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Case Analyses For Intellectual Property Law And New Media - 2846943638

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Case Analyses For Intellectual Property Law And New Media

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Helps Authors To Focus Their Attention On Important Trial And Legal Procedures That Apply Extant Law To, Largely, New Circumstances. In This Book, Readers Can Focus On History And Concepts While Reading The Main Text, Allowing Them To Bring Understandings Derived There To Bear On The Cases Found In This Analytic Text.


Electronic Media Law & Regulation 4e - 2212824755

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Electronic Media Law & Regulation 4e Focal Press

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Electronic Media Law and Regulation 4E is an overview of the major legal and regulatory issues facing broadcasting, cable, and developing media. It enables current and prospective electronic media professionals to easily understand the complex and intimidating realm of law and regulation by presenting information from major cases, rules, regulations, and legal documents in a concise and readable manner. This latest edition further examines continuing technological developments and new economic models, discussing such issues as media convergence and consolidation of ownership. Reflecting the most recent court decisions and changes in FCC rules, policies and organization, the book also covers the growing importance of intellectual property law as applied to digital media and the Internet. A companion web page will supply Internet links to the full opinions of important cases and documents related to chapter topics, as well as to other sites that support each unit. A link to the FCC site offers access to crucial forms and other materials.Electronic Media Law and Regulation 4E emphasizes principles, the conceptual pillars of the electronic media industry, using carefully selected and edited case law and original regulatory text. The text also covers regulation of cable television, changes in telecommunication law and policy, and developing technologies and potential regulatory frameworks for the 21st century. Additionally, two companion web sites, one for students and one for instructors, will provide users with additional cases, review questions, and syllabi. Covers the most recent court decisions and changes in FCC rules, policies and organization Written to help broadcast and telecommunications students and professionals understand and be prepared to face the issues that inform daily professional actions.Includes a discussion of intellectual property law as applied to the Internet and other digital media


Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace - 2826890181

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Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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The Internet and widespread use of blogging, email, social media and e-commerce have foregrounded new, complex moral issues and dilemmas. Likewise, modern technologies and social networks have brought numerous challenges to legal systems, which have difficulty keeping up with borderless global information technologies. The fully revised and updated Fifth Edition of Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace offers an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the social costs and moral issues emerging from ever-expanding use of the Internet and new information technologies. Focusing heavily on content control, free speech, intellectual property, and security, Cyberethics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace provides legal and philosophical discussions of these critical issues. The updated Fifth Edition includes new sections on Floridi's Macroethics, gatekeepers and search engines, censorship, anti-piracy legislation, patents, and smartphones. Real-life case studies, including all-new examples focusing on Google, Facebook, video games, reader's rights, and the Lulz Sec Hackers, provide real-world context. Ideal for undergraduate computer ethics courses as well as a general readership, Cyberethics is an excellent resource for students and laypeople alike. Key Features: *Additional and revised content on P2P networks, hacktivists, cybercrime, a user's ability to control and monitor cookies in IE, mobilization data, online surveillance, threats posed by social networking, invasive commercial initiatives, Wikileaks, and more. *Examines the threat of the Internet on our privacy as consumers and employees, with a focus on covert information gathering, the use of "Cookies" and spyware. *End-of-chapter questions and case studies encourage critical thinking *Discusses the common ethical and public policy problems that have arisen and how technology or law would propose to solve these issues *Provides an unbiased review of Internet governance regulations


Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Supply - 2826697749

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Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Supply Cambridge Media Group

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Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Supply provides an up-to-date, concise account of legal principles relating to purchasing and supply, incorporating all of the relevant changes in legislation. Beginning with the basic principles of contract and commercial law, the book then analyses the 'battle of the forms', legal tenders, breach of contract, and the implied rights of the buyer under the law. The new position on competition law is discussed. Material focusing on contractual terms and conditions and how they can strengthen the rights and remedies available to firms is reinforced by sections on legal issues and intellectual property rights. Written in an approachable style, the text makes technical legal issues accessible to those with no previous legal experience, and quickly enables a high level of understanding. Its practical advice on addressing case studies in law examinations makes it an invaluable support to candidates studying for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply and other professional qualifications, and those on business degree courses. READERSHIP: Students on business degree courses and those studying for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, and other professional courses.


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