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English Catholic Community, 1688-1745 - 2854287768

108,50 zł

English Catholic Community, 1688-1745 BOYDELL PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The half-century following the Glorious Revolution has been viewed as a time of retreat and withdrawal for English Catholics: the response to tightening penal laws, periods in exile and the failures of the Jacobite cause. This book argues that the perception has arisen because research has been directed into the wrong places. It aims to recapture the eighteenth-century Catholic 'recusant' imagination through a study of hitherto unexplored treatises, manuscript literature and private correspondence preserved in family and religious archives. Contrary to the image of seclusion, Catholic lives were penetrated by questions of national identity, religious liberty and the authority of an international church: conflicts experienced not merely within their own nation, but in the European courts, seminaries and universities that supported them in exile. Their writings can be understood as commentaries on the state of a community trapped between the political, cultural and intellectual divisions that cut across the Roman Catholic world. Many were actively promoting change in church and state within Britain and Europe, and their arguments shaped the emergence of a 'Catholic Enlightenment' that outlasted the commitment to Jacobitism. The English Catholic Community investigates Catholic education and family life, scholarship, poetry and spirituality. It offers a fresh contribution to debates surrounding the history of the Jacobite movement, the construction of British national identity, and the origins of the Enlightenment. Gabriel Glickman is Assistant Professor of Early Modern British History at the University of Warwick.


Roy Jenkins and the European Commission Presidency, 1976 -1980 - 2854450462

342,63 zł

Roy Jenkins and the European Commission Presidency, 1976 -1980 Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Roy Jenkins brought§great talent to Europe's top job. He played a key role in re-launching European§monetary integration, winning the right to attend the new global summits, and smoothing§Greece's path to EC membership. But he fell short of other targets. Commission§reform remained elusive, as did an improvement of the UK's troubled§relationship with the EC. Indeed the row§over Britain's contribution to the EC budget, meant that Britain's position in§Europe was as difficult when he left Brussels as it had been when he arrived.§This study will look at how Jenkins approached his role, identifying his§priorities, examining his working methods, and exploring his rapport with the§European and international statesmen with whom he had to work. In the process,§the book will shed light on the nature of the job, on Jenkins' own talents and§limitations, and on the European Community as it struggled with the global§economic crisis of the 1970s.§


Constructions of European Identity - 2854317578

339,45 zł

Constructions of European Identity PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book examines EU discourses on Turkey in the European Commission, European Parliament and three EU member states (France, Germany and Britain), to reveal the discursive construction of European identity through EU representations of Turkey. Based on a poststructuralist framework that conceptualizes identity as discursively constructed through difference, the book applies Critical Discourse Analysis to the analysis of texts and argues that there are multiple Europe(s) that are constructed in talks over the enlargement of Turkey, varying within and between different ideological, national and institutional contexts. The book discerns four main discourse topics over which these Europe(s) are constructed, corresponding to the conceptualization of Europe as a security community, as an upholder of democratic values, as a political project and as a cultural space. The book argues that Turkey constitutes a key case in exploring various discursive constructs of European identity, since the talks on Turkey pave the way for the construction of different versions of Europe in discourse.


Villages of Britain - 2854253391

124,28 zł

Villages of Britain Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Villages of Britain is the history of the countryside, told through five hundred of its most noteworthy settlements. Many of Britain's villages are known for their loveliness, of course, but their role in shaping the nation over the centuries is relatively untold, drowned out by the metropolitan bias of history. A consummate storyteller, Clive Aslet deftly weaves the worlds of agriculture, politics, the arts, industry, folklore, science, ecology, fashion and religion into one irresistible volume. The Bedfordshire works that a century ago manufactured half a billion bricks a year; the Cheshire municipality striving to become the country's first carbon-neutral community; the Derbyshire estate where the cottages represent the gamut of European architecture; the Gloucestershire community founded by Tolstoyans, who still live by anarchic principles; the Leicestershire town where pub walls are embedded with Jurassic-era fossils; the Morayshire settlement where Hogmanay is celebrated eleven days late; the Pembrokeshire fishing hamlet that inspired Dylan Thomas; the Somerset village that was built on the back of the trade in Peruvian bird droppings; the Suffolk village that is rejecting modernity by reconstructing a windmill for grinding flour; the Surrey woodland that fosters Europe's most ancient trees - all these are places that have made a unique contribution to the narrative of this country. Follow Clive Aslet in visiting all five hundred villages, and you will have experienced the history of these islands from a uniquely rural perspective.


Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden Versus the Economic and Monetary Union - 2854422501

53,05 zł

Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden Versus the Economic and Monetary Union New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why are Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden so reluctant to join the Economic and Monetary Union so happily espoused by their fellow members of the European Community? There is an old saying in England that you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. While the horses or voters in Sweden and Denmark seem to drink, as referenda have shown, the riders or politicians are keen to make progress. Yet they look over their shoulders to see what the biggest 'outsider' - the UK - is doing. Here, both the horse and the rider have deep misgivings, voiced and unvoiced. National pride, old trading ties, taxation fears and the City of London's place on the financial superhighway all contribute to this outlook. Anna Konarzewska's carefully presented and clearly illustrated thesis uses a wide variety of source materials to underpin her cogent observations on the political, social and financial causes and effects of EMU membership for the three outsiders. She concludes that while all three countries are ready to join EMU, and would benefit thereby, there is a residual fear that currency sacrifice will lead inevitably to a federal 'United States of Europe'. And are we ready for that?


Jews in Medieval Britain - 2854286019

84,06 zł

Jews in Medieval Britain BOYDELL PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Britain's medieval Jewish community arrived with the Normans in 1066 and was expelled from the country in 1290. This is the first time in forty years that its life has been comprehensively examined for a student and general readership. Beginning with an introduction setting the medieval British experience into its European context, the book continues with three chapters outlining the history of the Jews' presence and a discussion of where they settled. Further chapters then explore themes such as their relationship with the Christian church, Jewish women's lives, the major types of evidence used by historians, the latest evidence emerging from archaeological exploration, and new approaches from literary studies. The book closes with a reappraisal of one of the best-known communities, that at York. Drawing together the work of experts in the field, and supported by an extensive bibliographical guide, this is a valuable and revealing account of medieval Jewish history in Britain.


Art in Britain 1660-1815 - 2854367249

318,37 zł

Art in Britain 1660-1815 YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Art in Britain 1660-1815 presents the first social history of British art from the period known as the long 18th century, and offers a fresh and challenging look at the major developments in painting, drawing, and printmaking that took place during this period. It describes how an embryonic London art world metamorphosed into a flourishing community of native and immigrant practitioners, whose efforts ultimately led to the rise of a British School deemed worthy of comparison with its European counterparts. Within this larger narrative are authoritative accounts of the achievements of celebrated artists such as Peter Lely, William Hogarth, Thomas Gainsborough, and J.M.W. Turner. David H. Solkin has interwoven their stories and many others into a critical analysis of how visual culture reinforced, and on occasion challenged, established social hierarchies and prevailing notions of gender, class, and race as Britain entered the modern age. More than 300 artworks, accompanied by detailed analysis, beautifully illustrate how Britain's transformation into the world's foremost commercial and imperial power found expression in the visual arts, and how the arts shaped the nation in return.


Continental Drift - 2854449268

133,68 zł

Continental Drift Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Churchill sought to lead Europe into an integrated union, but just over seventy years later, Britain is poised to vote on leaving the EU. Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon here recounts the fascinating history of Britain's uneasy relationship with the European continent since the end of the war. He shows how British views of the United Kingdom's place within Europe cannot be understood outside of the context of decolonization, the Cold War, and the Anglo-American relationship. At the end of the Second World War, Britons viewed themselves both as the leaders of a great empire and as the natural centre of Europe. With the decline of the British Empire and the formation of the European Economic Community, however, Britons developed a Euroscepticism that was inseparable from a post-imperial nostalgia. Britain had evolved from an island of imperial Europeans to one of post-imperial Eurosceptics.


