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Cheer Up Bryan - 2840395575

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Cheer Up Bryan

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Bryan's Family Are All REALLY Talented... But What's His Skill? Join This Friendly Monster As He Attempts To Find Out... Written And Illustrated By Mark Wilkinson, Cheer Up Bryan Will Show Children That Everyone Is Good At Something, Even If They Haven't Discovered What Yet.


Cheer Up Bryan - 2846350280

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Cheer Up Bryan Austin & Macauley Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bryan's family are all REALLY talented... But what's his skill? Join this friendly monster as he attempts to find out... Written and illustrated by Mark Wilkinson, Cheer Up Bryan will show children that everyone is good at something, even if they haven't discovered what yet.


More Katie Morag Island Stories - 2839980685

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More Katie Morag Island Stories

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Katie Morag Is Back Again! Whether She Is Getting Excited About The New Pier, Trying To Cheer Up Grannie Island In Time For Granma Mainland's Big Day, Singing Naughty Songs At The Grand Concert Or Solving Riddles To Get Back In Everyone's Good Books, Kati


Broadway Hits - 2839417901

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Broadway Hits JASMINE

Muzyka>Musical / Kabaret

1. Merman, Ethel & Red Nichols Orchestra - I Got Rhyt 2. Morgan, Helen - Bill (Show Boat) 3. Cantor, Ediie - Makin' Whoopee (Whoopee) 4. Robeson, Paul - 01' Man River (Show Boat) 5. Merman, Ethel - Eadie Was A Lady (Take A Chance) 6. Astaire, Fred - Night & Day (Gay Divorce) 7. Waters, Fred - Heat Wave (As Thousands Cheer) 8. Webb, Clifton - Easter Parade (As Thousands Cheer 9. Merman, Ethel - Anything Goes (Anything Goes) 10. Merman, Ethel / Gaxton, William - You're The Top ( 11. Hope, Bob / Merman, Ethel - It's De-lovely (Red, 12. Lillie, Beatrice - Rhythm (The Show Is On) 13. Lahr, Bert - Song Of The Woodman (The Show Is On 14. Weitz, Millie - Nobody Makes A Pass At Me (Pins & 15. Martin, Mary - My Heart Belongs To Daddy (The Str 16. Miranda, Carmen - South American Way (The Streets 17. Shaw, Hollace & Stuart, Ralph - All The Things You 18. Lahr, Bert / Mermnan, Ethel - Friendship (Dubarry 19. Zorina, Vera / Moore, Victor - You're Lonely & I'm 20. Merman, Ethel - Make It Another Old-fashioned (Pa 21. Segal, Vivienne - Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered 22. Lawrence, Gertrude - My Ship (Lady In The Dark) 23. Kaye, Danny - Tschaikowsky (Lady In The Dark) 24. Dix, Tommy - Buckle Down, Winsocki (Best Foot For 25. Kaye, Danny - Melody In 4-f (Let's Face It) 26. Miranda, Carmen - Thank You, North America (Sons 101. Cpl. Earl Oxford & All-soldier Chorus - This Is Th 102. Berlin, Irving & Chorus - Oh, How I Hate To Get Up 103. Merman, Ethel & Johnson, Bill - Hey, Good Lookin' 104. Garrett, Betty & Laurence, Paula - By The Mississi 105. Drake, Alfred - Oh, What A Beatiful Mornin' (Okla 106. Drake, Alfred & Roberts, Joan - People Will Say We 107. Martin, Mary & Baker, Kenny - Speak Love (One Tou 108. Foran, Dick & Warren, Julie - My Heart Stood Still 109. Evans, Wilbur - I Love You (Mexican Hayride) 110. Niesen, Gertrude - I Wanna Get Married (Follow Th 111. Briiks, Lawrence & Bliss, Helena - Strange Music ( 112. Brooks, David / Holm, Celeste - Evelina (Bloomer 113. Evans, Wilbur - Close As Pages In A Book (Up In C 114. Evans, Wilbur - When You Walk In The Room (Up In 115. Clayton, Jan / Raitt, John - If I Loved You (Caro 116. Johnson, Christine & Clayton, Jan - You'll Never W 117. Bruce, Carol / Dowdy, Helen / Spencer, Kenneth - C 118. Hill, Ruby / Nicholas, Harold - Come Rain Or Come 119. Bailey, Pearl - Legalize My Name (St. Louis Woman 120. Garrett, Betty - South America, Take It Away (Cal 121. Merman, Ethel & Middleton, Ray - They Say It's Won 122. Merman, Ethel - I Got The Sun In The Morning (Ann 123. Logan, Ella - How Are Things In Clocca Mora (Fini 124. Wayne, David - When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love ( 125. Brooks, David & Bell, Marion - Almost Like Being I 201. Fabray, Nanette / Mccauley, Jack - Papa, Won't You 202. Wills, Gloria - So Far (Allegro) 203. Bolger, Ray - Once In Love With Amy (Where's Char 204. Clark, Bobby - As The Girls Go ( As The Girls Go 205. Kirk, Lisa / Lang, Harold - Why Can't You Behave? 206. Morison, Patricia - I Hate Men (Kiss Me, Kate) 207. Pinza, Ezio - Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacif 208. Martin, Mary - A Wonderful Guy (South Pacific) 209. Albert, Eddie / Mclerie, Allyn Ann - Let's Take An 210. Channing, Carol - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Frien 211. Lukas, Paul / Merman, Ethel - Marrying For Love ( 212. Nype, Russell & Merman, Ethel - You' Re Just In Lo 213. Blaine, Viviane - A Bushel & A Peck (Guys & Dolls 214. Alda, Robert / Bigley, Isabel - I've Never Been In 215. Greenwood, Charlotte - Nobody's Chasing Me (Out O 216. Lawrence, Gertrude - Getting To Know You (The Kin 217. Lawrence, Gertrude / Brynner, Yul - Shall We Dance 218. Booth, Shirley - He Had Refinement (A Tree Grows 219. Gray, Dolores - If You Hadn't But You Did (Two On 220. Bavaar, Tony - I Talk To The Trees (Paint Your Wa 221. Cassidy, Jack & Waiters, The - Wish You Were Here 222. Russell, Rosalind & Chorus - Wonderful Town (Wint 223. Cookson, Peter - It's All Right With Me (Can-can 224. Lilo - I Love Paris (Can-can) 301. Bigley, Isabel & Hayes, Bill - No Other Love (Me 302. Morrow, Doretta & Kiley, Richard - Stranger In Par 303. Price, Gerald - The Ballad Of Mack The Knife (The 304. Raitt, John - Hey, There ( The Pajama Game) 305. Haney, Carol - Hernando's Hideaway ( The Pajama G 306. Andrews, Julie & Hewer, John - I Could Be Happy Wi 307. Hibbert, Geoffrey % Lay, Dilys - It's Never Too La 308. Tabbert, William - Fanny (Fanny) 309. Ameche, Don - All Of You (Silk Stockings) 310. Verdon, Gwen - Whatever Lola Wants (Damn Yankees 311. Andrews, Julie & Bevans, Philippa - I Could Have D 312. King, John Michael - On The Street Where You Live 313. Holloway, Stanley - Get Me To The Church On Time ( 314. James, Olga - Mr. Wonderful (Mr. Wonderful) 315. Davis, Sammy Jnr. - Too Close For Comfort (Mr. Wo 316. Long, Shorty / Henson, John / Gilbert, Alan / L - 317. Adams, Edith / Palmer, Peter - Namenly You (Li'l 318. Chaplin, Sydney / Holliday, Judy - Just In Time (B 319. Merman, Ethel / Gibson, Virginia / Belasco, Leo - 320. Ritter, Thelma / Bates, Lulu / Landi, Mara - Fling 321. Kert, Larry - Maria (West Side Story) 322. Kert, Larry & Lawrence, Carol - Tonight(west Side 323. Horne, Lena - Cocoanut Sweet (Jamaica) 324. Preston, Robert & Chorus - Seventy-six Trombones ( 325. Merman, Ethel - There's No Business Like Show (An


