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Twórcy na służbie W służbie twórczości - 2837478681

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Twórcy na służbie W służbie twórczości

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Seria "Dziennikarze " Twórcy ? Naukowcy" podejmuje niezwykle interesujący temat funkcjonowania wymienionych środowisk w systemie totalitarnym. W zamyśle komunistów środowiska twórcze miały legitymizować system w zamian za przyzwolenie na uprawianie swojego zawodu. Na wszelkie próby łamania dyscypliny ideowej i światopoglądowej władze odpowiadały zdecydowanym sprzeciwem i represjami. Nie oznaczało to, że nie zdawały sobie one sprawy z tego, że ludzie wywodzący się z tych środowisk wymagają innego podejścia, innych bodźców, by w pełni realizować powierzone im zadania. Starały się im to zapewniać poprzez cały system przywilejów i nagród. Z drugiej strony środowiska twórcze poszukiwały swojego miejsca w państwie totalitarnym, z zachowaniem poczucia osobistej wolności. Z czasem ta ich własna przestrzeń zaczęła się poszerzać i znacząco wpływać na postawy twórców wobec władz Polskiej Rzeczpospolitej Ludowej i całego systemu. Nazwa - Twórcy na służbie W służbie twórczości Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - IPN Kod ISBN - 9788376295947 Kod EAN - 9788376295947 Rok wydania - 2013 Język - polski Format - 17.0x25.0cm Ilość stron - 216 Podatek VAT - 5%


The Complete Odes & Welcome Songs - 2839203453

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The Complete Odes & Welcome Songs Hyperion


