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Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics - 2212842232

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Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics Oxford University Press


Written by a team of political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, and political economists, this is an authoritative dictionary of politics. Containing over 1,500 entries ranging from John Adams and Young Hegelians to Additional Member System and zero-sum game, this work offers international coverage of major political institutions, thinkers, and concepts. All significant political thinkers and designers of political institutions in the West are included, and special attention is given to Muslim and Chinese political thought. There are many entries on new and thriving branches of the subject, such as international political economy, voting theory, and feminism.


Value Theory and Economic Progress - 2826990499

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Value Theory and Economic Progress Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

J. Fagg Foster (1907-1985) was one of the most significant creators of institutionalist economic theory in the twentieth century. He wrote and taught in the American intellectual tradition of Thorstein Weblen, John R. Commons, John Dewey and Clarence E. Ayres. This tradition shares purpose and philosophy with the European contributors, Gunnar Myrdal and K. William Kapp. §Because little of Foster's scholarly work was formally published, professional knowledge of his extraordinary contribution is quite limited beyond the circle of his students and colleagues. Value Theory and Economic Progress attempts to correct that deficiency by providing an extended characterization of this missing and crucial component of the development of American heterodox economic thought. Its purpose is to demonstrate the timely relevance and significance of this model of inquiry in political economy. In addition, this volume explains that contemporary problem solving means changing `what is' into `what ought to be' through institutional adjustments; such a demonstration is at the heart of Foster's contribution to institutional thought.


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