Arthur W. Pink Collection Vol 2 - 2845523422

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Arthur W. Pink Collection Vol 2 Bottom of the Hill Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Arthur W. Pink Collection Vol 2 includes three Arthur Pink classics; Comfort for Christians, The Beatitudes, and Regeneration or The New Birth. "The work unto which the servant of Christ is called is many-sided. Not only is he to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, to feed God's people with knowledge and understanding (Jer. 3:15), and to take up the stumbling stone out of their way (Isa. 57:14), but he is also charged to "cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression" (Isa. 58:1 and cf. 1 Tim. 4:2). While another important part of his commission is stated in, "Comfort ye, My people, said your God" (Isa. 40:1). "What an honorable title, "My people!" What an assuring relationship: "your God!" What a pleasant task: "comfort ye My people!" A threefold reason may be suggested for the duplicating of the charge. First, because sometimes the souls of believers refuse to be comforted (Ps. 77:2), and the consolation needs to be repeated. Second, to press this duty the more emphatically upon the preacher's heart, that he need not be sparing in administering cheer. Third, to assure us how heartily desirous God himself is that His people should be of good cheer (Phil. 4:4)." "Opinion has been much divided concerning the design, scope, and application of the Sermon on the Mount. Most commentators have seen in it an exposition of Christian ethics. Men such as the late Count Tolstoi have regarded it as the setting forth of a "golden rule" for all men to live by. Others have dwelt upon its dispensational bearings, insisting that it belongs not to the saints of the present dispensation but to believers within a future millennium. Two inspired statements, however, reveal its true scope. In Matthew 5:1, 2, we learn that Christ was here teaching His disciples. From Matthew 7:28, 29, it is clear that He was also addressing a great multitude of the people. Thus it is evident that this address of our Lord contains instruction both for believers and unbelievers alike." Two chief obstacles lie in the way of the salvation of any of Adam's fallen descendants: bondage to the guilt and penalty of sin, bondage to the power and presence of sin; or, in other words, their being bound for Hell and their being unfit for Heaven. These obstacles are, so far as man is concerned, entirely insurmountable. This fact was unequivocally established by Christ, when, in answer to His disciples' question, "Who then can be saved?", He answered, "with men this is impossible." A lost sinner might more easily create a world than save his own soul. But (forever be His name praised), the Lord Jesus went on to say, "with God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:25, 26). Arthur Walkington Pink was an English Christian evangelist and Biblical scholar. Born to Christian parents, prior to conversion he migrated into a Theosophical society and quickly rose in prominence. His conversion came from his father's patient admonitions from Scripture. It was Proverbs 14:12, 'there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death,' which particularly struck his heart and compelled him to renounce Theosophy and follow Jesus.


