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Open Up Your Heart - 2839401266

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Open Up Your Heart Bear Family Records


1. Before You Go 2. Getting Used To Loving You 3. (I Want) No One But You 4. Number One Heel 5. Raz-ma-taz Polka 6. I Betcha Didn't Know 7. No Fool Like An Old Fool 8. If You Want A Love 9. Charlie Brown 10. Steel Guitar Rag 11. Gonna Roll Out The Red Carpet 12. Only You (Can Break My Heart) 13. Country Rag 14. Bile 'Em Cabbage Down 15. Hangin' On To What I Got 16. Someone With No One To Love 17. Buckaroo 18. Faded Love 19. Blue Christmas Tree 20. Because It's Christmas Time 21. All I Want For Christmas Is You 22. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (Daddy Looked A Lot 23. Christmas Ain't Christmas 24. Christmas Time's A-comin' 25. It's Christmas Time For Everyone But Me 26. Here Comes Santa Claus Again 27. Blue Christmas Lights 28. Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach 29. Christmas Morning 30. Jingle Bells 31. We Split The Blanket 32. He Don't Deserve You Anymore 33. Sam's Place 34. Heart Of Glass 35. (I'll Love You) Forever & Ever 36. I'm Layin' It On The Line 101. Waitin' In Your Welfare Line 102. That's What I'm Like Without You 103. There Never Was A Fool 104. In The Palm Of Your Hand 105. After You Leave Me (Remake) 106. A Devil Like Me (Needs An Angel Like You) 107. Cinderella 108. I'll Go To Church Again With Momma 109. Pray Every Day 110. Love's Gonna Live Here 111. Together Again 112. Act Naturally 113. I've Got A Tiger By The Tail 114. My Heart Skips A Beat 115. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) 116. Foolin' Around 117. Before You Go 118. Second Fiddle 119. Under Your Spell Again 120. Don't Let Her Know 121. Together Again 122. Only You (Can Break My Heart) 123. When Jesus Calls All His Children In 124. It Was With Love 125. Would You Be Ready 126. Eternal Vacation 127. Jesus Saved Me 128. Where Would I Be Without Jesus 129. Dust On Mother's Bible 130. Satan's Gotta Get Along Without Me 131. Tom Cattin' (Remake) 132. Cajun Fiddle (Remake) 133. You Made A Monkey Out Of Me 134. Congratulations, You're Absolutely Right 135. You, You, Only You 201. Where Does The Good Times Go 202. Goodbye, Good Luck, God Bless You 203. Cadillac Lane 204. House Of Memories 205. Think Of Me 206. No More Me & You 207. Where Does The Good Times Go 208. Open Up Your Heart 209. The Way That I Love You 210. Rocks In My Head 211. Only You & You Alone 212. Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye 213. What A Liar I Am 214. Your Tender Loving Care 215. Song & Dance 216. If I Had You Back Again 217. The Way That I Love You 218. I'll Be Swingin' Too 219. It Takes A Lot Of Tenderness (It Takes A Lot Of Yo 220. Round Hole Guitar 221. You'll Never Miss The Water (Till The Well Runs Dr 222. Something To Remember You By 223. The Happy-go-lucky Guitar 224. Tumwater Breakdown 225. The Neosho Waltz 226. Steel Guitar Polka 227. Happy Son Of A Gun 228. Seven Come Eleven 229. Out Of My Mind 230. I'm Gonna Live It Up 231. If I Knew 232. Everybody Needs Somebody 233. I've Got It Bad For You 234. You Left Her Lonely Too Long 235. That's How I Measure My Love For You 301. Heartbreak Mountain 302. It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me) 303. Kern County Breakdown 304. My Baby's Comin' Home 305. Chicken Pickin' 306. Free & Easy 307. Tom's Waltz 308. Buckersfield Breakdown 309. Love's Gonna Come A-knockin' 310. I'm A-comin' Back Home To You 311. Apple Jack 312. Foolish Notion 313. Night Time Is Cry Time 314. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone 315. Swingin' Doors 316. Long, Long Ago 317. Sing A Happy Song 318. Let The World Keep On A Turnin' 319. The Girl On Sugar Pie Lane 320. We Were Made For Each Other 321. Happy Times Are Here Again 322. Sweet Rosie Jones 323. The Heartaches Have Just Started 324. Your Mother's Prayer 325. That Sunday Feeling 326. Hurtin' Like I've Never Hurt Before 327. You'll Never Miss The Water (Till The Well Runs Dr 328. There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made 329. If I Had Three Wishes 330. Hello California 331. Highway Man 332. I Can't Stop My Loving You 333. Chapparal 334. You Bring Out The Best In Me 401. I'm Coming Back Home To Stay 402. The Waltz Of The Roses 403. Pedal Patter 404. Down On The Bayou 405. Pretty Girl 406. Sad Is The Lonely 407. Rattle Traps 408. Leave Me Something To Remember You By 409. That's All Right With Me (If It's All Right With Y 410. Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus 411. Hello Happiness, Goodbye Loneliness 412. Don't Let True Love Slip Away 413. The Great Judgment Day 414. Sally, Mary & Jerry 415. In God I Trust 416. Buckaroo Polka 417. All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy 418. Christmas Shopping 419. One Of Everything You Got 420. Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas 421. The Jolly Christmas Polka 422. Let The World Keep On A Turnin' 423. I'll Love You Forever & Ever 424. A Very Merry Christmas 425. Christmas Time Is Near 426. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day 427. Christmas Schottische 428. Home On Christmas Day 429. Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours 430. It's Not What You Give 431. You Let Me Down 432. Woman Truck Drivin' Fool 433. I Got A Letter From Home 434. Pitty Pitty Patter 435. I'm Goin' Back Home Where I Belong 501. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch 502. Tracy's Waltz 503. Runnin' Short 504. Louisiana Waltz 505. Saturday Night 506. Spanish Moonlight 507. Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians) 508. Guitar Fandango 509. Things I Saw At The Fountain On The Plaza When I W 510. The Gaucho Came Riding 511. Mexican Jumping Bean 512. Turkish Holiday 513. I've Got You On My Mind Again 514. I Wanna Be Wild & Free 515. Where Has Our Love Gone? 516. I Ain't A Gonna Be Treated This A Way 517. Darlin' You Can Depend On Me 518. Jesus, Jesus, Hold Me 519. Sing That Kind Of Song 520. Love Is Me 521. Hurry, Come Running Back To Me 522. Alabama, Louisiana, Or Maybe Tennessee 523. Greensleeves 524. Gathering Dust 525. The Price I'll Have To Pay 526. Aw Heck 527. Keep On Your Keepin' On 528. Bad Luck & Bad Weather 529. Anywhere U.s.a. 530. Tim-buck-too 531. Georgia Peach 532. Highland Fling 533. Moonlight On The Desert 534. March Of The Mcgregor 535. Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass 536. We're Gonna Get Together 601. White Satin Bed 602. In The Middle Of A Teardrop 603. You Can't Make Nothin' Out Of That But Love 604. I Would Do Anything For You 605. Maybe If I Close My Eyes (It Will Go Away) 606. Across This Town & Gone 607. Where Does The Good Times Go (Take 9) 608. Where Does The Good Times Go (Take 8b) 609. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone (Take 5a) 610. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone (Take 9a) 611. That's All Right With Me (If It's All Right With Y 612. Darlin' You Can Depend On Me (Take 2) 613. Cadillac Lane (Take 1) 614. Cadillac Lane (Take 2) 615. Cadillac Lane (Take 3) 616. Cadillac Lane (Take 4) 617. Cadillac Lane (Take 5) 618. Cadillac Lane (Take 6) 619. Cadillac Lane (Take 7) 620. Cadillac Lane (Take 8) 621. Cadillac Lane (Take 9) 622. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 1) 623. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 2) 624. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 3) 625. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 4) 626. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 5) 627. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 6) 628. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 7) 629. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 8) 630. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 9) 631. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 10) 632. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 11) 633. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 12) 634. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 13) 635. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 14) 636. Happy Son Of A Gun (Take 15) 637. Toys For Tots (Take 3) 638. Toys For Tots (Take 6)


