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Dad's Own Cookbook - 2826758724

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Dad's Own" is one-stop shopping, from how to hold a 150 absolutely terrific recipes. Bob Sloan, who began as a self-taught cook is a professional chef and caterer, knows intimately how to navigate a kitchen - and he covers it all: tools, techniques, ingredients, shopping, timing, and getting a meal on the table, whether a weeknight meat loaf for the kids or a weekend dinner party. He tells Dad how to select the choicest meats and freshest fish; how to read a recipe; why to heat a pan before sauteing the food; and how to organize it all into dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or pizza night). There are quick lessons on the microwave, the grill, the food processor; tips on everything from chopping to steaming; wine and cheese primers; the four basic potatoes and eight ways to prepare them; perfect lunchbox sandwiches and treats; and throwing the perfect birthday party for a child. And, of course, not just the how of cooking, but the what: Dad's Official Meat Loaf, Cajun Baked Salmon, Stuffed Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese, Caesar Salad, Lamb Shish Kebab, Jambalaya with Shrimp and Chicken, Puffed Pancake, Steak Fajitas, Dad's Own Apple Pie, Chocolate Pudding. As much about attitude as it is about technique, "Dad's Own Cookbook" takes fear out of the kitchen - It's time to make Dad the new hero of the kitchen.


The Shred Cookbook - 2852241794

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The Shred Cookbook

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Cookery / food & drink etc>Health & wholefood cookery

Includes Over 200 Recipes And Lists Of Snack Ideas. This Book Offers Recipes For Meal Replacing Smoothies And Soups, Including Savoury Smoothies, Warm Smoothies, Stews, And Cold Soups - Protein-rich Dinners That Are Quick To Make And Satisfying To Eat-side-dishes-carb Recipes That Really Count: Including Breakfast, Potatoes, And Pastas - And More.


Shred Cookbook - 2826743578

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Shred Cookbook Saint Martin`s Press Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Includes over 200 recipes and lists of snack ideas. This book offers recipes for meal replacing smoothies and soups, including savoury smoothies, warm smoothies, stews, and cold soups - protein-rich dinners that are quick to make and satisfying to eat-side-dishes-carb recipes that really count: including breakfast, potatoes, and pastas - and more.


More Mexican Everyday - Simple, Seasonal, All-New - 2826648993

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More Mexican Everyday - Simple, Seasonal, All-New W W NORTON & CO

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In More Mexican Everyday Rick Bayless offers his latest collection of delicious, easy-to-make Mexican meals. Rick begins with the secret weapons in his kitchen Roasted Garlic Mojo, Red Chile Adobo, and more and shows how these pantry staples bring big flavor to weekday dishes: green chile seafood rice, chipotle beef-and-pork meatballs, carne asada. Next come vegetables at the heart of the Mexican kitchen, with recipes like spicy fried corn, roasted chayote with herbs and cheese, and pickled tomatillo salad. Home cooks build on these core recipes and techniques in sections devoted to breakfast dishes (horchata French toast), rice-cooker meals (chorizo rice with lentils), slowcooker meals (chicken mojo with potatoes and spinach), and grilled dishes (queso fundido burger, grilled salmon with raw peanut salsa). Exciting Mexican desserts round out this full-color, all-purpose cookbook. With Rick s invaluable cooking tips and an illustrated glossary of ingredients, More Mexican Everyday delivers indispensable, easy-to-make Mexican cuisine for the busy weekday cook."


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