The Musical Years: Magical Musicals - 2839280987

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The Musical Years: Magical Musicals Sonic Records / DEMON

Muzyka>Składanki / Kompilacje

1. Overture - Kiss Me Kate 2. Another Op'nin' Another Show - Kiss Me Kate 3. Everything's Coming Up Roses - Gypsy 4. Guys And Dolls - Guys And Dolls 5. Happy Talk - South Pacific 6. Wand'rin Star - Paint Your Wagon 7. Almost Like Being In Love - Brigadoon 8. True Love - High Society 9. But Not For Me - Girl Crazy 10. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - Gentlemen Pr 11. Hello Young Lovers - The King And I 12. Old Devil Moon - Finian's Rainbow 13. My Funny Valentine - Babes In Arms 14. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top - Oklahoma 15. Standing On The Corner - The Most Happy Fella 16. Wouldn't It Be Loverly - My Fair Lady 17. I Love Paris - Can-can 18. Why Do I Love You? - Show Boat 19. Till There Was You - The Music Man 20. Big D - The Most Happy Fella 101. The Sound Of Music - The Sound Of Music 102. Hey There - The Pajama Game 103. Heart - Damn Yankees 104. Just In Time - Bells Are Ringing 105. I Feel Pretty - West Side Story 106. We Kiss In A Shadow - The King And I 107. Stranger In Paradise - Kismet 108. On The Street Where You Live - My Fair Lady 109. Gigi - Gigi 110. I Enjoy Being A Girl - Flower Drum Song 111. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered - Pal Joey 112. June Is Bustin' Out All Over - Carousel 113. Consider Yourself - Oliver 114. I Got The Sun In The Morning - Annie Get Your Gu 115. All Of You - Silk Stockings 116. I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan - The Bandwa 117. Too Close For Comfort - Mr. Wonderful 118. Bye Bye Baby - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 119. Always True To You (In My Fashion) - Kiss Me Kat 120. Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum - Carmen Jones 201. Carousel Waltz - Carousel 202. My Favourite Things - The Sound Of Music 203. If I Were A Bell - Guys And Dolls 204. You're The Top - Anything Goes 205. Why Can't You Behave - Kiss Me Kate 206. It's A Lovely Day Today - Call Me Madam 207. A Lot Of Livin' To Do - Bye Bye Birdie 208. The Rain In Spain - My Fair Lady 209. Getting To Know You - The King And I 210. I Am Loved - Out Of This World 211. Younger Than Springtime - South Pacific 212. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man - Show Boat 213. They Call The Wind Maria - Paint Your Wagon 214. Something's Coming - West Side Story 215. I Could Write A Book - Pal Joey 216. When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love - Finian's Rai 217. My Defenses Are Down - Annie Get Your Gun 218. Stereophonic Sound - Silk Stockings 219. Too Darn Hot - Kiss Me Kate 220. There Is Nothing Like A Dame - South Pacific 301. Babes In Arms - Babes In Arms 302. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' - Oklahoma 303. Make Believe - Show Boat 304. All Through The Night - Anything Goes 305. How Are Thing In Glocca Mora? - Finian's Rainbow 306. The Farmer And The Cowman - Oklahoma 307. A Bushel And A Peck - Guys And Dolls 308. It's De-lovely - Red, Hot And Blue 309. This Can't Be Love - The Boys From Syracuse 310. Lucky To Be Me - On The Town 311. Where Or When - Babes In Arms 312. So In Love - Kiss Me Kate 313. Come To Me, Bend To Me - Brigadoon 314. I Whistle A Happy Tune - The King And I 315. When The Children Are Asleep - Carousel 316. Use Your Imagination - Out Of The World 317. I Wish I Were In Love Again - Babes In Arms 318. The Party's Over - Bells Are Ringing 401. March Of The Siamese Children - The King And I 402. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Anything Goes 403. People Will Say We're In Love - Oklahoma 404. The Girl That I Marry - Annie Get Your Gun 405. Wunderbar - Kiss Me Kate 406. It's All Right With Me - Can-can 407. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - High Society 408. With A Little Bit Of Luck - My Fair Lady 409. Steam Heat - The Pajama Game 410. Whatever Lola Wants - Damn Yankees 411. Cest Magnifique - Can-can 412. Spring, Spring, Spring - Seven Brides For Seven 413. I Talk To The Trees - Paint Your Wagon 414. You're A Queer One, Julie Snow - Caro 415. They Say It's Wonderful - Annie Get Your Gun 416. I Have Dreamed - The King And I 417. Wrapped In A Ribbon And Tied In A Bow - Street S 418. Johnny One-note - Babes In Arms 419. My Big Best Shoes - Valmouth 420. Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat - Guys And Dol 501. New York, New York - On The Town 502. Singin' In The Rain - Singin' In The Rain 503. Do-re-mi - The Sound Of Music 504. Over The Rainbow - The Wizard Of Oz 505. Doin' What Comes Naturally - Annie Get Your Gun 506. Bless Your Beautiful Hide - Seven Brides For Sev 507. Maria - West Side Story 508. Secret Love - Calamity Jane 509. Thank Heaven For Little Girls - Gigi 510. I Love You Samantha - High Society 511. No Other Love - Me And Juliet 512. Hernando's Hideaway - The Pajama Game 513. How To Handle A Woman - Camelot 514. Baubles, Bangles And Beads - Kismet 515. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - My Fair Lady 516. By Myself - The Band Wagon 517. The Man That Got Away - A Star Is Born 518. Blow, Gabriel, Blow - Anything Goes 519. Jubilation T. Cornpone - Li'l Abner 520. There Once Was A Man - The Pajama Game 601. Seventy-six Trombones - The Music Man 602. Tonight - West Side Story 603. Come Rain Or Come Shine - St. Louis Woman 604. The Lady Is A Tramp - Babes In Arms 605. Maria - The Sound Of Music 606. Bali Hai - South Pacific 607. Luck Be A Lady Tonight - Guys And Dolls 608. Love Is Sweeping The Country - Of Thee I Sing 609. Bianca - Kiss Me Kate 610. Get Me To The Church On Time - My Fair Lady 611. Once In Love With Amy - Where's Charley? 612. There's A Small Hotel - On Your Toes 613. A Wonderful Guy - South Pacific 614. The Deadwood Stage (Whip Crack-away) - Calamity 615. Where Is The Life That Late I Led? - Kiss Me Kat 616. You Are Love - Show Boat 617. Some Enchanted Evening - South Pacific 618. If I Loved You - Carousel 619. Shall We Dance? - The King And I 620. Climb Every Mountain - The Sound Of Music 701. That's Entertainment - The Band Wagon 702. Let Me Entertain You - Gypsy 703. Put On A Happy Face - Bye Bye Birdie! 704. One Hand, One Heart - West Side Story 705. I Could Have Danced All Night - My Fair Lady 706. America - West Side Story 707. Edelweiss - The Sound Of Music 708. A Couple Of Swells - Easter Parade 709. Bill - Show Boat 710. This Nearly Was Mine - South Pacific 711. Happy To Make Your Acquaintance - The Most Happ 712. Triplets - The Band Wagon 713. Let's Take An Old-fashioned Walk - Miss Liberty 714. Sixteen Going On Seventeen - The Sound Of Music 715. Black Hills Of Dakota - Calamity Jane 716. Way Out West - Babes In Arms 717. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun - Annie Get Your 718. I've Never Been In Love Before - Guys And Dolls 719. Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Annie Ge 720. Oklahoma - Oklahoma 801. Swanee - Sinbad 802. I Got Rhythm - Girl Crazy 803. Anything Goes - Anything Goes 804. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Roberta 805. My Heart Stood Still - A Conneticut Yankee 806. Embraceable You - Girl Crazy 807. Taking A Chance On Love - Cabin In The Sky 808. To Keep My Love Alive - A Conneticut Yankee 809. Thou Swell - A Conneticut Yankee 810. Someone To Watch Over Me - Oh! Kay 811. Bidin' My Time - Girl Crazy 812. Ten Cents A Dance - Simple Simon 813. Body And Soul - Three's A Crowd 814. Easter Parade - As Thousands Cheer 815. Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning - This Is 816. I Left My Heart At The Stage Door - This Is The 817. South America Take It Away - Call Me Mister 818. September Song - Knickerbocker Holiday 819. I Love You - Mexican Hayride 820. You'll Never Walk Alone - Carousel 901. We're In The Money - Gold Diggers Of 1933 902. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me - Forty Sec 903. Forty Second Street - Forty Second Street 904. Lullaby Of Broadway - Gold Diggers Of 1935 905. Keep Young And Beautiful - Roman Scandals 906. They Can't Take That Away From Me - Shall We Da 907. Yankee Doodle Boy - Yankee Doodle Boy 908. Give My Regards To Broadway - Little Johnny Jone 909. Heat Wave - As Thousands Cheer 910. I've Got You Under My Skin - Born To Dance 911. Night And Day - The Gay Divorcee 912. Makin' Whoopee - Whoopee 913. Jeepers Creepers - Going Places 914. I'm Putting All My Eggs Into One Basket - Follo 915. The Trolley Song - Meet Me In St. Louis 916. Ol'man River - Show Boat 917. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing..summertime - Porgy 918. I Got Plenty O'nuttin' - Porgy And Bess 919. Thanks For The Memory - The Big Broadcast Of 193 920. There's No Business Like Show Business - Annie