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


L - O - V - E - 2839417144

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L - O - V - E Bear Family Records


1. The Continental 2. I Wish You Love 3. You Leave Me Breathles 4. Thou Swell 5. My Kinda Love 6. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top 7. Where Or When (Instrumental) 8. Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch ...) 9. Joe Turner's Blues 10. Mr. Cole Won't Rock & Roll 11. Introduction 12. Wild Is Love 13. Wild Is Love 14. Hundreds & Thousands Of Girls 15. It's A Beautiful Evening 16. Tell Her In The Morning 17. Are You Disenchanted? 18. Pick-up 19. Beggar For The Blues 20. World Of No Return 21. In Love Again 22. Stay With It 23. Wouldn't You Know 24. He Who Hesitates 25. Wild Is Love (Reprise) 101. Steady 102. My Love-1 103. Magic Night 104. Is It Better To Have Loved & Lost? 105. Someone To Tell It Too 106. Baby Blue 107. When It's Summer 108. You Are Mine 109. Away In A Manger 110. I Saw Three Ships 111. Silent Night 112. The First Noel 113. Joy To The World 114. Deck The Halls 115. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 116. Adeste Fideles 1 117. Adeste Fideles 2 118. O Tannenbaum 119. A Cradle In Bethlehem 120. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 121. Caroling, Caroling/o Holy Night 122. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 123. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) 124. Buon Natale Means (Merry Christmas To You) 125. The Happiest Christmas Tree 126. Toys For Tots (Marine Corps Release) 201. If I Knew 202. I Remember You 203. Sunday, Monday Or Always 204. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 205. My Need For You 206. Poinciana 207. The Touch Of Your Lips 208. You're Mine, You! 209. Illusion 210. Funny (Not Much) 211. Not So Long Ago 212. Only Forever 213. Lights Out 214. It's Only A Paper Moon 215. Sweet Lorraine 216. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 217. Straighten Up & Fly Right 218. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 219. Embraceable You 220. Answer Me My Love 221. Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 222. Smile 223. Pretend 301. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 302. Ballerina (Dance, Ballerina, Dance) 303. The Sand & The Sea 304. A Blossom Fell 305. Nature Boy 306. Too Young 307. Somewhere Along The Way 308. Unforgettable 309. Mona Lisa 310. Send For Me 311. If I May-1 312. Looking Back 313. Goodnight Little Leaguer 314. Take A Fool's Advice 315. The First Baseball Game 316. Because You Love Me 317. Make It Last 318. Capuccina 319. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) 320. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) (With 321. Chorus) 322. Love 323. I Heard You Cried Last Night 324. Orange Colored Sky 325. To The Ends Of The Earth 326. Non Dimenticar 327. Blue Gardenia 328. Night Lights 329. Calypso Blues 330. I Am In Love 331. Lush Life 401. Ebony Rhapsody 402. Day In, Day Out 403. Too Little, Too Late 404. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street 405. Cold, Cold Heart 406. Let's Face The Music & Dance 407. Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You 408. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself... 409. The Rules Of The Road 410. Warm & Willing 411. Bidin' My Time 412. Moon Love 413. Azure-te 414. A Beautiful Friendship 415. Everything Happens To Me 416. Pick Yourself Up 417. September Song 418. Let There Be Love 419. I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good 420. Serenata 421. The Game Of Love 422. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) 423. Guess I'll Go Back Home 424. I'm Lost 425. Don't Go 426. There's A Lull In My Life 427. Lost April 501. Twilight On The Trail 502. He'll Have To Go 503. Step Right Up 504. Magic Moment 505. The Right Things To Say 506. Look No Further 507. La Feria De Las Flores 508. Guadalajara 509. La Golondrina (The Swallow) 510. Tres Palabras (Withut You) 511. Piel Canela 512. Solamente Una Vez (You Belong To My Heart) 513. Las Chiapanecas (While There's Music, ...) 514. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) 515. Adios Mariquita Linda (Adios & Farewell...) 