1. Bonner, Tessa - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 320 2. Symphony 3. Arise, My Muse, & To Thy Tuneful Lyre 4. Ye Sons Of Music Raise Your Voices High 5. Then Soun Your Instruments & Charm The Earth 6. See How The Glitt'ring Ruler Of The Day 7. Hail, Gracious Gloriana, Hail 8. And Since The Time's Distres To Wars'alarms 9. To Quell His Country's Foes 10. But Ah, I See Eusebia Drown'd In Tears 11. But Glory Cries 'Go On 12. Bonner, Tessa - Ode For St. Cecilia's Day Z 339 (W 13. Symphony 14. Welcome To All The Pleasures That Delight 15. Here The Deities Approve 16. While Joys Celestial Their Bright Souls Invade 17. The Lift Up Your Voices, Those Organs Of Nature 18. Beatuy, Thou Scene Of Love 19. In A Consort Of Voices While Instruments Play 20. Bonner, Tessa - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 332 21. Symphony 22. Now Does The Glorious Day Appear 23. Not Any One Such Joy Could Bring 24. This Does Our Fertile Isle With Glory Crown 25. Now Does The Glorious Day Appear 26. It Was A Work Of Full As Great A Weight 27. By Beateous Softness Mixed With Meajesty 28. Her Hero Too, Whose Conduct & Whose Arms 29. Our Dear Religion, With Ouf Law's Defence 30. No More Shall We The Great Eliza Boast 31. Now, Now, With One United Voice 101. Bonner, Tessa - Ode For St. Cecilia's Day Z 328 (H 102. Symphony 103. Hail! Bright Cecilia 104. Hark, Each Tree 105. Tis Nature's Voice 106. Soul Of The World 107. Thou Tun'st This World 108. With That Sublime Celestial Lay 109. Wond'rous Machine 110. The Airy Violin 111. In Vain The Am'rous Flute 112. The Fife & All The Harmony Of War 113. Let These Among All The Harmony Of War 114. Hail! Bright Cecilia 115. Bonner, Tessa - Birthday Ode For The Duke Of Glouc 116. Overture 117. Who Can From Joy Refrain 118. A Prince Of Glorious Race 119. The Father Brave 120. The Graces In His Mother Shine 121. Sound The Trumpet 122. Chacone - If Now He Burns With Noble Flame - The T 201. Bonner, Tessa - Welcome Song For Charles Ii. Z 324 202. Symphony 203. Fly, Bold Rebellion, Make Haste & Be Gone 204. Rivers From Their Channels Turned 205. If Then We've Found The Want Of His Rays 206. But Heaven Has Now Dispelled Those Fears 207. Come Then, Change Your Notes 208. Be Welcome Then, Great Sir 209. Welcome To All Those Wishes Fulfilled 210. Bonner, Tessa - Welcome Song For James Ii. Z 335 ( 211. Symphony 212. Sound The Trumpet, Beat The Drum 213. Crown The Year & Crown The Day 214. Let Caesar & Urania Live 215. What Greater Bliss Can Fate Bestow 216. Chaconne 217. While Caesar Like The Morning Star 218. To Urania & Caesar Delights Without Measure 219. Bonner, Tessa - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 321 220. Symphony 221. Celebrate This Festival 222. Britain Now Thy Ares Beguile 223. Tis Sacred, Bid The Trumpet Cease 224. Let Sullen Discord Smile 225. Crown The Altar, Deck The Shrine 