Menuhin And Grappelli - 2839257388

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Menuhin And Grappelli Warner Music Poland


1. Jealousy 2. The Blue Room (The Girl Friend) 3. A Fine Romance (Swing Time) 4. Love Is Here To Stay (Goldwyn Follies) 5. Billy 6. Pick Yourself Up (Swing Time) 7. Night & Day (Gay Divorce) 8. Aurore 9. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 10. These Foolish Things (Spread It Abroad) 11. Oh, Lady, Be Good! (Lady, Be Good!) 12. Cheek To Cheek (Top Hat) 13. The Lady Is A Tramp (Babes In Arms) 14. Errol 15. Jermyn Street 16. Just One Of Those Things (Jubilee) 17. Fascinating Rhythm (Lady, Be Good!) 18. Liza (Show Girl) 19. I Got Rhythm (Girl Crazy) 20. Johnny Aime 21. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Anything Goes) 22. Soon (Strike Up The Band) 23. 'S Wonderful (Funny Face) 101. Summertime (Porgy & Bess) 102. Menuet Pour Menuhin (Yehudi Menuhin Violin) 103. Nice Work If You Can Get It (A Damsel In Distress) 104. Embraceable You (Girl Crazy) 105. Looking At You (Wake Up & Dream) 106. Why Do I Love You? (Show Boat) 107. All The Things You Are (Very Warm For May) 108. Crazy Rhythm (Here's Howe) 109. Limehouse Blues (Andre Charlot's London Revue,1924 110. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 111. Tea For Two (No, No, Nanette) 112. Yesterdays (Roberta) 113. My Funny Valentine (Babes In Arms) 114. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Too Many Girls) 115. A Foggy Day (In London Town) (A Damsel In Distress 116. Highgate Village 117. Adelaide Eve 118. Viva Vivaldi 119. Air On A Shoestring 120. The Man I Love (Strike Up The Band) 121. Thou Swell (A Connecticut Yankee) 122. Coucou 201. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (New Faces) 202. Lullaby Of Birdland 203. When The Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' A 204. Skylark 205. Bye, Bye Blackbird 206. Flamingo (Big Top) 207. Dinah (Kid Boots) 208. Rosetta 209. Sweet Sue 210. Once In Love With Amy (Where's Charlie?) 211. Laura 212. Sweet Georgia Brown 213. La Route Du Roi 214. Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain) 215. He Loves & She Loves (Funny Face) 216. Funny Face (Funny Face) 217. They Can't Take That Away From Me (Shall We Dance? 218. They All Laughed (Shall We Dance?) 219. Puttin' On The Ritz (Puttin' On The Ritz) 220. Change Partners (Carefree) 221. Top Hat, White Tie & Tails (Top Hat) 301. The Piccolino (Top Hat) 302. The Way You Look Tonight (Swing Time) 303. The Continental (The Gay Divorcee) 304. The Carioca (Flying Down To Rio) 305. Alison 306. Amanda 307. Winter Set 308. Button Up Your Overcoat (Follow Through) 309. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (Christmas 310. April In Paris (Walk A Little Faster) 311. Autumn In New York 312. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (The International 313. The Things We Did Last Summer 314. Autumn Leaves 315. Giboulees De Mars 316. Automne 317. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (On The Avenue) 318. Heat Wave (As Thousands Cheer) 319. I'll Remember April (Ride 'Em Cowboy) 320. September In The Rain (Melody For Two)


Club Sounds-best Of 2014 - 2840099279

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Club Sounds-best Of 2014


1. Mr. Probz - Waves - Robin Schulz Radio Edit 2. Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) - Radio Edit 3. Faul & Wad Ad Vs. Pnau - Changes - Radio Mix 4. Milky Chance - Stolen Dance - Flic Flac Radio Edit 5. Schulz, Robin & Alligatoah - Willst Du - Radio Mix 6. Alle Farben Feat. Graham Candy - She Moves (Far Aw 7. Route 94 Feat. Jess Glynne / Glynne, Jess - My Lov 8. Klangkarussell - Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) 9. Kalkbrenner, Fritz - Back Home - Radio Edit 10. Zhu - Faded 11. Moby Feat. Damien Jurado - Almost Home - Sebastien 12. Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts - Flicflac Radi 13. Traum:a - Sunny - Radio Edit 14. Mynga Feat. Cosmo Klein - Back Home - Kayliox Remi 15. Secondcity / Kelli-leigh / Bedingfield, Daniel - I 16. Krinkle, Henry - Stay - Justin Martin Remix Radio 17. Henderson, Ella - Ghost - Switch Remix Radio Edit 18. Chapeau Claque & Pretty Pink - Schoner Moment - Pr 19. Spada Feat. Hosie Neal - Feels Like Home (Red Velv 20. Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing - O 21. Heldens, Oliver & Becky Hill - Gecko (Overdrive) 101. Harris, Calvin / Harris, Calvin - Summer 102. Avicii - Addicted To You 103. Tungevaag, Martin - Wicked Wonderland 104. Sigma - Nobody To Love 105. Rida, Flo - How I Feel 106. Paul, Sean - Turn It Up 107. Odell, Tom / Odell, Tom - Another Love - Dimitri V 108. Ora, Rita - I Will Never Let You Down - R3hab Remi 109. Magic! / Nasri - Rude - Zedd Remix 110. Carlprit Feat. Jaicko - Remember To Forget - Micha 111. Legend, John / Legend, John - All Of Me - Tiesto's 112. Michael Mind Project - Show Me Love - Official Fes 113. Psirico & Pitbull - Lepo Lepo - Radio Edit 114. Dj Antoine - Light It Up - Bodybangers Radio Edit 115. Dr. Alban - It's My Life 2014 - Bodybangers Radio 116. Slazy Feat. J-sun - Enemy (Axel F) - Original Edit 117. Jam & Spoon Feat. Rea / Garvey, Rea - Be.angeled - 118. Bodybangers Feat. Victoria Kern & Godfrey Egbon - 119. Dj Shog / Frohlich, Jens - I Lost Myself - Club Ed 120. Style Of Eye Feat. Soso - Kids - Radio Version 121. Bate, Shaun & Sam Walkertone - Alive - Radio Mix 122. Nero, Mike - Falling - Adrima Remix Edit 123. R.i.o. Feat. U-jean - One In A Million - Cj Stone 201. Garrix, Martin & Jay Hardway - Wizard - Radio Edit 202. Dvbbs & Borgeous - Tsunami - Radio Edit 203. Showtek Feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson - Booyah 204. W&w - Bigfoot - Radio Edit 205. Aoki, Steve, Chris Lake & Tujamo Feat. Kid Ink - D 206. The Chainsmokers - No.selfie 207. Hardwell Feat. Matthew Koma / Koma, Matthew - Dare 208. Van Buuren, Armin - Ping Pong - Radio Edit 209. Vegas, Dimitri & Martin Garrix & Like Mike - Tremo 210. Deorro - Yee - Original Mix 211. Tjr & Vinai - Bounce Generation - Radio Edit 212. New World Sound & Thomas Newson - Flute - Clean Ra 213. Bryce - Bounce - Radio Edit 214. Twoloud - I'm Alive - Radio Edit 215. Holmes & Watson - Jump - Ddei & Estate Remix Edit 216. Emanuel, Dave - Azuria - Original Edit 217. Amfree Vs. Ddei & Estate - Highlander (Acid Folk 2 218. Hoxtones - Are You Ready - Ddei & Estate Remix Edi 219. Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr Feat. Beardyman - Eat Sle 220. Tujamo & Plastik Funk Feat. Sneakbo - Dr. Who! - E 221. New World Sound - Cheer Up 222. Sebjak & Jaz Von D - Into The Wild 223. Dj Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What


