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'Inspiring a Mysterious Terror' - 2844393095

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'Inspiring a Mysterious Terror' Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Best known for his Gothic masterpiece Uncle Silas and the vampire story Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a prolific writer whose extensive body of work included historical, sensation and horror novels, poems and ballads, numerous stories of the supernatural, journalism and a verse-drama. While his name is well known to aficionados of the horror genre, much of his work still remains in the shadows. Indeed, despite his vampire creation, Carmilla, being the best-known female blood-sucker in the world, and despite an enormous scholarly and popular interest in the novella in which this character first appeared (an interest evident in the very large number of cinematic, televisual and even new media adaptations of the story), Le Fanu himself is almost completely unknown outside of the world of Irish Gothic scholarship, and most of his fiction remains difficult to obtain or is out of print. To celebrate the bicentenary of Le Fanu's birth, this collection brings together established scholars and emerging researchers in order to shed new light on some of his less famous fiction and celebrate his influential contribution to the Gothic genre. The main aim of the collection is to read Le Fanu in the round, expanding the critical focus away from its current obsession with a small proportion of his work and taking account of the full extent of his writing, from his other Gothic novels, The Rose and the Key, Haunted Lives and A Lost Name, to his short stories and journalism. The collection also considers Le Fanu's relationship to Victorian Ireland and especially Dublin from a number of different angles, as well as addressing his status as an 'Irish' writer of substance.


Lawyers: A Critical Reader - 2836774531

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Lawyers: A Critical Reader New Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A groundbreaking collection of writing exploring the rapidly changing legal profession. Are lawyers merely hired guns or are they responsible for the clients they represent? Comprehensive and provocative, LAWYERS offers a broad overview, critically examining the occupation's claim to professional status, describing dramatic changes both at home and abroad, looking at the way lawyers govern and monitor themselves, and more. Size C. 486 pp.


Summer He Didn't Die - 2826715241

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Summer He Didn't Die Grantham Book Orphans

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jim Harrison is one of our finest writers, whose vivid, tender, and deeply felt fictions have won him acclaim as an American master, in particular as perhaps the finest practitioner of the novella form now writing. His latest highly acclaimed volume of novellas, The Summer He Didn't Die, is a sparkling and exuberant collection about love, the senses, and family, no matter how untraditional. Witty, ribald, and joyous, The Summer He Didn't Die is a sheer celebration of life and all its magic. In the title novella, "The Summer He Didn't Die," Brown Dog, a hapless Michigan Indian loved by Harrison's readers, is trying to parent his two stepchildren and take care of his family's health on meager resources--it helps a bit that his charms are irresistible to the new dentist in town. "Republican Wives" is a wicked satire on the sexual neuroses of the right, the emptiness of a life lived for the status quo, and the irrational power of love that, when thwarted, can turn so easily into an urge to murder. And "Tracking" is a gorgeous meditation on Harrison's fascination with place, telling his own familiar mythology through the places his life has seen and the intellectual loves he has known in a vivid stream of consciousness that transfigures how we look at our own surroundings. The Star Tribune (Minneapolis) has said that the book is an "excellent trio of stories ... Jim Harrison cannot write too often ... vivid, deft, and poetic storytelling ... [and] a complex compound of earthiness and erudition." With wit as sharp and prose as lush as any Harrison has yet written, The Summer He Didn't Die is a resonant, warm, and joyful ode to our journey on this earth.


Cardenio Between Cervantes and Shakespeare - 2826801326

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Cardenio Between Cervantes and Shakespeare Polity Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How should we read a text that does not exist, or present a play the manuscript of which is lost and the identity of whose author cannot be established for certain? Such is the enigma posed by Cardenio -- a play performed in England for the first time in 1612 or 1613 and attributed forty years later to Shakespeare (and Fletcher). Its plot is that of a 'novella' inserted into Don Quixote, a work that circulated throughout the major countries of Europe, where it was translated and adapted for the theatre. In England, Cervantes' novel was known and cited even before it was translated in 1612 and had inspired Cardenio . But there is more at stake in this enigma. This was a time when, thanks mainly to the invention of the printing press, there was a proliferation of discourses. There was often a reaction when it was feared that this proliferation would become excessive, and many writings were weeded out. Not all were destined to survive, in particular plays for the theatre, which, in many cases, were never published. This genre, situated at the bottom of the literary hierarchy, was well suited to the existence of ephemeral works. However, if an author became famous, the desire for an archive of his works prompted the invention of textual relics, the restoration of remainders ruined by the passing of time or, in order to fill in the gaps, in some cases, even the fabrication of forgeries. Such was the fate of Cardenio in the eighteenth century. Retracing the history of this play therefore leads one to wonder about the status, in the past, of works today judged to be canonical. In this book the reader will rediscover the malleability of texts, transformed as they were by translations and adaptations, their migrations from one genre to another, and their changing meanings constructed by their various publics. Thanks to Roger Chartier's forensic skills, fresh light is cast upon the mystery of a play lacking a text but not an author.