516. No Me Platiques 517. Aqui Se Habla En Amor (Love Is Spoken Here) 518. A Media Luz 519. Dear Lonely Hearts 520. Ramblin' Rose 521. Nothing Goes Up Without Coming Down 522. The Good Times 523. Who's Next In Line? 524. When You're Smiling 525. Wolverton Mountain 526. One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart 527. Skip To My Lou 528. Sing Another Song (And We'll All Go Home) 529. Your Cheatin' Heart 530. Goodnight, Irene, Goodnight 531. I Don't Want It That Way 601. Farewell To Arms 602. Happy New Year 603. When The World Was Young 604. Spring Is Here 605. No, I Don't Want Her 606. Say It Isn't So 607. Am I Blue? 608. Laughing On The Outside 609. I Keep Going Back To Joe's 610. The End Of A Love Affair 611. That's All There Is 612. Someone To Tell It To 613. If Love Ain't There 614. Where Did Everyone Go? 615. Miss You 616. Oh How I Miss You Tonight 617. All Over The World 618. Lonesome & Sorry 619. My First & Only Lover 620. Near You 621. Why Should I Cry Over You? 622. Yearning 623. All By Myself 624. It's A Lonesome Old Town 625. Misery Loves Company 701. In The Cool Of The Day 702. Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer 703. Felicia 704. You'll See 705. Mr. Wishing Well 706. On The Sidewalks Of New York 707. Get Out & Get Under The Moon 708. After The Ball Is Over 709. There Is A Tavern In The Town 710. On A Bicycle Built For Two 711. In The Good Old Summertime 712. That Sunday, That Summer 713. Our Old Home Town 714. Don't Forget 715. You Tell Me Your Dream 716. That's What They Meant 717. Wouldn't It Be Loverly? 718. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 719. I Could Have Danced All Night 720. With A Little Bit Of Luck 721. You Did It 722. Show Me 723. I'm An Ordinary Man 724. Hymn To Him 725. Get Me To The Church On Time 726. The Rain In Spain 727. On The Street Where You Live 801. Silver Bird 802. My True Carrie Love 803. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore 804. A Rag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair 805. People 806. Let Me Tell You, Babe 807. Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes 808. You're Crying On My Shoulder 809. Was That The Human Thing To Do? 810. Only Yesterday 811. Road To Nowhere 812. Go, If You're Going 813. I'm Alone Because I Love You 814. Don't You Remember? 815. I'm All Cried Out 816. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow 817. You're My Everything 818. L-o-v-e 819. Wanderlust 820. Marnie 821. More & More Of Your Amore 822. The Ballad Of Cat Ballou 823. They Can't Make Her Cry 824. How I'd Love To Love You 825. Coquette (Little Coquette) 901. More 902. Your Love 903. My Kind Of Girl 904. Thanks To You 905. There's Love 906. Swiss Retreat 907. The Girl From Ipanema 908. Three Little Words 909. No Other Heart 910. Je Ne Repartirai Pas (French Version) 911. Les Feuilles Mortes (French Version) 912. Le Bonheur C'est Quand On S'aime (French) 913. Crois-moi Ca Durera (French Version) 914. Passing By (French Version) 915. L-o-v-e (Italian Version) 916. Tu Sei Cosi Amabile (Italian Version) 917. Amor (Spanish Version) 918. Tu Eres Tan Amable (Spanish Version) 919. Muetterlein (German Version) 920. L-o-v-e (German Version) 921. L-o-v-e (Japanese Version) 922. Kareha (Japanese Version) 1001. Magic Night 1002. Is It Better To Have Loved & Lost? 1003. Baby Blue 1004. When It's Summer 1005. You Are Mine 1006. If I Knew 1007. Looking Back 1008. Take A Fool's Advice 1009. Because You Love Me 1010. Make It Last 1011. Capuccina 1012. Let True Love Begin (Let's Begin Again) 1013. Magic Moment 1014. Farewell To Arms 1015. Happy New Year 1016. Felicia 1017. You'll See 1018. Mr. Wishing Well 1019. Silver Bird 1020. People 1021. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (Japanese) 1022. Let Me Tell You, Babe 1023. Marnie 1024. No Other Heart 1025. Unforgettable 1026. Felicia 1027. A Rag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair 1028. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow 1029. Song Of Raintree Country


Lay Some Happiness On Me - 2839417996

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Lay Some Happiness On Me Bear Family Records


