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Molecular Astrophysics - 2138985381

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Molecular Astrophysics Cambridge Univeristy Press

Księgarnia / Cambridge University Press / Astrofizyka

Molecular Astrophysics A Volume Honouring Alexander Dalgarno Autor: Edited by T. W. HartquistThis self-contained introduction to molecular astrophysics is suitable as a text for advanced postgraduate courses on interstellar matter. It is an excellent summary of present knowledge and outstanding questions and will be valued by research astrophysicists, physical chemists, atomic and molecular physicists and atmospheric scientists who wish to become familiar with this field. Descriptions are given of the distributions and types of molecules observed in galactic and extragalactic sources, including those in the vicinity of active galactic nuclei. The chemistry of diffuse and dense clouds is also discussed, and chemical reactions in shocks and dynamically evolving clouds are considered. Spis treści: Part I. Molecular Clouds and the Distribution of Molecules in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies: 1. Molecular clouds in the Milky Way P. Friberg and A. Hjalmarson 2. Molecules in galaxies L. Blitz Part II. Diffuse Molecular Clouds: 3. Diffuse cloud chemistry E. F. Van Dishoeck 4. Observations of velocity and density structure in diffuse clouds W. D. Langer 5. Shock chemistry in diffuse clouds T. W. Hartquist, D. R. Flower and G. Pineau des Forets Part III. Quiescent Dense Clouds: 6. Chemical modelling of quiescent dense interstellar clouds T. J. Millar 7. Interstellar grain chemistry V. Buch 8. Large molecules and small grains in astrophysics S. H. Lepp Part IV. Studies of Molecular Processes: 9. Molecular photoabsorption processes K. P. Kirby 10. Interstellar ion chemistry: laboratory studies D. Smith, N. G. Adams and E. E. Ferguson 11. Theoretical considerations on some collisional processes D. R. Bates 12. Collisional excitation processes E. Roueff 13. Neutral reactions at Low and High Temperatures M. M. Graff Part V. Atomic Species in Dense Clouds: 14. Observations of atomic species in dense clouds G. J. Melnick 15. Ultraviolet radiation in molecular clouds W. G. Roberge 16. Cosmic ray induced photodissociation and photoionization of interstellar molecules R. Gredel 17. Chemistry in the molecular cloud Barnard 5 S. B. Charnley and D. A. Williams 18. Molecular cloud structure, motions, and evolution P. C. Myers Part VI. H in Regions of Massive Star Formation: 19. Infrared observations of line emission from molecular hydrogen T. R. Geballe 20. Shocks in dense molecular clouds D. F. Chernoff and C. F. McKee 21. Dissociative shocks D. A. Neufeld 22. Infrared molecular hydrogen emission from interstellar photodissociation regions A. Sternberg Part VII. Molecules Near Stars and in Stellar Ejecta: 23. Masers J. M. Moran 24. Chemistry in the circumstellar envelopes around mass-losing red giants M. Jura 25. Atoms and molecules in supernova 1987a R. McCray Part VIII. Moderately Ionized Gas and Chemistry at Large Redshifts: 26. Charge transfer in astrophysical nebulae G. A. Shields 27. Molecules at early epochs J. H. Black.dla: graduate students, academic researchers isbn9780521017275stron504Data publikacji07/07/2005Paperback247 x 174 mm


Adsorption on and Surface Chemistry of Hydroxyapatite - 2837896320

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Adsorption on and Surface Chemistry of Hydroxyapatite Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Hydroxyapatite is the structural prototype of the main inorganic constituent of bone and teeth and, together with fluorapatite, is also one of the principal minerals in commercial phosphate ores. The adsorption characteristics and surface chemistry of hydroxyapatite are important in understanding the growth, dissolution and adhesion mechanisms of bone and tooth tissues and in elucidating the factors in mineral beneficiation such as floation and flocculation. This volume essentially documents the proceedings of the symposium on the same topic held at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Kansas City, MO, September 12-17, 1982. It includes a few papers which were not presented at the symposium but does not comprise the entire program. This volume provides, on a limited scale, a multidisciplinary overview of current work in the field of adsorptive behavior and surface chemistry of hydroxyapatite and includes certain review articles. There are two papers each on adsorption, adsorption and its effects on crystal growth or dissolution kinetics, effects of electrochemical parameters on solubility and adsorption, and newer physical methods (exoemission and high-resolution NMR) of examining hydroxyapatite surface. There is one paper each on structure modelling of apatite surface based on octacalcium phosphate interface and on biodegradation of sintered hydroxyapatite.


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