226. Expectet Spring At Last Is Come 227. April, Who Till Now Has Mourned 228. Departing Thus You'll Hear Him Say 229. Happy Realm Beyound Expressing 230. While, For A Righteous Cause He Arms 231. Return, Fond Muse, The Thoughts Of War 232. Kindly Treat Maria's Day 301. Bonner, Tessa - Welcome Song For James Ii. Z 344 ( 302. Symphony 303. Ye Tuenfuls Muses, Raise Your Heads 304. Be Lively Then & Gay 305. In His Just Praise Your Noblest Songs Let Fall 306. From The Rattling Of Drums 307. To Music's Softer But Yet Kind 308. With Him He Brings The Partner Of His Throne 309. Happy In A Mutual Love 310. Whilst In Music & Verse Our Duty We Show 311. Bonner, Tessa - Ode For A Performance At Mr. Maidw 312. Symphony 313. Celestical Music Did The Gods Inspire 314. Her Charming Strains Expel Tormenting Care 315. Thus Virgil's Genius Lov'd The Country Best 316. Whilst Music Did Improve Amphion's Song 317. When Orpheus Sang All Nature Did Rejoice 318. Let Phyllis By Her Voice But Charm The Air 319. Bonner, Tessa - Ode For The Wedding Of Prince Geor 320. Symphony 321. From Hardy Climes & Dangerous Toils Of War 322. As Fame, Great Sir, Before You Ran 323. Wake Then, My Muse, Wakte Instruments & Voice 324. The Sparrow & The Gentle Dove 325. So All The Boons Indulgent Heav'n Desin'd 326. Hence Without Sheme Or Figure To Descry 401. Fisher, Gillian - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 33 402. Symphony 403. Welcome, Welcome, Glorious Morn 404. At Thy Return The Joyful Earth 405. Welcome As When Three Hayyp Kindgoms Strove 406. The Mighty Goddess Of This Walthy Isle 407. Full Of Wonder & Delight 408. And Lo! A Sacred Fury Swell'd Her Breast 409. My Prey'rs Are Heard 410. He To The Filed By Honour Call'd Shall Go 411. Wihilst Undisturg'd This Happy Consort Reigns 412. Sound, All Ye Spheres 413. Fisher, Gillian - Great Parent, Hail To Thee Z 327 414. Symphony 415. Great Parent, Hail! 416. Another Century Commening 417. After War's, Alarms Repeated 418. Awful Matron Take Thy Seat 419. She Was The First Who Did Inspire 420. Succeeding Princes Next Recite 421. But Chiefly Recommend To Fame 422. Thy Royal Patron Sung: Repair 423. With Themes Like These, Ye Sons Of Art 424. Fisher, Gillian - Welcome Song For King Charles II 425. Symphony 426. The Summer's Absence Unconcerned We Beat 427. And Whn Late From Your Throne Heaven's Call You At 428. Ah! Had We, Sir, The Power Of Art 429. Happy While All Her Neighbours Bled 430. So Happily Still You Your Counsels Employ 431. These Had By Thier Ill Usage Drove 432. But These No More Shall Dare Repine 501. Fisher, Gillian - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 33 502. Symphony 503. Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind This Day 504. Those Eyes, That Form, That Lofty Mien 505. Sweetness Of Nature 506. Long May She Reign Over This Isle 507. May Her Blest Example Chase 508. Many Such Days May She Behold 509. May She To Heaven Late Return 510. Fisher, Gillian - Ode For St. Cecilia's Day Z 334 511. Symphony 512. Raise, Raise The Voice 513. The God Himself Says He'll Be Present Here 514. Mark How Readily Each Pliant String 515. Fisher, Gillian - Ode For St. Cecilia's Day Z 329 516. Symphony - Laudate Celiam, In Voce Et Organo 517. Modulemini Psalmum Novum 518. Symphony 519. Dicite Virgini, Canite Martyri 520. Fisher, Gillian - Welcome Song For Charles Ii. Z 3 521. Symphony 522. From Those Serene & Rapturous Joys 523. Behold Th'indulgent Prince Is Come 524. Not With An Helmet Or A Glitt'ring Spear 525. Welcome As Soft Refreshing Show'rs 526. Welcome, More Welcome Does He Come 527. Nor Does The Sun More Comfort Bring 528. With Trumpets & Shouts We Receive The Word'd Won 601. Fisher, Gillian - The Yorkshire Feast Song Z 333 ( 602. Symphony 603. Of Old, When Heroes Thought Ist Base 604. The Bashful Thames, For Beaty So Renown'd 605. The Pale & The Purple Rose 606. And In Each Track Of Glory Since 607. Symphony 608. And Now When The Renown'd Nassau 609. Thy Did No Storms 610. So When The Glitt'ring Queen Of Night 611. Let Music Join 612. Sound Trumpets, Sound! 613. Sound All To Him 614. Fisher, Gillian - Welcome Song For Charles Ii. Z 3 615. Symphony - Swifter, Isis, Swifter Flow 616. Land Him Safely On Her Shore 617. Hark, Hark! Just Now My Listening Ears 618. Welcome Dread Sir, To Town 619. But With So Great Devotion Meet 620. The King Whose Presence Like The Spring 621. Then Since, Sir, From You All Our Blessings Do Flo 622. Fisher, Gillian - Welcome Song For The Duke Of Yor 623. Symphony 624. What Shall Be Done In Behalf Of The Man 625. All The Grandeur He Possesses 626. Mighty Charles, Though Joined With Thee 627. May All Factious Troubles Cease 701. Bonner, Tessa - Birthday Ode For Queen Mary Z 323 702. Symphony 703. Come Ye Sons Of Art 704. Sound The Trumpet, 'Til Around 705. Strike The Viol, Touch The Lute 706. The Day That Such A Blessing Gave 707. Bid The Virtues, Bid The Graces 708. These Are The Sacred Charms That Shield 709. See Nature, Rejoicing, Has Shown Us The Way 710. Bonner, Tessa - Welcome Song For Charles Ii. Z 340 711. Symphony - Welcome, Viceregent Of The Mighty King 712. Ah! Mighty Sir, If You To Such Long Absence Are In 713. But Your Blest Presence Now 714. Your Influous Approach Our Pensive Hope Recalls 715. When The Summer, In His Glory 716. All Loyalty & Honour Be 717. Music The Food Of Love 718. Bonner, Tessa - Welcome Song For King James Z 343 719. Why, Why Are All The Muses Mute 720. When Should Each Soul Exalted Be 721. Britain, Thou Now Art Great 722. Look Up, & To Our Isle Returning See 723. Accurs'd Rebellion Reared His Head 724. Caesar For Milder Virtues Honour'd More 725. The Many-headed Beast Is Quelled At Home 726. In The Equal Balance Laid 727. O How Blest Is The Isle To Which Caesar Is Given