1. Come Running Back 2. Shades 3. One Lonely Boy 4. Terrible, Tangled Web 5. Don't Let The Blues Make You Bad 6. Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You) 7. I'm Living In Two Worlds 8. Today Is Not The Day 9. A Million And One 10. A Marshmallow World 11. Nobody's Baby Again 12. It Just Happened That Way 13. White Christmas 14. Winter Wonderland 15. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 16. Jingle Bells 17. The Things We Did Last Summer 18. Blue Christmas 19. Silent Night 20. I'll Be Home For Christmas 21. Silver Bells 22. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 23. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home 24. If I Had You 25. I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face 26. It's The Talk Of The Town 27. Just Friends 28. S'posin' 29. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry 30. Home 31. I'm Not The Marrying Kind 32. Thirty More Miles To San Diego 101. (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In 102. Pride 103. You've Still Got A Place In My Heart 104. Sweet, Sweet, Lovable You 105. Think About Me 106. Lay Some Happiness On Me 107. He's Got You 108. If I Ever Get Back To Georgia 109. Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me 110. Turn To Me 111. Release Me 112. I Can't Help Remembering You 113. The Green Green Grass Of Home 114. A Place In The Shade 115. Wallpaper Roses 116. Things 117. You've Still Got A Place In My Heart 118. Five Card Stud 119. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 120. Gentle On My Mind 121. Rainbows Are Back In Style 122. Honey 123. That's When I See The Blues 124. Welcome To My Heart 125. Drowning In My Tears 126. Not Enough Indians 127. That Old Time Feelin' 128. April Again 201. Crying Time 202. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am 203. If You Ever Get Around To Loving Me 204. One Cup Of Happiness (And One Piece Of Mind) 205. Little Green Apples 206. Do You Believe This Town 207. Where The Blue And Lonely Go 208. Make It Rain 209. The Sneaky Little Side On Me 210. The Sun Is Shining (On Everybody But Me) 211. Down Home 212. For The Love Of A Woman 213. The Tracks Of My Tears 214. Come On Down 215. Make The World Go Away 216. Together Again 217. Detroit City 218. Once A Day 219. Heart Over Mind 220. Turn The World Around 221. Here We Go Again 222. The Tips Of My Fingers 223. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin' 224. My Woman, My Woman, My Wife 225. Invisible Tears 226. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head 227. For Once In My Life 301. Raining In My Heart 302. Sweetheart 303. Georgia Sunshine 304. A Perfect Mountain 305. Marry Me 306. For The Good Times 307. She's A Little Bit Country 308. The Right Kind Of Woman 309. I Don't Know What I'm Doing 310. The Small Exception Of Me 311. Party Dolls And Wine 312. Blue Memories 313. I Can Give You What You Want Now 314. Kiss The World Goodbye 315. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere 316. Guess Who 317. What's Yesterday 318. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World 319. Smile 320. When The Red, Red Robin Comes 321. Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along 322. Ramblin' Rose 323. Get On With Your Livin' 324. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 325. It's A Good Day 326. At Sundown 327. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) 328. Almost Like Being In Love 329. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 330. Amor Mio 401. Gimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya, Huh) 402. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home 403. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) 404. I Don't Know Why 405. Free To Carry On 406. Tie A Yellow Ribbon ('round The Old Oak Tree) 407. You Better Move On 408. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 409. Twilight On The Trail 410. Love Thy Neighbor 411. Whithout A Word Of Warning 412. That Old Gang Of Mine 413. If I Had You 414. It's Magic 415. I Cried For You 416. The Day You Came Along 417. Only Forever 418. Once In A While 419. My First Country Song (& Conway Twitty) 420. Love Put A Song In My Heart 421. Old Bones 422. Drinking Champagne 423. Everybody's Had The Blues (& Merle Haggard) 424. Don't Give Up On Me 425. Shoulder To Shoulder 426. Since I Met You Baby 427. In Love Up To My Heart 428. Hangin' Around 501. La Is My Home 502. A Wonderful Time-soundtrack Version 503. I'm Not The Marrying Kind-soundtrack Version 504. Five Card Stud-soundtrack Version 1 505. Five Card Stud-soundtrack Version 2 506. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Lett 507. Come Live With Me 508. Smoke 509. Bidin' My Time 510. Radio Spots


The Three Bells - 2839413314

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The Three Bells Bear Family Records


