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Advances in Wool Technology - 2854336490

872,29 zł

Advances in Wool Technology Woodhead Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Advanced research into wool science and technology is leading to a better understanding of the properties of wool. Wool is increasingly being seen as a high performance fibre, with new modifications and applications. Advances in wool technology presents a comprehensive account of these developments and innovations. Part one includes advances that have occurred in the production and processing of wool. Topics range from the progress in wool spinning, weaving and colouration, to environmental supply chain management and to the role of genetic engineering in improved wool production. Part two reviews new wool products and applications. Chapters include the production of brighter and whiter wool, high performance wool blends and wool for apparel. With its two distinguished editors and array of international contributors, this book is a valuable reference for producers, manufacturers, retailers and all those wishing to improve and understand developments in wool technology. It will also be suitable for researchers in industry or academia. * Presents a comprehensive account of recent developments and innovation surrounding the high performance fibre* Examines advances in wool production and processing from wool spinning to genetic engineering in improved production* Considers environmental supply chain management


Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology - 2854366934

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Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents the basics, technology and applications of ultrashort lasers with pulse durations in the femtosecond range up to a few picoseconds. It gives a comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of ultrashort pulse lasers, especially applied to production technology, materials processing and medicine. Paired with the recent developments in ultrashort pulse lasers, this technology is finding its way into various application fields. Recent advances in laser technology are discussed in detail. The basic technology of the development of reliable and cheap low power laser sources as well as high average power ultrashort pulse lasers for large scale manufacturing is presented. The fundamentals of laser-matter-interaction as well as processing strategies and the required system technology are discussed for these laser sources with respect to precise materials processing. Finally, different applications within medicine, measurement technology or materials processing are highlighted.


Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems - 2212828647

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Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems CRC Press Inc.

Inne 1

Addresses the basic science, biotechnology, and applications of natural food antimicrobial systemsExplores lactoferrin as an antioxidant, iron-delivery system, and an immuno-modulating agentReviews the biotechnology of mass production, optimization of antimicrobial functionality, target-delivery mechanisms, and specific-pathogen free product developmentProvides in-depth coverage of recent developments in our understanding of the antimicrobial mechanisms and principles of optimizationIncludes photographs, line drawings, and tables Consumer concerns play a critical role in dictating the direction of research and development in food protection. The rising demand for minimally processed foods, growing concerns about the use of synthetic preservatives, and suspected links between the overuse of antibiotics and multi-drug resistance in microbes has made food safety a global priority.Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems focuses on advances in the technology of food safety. Numerous antimicrobial agents exist in animals and plants where they evolved as defense mechanisms. For example, the antimicrobial components of milk have been unraveled in recent years. The book covers how these components - such as lactoferrin - can be used as multifunctional food additives such as antioxidants and immuno-modulating agents.The six sections cover lacto-antimicrobials, ovo-antimicrobials, phyto-antimicrobials, bacto-antimicrobials, acid-antimicrobials, and milieu-antimicrobials. Each chapter provides background and historical information, molecular properties, antimicrobial activity, biological advantage, applications, safety, tolerance, and efficacy, and biotechnology. To satisfy the rapidly changing consumption patterns of the global market, the food processing industry continuously searches for new technologies in food science. Designed as a reference for academia and corporate R & D, Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems fills this need, offering in-depth information on emerging biotechnology, efficacy, and applications of natural food antimicrobial systems.


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