Islamic Challenge - 2854291254

161,71 zł

Islamic Challenge Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The voices in this book belong to parliamentarians, city councillors, doctors and engineers, a few professors, lawyers and social workers, owners of small businesses, translators, and community activists. They are also all Muslims, who have decided to become engaged in political and civic organizations. And for that reason, they constantly have to explain themselves, mostly in order to say who they are not. They are not fundamentalists, not terrorists, and most do not support the introduction of Islamic religious law in Europe - especially not its application to Christians. This book is about who these people are, and what they want. This book is based on three hundred interviews with European Muslim leaders from six European countries: Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, and Germany. The question of Islam in Europe is not a matter of global war and peace but raises difficult questions about the positions of Christianity and Islam in public life, and about European identities. Europe's Muslim political leaders are not aiming to overthrow liberal democracy and to replace secular law with Islamic religious law. Those are the positions of a minority. There is not one Muslim position on how Islam should develop in Europe but many views, and most Muslims are rather looking for ways to build institutions that will allow European Muslims to practice their religion in a way that is compatible with social integration.


Turning the Kaleidoscope - 2212827304

182,30 zł

Turning the Kaleidoscope Berghahn Books Ltd.

Inne 1

Far from being a blank space on the Jewish map, or a void in the Jewish cultural world, post-Shoah Europe is a place where Jewry has continued to develop, even though it is facing different challenges and opportunities than elsewhere. Living on a continent characterized by highly diverse patterns of culture, language, history, and relations to Jews, European Jewry mirrors that kaleidoscopic diversity. This volume explores such key questions as the new roles for Jews in Europe; models of Jewish community organization in Europe; concepts of diaspora and galut; a European-Jewish way of life in the era of globalization; and European Jews' relationship to Israel and to non-Jews. Some contributions highlight experiences of Jews in Britain, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. Helping us to understand the special and common characteristics of European Jewry, this collection offers a valuable contribution to the continued rebuilding of Jewish life in the postwar era.


Goodbye to All That? - 2854301720

103,03 zł

Goodbye to All That? Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the decade after 1945, as the Cold War freeze set in, a new Europe slowly began to emerge from the ruins of the Second World War, based on a broad rejection of the fascist past that had so scarred the continent's recent history. In the East, this new consensus was enforced by Soviet-imposed Communist regimes. In the West, the process was less coercive, amounting more to a consensus of silence. On both sides, much was deliberately forgotten or obscured. The years which followed were in many ways golden years for western Europe. Democracy became embedded in Germany, and eventually triumphed over dictatorship in Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Britain and France faced up to the necessity of decolonization. The European Economic Community was founded and went from strength to strength, as the economies of western Europe bounced back from the devastation of the war. The countries of the East lagged far behind and seemed caught in a perpetual game of catch-up, but even there conditions had improved since the end of the war, albeit at a much slower rate. Above all, throughout this period the European world continued to be sustained by the broad anti-fascist consensus that had emerged in the years after 1945. However, as Dan Stone shows in this new history of the continent since the war, this fundamental consensus began to break down in the wake of the oil shocks of the 1970s, a process which has rapidly accelerated since the end of the Cold War. Globalization, deregulation, and the erosion of social-democratic welfare capitalism in the West, and the collapse of the purported Communist alternative in the East, have all fatally undermined the post-war anti-fascist value system that predominated across Europe in the first four decades after the end of the Second World War. Ominously, this has been accompanied by a rise in right-wing populism and a widespread revision of the anti-fascist narrative on which this value system was based. The danger of this shift is now evident: financial and social crisis, an increasing inability on the part of European populations to resist historical myth-making, and the re-emergence of fascist ideas. The result, as Dan Stone warns, is socially divisive, politically dangerous, and a genuine threat to the future of a civilized Europe.


