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Denny Bradbury lives in Buckinghamshire, England, with her husband. Her interests include poetry (writing it, reading it and collecting poetry books), history, theatre and is passionate about the sea and the countryside. She has a daughter and a son now both adult but a constant joy. Her earlier careers include operating as one of the first few women licensed Air Traffic Controllers in the UK and working as a manager for a charity. She became a mature student of history with a degree from Bristol University. Now she writes novels, short stories, plays and poetry. Borvo II is a sequel novel to Borvo An Anglo Saxon Tale and continues following the life of a healer who finds his pagan past at odds with the Christian trend of the 9th century in the Kingdom of the West Saxons. He has been away from his home for ten years and as he travels back to find his roots he discovers much to challenge him. His niece and nephew have grown and need his help. The drama of the villagers lives is set amidst a background of war against the invaders who seek to overrun and destroy the hard won peace. Is he up to the task? With the help of a spirited horse he might be. The adventures continue ... Details of her other novels and poetry books can be found on her website:


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