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National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs - 2854187170

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National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For anyone who reaches for a bottle of herbal capsules and wonders what's really inside, here is an authoritative, beautiful, useful, and readable book highlighting the world's most important healing herbs and how they address ailments in all body systems, from brain to bones, sinus to stomach. Got a headache? Sip chamomile. Indigestion? Chew fresh ginger. Can't sleep? Sip catnip tea. From head to toe, with every body system in between, this book showcases the world's 72 most effective healing plants, describing their botany and medicinal uses, together with how-to advice and medical cautions. A group of four authors pool their expertise - botany, medicine, history, science - and, body system by body system, highlight which are the most effective herbal remedies currently available and how to use them. Many of them are plants you already know, and all are on sale as capsules, tablets, or tinctures at the pharmacy, supermarket, or health food store. From rosemary and gingko to Echinacea and astragalus, discover time-honoured healing practices and learn what science tells us about how they work. For the curious consumer, the herb and health food devotee and those seeking how-to advice backed up with scientific information about natural healing and herbal remedies.


Neal's Yard Remedies - 2826715064

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Neal's Yard Remedies Dorling Kindersley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The modern answer to the traditional herbal - how to grow, gather, cook and blend your own herbs and remedies. Published in association with "Neal's Yard, Cook, Brew & Blend Your Own Herbs" taps into the healing power of plants, showing how easy it is to grow and use a wide range of safe, effective medicinal herbs at home. Discover how to treat everyday ailments with home-made tinctures and syrups and how to use food as medicine with delicious, seasonal herb-based soups, juices and salads that will calm and heal. Includes an A-Z directory of over 100 herbs with tips on how to source them - whether by growing your own, foraging in the wild or buying from a herbalist. Step-by-steps techniques and illustrations demonstrate how to grow, care for and use herbs, whether you want to make a smoothie to boost immunity or a herbal balm to soothe aching muscles.


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