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Bees' Knees and Barmy Armies - 2854268973

39,41 zł

Bees' Knees and Barmy Armies BLAKE PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why do we call the best of something 'the bees' knees'? Where did the term 'barmy army' come from? Which 'colours' do we 'nail to the mast'? How are we ever 'dressed to the nines'? Why do we refer to New York as 'The Big Apple'? There are hundreds of phrases that we use on a daily basis without having a clue about where most of them come from. This book is nothing short of a fascinating ride around the greatest language in the world. So stop getting up to skullduggery, take a pew and have a butcher's at this little tome. Learn about your language in one fell swoop and make sure you never get caught red handed using words you don't understand to bark up the wrong tree! This book really is the cat's whiskers. Once you've read one entry, you'll want to read them all!


Up the Creek Without a Tadpole - 2854360446

49,31 zł

Up the Creek Without a Tadpole Mereo

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The letters Gillian Griffith wrote to her elderly, demented mother were never intended to be read - they were simply Gillian's way of dealing with her own anger and guilt towards her high-handed, infuriating and impossibly challenging mother. This book brings a new insight into the effects of dementia and those caught up in it


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