Once a Marine - 2840801173

127,23 zł

Once a Marine Savas Beatie

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

May 6, 1986: Nick Popaditch arrives at the Receiving Barracks, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California.returncharacterreturncharacterApril 9, 2003: An AP photographer captures a striking image seen around the world of the Gunny Sergeant smoking a victory cigar in his tank, the haunting statue of Saddam Hussein hovering in the background. Popaditch is immortalized forever as "The Cigar Marine."returncharacterreturncharacterApril 6, 2004: The tanker fights heroically in the battle for Fallujah and suffers grievous head wounds that leave him legally blind and partially deaf. The USMC awards him with a Silver Star for his valor and combat innovation.returncharacterreturncharacterApril 18, 2004: "Gunny Pop" comes home to face the toughest fight of his life-a battle to remain the man and Marine he was. This is the central drama of Nick's inspiring memoir, Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery.returncharacterreturncharacterReaders in and out of the military will stand up and cheer for this valiant Marine's Marine, a man who embodies everything noble and proud in the Corps' long tradition. Never has modern mechanized combat seemed so immediate and real, or the fight in Iraq seemed so human and worth believing in.returncharacterreturncharacterAt first, Nick fights to get back to where he was in Iraq-in the cupola of an M1A1 main battle tank, leading Marines in combat at the point of the spear. As the seriousness and permanence of his disabilities become more evident, Nick fights to remain in the Corps in any capacity, to help the brothers in arms he so aches to rejoin. Facing the inevitable following a medical retirement, he battles for rightful recognition and compensation for his permanent disabilities. Throughout his harrowing ordeal, Nick fights to maintain his honor and loyalty, waging all these battles the same way-the Marine way-because anything less would be a betrayal of all he holds dear.returncharacterreturncharacterThe real triumph in Once a Marine is its previously untold, behind-the-scenes tale of the day-to-day life of a career Marine noncommissioned staff officer. In most books and movies, a "Gunny" is little more than a cardboard character. Nick's portrayal is a man complete: a husband and father, as well as a warrior and a molder of young warriors. He reveals himself completely, something no memoirist in his position has ever done before. This includes our very personal introduction to his wife April, whose heroics in the story equal Nick's, together with dozens of others who, as Sgt. Popaditch writes, gave so much, so selflessly and freely, to him. Like the man himself, Once a Marine is full of gratitude and refreshingly free of false bravado and braggadocio.returncharacterreturncharacterAll Americans, of all political persuasions, have a duty to meet this courageous and admirable fighting man, an exemplar of all our military men and women who give so much out of love for their nation. Meeting Gunny Sergeant Popaditch through the pages of his inspirational memoir offers up new reasons to be proud and shoulder our own responsibilities as Americans.returncharacterreturncharacterOnce a Marine will instantly take its place among outstanding combat classics. And once you read this remarkable and uplifting book, The Marine's Hymn will never sound the same.returncharacterreturncharacterFINALIST: The Indie Book Awards, Autobiography / Memoirs 2009returncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacter returncharacterreturncharacter REVIEWS returncharacterreturncharacter" Nick Popaditch's transcendent memoir of military service and its personal consequences should be read by every one of our nation's political leaders-to help them understand the incomparable quality of those who fight on the front lines. Read this inspiring story, recommend it to friends-and send a copy to your member of Congress!"returncharacterreturncharacter- Ralph Peters (Lt. Col., ret.), New York Post columnist and author of Looking For Trouble and Wars Of Blood and Faithreturncharacterreturncharacter"Retired Gunny Sergeant Nick Popaditch's narrative will burn through your heart, and then settle deep in your gut. . . . Readers will shed a tear, and simultaneously burst out with eagle, globe and anchor emotive-pride. That, I guarantee!"returncharacterreturncharacter--Leatherneck Magazine (USMC)returncharacterreturncharacter"America has always been blessed by wonderful, patriotic, and often anonymous men and women who have sacrificed so much in defense of liberty and freedom. Once a Marine, Gunny Sergeant Nick Popaditch's heart-wrenching and inspiring memoir, puts a name and a face on this sacrifice. Every American should read this book to remind them of what these brave warriors of freedom endure on our behalf."- Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.returncharacterreturncharacter"Gunny Popaditch's story is as inspiring as it is dramatic. This wounded warrior suffered grievous injuries - an RPG to the head! - but refused to give up on life, even when his wounds forced him out of the Corps. Once a Marine is a 'must read' story of one of today's real heroes."- Jerry D. Morelock, PhD, Colonel, U. S. Army (Ret.), Editor in Chief, Armchair General returncharacterreturncharacter"Author Gunny Sergeant Nick Popaditch, a Silver Star recipient and the subject of the world-famous AP photo, has penned what must surely be classed as among the best personal memoirs of any combat soldier in recent memory. Once a Marine is an in-your-face blast of raw emotion and realism that will strike a raw nerve and keep you up at night. This autobiography of combat, courage, and recovery should be required reading for every American, young and old, who yearns to grasp the true cost of freedom." returncharacterreturncharacter- Caspar Weinberger Jr., Military and Current Affairs Columnistreturncharacterreturncharacter"A riveting and inspirational story of the consummate professional warrior. It is impossible to read Once a Marine without being proud of our military and grateful that our Nation produces men like Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch."- Michael F. Nugent, Major, US Army (Ret.), co-author of One Continuous Fight: The Retreat From Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863returncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacter"Only a few books leap off the shelves and demand to be read- and "Once a Marine" is one of those few...a spellbinding story...the type of book that the reader will devour in an evening."The Midwest Book Review, 12/2008 returncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacterreturncharacter"Gunny Popaditch's story makes me incredibly proud to have worn the same uniform. Without intending to, Once a Marine articulates life in the modern Marine Corps more clearly than anything I've read. No blindly loyal fanatic, Popaditch candidly acknowledges the bullshit, yet artfully captures the inimitable spirit of camaraderie and commitment that makes the Marine Corps unique. Extraordinarily motivating and compellingly honest book, it made me pine for my own long-finished Marine Corps career."- Jay A. Stout, Lt.Col. USMC (Ret.), author of Hornet's Over Kuwaitreturncharacterreturncharacter"Gunny Pop" Popaditch's courageous memoir of his life in and out of the Marine Corps is intelligently written and imbued with a brazen honesty rarely found elsewhere. His personal courage-and that of his wife, April-gives the term "home of the brave" an entirely new meaning."- Sgt. Michael Volkin, author of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook: Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Surviving Boot Campreturncharacterreturncharacter


