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Dairy Product Technology Recent Advances - 2862253757

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Dairy Product Technology Recent Advances Astral International

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This book is mainly focused on effect of production and processing on microbiological quality of milk, bioactive fermented dairy products with special reference to cheese: scope and challenges, cheese: a novel milieu of probiotics, genetically modified cheese: a novel biotechnological development, value addition to indigenous dairy products: scope and future strategies, health benefits of milk derived bio-active peptides, Indian dairy value chain: opportunities and challenges, structural changes of Indian dairy farming- smallholder prospects, clinical studies for novel fermented foods, Lactobacillus reuteri: a multifaceted lactic acid bacterium for fermented foods, aspects of infant formulations: an overview, nutritional significance of milk, fermented dairy products, recent status of dairy waste in India, health benefits of fermented milk products, LAB: Potential application on dairy and food industry, traditional packaging strategies for Indigenous dairy products, recent biotechnological approaches in Dairy and Food industry. This Book has covered all the integral segments of dairy industry as well as food industry. This book would be helpful towards the Food Technological Colleges, Dairy Science Colleges, Dairy Industry, Food Industry as a upgraded information related to their work fields.


Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition, 1 - 2862376073

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Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition, 1 Springer, Berlin

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The domain of speech processing has come to the point where researchers and engineers are concerned with how speech technology can be applied to new products, and how this technology will transform our future. One important problem is to improve robustness of speech processing under adverse conditions, which is the subject of this book. §Robust speech processing is a relatively new area which became a concern as technology started moving from laboratory to field applications. A method or an algorithm is robust if it can deal with a broad range of applications and adapt to unknown conditions. Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition addresses all of the fundamental problems and issues in the area. §The book is divided into three parts. The first provides the background necessary for understanding the rest of the material. It also emphasizes the problems of speech production and perception in noise along with popular techniques used in speech analysis and automatic speech recognition. Part Two discusses the problems relevant to robustness in automatic speech recognition and speech-based applications. It emphasizes intra- and inter-speaker variability as well as automatic speech recognition of Lombard, noisy and channel distorted speech. Finally, the third part covers recent advances in the field of robust automatic speech recognition. §Audience: An invaluable reference. May be used as a text for advanced courses on the subject.


Microbial-Based Polyhydroxyalkanoates - 2862434383

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Microbial-Based Polyhydroxyalkanoates Smithers Rapra Technology

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Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) is a broad term covering a group of natural biopolymers that are synthesised by a range of microbes. PHAs are biodegradable, biocompatible thermoplastics which have great potential; they have garnered an increasing amount of attention as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics due to the increasing global need for sustainable development through renewable and eco-friendly resources. This book has two main aims. Firstly, it reviews the major pipelines for processing this biopolymer, from upstream through to downstream. The upstream processing includes the isolation of PHA producers, biosynthesis of PHA, genetic modification of PHA producers and optimisation of PHA production; meanwhile the downstream processing covers the PHA recovery and purification, degradation, quantification, characterisation, as well as the application of PHA. An introduction to the key concepts in each area is given. Secondly, this book details recent advances in each PHA processing field, offering readers insight into how the research trends are evolving over time.


Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems - 2212828647

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Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems CRC Press Inc.

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Addresses the basic science, biotechnology, and applications of natural food antimicrobial systemsExplores lactoferrin as an antioxidant, iron-delivery system, and an immuno-modulating agentReviews the biotechnology of mass production, optimization of antimicrobial functionality, target-delivery mechanisms, and specific-pathogen free product developmentProvides in-depth coverage of recent developments in our understanding of the antimicrobial mechanisms and principles of optimizationIncludes photographs, line drawings, and tables Consumer concerns play a critical role in dictating the direction of research and development in food protection. The rising demand for minimally processed foods, growing concerns about the use of synthetic preservatives, and suspected links between the overuse of antibiotics and multi-drug resistance in microbes has made food safety a global priority.Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems focuses on advances in the technology of food safety. Numerous antimicrobial agents exist in animals and plants where they evolved as defense mechanisms. For example, the antimicrobial components of milk have been unraveled in recent years. The book covers how these components - such as lactoferrin - can be used as multifunctional food additives such as antioxidants and immuno-modulating agents.The six sections cover lacto-antimicrobials, ovo-antimicrobials, phyto-antimicrobials, bacto-antimicrobials, acid-antimicrobials, and milieu-antimicrobials. Each chapter provides background and historical information, molecular properties, antimicrobial activity, biological advantage, applications, safety, tolerance, and efficacy, and biotechnology. To satisfy the rapidly changing consumption patterns of the global market, the food processing industry continuously searches for new technologies in food science. Designed as a reference for academia and corporate R & D, Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems fills this need, offering in-depth information on emerging biotechnology, efficacy, and applications of natural food antimicrobial systems.


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