Brown Dog - 2844864271

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Brown Dog Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Among the most indelible American novelists of the last hundred years...[Harrison] remains at the height of his powers."-Dwight Garner, The New York Times on The River Swimmer New York Times best-selling author Jim Harrison is one of America's most beloved writers, and of all his creations, Brown Dog, a bawdy, reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian, has earned cult status with readers in the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, Brown Dog gathers all the Brown Dog novellas, including one never-published one, into one volume-the ideal introduction (or reintroduction) to Harrison's irresistible Everyman. In these novellas, BD rescues the preserved body of an Indian from Lake Superior's cold waters; overindulges in food, drink, and women while just scraping by in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; wanders Los Angeles in search of an ersatz Native activist who stole his bearskin; adopts two Native children; and flees the authorities, then returns across the Canadian border aboard an Indian rock band's tour bus. The collection culminates with He Dog, never before published, which finds BD marginally employed and still looking for love (or sometimes just a few beers and a roll in the hay), as he goes on a road trip from Michigan to Montana and back, arriving home to the prospect of family stability and, perhaps, a chance at redemption. Brown Dog underscores Harrison's place as one of America's most irrepressible writers, and one of the finest practitioners of the novella form. Praise for Jim Harrison's Brown Dog: "There is broad comedy in the writing, but also tenderness, and never a moment when the reader isn't rooting for Brown Dog to get it right...We would all be the poorer if deprived of Jim Harrison's first-rate stories."-The New York Times Book Review on The Summer He Didn't Die "Brown Dog, an old friend to fans of Harrison, ...boasts the rare ability to reject the frills and artificial complexities of modern life and keep to the basics...Like reading a book describing dear friends."-Miami Herald on The Farmer's Daughter "A 21st-century version of Huck Finn."-The Charleston Gazette on The Farmer's Daughter


Książka The Silent War - Horus Heresy /EN Hardback/ - 2823342908

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Książka The Silent War - Horus Heresy /EN Hardback/ Games Workshop

Książki i Komiksy > Warhammer 40000

Książka The Silent War - The Horus Heresy   466-stronicowa książka w twardej oprawie nawiązująca tematyką do najstraszliwszej zdrady ukochanego syna Imperatora - Horusa, która odmieniła losy ludzkości w galaktyce.... EN ___________________________________________________________________________________ The mysterious Malcador the Sigillite and his secretive minions take centre stage in a collection of short stories


Jury in Lincoln's America - 2826893273

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Jury in Lincoln's America Ohio University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the antebellum Midwest, Americans looked to the law, and specifically to the jury, to navigate the uncertain terrain of a rapidly changing society. During this formative era of American law, the jury served as the most visible connector between law and society. Through an analysis of the composition of grand and trial juries and an examination of their courtroom experiences, Stacy Pratt McDermott demonstrates how central the law was for people who lived in Abraham Lincoln's America. McDermott focuses on the status of the jury as a democratic institution as well as on the status of those who served as jurors. According to the 1860 census, the juries in Springfield and Sangamon County, Illinois, comprised an ethnically and racially diverse population of settlers from northern and southern states, representing both urban and rural mid-nineteenth-century America. It was in these counties that Lincoln developed his law practice, handling more than 5,200 cases in a legal career that spanned nearly twenty-five years. Drawing from a rich collection of legal records, docket books, county histories, and surviving newspapers, McDermott reveals the enormous power jurors wielded over the litigants and the character of their communities.


Sustainable Luxury - 2834140427

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Sustainable Luxury Greenleaf Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

* Explores issues relevant to sustainability and business management in luxury goods companies* Comprehensive collection of current thinking on sustainable luxury productsMost consumers of luxury products and services use them as status symbols symbols of success. However, the definition of success and the way it is perceived by others is changing. Many of these successful consumers now want the brands they use to reflect their concerns and aspirations for a better world. There are shifts in the luxury paradigm, emerging from major changes in social dynamics. In future, the highest-quality product or service will be the one that generates the most benefit to all involved in its production and trade.Topics covered include value chain management, production and design processes, entrepreneurship, cause-related marketing and innovation. This book explores a wide range of issues relevant to sustainability and business management in luxury goods companies. It represents the most international and complete collection of academic and practitioner thinking on transforming the luxury sector into a powerful advocate for sustainable production and consumption."


VW Advertising - 2826901497

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VW Advertising Herridge & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this period Volkswagen's publicity and advertising material was among the very best issued by any motor manufacturer. Following the Beetle's launch brochures in the late 1930s, the 1950s saw extraordinarily strong artwork images from the brush of Bernd Reuters and other artists, depicting Saloon, Cabriolet and Transporter in such a way as to suggest more streamlined, spacious and powerful VWs than the reality. In the '60s the American advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach took over, combining stark photography with sharp, witty text and endowing the Beetle with a cult status that took production to over a million for the first time, but VW's new Type 3 and Type 4 models were failing to impress the public, and only the arrival of the Golf saved the day. Author Richard Copping has a vast collection of VW material and in this book he provides a selection of some 400 of the most striking or interesting images used by the company to sell us its products, taking in every model and variant. The accompanying text guides us through the changing styles of the publicity material as well as through the range of vehicles and thus through the story of Volkswagen in the period.