The Most Beautiful Accordion Melodies - 2833190306

27,00 zł

The Most Beautiful Accordion Melodies Accord Song

Folk & Ethno

The Most BeautifulAccordion Melodies CD 11. Can't Help Falling In Love(H. Paretti, L. Creatore, G. Weiss)2. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,Terschelling (B. Adams)3. The Smile of a Child,De Glimlach Van Een Kind (A. Hazes)4. Under The Sky of Paris,Sous le ciel de Paris (J. Drejac, H. Giraud, per. By J. Greco)5. You Lied To Me,Je Loog Tegen mij (V. Appeldoorn, C. Peterson)6. A Single,Een Vrijgezel (R.F. Jacobi, B. Neyman)7. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend(W. Holyfield)8. Tulips From Amsterdam(R. Arnie, K. Neumann, E. Bader, E. Franssen, V. Aleda)9. Parisienne a Tirol(folk, arrenged by J. Spranged)10. Treasure Waltz, Roses from the South,Schatywalyer, Rosen aus dem Suden (folk)11. It Is a Night,Het is een Nacht (G. Meeuwis)12. Cry but not for me,Huil maar niet om mij (M. Schreyenberg, E. Hartkamp)13. Good Times Bad Times,Goedde Tijden (H. van Eyck, B. van der Veer)14. All that Can Make a Man Happy,Alles Kan Een Mens Gelukkig Maken (H. Temming, H. Westbroek)15. Tango Caminito(J. de Dios Filiberto, G. Coria Penaloza)16. Tango El Chocio(E.S. Discepolo, C. Marambio Catan, A. Villodo)17. Tango La Cumparsita(G.M. Rodriguez, P. Contursi)18. Jealousy,Jalousie (J.Gade)19. Flower of Love,Fiore di Amore (S. Caltagirone, A. Loppe, E. Lelousong)20. Auld Lang Syne(folk)CD 21. Marina(R. Granta)2. Dance Little Bird(E. Thomas, T. Rendall)3. Comment Ca Va(E. Deheer)4. Amapola(J. Le Calle)5. Julie(D. Popowić, M. Mihaljević)6. On a Train,Per Spoor (kedenge deng) (G. Meeuwis)7. Cheer up,Met de neus Omhoog (J. Poels)8. Come With Me to Rio de Janniero,Kom met mij naar Rio de Janniero9. Come & Dance Tango With Me,Kom Tanz mit Noch einen Tango10. Puppet On a String(P. Coulter, B. Martin)11. Polka Aux Champs(P. A. Sengers, J. Uijthrelst)12. A Kid From Paris,Un Gamin de Paris (A. Mares, M. Micheyl, per. By Yves Montad)13. The Brides of Paris,Les Ponts de Paris (folk, arr. By J. Spranger)14. There Is a Tear,Er Valt Een Traan (H. Williams, J. Hoes)15. On This Side of the Water,Daar Bij die Waterkant (G. Jussenhoven, B. Schlte)16. The Waltz of the Canary,La Valse des Canaris (L. Varlet)17. Feeling Thirsty,On a Soif (Pohlman, Vannick)18. Prestigious,Prestigieuse (J. Darmon, A. Hennebel)19. American Patrol (public domain),String of Pearls (D. Lang),Chattanooga Choo Choo (H. Warren)20. L`accordeoniste(M. Emer, performed by Edith Piaf) ...


