. Onion (Instrumental) 504. Baby's Gonna Go, Bye Bye 505. Heed My Warning 506. Psycho-loco (Instrumental) 507. School Days 508. Hungry Man 509. Love You 'Till Your Money's Gone Blues 510. Saturday Night Fish Fry, Part 1 511. Saturday Night Fish Fry, Part 2 512. I Want A Roof Over My Head 513. Show Me How (You Milk The Cow) 514. Blue Light Boogie, Part 1 515. Blue Light Boogie, Part 2 516. Tamburitza Boogie 517. Chartreuse (You Dyed Your Hair) 518. Lemonade 519. It's A Great, Great Pleasure 520. You Will Always Have A Friend 521. Louisville Lodge Meeting 522. Trouble Then Satisfaction 523. Crazy Baby 524. Life Is So Peculiar (& Louis Armstrong) 525. You Rascal You (& Louis Armstrong) 526. Tear Drops From My Eyes 601. If You've Got Someplace To Go 602. Weak Minded Blues 603. Is My Pop In There? 604. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby 605. If You So Smart, How Come You Ain't Rich? 606. Trust In Me 607. Louisville Lodge Meeting 608. How Blue Can You Get? 609. Happy Birthday Boogie 610. May Every Day Be Christmas 611. Please Don't Leave Me 612. Bone Dry 613. I Love That Kinda Carryin' On 614. Three Handed Woman 615. Fat Sam From Birmingham 616. Cock-a-doodle Doo 617. Garmoochie 618. There Must Be A Way 619. Come & Get It (Instrumental) 620. Stop Makin' Music 621. Slow Down 622. Work, Baby Work 623. Never Trust A Woman 624. All Of Me (& Valli Ford) 625. There Goes My Heart 626. Lay Something On The Bar (Besides Your Elbow) 627. Gimme Gimme Blues 701. Junco Partner 702. Time Marches On 703. Azure-te (Paris Blues) 704. Oil Well, Texas 705. There's Nothing Else That I Can Do 706. Jordan For President 707. The Soon-a-baby 708. There's Nothing Else That I Can Do 709. The Soon-a-baby 710. You Didn't Want Me Baby 711. A Man's Best Friend Is A Bed 712. I Didn't Know What Time It Was 713. It's Better To Wait For Love 714. Only Yesterday 715. Just Like A Butterfly 716. Hog Wash 717. House Party 718. Everything That's Made Of Wood 719. I Want You To Be My Baby 720. You Know It Too 721. Locked Up 722. I Gotta Move 723. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out 724. If It's True 725. Wake Up Jacob 726. Lollypop 727. Perdido (Instrumental) 801. Stone Cold Dead In The Market (& Fitzgerald) 802. Petootie Pie (& Ella Fitzgerald) 803. Petootie Pie (& Ella Fitzgerald) 804. Baby, It's Cold Outside (& Ella Fitzgerald) 805. Don't Cry, Cry Baby (& Ella Fitzgerald) 806. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own (& Ella) 807. I'll Never Be Free (& Ella Fitzgerald)


Beautiful Chaos - 2839859098

39,99 zł

Beautiful Chaos

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Ethan Wate Is In Love With A Caster Girl. When He Looks At Lena, It's Like There's No One Else In The World. But Ethan Is Mortal, And On Her Seventeenth Birthday Lena Made A Choice That Changed Everything. The Girl Ethan Loves Has Broken The World With Th


Cupcakes And Confetti - 2840428884

39,99 zł

Cupcakes And Confetti

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Romance

'A Pure Delight...fabulous, Fun And Unforgettable' - Debbie Johnson, Bestselling Author Of 'The Birthday That Changed Everything' 'Jane Linfoot Has Got Out The Mixing Bowl And Whipped Up A Truly Gorgeous Story...A Deliciously Scrumptious Treat' - Rebecca Pugh, Author Of 'Return To Bluebell Hill'


Lucy in the Sky - 2845906959

47,94 zł

Lucy in the Sky Simon Pulse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A riveting first-person tale of addiction, in the tradition of "Go Ask Alice" and "Jay's Journal" The author of this diary began journaling on her 16th birthday. She lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in Santa Monica with her mom, dad, and Berkeley-bound older brother. She was a good girl, living a good life, but one party changed everything.


Bellush, Richard, Jr. - Trash - 2851001717

108,91 zł

Bellush, Richard, Jr. - Trash Robert D. Reed Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Trash: A bouncer at an NJ go-go bar awakens in a dumpster and tries to recall how he got there. He is sure it has something to do with one or more of the four dancers who took him out for his birthday.After Slog: A romp through a climatically changed future in which Greenland is the new Gold Coast. Set in the world of the sci-fi novel Slog.Short Pieces: Essays on everything and nothing.


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