1960 British Hit Parade 1 - 2839317834

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1960 British Hit Parade 1 Fantastic Voyage


1. Cannon, Freddy - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 2. Drifters, The - Dance With Me 3. Holliday, Michael - Starry Eyed 4. Lordan, Jerry - I'll Stay Single 5. Vincent, Gene - Wild Cat 6. Newley, Anthony - Why 7. Little Tony & His Brothers - Too Good 8. Richard, Cliff - Love 9. Crickets, The - When You Ask About Love 10. Forbes, Bill - Too Young 11. Nelson, Ricky - I Wanna Be Loved 12. Bilk, Acker - Summer Set 13. Douglas, Craig - Pretty Blue Eyes 14. Cochran, Eddie - Halelujah, I Love Her So 15. Avalon, Frankie - Why 16. Faith, Adam - Poor Me 17. Richard, Cliff / Shadows, The - A Voice In The Wil 18. Evans, Maureen - The Big Hurt 19. Darin, Bobby - La Mer (Beyond The Sea) 20. Mathis, Johnny - Misty 21. Platters, The - Harbour Lights 22. Vaughan, Frankie - What More Do You Want 23. Robbins, Marty - El Paso 24. Regan, Joan - Happy Anniversary 25. Ford, Emile & Checkmates, The - On A Slow Boat To 26. Presley, Elvis - Anyplace Is Paradise 27. Cole, Nat King - Time & The River 28. Johnson, Mary - You Got What It Takes 29. Fisher, Tony - The Big Hurt 101. Preston, Johnny - Running Bear 102. Everly Brothers, The - Let It Be Me 103. Kidd, Johnny / Pirates, The - You Got What It Take 104. Fortune, Lance - Be Mine 105. Ifield, Frank - Lucky Devil 106. Eddy, Duane - Bonnie Came Back 107. Millis, Garry - Running Bear 108. Anka, Paul - It's Time To Cry 109. Como, Perry - Delaware 110. Lordan, Jerry - Who Could Be Bluer 111. John Barry Seven Plus Four, The - Hit & Miss 112. Scott, Jack - What In The World's Come Over You 113. Bygraves, Max - Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be 114. Lang, Don - Sink The Bismark 115. Faith, Percy - The Theme From A Summer Place 116. Fabian - Hound Dog Man 117. Mackintosh, Ken - No Hiding Place 118. Fury, Billy - Collette 119. Johnson, Bryan - Looking High, High, High 120. Conway, Russ - Royal Event 121. Rydell, Bobby - Wild One 122. Wilde, Marty - Johnny Rocco 123. Dinning, Mark - Teen Angel 124. Vincent, Gene - My Heart 125. Nina & Frederik - Listen To The Ocean 126. Weedon, Bert - Big Beat Boogie 127. Cannon, Freddy - California Here I Come 128. Cannon, Freddy - Indiana 129. Brown, Joe / Bruvvers, The - The Darktown Strutter 130. Jones, Jimmy - Handy Man 131. England Sisters, The - Heartbeat 132. Fats Domino - Country Boy 133. Atkins, Chet - Teensville 201. Johnny & Hurricanes, The - Beatnik Fly 202. Jordan, Dick - Halelujah, I Love Her So 203. Evans, Maureen - Love, Kisses & Heartaches 204. Norrie, Paramor - Theme From A Summer Place 205. Francis, Connie - Valentino 206. Champs, The - Too Much Tequila 207. Peterson, Ray - Answer Me 208. Donegan, Lonnie - My Old Man's A Dustman 209. Mathis, Johnny - You Are Beautiful 210. Newley, Anthony - Do You Mind? 211. Henderson, Joe Mr. Piano - Ooh! La! La! 212. Reevers, Jim - He'll Have To Go 213. Cogan, Shaye - Mean To Me 214. Allan, Richard - As Time Goes By 215. Richard, Cliff / Shadows, The - Fall In Love With 216. Richard, Cliff / Shadows, The - Willie & The Hand 217. Anka, Paul - Puppy Love 218. Dobkins, Carl Jr - Lucky Devil 219. Darin, Bobby - Clementine 220. Santo & Johnny - Teardrop 221. Evans, Paul - Midnite Special 222. Al Martino - Summertime 223. Carroll, Ronnie - Footsteps 224. Bassey, Shirley - With These Hands 225. Presley, Elvis - Stuck On You 226. Presley, Elvis - Fame & Fortune 227. Sinatra, Frank - It's Nice To Go Trav'ling 228. King Brothers, The - Standing On The Corner 229. Lee, Brenda - Sweet Nothin's 301. Everly Brothers, The - Cathy's Clown 302. Faith, Adam - Someone Else's Baby 303. Faith, Adam - Big Time 304. Suzuki, Pat - I Enjoy Being A Girl 305. Sedaka, Neil - Stairway To Heaven 306. Conway, Russ - Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be 307. Holliday, Michael - Skylark 308. Fitzgerald, Ella - Mack The Knife 309. Price, Lloyd - Lady Luck 310. Lawrence, Steve - Footsteps 311. Holly, Buddy - Heartbeat 312. Eddy, Duane - Shazam! 