1. Rio De Janeiro 2. Looking Back To See 3. Itsy Witsy Bitsy Me 4. Why Am I Falling 5. Draggin' Main Street 6. Your Love Is As Wild As The West Wind 7. Cool Green 8. Do Memories Haunt Me 9. It's Love I Guess 10. I'm Your Man, I'm Your Gal 11. Set The Dawgs On 'Em 12. Jungle Magic 13. You Thought, I Thought 14. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow 15. The Grass Is Green 16. Lookin' On 17. I Take The Chance 18. I Can't See For Lookin' 19. I'm In Heaven 20. Goo Goo Dada 21. Just As Long As You Love Me 22. Getting Used To Being Lonely 23. A Man With A Plan 24. (Just As Lot Of) Sweet Talk 25. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles 26. The Last Thing That I Want 27. Preview Of The Blues 28. My Isle Of Golden Dreams 29. I'm In Heaven 30. I Guess I'm Crazy 31. Sky Princess 32. I'll Hold You In My Heart 101. How Can It Be Imagination 102. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing 103. It Takes A Long, Long Train With A Red Caboose 104. Don't Use The Word Lightly 105. Waltz Of The Angels 106. The Table Next To Me 107. Money 108. You'll Always Be In My Heart 109. Behave Yourself, Jose 110. Just In Time 111. The Man In The Moon 112. Ain't No Way In This World 113. Crazy Dreams 114. True Love Goes For Beyond 115. Only One Way To Love You 116. Be My Love 117. Land Of Golden Dreams 118. Love Is In Season 119. Would You Care? 120. The Trot 121. Beyond The Shadow 122. This Time I Would Know 123. The Three Bells 124. Wake Up Jonah 125. Be My Love 126. Heaven Fell Last Night 127. Your Pretty Blue Eyes 128. Unchained Melody 129. Indian Love Call 130. Blues Stay Away From Me 131. Dream On (She'll Break Your Heart) 132. Where Did The Sunshine Go? 133. We Should Be Together 201. Bye Bye Love 202. I Still Do 203. Only The Lonely 204. Hi De Ank Tum 205. Love Me Tender 206. Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes 207. Blue Bells Ring 208. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) 209. Red Sails In The Sunset 210. That's My Desire 211. That Little Boy Of Mine 212. Halfway To Heaven 213. Teen-ex 214. Oh My Papa 215. Margo (The Ninth Of May) 216. Cool Water 217. True Love 218. The Enchanted Sea 219. The Old Lamplighter 220. Billy Mccoy 221. Am I That Easy To Forget? 222. The Whiffenpoof Songt 223. Streamlined Cannonball 224. My Adobe Hacienda 225. Pledge Of Love 226. Wabash Blues 227. Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone) 228. Margo (The Ninth Of May) 229. Chandelier Of Stars 230. Eternally 231. Brighten The Corner Where You Are 232. The Blue Skirt Waltz 233. Have You Ever Been Lonely 301. Lonely Little Robin 302. The Wayward Wind 303. The Old Village Choir 304. High Noon 305. Lavender Blue 306. Blues In My Heart 307. Chandlier Of Stars 308. The Whiffenpoof Song 309. Blue Christmas 310. This Land Is Your Land 311. In The Pines 312. Brighten The Corner Where You Are 313. Greenwillow Christmas 314. Remember Me 315. The Twelfth Of Never 316. Nevada 317. Where I Was (When We Became Strangers) 318. You're So Much A Part Of Me 319. Revenge 320. The Bandit 321. Send Me The Pillow 322. You Dream On 323. Down In The Valley 324. Shenandoah 325. Columbus Stockade Blues 326. Clementine 327. Poor Wayfaring Stranger 328. Ground Hog 329. Poor Wildwood Flower 330. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet 331. John B. Sails 332. My Pretty Quadroon 333. Down On The Old Plantation 401. My Babay's Gone 402. Alpha And Omega 403. Foolish Pride 404. Angle's Dolly 405. Alpha And Omega 406. My Baby's Gone 407. Whispering Wine 408. Remember Me 409. Lord I'm Coming Home 410. How Great Thou Art 411. Child Of The King 412. Just As I Am 413. The Church In The Wildwood 414. An Evening Prayer 415. In The Garden 416. Whispering Hope 417. When They Ring Those Golden Bells 418. Where No One Stands Alone 419. My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast 420. Faith Unlocks The Door 421. It's Just A Little Heartache 422. No Love At All 423. Buttons And Bows 424. The Old Master Painter 425. They Call The Wind Maria 426. Forty Shades Of Green 427. Is It Make Believe 428. Everlasting 429. The Twelfth Rose 430. Watching My World Fall Apart 431. Oh No 432. Dear Teresa 501. The Rhumba Boogie 502. The Great Speckled Bird 503. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes 504. Sugarfoot Rag 505. Fair And Tender Ladies 506. Tragic Romance 507. Four Walls 508. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 509. Mansion On The Hill 510. Wondering 511. Mommy Please Stay Home With Me 512. Looking Back To See 513. Anna 514. Pirogue 515. The Happy Fool 516. The Grass Is Red 517. Circuit Ridin' Preacher 518. Halfbreed 519. The Young Land 520. The Gun, The Gold, The Girl 521. Mister And Mississippi 522. Blowin' In The Wind 523. Tobacco Road 524. Then I'll Stop Loving You 525. You're Easy To Remember 526. I Know My Place 527. My Baby Doesn't Love Me Anymore 528. Love Didn't Pass Me By 529. The Outskirts Of Town 530. Tangled Web 531. My Destiny 532. Johnny, I Hardly Knew You 601. Three Hearts In A Tangle 602. I Take The Chance 603. Everybody's Darlin' Plus Mine 604. Meadowgreen 605. One Take Away One 606. No Sad Songs For Me 607. I Feel Like Crying 608. The Big Blizzard 609. Watch The Roses Grow 610. A Little Too Much To Dream 611. Little Boy Blue 612. Maybe Tomorrow 613. I Can Stand It (As Long As You Can) 614. Gone 615. This Heart Of Mine (Can Never Say Goodbye) 616. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 617. Yesterday's Gone 618. You Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree 619. Two Of A Kind 620. Springtime 621. When I Stop Dreaming 622. Too Soon To Know 623. Now I Can Live Again 624. I Will Bring You Water 625. June Is As Cold As December 626. I'd Just Be Fool Enough 627. Maker Of Raindrops And Roses 628. Making Plans 629. Born To Be With You 630. A Million Miles From Nowhere 631. Bid Daddy 701. Where Does A Little Tear Come From 702. Coming Back To You 703. (I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love 704. Gigawackem 705. Rhythm Of The Rain 706. Greener Pastures 707. After Losing You 708. The Tip Of My Fingers 709. Four Strong Winds 710. Sorry I Never Knew You 711. The Old County Church 712. They Tore The Old Country Church Down 713. Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet 714. He Will Set Your Fields On Fire 715. The Night Watch 716. When I Lift Up My Head 717. Taller Than Trees 718. The Mocking Bird 719. Jezebel 720. A Rusty Old Halo 721. The Weapon Of Prayer 722. I Hear It Now 723. Ride, Ride, Ride 724. Country Boy's Dream 725. All Of Me Belongs To You 726. Where Does The Good Times Go 727. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive 728. Once 729. Walk Through This World With Me 730. Happy Tracks 731. Misty Blue 732. If The Whole World Stopped Lovin'


And The Sunny Mountain Bo - 2839424382

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And The Sunny Mountain Bo Bear Family Records


