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Bluetooth Low Energy PEARSON

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The First Complete Guide to Bluetooth Low Energy: How It Works, What It Can Do, and How to Apply It A radical departure from conventional Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) enables breakthrough wireless applications in industries ranging from healthcare to transportation. Running on a coin-sized battery, BLE can operate reliably for years, connecting and extending everything from personal area network devices to next-generation sensors. Now, one of the standard's leading developers has written the first comprehensive, accessible introduction to BLE for every system developer, designer, and engineer. Robin Heydon, a member of the Bluetooth SIG Hall of Fame, has brought together essential information previously scattered through multiple standards documents, sharing the context and expert insights needed to implement high-performance working systems. He first reviews BLE's design goals, explaining how they drove key architectural decisions, and introduces BLE's innovative usage models. Next, he thoroughly covers how the two main parts of BLE, the controller and host, work together, and then addresses key issues from security and profiles through testing and qualification. This knowledge has enabled the creation of Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. This guide is an indispensable companion to the official BLE standards documents and is for every technical professional and decision-maker considering BLE, planning BLE products, or transforming plans into working systems. Topics Include * BLE device types, design goals, terminology, and core concepts * Architecture: controller, host, applications, and stack splits * Usage models: presence detection, data broadcasting, connectionless models, and gateways * Physical Layer: modulation, frequency band, radio channels, power, tolerance, and range * Direct Test Mode: transceiver testing, hardware interfaces, and HCI * Link Layer: state machine, packets, channels, broadcasting, encryption, and optimization * HCI: physical/logical interfaces, controller setup, and connection management * L2CAP: channels and packet structure, and LE signaling channels * Attributes: grouping, services, characteristics, and protocols * Security: pairing, bonding, and data signing * Generic Access Profiles: roles, modes, procedures, security modes, data advertising, and services * Applications, devices, services, profiles, and peripherals * Testing/qualification: starting projects, selecting features, planning, testing, compliance, and more


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Professional Android John Wiley & Sons Inc

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"Professional Android," 4E, is a professional developer's guide to building mobile applications using the latest (upcoming) major release of the Android SDK and Google Play services. This hands-on approach provides in-depth coverage of the Android SDK through a series of projects, each introducing a new Android platform feature and highlighting the techniques and best practices to get the most out of Android. Providing concise and compelling examples, "Professional Android, 4E, " shows developers how to quickly construct real-world mobile applications for Android devices running the latest version of Android, utilizing both the Android framework and the Google Play services. Some of the most important features introduced (or significantly revised for version 5.0) include: Using Android Studio as an IDE for developmentIntroduction of Android Design GuidelinesExpansion of notification APIsIntroduction of DaydreamsNew multiuser / restricted profiles supportExpansion of NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, and printing chaptersNew official calendar and SMS APIsExpanded localization and accessibility supportIntroduction of Google Play servicesIn-App BillingSignificant improvements to the animation framework.Expansion of the chapter on sensors to include newly supported sensors.Addition of a chapter on testing.Expansion of support for tablet devices and new user interface components. The exercises begin as simple tasks that introduce readers to the anatomy, lifecycle, and UI metaphor of an Android application. Each step adds a particular piece of functionality to construct increasingly feature rich Android applications. Readers can use the exercises and the completed projects as a basis for developing their own Android applications. With two significant releases since the previous edition, and at least one major Android SDK release scheduled for later this year, "Professional Android," 4E, will introduce each of the new and updated APIs available to developers, as well as providing an revised look at the existing platform features after two years of active development. Note that as with the previous revisions, the included projects will be written in Java - however they will be updated to use Android Studio (rather than Eclipse with the Android plugin).


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