313. Boyer, Jacqueline - Tom Pillibi 314. Preston, Johnny - Cradle Of Love 315. Four Lads, The - Standing On The Corner 316. Cliff Adams Orchestra, The - The Lonely Man Theme 317. Douglas, Craig - Heart Of A Teenage Girl 318. Avalon, Frankie - Don't Throw All Those Teardrops 319. Barry, John - Beat For Beatniks 320. Fortune, Lance - This Love I Have For You 321. Kelly, Keith - (Must You Always) Tease Me 322. Kelly, Keith - Ooh-la-la 323. Johnson, Marv - I Love The Way You Love Me 324. Freberg, Stan - The Old Payola Roll Blues 325. Byrnes, Edd / Stevens, Connie - Kookie Kookie (Len 326. Stevens, Connie - Sixteen Reasons 327. Cannon, Freddy - The Urge 328. Piaf, Edith - Milord 401. Fabulous Flee-rackers, The - Green Jeans 402. Cogan, Emma - Dream Talk 403. Sampson, Dave - Sweet Dreams 404. Cochran, Eddie - Three Steps To Heaven 405. Wilde, Marty - The Fight 406. Bland, Billy - Let The Little Girl Dance 407. Conway, Russ - Lucky Five 408. Crickets, The - More Than I Can Say 409. Crickets, The - Baby My Heart 410. Holly, Buddy - True Love Ways 411. Bobbins, Marty - Big Iron 412. Fury, Billy - That's Love 413. Bryant, Anita - Paper Roses 414. Four Preps, The - Got A Girl 415. Azzan, Bob - Mustapha 416. Ford, Emile / Checkmates, The - You'll Never Know 417. Cole, Nat King - That's You 418. Bruce, Tommy / Bruisers, The - Aint's Misbehavin' 419. Francis, Connie - Mama 420. Francis, Connie - Robot Man 421. Donegan, Lonnie - I Wanna Go Home (The Wreck Of Th 422. Donegan, Lonnie - Jimmie Brown The Newsboy 423. Evans, Maureen - Paper Roses 424. Chakiris, George - Heart Of A Teenage Girl 425. Lordan, Jerry - Sing Like An Angel 426. Bilk, Acker - Goodnight Sweet Prince 427. Masters, Sammy - Rockin' Red Wing 428. Jordan, Dick - Little Christine 429. Scott, Jack - Burning Bridges 501. Cox, Michael - Angela Jones 502. Weedon, Bert - Twelfth Street Rag 503. Lewis, Jerry Lee - Baby, Baby, Bye, Bye 504. Sinatra, Frank - River, Stay 'Way From My Door 505. Jones, Jimmy - Good Timinae 506. Kidd, Johnny / Pirates, The - Shaking' All Over 507. Johnny & Hurricanes, The - Down Yonder 508. Vincent, Gene - Pistol Packin' Mama 509. Davis, Sammy Jr / Mcrae, Carmen - Happy To Make Yo 510. Brothers Four, The - Greenfields 511. Wallace, Jerry - You're Singing Our Love Song To S 512. Black, Jaenne - He'll Have To Stay 513. Boone, Pat - Walking The Floor Over You 514. Anthony, Marke - Why Didn't You Tell Me? 515. Brewer, Teresa - How Do You Know It's Love 516. Steele, Tommy - What A Mouth (What A North & South 517. Beverley Sisters, The - Green Fields 518. Darin, Bobby - Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come H 519. Brown, Jericho - Look For A Star 520. Rydell, Bobby - Swingin' School 521. Conrad, Jess - Cherry Pie 522. Richard, Cliff / Shadows, The - Please Don't Tease 523. Lee, Brenda - I'm Sorry 524. Avons, The - We're Only Young Once 525. Mills, Garry - Look For A Star 526. Lynch, Kenny - Mountain Of Love 527. Faith, Adam - Johnny Comes Marching Home 528. Faith, Adam - Made You 529. Nelson, Ricky - Young Emotions 530. Greco, Buddy - The Lady Is A Tramp 531. Dodd, Ken - Love Is Like A Violin


