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Jim Cymbala - Storm Zondervan

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Storm: What Jesus Is Saying to His Church is a book for every Christian who is concerned about the challenges that face believers today. Using powerful stories of people who have been transformed by Christ, it will strike a note of encouragement and hope, helping Christians to remember that a life surrendered to Christ in the midst of a church transformed by his presence cannot be defeated. No amount of spiritual darkness or cultural pressure can drown out the life-giving power of the gospel. Jim Cymbala believes that the church in America is in the middle of a powerful storm, the intensity of which is likely to increase in coming months and years. Many Christians are bewildered, disheartened, and concerned by what they see-a culture that's become increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity and a church whose vital signs are quickly waning. Like the storm surge that overtook lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, powerful forces have come together to create a surge that's threatening the health of the church. Storm will talk about the tendency on the right and on the left to conflate the kingdom of God with a particular political party. Many conservative Christians have made the mistake of substituting America for the Israel of the Old Testament, failing to realize the danger of adopting Old Testament principles that were never affirmed in the New Testament. Their message has sometimes been harsh and legalistic, making it difficult for them to proclaim a gospel of grace. Even though there is a great deal of emphasis on the Bible in such churches, it can often be the wrong emphasis. Jim Cymbala will explore the importance of preaching a gospel of grace rather than a gospel of mixed messages, so common in the church today. He will speak of our need to understand spiritual battles and for total dependence on the Holy Spirit, and he will discuss the importance of prayer. He will also explore the motivational atmosphere of the early church which flourished despite far worse conditions than those we face today. We don't need more church growth programs to turn the church around. What's needed is a transformation at the heart of the church so that the gospel is preached, the Holy Spirit is allowed to lead, and lives are transformed.


Beachparty - 2840105376

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1. Cecilia 2. Once On A Sunday Morning 3. Blowin' In The Wind 4. Kumbayah 5. Everybody Get Together 6. Happy Brasilia 7. El Condor Pasa 8. Washington Square 9. Proud Mary 10. John Kanaka 11. Mademoiselle Ninette 12. Give Peace A Chance 13. Montego Bay 14. My Sweet Lord 15. I Hear You Knocking 16. Neanderthal Man 17. Girl Of The North Country 18. Dirty Town 19. When I'm Dead & Gone 20. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 21. Cotton Fields 22. Knock Three Times 23. Ape Man 24. The Party Is Over 101. Here Comes The Sun 102. South Of The Border 103. Power To The People 104. I Am...i Said 105. Joy To The World 106. Chirpy, Chirpy Cheep Cheep 107. Me & You & A Dog Named Boo 108. Jamaica Farewell 109. Hot Love 110. The Dock Of The Bay 111. On The Beach 112. Butterfly 113. Banks Of The Ohio 114. Holly Holy 115. Get Ready 116. Wimoweh The Lion Sleeps Tonight 117. Put Your Hand In The Hand 118. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 119. Song Sung Blue 120. Jesus Christ 121. How Do You Do 122. Amazing Grace 201. Poppa Joe 202. Wedding Song (There Is Love) 203. Feel Allright 204. If You Could Read My Mind 205. Jenny Jenny 206. Killing Me Softly 207. Delta Queen 208. I'm Just A Singer In A Rock N Roll Band 209. Walk On Water 210. Ave Maria No Morro 211. You're So Vain 212. But I Can Sleep In A Park 213. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia 214. Lover's Dream 215. High Life In The Sun 216. I'm A Train 217. Sundown 218. Island Of Dreams 219. Seasons In The Sun 220. I Shall Sing 221. I Believe In Music 301. Shangri-la 302. Billy, Don't Be A Hero 303. Dear Father 304. Beach Boy 305. Spanish Eyes 306. I Can See Clearly Now 307. Dunrobins Gone 308. Have You Never Been Mellow 309. The Boxer 310. The Best Of My Love 311. Only You Can 312. Lu-le-la 313. Silver Dagger 314. Guava Jelly 315. Freedom Day 316. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 317. Sorry


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