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Conversations at Work PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

If you strip everything right back to the basics, organizations are conversations. For any organization to achieve its goals people need to interact, and those interactions require dialogue and conversation. And yet, thanks to technology, we seem to be having fewer genuine conversations than we used to. It used to be that instead of talking face-to-face with people, we would call them on the telephone. Then we faxed them. Then we emailed them. Now we text them or 'connect' through social media. In an increasingly mediated, technologically networked world, conversing one-on-one can seem a bit old fashioned. It is much quicker and easier to press a few buttons or click a mouse. Especially when the conversation we need to have might be a tough one - we've become 'more mouse that trousers.' The question every contemporary manager must address is: How often am I using (or even hiding behind) technology when a person-to-person, face-to-face conversation is possible, or preferable? Simple, everyday, supportive conversations are the building blocks of effective relationships; they establish the context for more difficult, challenging conversations by building acceptance and understanding. The ability to hold meaningful and constructive conversations is one of the essential skills leaders at all levels of organizations must develop. Indeed, if there is a mark of leadership, it must be the courage and competence to talk openly, clearly, fairly, and confidently about issues that matter - the ability to have conversations at work.


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