krainaksiazek camus and the challenge of political thought between despair and hope 20112183

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Redemptive Hope Fordham University Press

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This is a book about the need for redemptive narratives to ward off despair and the dangers these same narratives create by raising expectations that are seldom fulfilled. The quasi-messianic expectations produced by the election of President Obama in 2008 (America's first African-American president)--followed by the diminution of these expectations--was a stark reminder that redemptive hope is seldom satisfactorily fulfilled. The struggle between idealism and realism currently playing out within the political arena reflects the history of intellectual debates over the role of hope narratives within liberal democratic society. This book begins by tracing the history of the tension between thinkers who have taken a theistic approach to hope by linking it to a transcendental signifier--usually God--versus those intellectuals who have striven to link hopes for redemption to our inter-subjective interactions with other human beings. This book argues that the best way to address the importance and challenge of redemptive narratives in a vibrant democracy is to draw on the best of both religious thought and secular liberal political philosophy. In the 21st century, secular liberal culture needs elements of religion to survive, and conversely religion cannot thrive without adopting insights from secular thought. This book contributes to the building of bridges between religious and liberal social thought by bringing together Richard Rorty, one of America's most profound and controversial neo-pragmatic philosophers of the late 20th century, with early 20th century modern Jewish thinkers, such as Martin Buber and Ernst Bloch. Bringing these different thinkers and traditions together allows for a better appreciate of the need to maintain, rather than overcome, the dialectical tensions between religious and liberal thought. An appreciation of these tensions can prepare the foundations for an alternative redemptive narrative for the 21st century.


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