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Breakthrough to Victory: 3 Steps to Becoming the Hero of Your Story - 2851295524

68,44 zł

Breakthrough to Victory: 3 Steps to Becoming the Hero of Your Story



8 Keys to Breakthrough: Victory in Your Marriage - 2851845005

268,84 zł

8 Keys to Breakthrough: Victory in Your Marriage



Your Spiritual Authority: Learn to Use Your God-Given Rights to Live in Victory - 2846871549

47,94 zł

Your Spiritual Authority: Learn to Use Your God-Given Rights to Live in Victory CHARLES CAPPS MINISTRIES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Your Spiritual Authority Capps focuses his teaching on the believers identity in Christ. Readers will learn that the name of Jesus gives believers authority in three worldsbeings in earth, beings under the earth, and beings in heaven. God has restored the believers authority in the earth through the rebirth of the human spirit and has given back that which Satan stole from Adam. This newly packaged version of this breakthrough teaching will unleash new life and faith in the lives of believers.


The Hunters - 2848130712

59,04 zł

The Hunters Chris Kuzneski, Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

#1 bestselling thriller that will soon be a major motion picture! THE TEAM: Financed by a billionaire philanthropist, this elite team-a soldier, an historian, a computer whiz, a weapons expert, and a thief-is tasked with finding the world's most legendary treasures. THE MISSION: Fearing a German victory in WWI, the Romanian government signed a deal with Russia to protect the country's treasures. In 1916, two trains full of gold and the most precious possessions of the Romanian state-paintings, jewelry, and ancient artifacts-were sent to the underground vaults of the Kremlin. But in the turmoil of war, the Romanian treasure was scattered and lost. THE PRIZE: The collection is now valued at over $3.5 billion. Despite several attempts to find it, its location has remained a mystery...until now. PRAISE FOR THE HUNTERS: Steve Berry, #1 international bestselling author: "Kuzneski does it again with another terrific tale, filled with action and suspense, bringing the unimaginable to life. Definitely my kind of story!" Scott Mariani, #1 international bestselling author: "THE HUNTERS kicks off a brilliant new series from Chris Kuzneski. Adventure, history, mystery, and more-everything you'd want in a thriller!" The Daily Mail (UK): "THE HUNTERS is taut and fierce -- with a cast of agreeably idiosyncratic characters. It feels like the draft of a movie, and it could just be Kuzneski's breakthrough novel. It deserves to be." Herald Sun (Australia): "THE HUNTERS is Mission: Impossible on steroids. The first in a new series, Kuzneski brings together a super-expert crew of renegades to track down a lost treasure, sent into hiding in 1916 and never seen again. . . It's all about the action, which never stops. Half the fun is imagining the all-star cast for the movie that was clearly in Kuzneski's mind. Final verdict: Thrill Ride." Boyd Morrison, international bestselling author: "If Indiana Jones joined the crew of Mission: Impossible, you'd get the action, history, and wicked sense of humor in THE HUNTERS. With a thrill ride that pins you to your seat until the very last page, Chris Kuzneski sets a new standard for adventure."


R. E. D. (Restoring. . - 2845984998

51,99 zł

R. E. D. (Restoring. . ASAPH


1. Red Intro 2. Paint It Red 3. Feel A Breakthrough 4. Victory 5. God @ Work Feat. Destin Monet Haddon 6. A Little Prayer 7. You're With Me 8. Handle This 9. Waiting (All Night) 10. Have Your Way 11. Sweet Jesus 12. Keep Yo Mind 13. Strong


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