1. Save It! Save It! 2. Chalk Up Another One 3. I Pulled A Boo Boo 4. They Didn't Know The Difference (But I Did) 5. 20/20 Vision 6. That's How I Can Count On You 7. Before The Sun Goes Down 8. Skip, Hop & Wobble 9. You'll Be A Lost Ball 10. Hit Parade Of Love 11. Grand Ole Opry Song 12. I'm The Boss (Of This Here House) 13. Dog Bite Your Hide 14. I'll Drink No More Wine 15. Ocean Of Diamonds 16. Sophronie 17. I'll Never Take No For An Answer 18. Rock Hearts 19. I Like To Hear Em Preach It 20. Voice Of My Savior 21. Night 22. It's Not Like Home 23. She's Left Me Again 24. Hold Whatcha Got 25. Bear Tracks 26. Cripple Creek 27. In Foggy Old London 28. The Joke's On You 29. Wooden Shoes 30. Home Run Man 31. Who'll Sing For Me 101. God Is Always The Same 102. All The Good Times Are Past & Gone 103. You Don't Know My Mind 104. Homesick 105. Old Fashioned Christmas 106. Hi-de Diddle 107. Don't Cry To Me 108. My Walking Shoes 109. Hold To God's Unchanging Hands 110. Undo What's Been Done 111. Deep River 112. What Was I Supposed To Do 113. I Can, I Will, I Do Believe 114. There Was A Love 115. Poor Little Bull Frog 116. Steppin' Stones 117. There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm ... 118. Little Angels In Heaven 119. Pretending I Don't Care 120. Leavin' Town 121. Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler 122. God Guide Our Leader's Hand 123. Train 45 124. Mr. Engineer 125. This World Is Not My Home 126. Drink Up & Go Home 127. Lord I'm Coming Home 128. Goodbye 129. Pray The Clouds Away 130. Give Me The Roses Now 201. Prayer Bell Of Heaven 202. Give Me Your Hand 203. Stormy Waters 204. What Would You Give In Exchange 205. Shut-in's Prayer 206. A Beautiful Life 207. Little White Church 208. The Old Man's Drunk Again 209. Moonshine Hollow 210. Hey Lonesome 211. Tennessee 212. Widow Maker 213. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes 214. Red River Valley 215. John Henry 216. Truck Driving Man 217. There's More Pretty Girls Than One 218. Six Days On The Road 219. Truck Driver's Queen 220. I'd Rather Have America 221. Little Robin 222. There's Better Times A'coming 223. 20/20 Vision 224. Guitar Picking President 225. It Takes One To Know One 226. Sunny Side Of The Mountain 227. Snow White Grave 228. Poor Ellen Smith 229. Shenandoah Waltz 301. I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When 302. In The Pines 303. The Last Song 304. Sweet Dixie 305. Wild Indian 306. Run Boy Run 307. Theme Time 308. Orange Blossom Special 309. I Can't Quit Cigarettes 310. Lost Highway 311. The Good Things Out Weigh The Bad 312. The Summer's Come & Gone 313. Fraulein 314. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) 315. Tennessee Waltz 316. Little Maggie, She's So Sweet 317. Big Country 318. Red Rooster 319. Crow On The Banjo 320. You Are My Sunshine 321. Going Up Dry Branch 322. Living Like A Fool 323. Union County 324. Uptown Blues 325. Goin' Ape (Over You) 326. Steal Away Somewhere & Die 327. Freeborn Man 328. Losing You 401. Just An Old Standby 402. Slowly 403. Lonesome Prison Blues 404. Shackles & Chains 405. Doin' My Time 406. Milwaukee Here I Come 407. Arab Bounce 408. Homesick 409. (I've Got My) Future On Ice 410. Midnight Rambler 411. Between Fire & Water 412. Singing All Day & Dinner On The Ground 413. Lift Your Eyes To Jesus 414. Shake Hands With Mother Again 415. When The Savior Reached Down For Me 416. Help Thy Brother 417. My Lord Keeps A Record 418. I'd Like To Be Sixteen Again 419. I Cried Again 420. Chattanooga Dog 421. Mary Ann 422. I Buried My Future 423. Just Plain Yellow 424. Fly Me To Frisco 425. Grave Upon The Green Hillside 426. Lost To A Stranger 427. Beautiful Brown Eyes 428. You Are My Sunshine