Benjamin Britten - 2854302941

53,72 zł

Benjamin Britten Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Paul Kildea's Benjamin Britten: A Life in the Twentieth Century is the definitive biography of Britain's greatest modern composer - now in paperback Benjamin Britten was Britain's greatest twentieth-century composer, who broke decisively with figures such as Elgar and Vaughan Williams and recreated English music in a fresh, modern, European form. Paul Kildea's biography has been acclaimed as the definitive account of Britten's extraordinary life, exploring his deeply held and controversial pacifism; his complex forty-year relationship with Peter Pears; and his creation of an artistic community in Aldeburgh. Above all, however, this book helps us understand the relationship of Britten's music to his life, and takes us as far into its unique alchemy as we are ever likely to go. PAUL KILDEA is a writer and conductor who has performed many of the Britten works he writes about, in opera houses and concert halls from Sydney to Hamburg. His previous books include Selling Britten (2002) and (as editor) Britten on Music (2003). He was Head of Music at the Aldeburgh Festival between 1999 and 2002 and subsequently Artistic Director of the Wigmore Hall in London, and lives in Berlin. "Must now rank as the standard work". (Financial Times). "Indispensable...This is a masterly, highly readable account and the most comprehensive to date of the life and work of one of the 20th century's great musical figures". (Barry Millington, Evening Standard). "[A] wise, cautious, challenging book...Kildea's verbal explorations of the music are done with level-headed sensitivity leavened by a quirky lightness of touch". (Alexandra Harris, New Statesman).


Social Justice through Citizenship? - 2854325150

386,93 zł

Social Justice through Citizenship? PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The accommodation of Islam in European societies has received a great deal of negative publicity, especially since Al-Qaeda terrorism became increasingly perceived as a 'home grown' issue in Europe. In addition to heightened surveillance and policing, European governments implemented novel 'integration measures' focusing on Muslim communities. This book is concerned with the discursive framing of these integration policies in two European countries, Germany and Great Britain. Investigating formalised consultations with German and British Muslim community representatives and the introduction of new legislation protecting against religious discrimination, the study examines how salient discourses of citizenship conceive of social problems and their potential solutions and thereby frame the 'Muslim question' in Europe. Lewicki argues that citizenship studies need to move away from defining citizenship as a single, monolithic regime and account for its contested nature that is reproduced through competing discourses that can facilitate or inhibit the reduction of structural inequalities.


Art of the First Fleet - 2854233368

54,47 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1788, nearly fifteen-hundred people on eleven sailing ships came ashore at Port Jackson in Australia after a gruelling eight month journey from England. This collection of vessels later became known as the First Fleet, and those who sailed in them were the community who established the first European colony in Australia. The Art of the First Fleet depicts the natural history of this extraordinary land, the people and culture of the local indigenous population and the events that marked these initial formative years. The collection, now housed in the Natural History Museum, provides an invaluable record of the wildlife and environment, people and events, as seen through the eyes of the colonists who laid the foundations for the European settlement of Australia. The artists' drawings of the people and culture of the Eora people, the local indigenous population of the area, provide the only lasting visual record of their lives. While images of plants and animals were not always technically accurate, they made a significant contribution to the development of science, allowing experts in Britain to be able to identify and name a large number of new species. They remain an invaluable record of the artists' attempts to make sense and order of this new land.


Social Research and Social Reform - 2854315439

1209,71 zł

Social Research and Social Reform Clarendon Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides a timely reassessment of the relationship between social research and social reform. A. H. Halsey's work on educational opportunity is a particularly significant example of the study of this relationship, and his retirement from the directorship of the Department of Social and Administrative Studies at the University of Oxford provides an opportunity to review his contribution to date. It has been a rare oeuvre, combining a strong moral commitment to egalitarian social reform with a vigorous concern for evidence and quantitative research. In this book leading scholars attempt to come to terms with Professor Halsey's contribution by offering essays in their own specialisms that reflect his continuing influence on their work. The range of subjects covered reflects the breadth of his influence and interests: Canon Barnett on ethical socialism; changing conceptions of social work; community and citizenship; social groups and movements within both State and market; an assessment of European Poverty Programmes; the reform of secondary education; options for reform of post-16 education and training; higher education policy in Britain and the USA; social mobility and meritocracy; the role of social research in community development; women's studies in sociology, and the role of evaluation research in social policy in the USA and Sweden. In the face of current scepticism about its effectiveness, Social Research and Social Reform provides important evidence on the influence of social research and suggests new ways in which its relationship to social reform should be viewed.


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