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Russian mafia - 2844391639

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Russian mafia Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 73. Chapters: Bitch Wars, Brothers' Circle, Chechen mafia, Icelandic outvasion, Leo Kuvayev, Nevsky (Russian mafia), Obtshak, Orekhovskaya gang, Russian Bratva Structure, Russian Business Network, ShadowCrew, Solntsevskaya Bratva, Tambov Gang, Thief in law, Uralmash gang. Excerpt: 323 article summaries including: The Russian Mafia in Italy: A Network Approach . How Mafias Take Advantage of Globalization: The Russian Mafia in Italy . Columbia--Advance of the Russian mafia. Russian Mafia in America: Immigration, Culture and Crime(Review) . Russian Mafia in America: Immigration, Culture, and Crime(Review). Kasperskys on cybercrime: Don't blame the Russian mafia and why we need anti-anti-anti virus software; Chinese hackers are the big threat, say Russian security experts(Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky )(Interview). THE Government was urged yesterday to strengthen the law to prevent "Irish criminals and the Russian mafia" entering the debt collection business. Russian mafia: the challenge of reform. Investigating the Russian mafia; an introduction for students, law enforcement, and international business(Brief article)(Book review). Analysis: Allegations that the Russian Mafia tried to fix the Olympic skating finals. Islamic terrorists and the Russian Mafia(nuclear weapons-free zone in Central Asia). Books and 'business' in Russia (Russian Mafia). Getty CEO denies allegations of tax cheating with 'Russian Mafia' (Getty Petroleum Corp CEO Leo Liebowitz; Marat Balagula). THE businessman charged with laundering the proceeds of the Northern Bank robbery yesterday claimed Bulgarian businessmen asked him to handle foreign currency because they didn't trust their country's banks, which were run by the Russian mafia. The Russian mafia means business(Brief Article). Men's mix in Moscow: the chic and the shoddy; and the Russian Mafia gets its cut of every sale(menswear retail scene in Russia). Russian mafia. Baghdad's Russian Mafia "mayor" (Insider Report)(Mohammed Mohsen al-Zubaidi). Spies get Hungary: (FBI goes to Budapest to fight Russian mafia). Crime that pays: the global spread of the Russian Mafia(Bibliography). Under The Microscope: The Latest In Research(hackers using Russian Business Network scamming with anti spyware)(report on improving relationship between small business owners and lenders)(Illinois Credit Union League Service Corp to license the theme, brand and marketing materials of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Associations)(Report). Kafka meets the free market (criminal activity in Russia). Russia Boots Nine British Diplomats for Espionage. The New War. Mafiosi and matrioshki; organized crime and Russian reform. Broke and desperate. Caviar producers warned of market collapse. The little Swiss prosecutor who could: Carla Del Ponte may be only five feet tall, but as chief prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal and Slobodan Milosevic's principal foe, she looms larger than life (Expat Profile)(International War Crimes Tribunal's war crimes case against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic)(Brief Article). We Own the Night. Commentary: Some people willingly lie, cheat and break the rules to win in sports. POS TECHNOLOGY CAN PREVENT FRAUDULENT REFUNDS; SUSPICIOUS TRANSACTIONS CAN BE RECORDED, STOPPING MONEY FROM BEING GIVEN TO CRIMINALS. The plutonium racket (smuggling of nuclear materials). Nadelson, Reggie. PERSONAL:. CAREER:. WRITINGS:. The right ear. The creation of criminal Russia. Comrade...


Courting Failure - 2826641886

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Courting Failure The University of Michigan Press

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LoPucki's provocative critique of Chapter 11 is required reading for everyone who cares about bankruptcy reform. This empirical account of large Chapter 11 cases will trigger intense debate both inside the academy and on the floor of Congress. Confronting LoPucki's controversial thesis-that competition between bankruptcy judges is corrupting them-is the most pressing challenge now facing any defender of the status quo."-Douglas Baird, University of Chicago Law School "This book is smart, shocking and funny. This story has everything-professional greed, wrecked companies, and embarrassed judges. Insiders are already buzzing."-Elizabeth Warren, Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law, Harvard Law School "LoPucki provides a scathing attack on reorganization practice. "Courting Failure recounts how lawyers, managers and judges have transformed Chapter 11. It uses empirical data to explore how the interests of the various participants have combined to create a system markedly different from the one envisioned by Congress. LoPucki not only questions the wisdom of these changes but also the free market ideology that supports much of the general regulation of the corporate sector."-Robert Rasmussen, University of Chicago Law School A sobering chronicle of our broken bankruptcy-court system, Courting Failure exposes yet another American institution corrupted by greed, avarice, and the thirst for power. Lynn LoPucki's eye-opening account of the widespread and systematic decay of America's bankruptcy courts is a blockbuster story that has yet to be reported in the media. LoPucki reveals the profound corruption in the U.S. bankruptcy system and how this breakdown has directly ledto the major corporate failures of the last decade, including Enron, MCI, WorldCom, and Global Crossing. LoPucki, one of the nation's leading experts on bankruptcy law, offers a clear and compelling picture of the destructive power of "forum shopping," in which corporat


Next Agenda - 2826887880

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Next Agenda Westview Press Inc

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In The Next Agenda, editors Robert Borosage and Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America's Future have gathered essays written by some of America's most progressive thinkers and activists that lay out ideas and reforms to address the serious issues facing us today. They argue that the economic prosperity of the last decade can only be sustained if it is more widely shared. And they call for a new progressive movement to forge new rules for the global economy just as the Progressives of the last century tamed the excesses of America's national economy.Each of the fourteen essays in The Next Agenda detail the context that makes fundamental reform both necessary and possible and outlines the policy proposals that are vital to begin meeting the challenge. David Moberg, reporter for In These Times, writes about reforming labor law to empower workers whose voices have been drowned out by globalization. Richard Rothstein, education columnist for the New York Times, writes of the growing shortage of classrooms and teachers and suggests reform initiatives for public education. Ted Marmor of the Yale School of Management, and Jon Oberlander, of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, provide a plan to make affordable, comprehensive health care available to everyone. Carl Pope of The Sierra Club and a leader of the environmental movement joins with labor leader Robert Wages, of PACE International, to lay out elements of a Green Growth agenda, detailing how labor and environmentalists can combine in promoting sensible investments for sustainable growth. These forward-thinking essays serve as a springboard for national debate and provide an ambitious agenda for the next administration.


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