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Cricket, Literature and Culture - 2854321937

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Cricket, Literature and Culture Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In his important contribution to the growing field of sports literature, Anthony Bateman traces the relationship between literary representations of cricket and Anglo-British national identity from 1850 to the mid 1980s. Examining newspaper accounts, instructional books, fiction, poetry, and the work of editors, anthologists, and historians, Bateman elaborates the ways in which a long tradition of literary discourse produced cricket's cultural status and meaning. His critique of writing about cricket leads to the rediscovery of little-known texts and the reinterpretation of well-known works by authors as diverse as Neville Cardus, James Joyce, the Great War poets, and C.L.R. James. Beginning with mid-eighteenth century accounts of cricket that provide essential background, Bateman examines the literary evolution of cricket writing against the backdrop of key historical moments such as the Great War, the 1926 General Strike, and the rise of Communism. Several case studies show that cricket simultaneously asserted English ideals and created anxiety about imperialism, while cricket's distinctively colonial aesthetic is highlighted through Bateman's examination of the discourse surrounding colonial cricket tours and cricketers like Prince Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji of India and Sir Learie Constantine of Trinidad. Featuring an extensive bibliography, Bateman's book shows that, while the discourse surrounding cricket was key to its status as a symbol of nation and empire, the embodied practice of the sport served to destabilise its established cultural meaning in the colonial and postcolonial contexts.


Textual Vision - 2854352425

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Textual Vision Bucknell University Press

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Textual Vision is about the way eighteenth-century British literature either invites us to create mental pictures or else closes off the visual field. Classical rhetoric had long offered two basic ways of picturing texts, one likening plot to perspective and the other language to coloring. Each analogy derives from the triad of invention, design, and coloring, as if creating a painting or creating a poem involved the sequential stages of canvassing precedent, arranging the matter, and adding elocutionary or colorful elements. We may call the formal analogy the discourse of design and the linguistic analogy the discourse of the image. The discourse of design likens narrative emplotment to the perspective and arrangement of history painting. Its matrix is later seventeenth-century court culture and the academic theory of painting, and its prime literary practitioners in England are John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Henry Fielding, and their imitators. The linguistic analogy, on the other hand, compares vividness in language to the coloring of painting. A progressive aesthetic, it gathers momentum from the cultural revolution brought about by the Hanoverian succession and Lockean empiricism. It tends toward an individualism harking back to John Milton and the Puritan Interregnum. Its prime spokesperson is Joseph Addison, and its ultimate expression is the later verbal sublime of Edmund Burke, with its attenuation of the visual field and classical beauty alike. Meanwhile, one finds the discourse of the image prominent in William Hogarth, Samuel Richardson, and a host of mid-century poets. Much as in the ancients vs. moderns controversy, the two discourses stand in contrast to one another, and so five chapters pair off as many major figures in contextual opposition. Art historians are generally familiar with the discourse of design, but literary scholarship is not, typically, in part because aesthetics, with which literary scholars are more familiar, is often understood in purely perceptual terms. A chief aim of this study is to place these two ways of talking about the visual culture in productive dialogue.


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