Becoming American, Remaining Jewish - 2826842633

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Becoming American, Remaining Jewish University of Delaware Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

All immigrants face the same basic challenge: how to preserve their heritage and at the same time become American. The specifics and intensity of the dilemma change for the descendants of immigrants, but the essential issue remains the same. Becoming American, Remaining Jewish traces the development of Wilmington, Delaware's first Jewish community in order to understand what the Jews created and why, what values were reflected in the institutions they established and the causes they advocated, and what changed over the years. Readers concerned about questions of identity and community today will find much stimulating material in this fascinating story. Wilmington's first permanent Jewish community began as a collection of less than one hundred Jews in 1879 and grew to a community of over four thousand people by the early 1920s when the immigration laws changed, and the growth slowed down. Although it began later than Jewish communities in the other original colonies and never grew to the size or status of the communities in neighboring Philadelphia and Baltimore, by 1918 Wilmington's Jewish community was recognized nationwide as an exemplary community, a model of how Jews in America could maintain their heritage while working closely with the broader community to achieve great heights. The book traces the development of the community decade by decade. Stories about synagogues, institutions to help immigrants, community efforts to assist Jews in Russia and Palestine, and the people who were active in all the work are developed simultaneously so that the primary interests of the community and the effect of interaction become clear. Biographical information about individuals is integrated with stories of communal institutions in order to emphasize the connections between individuals' needs and the organizations they formed. The integrated approach is meant to emphasize the fact that people make things happen. Events in Wilmington are discussed within the framework of what was happening in America and throughout the world with particular attention to the changing attitudes toward immigrants and the fateful march toward the restriction of immigration. The appendix, which contains the names of more than two thousand adult Jews who lived in Wilmington between 1879 and 1920, is the most comprehensive list of early Jewish Wilmingtonians ever published. With its information on country of birth and first occupation, the list is a valuable resource for historians and genealogists.


American Icons An Encyclopedia of the People Places 3 vols - 2212824817

593,50 zł

American Icons An Encyclopedia of the People Places 3 vols Premier Editions

Inne 1

What do Madonna, Mount Rushmore, suburbia, the banjo, Wal-Mart, antiperspirant, and Jimi Hendrix have in common? Whether we adore, ignore, or deplore them, they all exert important influences on the concepts and choices that form our changing lives. In many cases, these individuals, locations, and objects also shape how America is perceived by the global community. This A-Z collection of essays explores more than one hundred American people, places, and phenomena that have taken on iconic status in popular culture. The contributors to this unique three-volume set examine these icons through a diverse array of perspectives and fields of expertise. Ranging from the Alamo to Muhammad Ali, from John Wayne to the zip, this selection of American icons represents essential elements of global popular culture, including law, art, food, religion, and science. Featuring more than 100 illustrations, this work will serve as a unique resource for students of American history and culture.


Sex, Marriage, and Family in World Religions - 2827101244

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Sex, Marriage, and Family in World Religions Columbia University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Spanning thousands of years, this new collection brings together writings and teachings about sex, marriage, and family from the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confucian traditions. The volume includes traditional texts as well as contemporary materials showing how the religions have responded to the changing conditions and mores of modern life. It reveals the similarities and differences among the various religions and the development of ideas and teachings within each tradition. Selections shed light on each religion's views on a range of subjects, including sexuality and sexual pleasure, the meaning and purpose of marriage, the role of betrothal, the status of women, the place of romance, grounds for divorce, celibacy, and sexual deviance. Separate chapters devoted to each religion include introductions by leading scholars that contextualize the readings. The selections are drawn from a variety of genres including ritual, legal, theological, poetic, and mythic texts. The volume contains such diverse examples as the Zohar on conjugal manners, a contemporary Episcopalian liturgy for same-sex unions, Qur'anic passages on the equality of the sexes, the Ka--masu--tra on husbands, wives, and lovers, Buddhist writings on celibacy, and Confucian teachings on filial piety. Contributors include: Michael S. Berger, Emory University; Azizah Y. al-Hibri, Richmond School of Law; Alan Cole, Lewis and Clark College; Paul B. Courtright, Emory University; Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington; Raja M. El-Habti, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights; Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University; Mark D. Jordan, Emory University


Out of the Shadows - 2841667447

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Out of the Shadows University of Arkansas Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Presents a collection of essays which examine the lives and sports of famous and not-so- famous African American men and women athletes from the nineteenth century onwards. This work includes twenty biographies that furnish perspectives on the changing status of these athletes.


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