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Meat Fix - 2850426333

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Meat Fix Biteback

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For 26 years John Nicholson was a vegetarian, following a seriously healthy diet that included no cholesterol or animal fats but plenty of brown rice and lentils. His diet defined him. It was the one thing that was definably, unshakeably him throughout half a century. However, for 26 years John Nicholson was ill - tormented year after year by apparently untreatable IBS. He was eating the healthiest diet known to mankind yet his digestive system was breaking down. His illness was affecting his life so badly that eventually he and his partner considered doing the unthinkable - eating meat. The results were spectacular. 24 hours after eating meat, he was better. After 48 hours he was totally well. All his symptoms had gone - the IBS, the headaches, the mid-afternoon tiredness, achy knees - the lot. Even his eyesight improved to the point he no longer needed to use reading glasses. Twelve months on, he feels like a new person. The Meat Fix details John Nicholson's remarkable transformation with the characteristic wit and humour that saw his We Ate All the Pies nominated for the 2010 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award. It is the story of how eating meat again after 26 vegetarian years changed his life powerfully for the better, and his quest to understand why the supposedly healthy diet he had existed on was actually damaging him. He is not a scientist and this is not your standard diet book. Rather it is an explanation of how Nicholson discovered what works for him and why we should all look at nutritional advice through a clear lens, not the warped prism of what has become conventional dietary advice over the past three decades. This is a fascinating, surprising, often hilarious and shocking journey of discovery.


150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes - 2850429306

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150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes Robert Rose

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The first edition of The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes has 425,000 copies in print and has been an outstanding success. It's hard to believe, but this autumn marks the 10th anniversary of its first printing. A lot has changed since then, from our tastes and interests in food and ingredients, including healthier fare, to the availability of a much wider range of slow cookers. So we decided to revisit this bestseller. The result is an expanded, updated sensational slow cooker book that reflects the needs of today's home cook. This updated and revised edition features original favourites plus 75 new recipes that have been carefully sourced and selected by the author from some of her previous bestsellers. It means more fish, seafood and vegetarian favourites as well as whole-grain offerings. And in a nod to the slow cooker's humble beginnings, we've added more than a dozen sumptuous and tantalizing chilli recipes, since nothing compares to chilli prepared in slow cooker. Every section and every chapter has been revisited, updated and expanded. Here's a sample of some of the superb new recipes: - Caribbean fish stew, coconut shrimp curry. - Mushroom and artichoke lasagna, Louisiana ratatouille. - Sausage-spiked peas and rice, beer-braised chilli. - Short ribs with orange gremolata, lamb shanks braised in Guinness. - Chocolate bread-and-butter pudding, cranberry pear brown Betty. The number of colour photographs will be increased to over 60, and the interior is being fully redesigned, but the full-colour elements of the first edition will be retained. With this superb book, home cooks can create everything from appetizers to desserts, and the extensive tips and techniques ensure delicious results.


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