1950s births - 2840794776

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1950s births Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 157. Chapters: Robert Wolf, Ken Buck, Randal J. Kirk, Sogyal Rinpoche, Johanna Pigott, Jon Butcher, Katrina Leung, Mohammad Munaf, Robert Young, Norton A. Schwartz, Christopher Langan, Ahmad Ismail, Don Zimmerman, Lynda Keane, KC, Jana Bennett, Thomas C. Foley, Alfred Breitman, Paxus Calta, Darrel Aubertine, Brian Curtin, Michael Cooke, Salvatore Naturile, Christine Griffin, Mullah Naqib, Mark Myers, DW Drouillard, Andy Russo, Bob McCurdy, Rob Babcock, Nancy Lynn, Simon Sheppard, Khalid Yasin, Andrew Nori, Betty King, John Dennis, Michael Curtis Reynolds, Abdullah Wardak, Jack Wisdom, Philip E. Sakowitz, Jr., Molly Jugadai Napaltjarri, Steve Tosches, T. M. Stevens, Arthur Griffiths, Jack Palladino, Benny Rousselle, Carlos Alvarez, Ivan Wilzig, Mohammed Daddach, Christopher Erhardt, Sabrina De Sousa, Kendall Stewart, Mickey Harte, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Suzanne Shell, Raymattja Marika, Tim Mathieson, Rudolf Elmer, Al Szolack, Gerard McGinnity, Ken Bones, Huljich brothers, Susanne Gervay, Richard Kessel, Boy in the Box, James Elmer Mitchell, Jamie McCourt, Carolyn Stait, Jack Flannery, Jim Barker, Lyn Lemaire, Mandy Grunwald, Asef Bayat, Nataliya Dmytruk, Glenn A. Fine, Lloyd Morrison, Erroll M. Brown, John Aristotle Phillips, Douglas R. Oberhelman, Kamran Daneshjoo, Anita Lane, Michael Shannon, Walt Anderson, Tony Peluso, Eeben Barlow, Jonathan Evans, Howard David Johnson, Barbara Lifton, Michele McDonald, Connie Ray, Darrell Clanton, Amanda Fritz, Francisco Benante, Robert Kaplow, Pascal Yoadimnadji, Naamah Kelman, Viktor Mokhov, Filipe Nhussi, Ahmad Bourghani, Alastair Campbell, Lord Bracadale, John McLoughlin, Tanya Wilson, Peter Rowell, Arwad al-Boushi, Tony Corrente, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Nicholas Spano, Daniel Bogden, Sara Topelson de Grinberg, Ndyakira Amooti, Andrew Brown, Wong How Man, Neil Aggett, Sitara Achakzai, Hector Sants, Ted Cain, Abdel Latif Moussa, Joan Orie Melvin, Talis J. Colberg, Bruce Allen, Abbas al-Musawi, Richard Tedder, Robyn Few, Campion Platt, Choe Deok-geun, Maureen Fleming, Joseph A. Maturo, Jr., Mike Konopacki, Eloise Baza, Jake King, Martin Jackson, Rafe Stefanini, Luis Oscar Casillas, Thomas P. Foy, Ann Marie Rogers, Roger Verdi, Ricardo Álvarez-Rivón, Aileen Gunther, Hela Yungst, Ziggy the bagman, John Donvan, Julie Dickson, Tahar Douis, Leonardo Chiariglione, John Wilke, Seán Mac Fhionnghaile, Eddie Pearce, Jeff McWaters, Patricia Ben Peterson, Anton O'Toole, Roger Birnbaum, Kenny MacLean, Ibrahim Maiga, Jerome Boger, Sri Bharati Tirtha, Chet Bitterman, Vivian Blake, David Viniar, Tom Kellichan, Mohamed Zahir, Amari Saifi, Harry Kirkpatrick, Chris Foster, Theresa Allore, Farzad Bonyadi, Zhang Xiaoling, Iain Peebles, Lord Bannatyne, Ko Young-hee, Maurizio Vasco, Elizabeth Bouvia, Shad Qadri, Greg Haydenluck, Mark Broadhurst, Mona Blades case, Joseph W. Oxley, Zbig Kepa, Diane Lewis, Sebastian Conran, Al Parish, Mickey MacDonald, Keith Chapman, Goretti Horgan, Noël Martin, Abbas Abdi, Tom Shebbeare, John Charles Thomas, Lena Cymbrowitz, Seán McGinley, Jim McGrath, Bob Garfield, Barbara Pennington, Simon Inglis, Aileen Plant, Juni Fisher, Gene St. Leon, Douglas McGrath, Mary Scullion, Tina Monzon-Palma, Gary Heavin, Judson Gilbert II, Clare Greenwood, Steve Stride, Richard Norland, Marie Jones, Ravi Jagannathan, Amy Myers Jaffe, Maroochy Barambah, Boise Kimber, Steven Brian Pennell, Gary Gorton, Robert Barto, Leslee Unruh, Kofi Aidoo, Lydia Gould, Erkin Bairam, Pablo Moses, N...