The Golden Age Of - 2839421483

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The Golden Age Of JASMINE


1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon 2. Tu-li-tulip Time 3. Lullaby To A Little Jitterbug 4. Hold Tight, Hold Tight 5. The Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) 6. Well, All Right 7. Yodelin' Jive (With Bing Crosby) 8. Say Si Si 9. The Woodpecker Song 10. Ferryboat Serenade 11. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar 12. Scrub Me Mama, With A Boogie Beat 13. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 14. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time 15. Aurora 16. The Shrine Of St. Cecilia 17. Three Little Sisters 18. Strip Polka 19. Pistol Packin' Mama (With Bing Crosby) 20. Victory Polka (With Bing Crosby) 21. Shoo-shoo Baby 22. Straighten Up & Fly Right 23. Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby? 24. (There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Town Of... 25. Don't Fence Me In (With Bing Crosby) 101. Rum & Coca-cola 102. Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive (W. B. Crosby) 103. The Three Caballeros (With Bing Crosby) 104. Along The Navajo Trail (W. Bing Crosby) 105. The Blond Sailor 106. Money Is The Root Of All Evil 107. South America Take It Away (W. Bing Crosby) 108. Rumours Are Flying 109. Christmas Island 110. Tallahassee (With Bing Crosby) 111. Near You 112. The Lady From 29 Palms 113. Civilisation - Bong, Bongo...(w. Danny Kaye) 114. Toolie Oolie Doolie 115. Underneath The Arches 116. You Call Everybody Darling 117. I Can Dream, Can't I? 118. Quicksilver (With Bing Crosby) 119. I Wanna Be Loved 120. Sparrow In The Treetop (With Bing Crosby) 121. Rhumboogie 122. I Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much) 123. Chico's Love Song 124. Jealous 125. Says My Heart 201. Tuexedo Junction 202. Lily Belle 203. Tica-ti, Tica-ta 204. A Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Gal) 205. You're A Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith 206. Stars Are The Windows Of Heaven 207. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers 208. Jing-a-ling, Jing-a-ling 209. Rancho Pillow 210. Hohokus, N.j. 211. Beatin', Bangin', 'N Scratchin' 212. Jack Of All Trades 213. Atlanta G.a. 214. Coax Me A Little Bit 215. There'll Be A Jubilee 216. Put 'Em In Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon 217. Avocado 218. I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love.. 219. I've Just Got To Get Out Of The Habit 220. Yipsee-i-o (With Carmen Miranda) 221. Underneath The Linden Tree 222. I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded 223. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! 224. How Many Times? 301. Run, Run, Run 302. Great Day (With Dick Haymes) 303. Them That Has, Gets 304. Old Don Juan 305. The Money Song 306. For All We Know 307. Clancy Lowered The Boom! (With Dan Dailey) 308. Satins & Lace (With Red Foley) 309. Don't Blame Me 310. A Man Is Brother To A Mule 311. What Did I Do? (With Dick Haymes) 312. Fuys & Dolls 313. The Mambo Man 314. I'll Pray For You 315. Sing, Sing, Sing 316. Piccolo Pete 317. How Lucky You Are 318. Lying In The Hay 319. The Windmill Song 320. The Bride & Groom Polka 321. East Of The Sun 322. Wunderbar (With Dick Haymes) 323. The Wedding Of Lilli Marlene 324. Zing Zing, Zoom Zoom 325. Six Jerks In A Jeep 326. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone.)


Vintage Years - Boxset - - 2839366701

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Vintage Years - Boxset - Ace Records


1. 3 O'clock Blues 2. You Know I Love You 3. Woke Up This Morning 4. Please Love Me 5. Blind Love 6. You Upset Me Baby 7. Every Day I Have The Blues 8. Ten Long Years 9. Crying Won't Help You 10. Did You Ever Love A Woman 11. Bad Luck 12. Sweet Little Angel 13. Why I Sing The Blues 14. Worry, Worry 15. Sweet Sixteen (Parts 1 & 2) 16. My Own Fault, Darlin' (Aka It's My Fault) 17. Good Man Gone Bad 18. I'll Survive 19. Walking Dr. Bill 20. You're Breaking My Heart 21. Gonna Miss You Around Here 22. Down-hearted (How Blue Can You Get?) 23. Ain't Nobody's Business 24. Rock Me Baby 101. B.b. Boogie 102. Mistreated Woman 103. The Other Night Blues 104. Walkin' & Cryin' 105. My Baby's Gone 106. Don't You Want A Man Like Me 107. She's Dynamite 108. B.b. Boogie 109. A New Day Of Driving 110. Questionnaire Blues 111. Hard Working Woman 112. She's A Mean Woman 113. Pray For You 114. That Ain't The Way To Do It 115. She Don't Move Me No More 116. Fine Looking Woman 117. My Own Fault, Darlin' (Aka It's My Fault) 118. Shake It Up & Go 119. Gotta Find My Baby 120. Someday, Somewhere 121. You Didn't Want Me 122. Story From My Heart & Soul 123. Boogie Woogie Woman 124. Highway Bound 125. Neighborhood Affair 126. Why Did You Leave Me 127. Praying To The Lord 128. Please Help Me 201. Medley (Love You Baby / Take A Swing With Me) 202. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer 203. The Woman I Love 204. Everything I Do Is Wrong 205. Whole Lotta Love 206. Boogie Rock Aka House Rocker 207. Dark Is The Night (Part 1) 208. Dark Is The Night (Part 2) 209. Let's Do The Boogie 210. Sweet Little Angel 211. Confessin' The Blues 212. Baby, Look At You 213. You Don't Know 214. Be Careful With A Fool 215. Recession Blues 216. Days Of Old 217. You Know I Go For You 218. Don't Look Now, But I've Got The Blues 219. Sweet Thing 220. I've Got Papers On You, Baby 221. Tomorrow Is Another Day 222. Sneakin' Around 223. Please Accept My Love 224. Early In The Morning 225. On My Word Of Honor 226. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 227. Why Not 228. Precious Lord 301. I'm King 302. Baby Please Don't Go 303. Mean Old Frisco 304. I've Got A Right (To Love My Baby) 305. Fishin' After Me / Catfish Blues 306. Partin' Time 307. Bad Luck Soul 308. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now 309. Get Out Of Here 310. Hold That Train 311. Bad Case Of Love 312. Let Me Love You 313. Mashed Potato Twist 314. Got 'Em Bad 315. Christmas Celebration 316. Down Now 317. Beautician Blues 318. The Worst Thing In My Life 319. Blue Shadows 320. It's A Mean World 321. Five Long Years 322. Make Me Blue 323. Blues Stay Away From Me 324. Long Gone Baby 325. The Jungle 326. That Evil Child


Nashville Was The Roughes - 2839413329

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Nashville Was The Roughes Bear Family Records