Good for Nothing, or All Down Hill, Vol. 2 of 2 (Classic Reprint) - 2844395363

66,96 zł

Good for Nothing, or All Down Hill, Vol. 2 of 2 (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Good for Nothing, or All Down Hill, Vol. 2 of 2 Y over, Gilbert! That's a rum one I' cries a cheery voice behind him, as the little bay horse clears a fallen trunk as high as a fair-sized gate. Forward forward I' adds the Speaker, pointing ahead to a żat verdant glade up which the dogs are stretching at a killing pace, nearing their now żagging game; and John Gordon, gaining a few yards On his friend by a judicious turn, comes up alongside. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Rock - Greatest Ever - 2839444434

47,99 zł

Rock - Greatest Ever Greatest Ever


1. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama 2. Argent - Hold Your Head Up 3. J. Geils Band - Centerfold 4. Thin Lizzy - The Rocker 5. Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog 6. Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You 7. Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy 8. Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself 9. Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You 10. Warrant - Cherry Pie 11. The Guess Who - American Woman 12. Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner 13. Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free 14. Asia - Heat Of The Moment 15. Graham Bonnet - Night Games 16. Uriah Heep - Rainbow Demon 17. Queensryche - Silent Lucidity 18. Rainbow - Stargazer 101. Alice Cooper - Poison 102. Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock 103. The Runaways - Cherry Bomb 104. Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me 105. The Knack - My Sharona 106. Little Angels - Too Much Too Young 107. Judas Priest - Living After Midnight 108. Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' 109. Black Oak Arkansas - Jim Dandy 110. Blackfoot - Morning Dew 111. Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way (Live) 112. Journey - Wheel In The Sky 113. Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way 114. Nazareth - Razamanaz 115. The Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider 116. Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (Till It's 117. Barclay James Harvest - Child Of The Universe 118. Marillion - Kayleigh 119. Styx - Babe 120. L.a. Guns - The Ballad Of Jayne 201. Free - All Right Now 202. Status Quo - Down Down 203. Chris Spedding - Motor Bikin' 204. Rush - The Spirit Of Radio 205. Hanoi Rocks - Up Around The Bend 206. Scorpions - Wind Of Change 207. Bachman-turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothin 208. Night Ranger - (You Can Still) Rock In America 209. The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz 210. Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever 211. Dio - Holy Diver 212. Tesla - Love Song 213. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues 214. Colosseum - The Kettle 215. Iron Butterfly - In-a-gadda-da-vida 216. Nazareth - This Flight Tonight 217. The Velvet Underground & Nico - I'm Waiting For 218. Gary Moore Feat. Phil Lynott - Parisienne Walkwa


Crocheted Animal Hats - 2826821248

79,08 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A follow-up to the bestselling Animal Hats, this title features 15 fun patterns to crochet, suitable for all abilities to make. It includes an illustrated techniques section explaining all the crochet know-how. It features colour photographs and step-by-step instructions to guide the reader along. Spread a little animal magic with these adorable animal hats. Adults and children alike will love this collection of eye-catching hats. Even on the coldest of days, your animal antics will raise smiles and spread some warmth and cheer. Why not knit up a whole menagerie of characters to suit every occasion and mood? At the back of the book the basic crochet techniques are clearly explained, including how to add a lining for extra coziness. Sizes are included for children and adults so all the family can have their own hat. It includes 15 clearly presented crochet patterns plus charts. Patterns include: leopard, owl, parrot, zebra, deer, duck, raccoon and sheep.


Willy Wonka & The. . - 2845969051

39,99 zł

Willy Wonka & The. . HIP-O


1. Main Title (Golden Ticket / Pure Imagination) 2. The Candy Man 3. Charlie's Paper Run 4. Cheer Up, Charlie 5. Lucky Charlie 6. Golden Ticket (I've Got A) 7. Pure Imagination 8. Oompa Loompa 9. The Wondrous Boat Ride 10. Everlasting Gobstoppers / Oompa Loompa 11. The Bubble Machine 12. I Want It Now / Oompa Loompa 13. Wonkamobile, Wonkavision / Oompa Loompa 14. Wonkavator / End Title (Pure Imagination)


Secret Fairy Christmas Handbook - 2842085705

51,66 zł

Secret Fairy Christmas Handbook ORCHARD BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The next exciting title in the popular Secret Fairy Handbook range by well-known illustrator Penny Dann. Open this treasure and enter Blossom's sparkly, festive Christmas world. Blossom is hanging decorations and singing carols - but what's wrong with Nettle? Can Blossom cheer her up in time for the Secret Fairy Christmas party and the decorating of the tree? An enjoyable story in a handbook packed full of gifts and activities to help transform any little girl into a Christmas fairy. Inside you'll find: a mini advent calendar; sparkly pink glitter gel; Secret Fairy Christmas stickers; a party hat; gift tags; stick-on fairy earrings and a Christmas fairy for the top of your tree. The Secret Fairy has become a household name for any family with little girls.


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