American food writers - 2836341546

100,13 zł

American food writers Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 122. Chapters: Amanda Hesser, James Beard, Julia Child, Poppy Z. Brite, Vincent Schiavelli, Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Anthony Bourdain, Rachael Ray, Lucius Beebe, Michael Pollan, Colman Andrews, Susie Fishbein, Robert Carrier, Tom Valenti, Paula Deen, A. J. Liebling, Alton Brown, Jim Harrison, Frances Moore Lappé, Juliette Rossant, Charles H. Baker, Jr., Giada De Laurentiis, Tyler Cowen, Sara Moulton, Seth Roberts, Christine Terhune Herrick, Joanna Pruess, Joshua Ozersky, Jacques Pépin, Joan Nathan, Colette Rossant, Helen Corbitt, Victor Hirtzler, Andrew Zimmern, Jay McInerney, Betty Wason, Ree Drummond, David Rosengarten, R. W. Apple, Jr., Marilyn Kaytor, Deborah Madison, Mildred Grosberg Bellin, David Shalleck, Amy Reiley, Craig Claiborne, Frank Ford, Euell Gibbons, M. F. K. Fisher, Art Smith, Kim Zetter, Karen A. Page, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Andrew Dornenburg, Calvin Trillin, Mary Augusta Dickerson, Giuliano Hazan, Robert Finigan, Fannie Farmer, Justin Wilson, Kit Wohl, Sharon Tyler Herbst, Tyler Florence, Mary Swartz Rose, Steven Raichlen, Pamela Sheldon Johns, Marcel Desaulniers, Nettie McBirney, Karen Hess, Adelma Simmons, Jeff Smith, John Robbins, Ruth Reichl, David Downie, Sheila Lukins, Alan Richman, Dan Barber, Carol Truax, John L. Hess, Jane and Michael Stern, Kim Severson, Michael Ruhlman, Jehangir Mehta, Bryant Terry, James Peterson, Gale Gand, Edward Giobbi, Peg Bracken, Bob Blumer, Clementine Paddleford, Mark Bittman, The Beer Chicks, Sam Choy, George Rector, Adam Ronnie Green, Michael Batterberry, Ed Levine, Sarah Tyson Rorer, Carla Emery, Richard Olney, James Oseland, Sandor Katz, Judith Jones, Jean Anderson, Elizabeth Robins Pennell, Jeffrey Steingarten, Cecily Brownstone, Arlen Gargagliano, Rose Knox, Barbara Halloran Gibbons, Russell Henry Chittenden, Duncan Hines, Lizzie Black Kander, Alfred Portale, Jeremy Parzen, Judith Lynn Ferguson, Sheila Chadwick, Sylvia Schur, Vertamae Grosvenor, Janie Quinn, Stephen Langlois, Nathalie Dupree, Jason Perlow, Linda West Eckhardt, Andrew Carmellini, Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln, Eliza Leslie, Crescent Dragonwagon, Raymond Sokolov, Dave Lieberman, Harold McGee, Najmieh Batmanglij, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Gena Knox, Andrew Knowlton, Poppy Cannon, Robert Farrar Capon, John Thorne, Laurie Colwin, Alex Avery, Pierre Franey, F. Paul Pacult, The Cheese Impresario, David Leite, John T. Edge, Buck Peterson, Jamie Geller, Frank Browning, Tom Fitzmorris, Robin Miller, Sam Zien, Ardie Davis, Paul Levy, Mary Ann Esposito, Georgia Pellegrini, Maida Heatter, Russ Parsons, Three Guys From Miami, Oscar Tschirky, Shirley Corriher, Nick Stellino, Corby Kummer, Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, Irma S. Rombauer, Robert Sietsema, A.J. Rathbun, Howard Mitcham, Joanne Stepaniak, Kim Sunée, Juliet Glass, Meg Hourihan, Alan Wong, Kathleen Flinn, Glenn Lindgren, Chris Perrin, Juliet Corson, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Barbara Albright, Richard Sterling, Andrea Robinson, Lynn Hoffman, Edward Behr, Julee Rosso, Gael Greene, Paula Lambert, Robert Roberts, Robert Wolke, Todd Wilbur, Charlotte Turgeon, Patricia Wells, Marion Cunningham, Howard Hillman, Jennifer Cornbleet, Penny Warner, Maricel Presilla, Bert Greene, Lucy Grace Allen, Monica Bhide, Martha Rose Shulman, Waverley Root, Ernest Matthew Mickler, Rebecca Franklin, John Shields, Jules Harder, Victor Lindlahr, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Anna Pump, L. E. Leone, Maria Parloa, Scott Gold, Betty Fussell. Excerpt: Julia Child (née McWilliams; August 15, 19...


Music For The Hammered. . - 2839454344

92,49 zł

Music For The Hammered. . Nimbus


1. Jenny Lind Polka/johnny Get Your Hair Cut 2. Intrada / Minuet 3. Londonderry Air/the Maid At The Spinning Wheel 4. Nola 5. The High Cauled Cap/polka 6. As I Roved Out/miss Hamilton/christine's Waltz/gentle Maiden 7. The Bells Of St Mary's 8. The Devil's Dream 9. The Enchanted Valley 10. La Belle Katherine/fisher's Hornpipe/swinging On A Gate 11. Norwegian Wood 12. Flowers Of England/the Snowflake 13. Los Ejes De Mi Carretta 14. Starry Night To Ramble/the Perfect Cure/peel The Carrot 15. Take Five


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