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Esther - 2839502387

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Esther SOMM


1. Bickley, Sussan - Esther Hwv 50b (Oratorium) 2. Overtuere: Andante - Larghetto - Allegro (1. Akt) 3. Breathe Soft Ye Gales 4. Watchful Angels 5. O King Of Kings, Celestial Lord! 6. Alleluia 7. With Transport, Lovely Quee 8. So Much Beauty Sweetly Blooming 9. Again Shall Salem, To The Skies 10. My Heart Is Inditing 11. King's Daughters 12. Upon The Right Hand 13. Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers 14. Let Me With Freedom Thy Petition Know 15. Endless Fame 16. 'Tis Greaterfar To Spare 17. Pluck Root & Branch 18. Our Souls With Ardour Glow 19. Shall We The God Of Israel Fear? 20. Jerusalem No More Shall Mourn 21. Tune Your Harps To Cheerful Strains 22. Shall We Of Servitude Complain 23. Praise The Lord With Cheerful Noise 24. How Have Our Skins Provok'd The Lord 25. Ye Sons Of Israel, Mourn 26. O Jordan, Jordan Sacred Tide! 27. Ye Sons Of Israel, Mourn 101. Tyrants May Awhile Presume (2. Akt) 102. Why Sits That Sorrow On Thy Brow? 103. Dread Not, Righteous Queen 104. O Heaven, Protect Her 105. Blessing Descend On Downy Wings 106. I Go, The Pow'r Of Grief To Prove 107. Tears Assist Me, Pity Moving 108. Save Us, O Lord! 109. Who Dares Intrude Into Our Presence 110. Who Calls My Parting Soul From Death? 111. O Beauteous Queen, Unclose Those Eyes 112. If I Find A Favour In Thy Sight 113. How Can I Stay When Love Invites? 114. With Inward Joy His Visage Glows 115. Heav'n Has Lent Her Ev'ry Charm 116. The King Will Listen To The Royal Fair 117. Blessed Are All They That Fear The Lord 118. Jehovah Crown'd With Glory Bright (3. Akt) 119. He Comes! He Comes To End Our Woes 120. Now O My Queen, Thy Suit Declare 121. Turn Not, O Queen, Thy Face Away 122. Flatt'ring Tongue, No More I Hear Thee 123. Guards, Seize The Traitor 124. Through The Nation He Shall Be 125. All Applauding Crowds, Around 126. How Art Thou Fall'n From Thy Height! 127. I'll Proclaim The Wond'rous Story 128. The Lord Our Enemy Has Slain, Allelujah!


Russian Chant For Vespers - 2839193793

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Russian Chant For Vespers Naxos Classical


1. Russian Chant For Vespers 2. Bells 3. Christ Is Risen From The Dead 4. Christ Is Risen From The Dead 5. Christ Is Risen From The Dead 6. Psalm 103 Of The Kievan Lavra Tradition 7. Blessed Is The Man 8. O Lord, I Have Cried Unto Thee 9. The Joy Of Those Who Mourn 10. The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation 11. Joyful Light 12. Processional Znamenniy Chant 13. Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart In Peace 14. Hail Mary 15. Glory To God In The Highest 16. Praise Ye The Name Of The Lord 17. Troparia For Amomos 18. From My Youth 19. We Have Seen Thy Resurrection 20. Christ Has Arisen From The Tomb 21. Christ Is Risen From The Dead 22. The Angel Cried 23. O Lord, Save Thy People 24. The Lord Is With Us 25. Christ Is Risen From The Dead 26. Many Years


Will Live On: Liturgical Songs Prayers & Reflectio - 2846037758

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Will Live On: Liturgical Songs Prayers & Reflectio

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1. Compassion 2. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn 3. Take Me Home 4. When Grief Is Raw 5. I Will See How Good God Is 6. I Sing To You 7. How Majestic Is Your Name 8. God Is Ever Wakeful 9. A Future With Hope 10. Every Time I Remember You 11. Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled 12. The Guardian's Farewell 13. God, Grant This Suffering Soul Release 14. I Will Live On 15. Grieve Not, Nor Speak Of Me With Tears 16. Steal Away


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