1. King Of A Lonely Castle 2. Someone Waiting For You 3. To Make A Long Story Short 4. I Never Cared For You 5. You Left Me A Long, Long Time Ago 6. I Feel That Old Feeling 7. King Og A Lonely Castle 8. Pretty Paper 9. What A Merry Christmas This Could Be 10. Healing Hands Of Time 11. Talk To Me 12. Whisky Walzer 13. Little Darling 14. Permanently Lonely 15. Healing Hands Of Time 16. Ashamed 17. She's Not For You 18. Are You Sure 19. Night Life 20. Mr. Record Man 21. Funny How Time Slips Away 22. My Own Peculiar Way 23. On Day At A Time 24. It Should Be Easier Now 25. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth 26. Buddy 27. Hello Walls 28. So Much To Do 29. Within Your Crowd 30. Cd2 Did I Ever Love You 31. And So Will You My Love 32. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 33. Down To Our Last Goodbye 34. Fraulein 35. I Love You Because 36. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows 37. Making Believe 38. Home In San Antone 39. Don't You Ever Get Tired 40. Columbus Stockade Blues 41. Seasons Of My Heart 42. Heartaches By The Number 43. Go On Home 44. My Window Faces The South 45. San Antonio Rose 46. I'm Still Not Over You 47. He Sits At My Table 48. A Wonderful Yesterday 49. The Party's Over 50. One In A Row 51. Make Way For A Better Man 52. Did I Ever Love You 53. And So Will You My Love 54. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 55. Down To Our Last Goodbye 56. A Wonderful Yesterday 57. The Party's Over 58. One In A Row 59. Make Way For A Better Man 60. Cd3 Have I Stayed Away Too Long 61. Some Other World 62. If It's Wrong To Love You 63. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 64. You Made Me Live, Love And Die 65. Born To Lose 66. What Now My Love 67. Lovin' Lies 68. Teach Me To Forget 69. Tender Years 70. A Mansion On The Hill 71. Something To Think About 72. Blackjack County Chain 73. Don't Say Love Or Nothing 74. You Ought To Hear Me Cry 75. I Don't Feel Anything 76. Hold Me Tighter 77. I'll Stay Around 78. A Moment Isn't Very Long 79. The Ghost 80. No Tomorrow In Sight 81. There Goes A Man 82. Go Away 83. Once Alone 84. The End Of Understanding 85. To Make A Long Story Short 86. Suffer In Silence 87. Truth Number One 88. When I Don't Have You 89. Cd4 Someday You'll Call My Name 90. Wild Memories 91. December Day 92. Pages 93. Little Things 94. Good Times 95. She's Still Gone 96. Sweet Memories 97. Johnny One Time 98. Jimmy's Road


Rca Albums Collection - 2839323988

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Rca Albums Collection RCA


1. Ten Little Indians 2. 1941 3. Cuddly Toy 4. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune 5. You Can't Do That 6. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend 7. She's Leaving Home 8. There Will Never Be 9. Without Her 10. Freckles 11. It's Been So Long 12. River Deep, Mountain High 13. Ten Little Indians - Mono 14. 1941 - Mono 15. Cuddly Toy - Mono 16. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune - Mono 17. You Can't Do That - Mono 18. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend - Mono 19. She's Leaving Home - Mono 20. There Will Never Be - Mono 21. Without Her - Mono 22. Freckles - Mono 23. It's Been So Long - Mono 24. River Deep, Mountain High - Mono 101. Daddy's Song 102. Good Old Desk 103. Don't Leave Me 104. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song 105. Little Cowboy 106. Together 107. Everybody's Talkin' (From 'Midnight Cowboy') 108. I Said Goodbye To Me 109. Little Cowboy 110. Mr. Tinker 111. One 112. The Wailing Of The Willow 113. Bath 114. Daddy's Song - Mono 115. Good Old Desk - Mono 116. Don't Leave Me - Mono 117. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song - Mono 118. Little Cowboy - Mono 119. Together - Mono 120. Everybody's Talkin' (From 'Midnight Cowboy') - Mon 121. I Said Goodbye To Me - Mono 122. Little Cowboy - Mono 123. Mr. Tinker - Mono 124. One - Mono 125. The Wailing Of The Willow - Mono 126. Bath - Mono 127. Aerial Ballet Radio Spot 201. The Puppy Song 202. Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore 203. Open Your Window 204. Mother Nature's Son 205. Fairfax Rag 206. City Life 207. Mournin' Glory Story 208. Maybe 209. Marchin' Down Broadway 210. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City 211. Rainmaker 212. Mr. Bojangles 213. Simon Smith & The Amazing Dancing Bear 214. I Will Take You There - Single Mix 215. Waiting - From The Motion Picture 'Jenny' An Abc P 216. Rainmaker - Single Mix 217. Mourning Glory 218. Garbage Can Ballet - Alternate Version 219. Harry Radio Spot 220. Vista Radio Spots - June 1969 301. Vine Street 302. Love Story (You & Me) 303. Yellow Man 304. Caroline 305. Cowboy 306. The Beehive State 307. I'll Be Home 308. Living Without You 309. Dayton Ohio 1903 310. So Long Dad 311. Snow - Alternate Version 312. Love Story (You & Me) - Alternate Version 313. Cowboy - Alternate Version 314. I'll Be Home - Alternate Version 315. Living Without You - Alternate Version 401. Everything's Got 'Em 402. The Town - Narration 403. Me & My Arrow 404. The Game - Narration 405. Poli High 406. The Trial & Banishment - Narration 407. Think About Your Troubles 408. The Pointed Man - Narration 409. Life Line 410. The Birds - Narration 411. P.o.v. Waltz 412. The Clearing In The Woods - Narration 413. Are You Sleeping? 414. Oblio's Return - Narration 415. Think About Your Troubles 416. Life Line 417. Down To The Valley - Alternate Mix With Extended E 418. I'll Never Leave You 419. The Point Travel Brochure Radio Spot With Bill Mar 501. Introduction 502. 1941 503. Daddy's Song 504. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song 505. Good Old Desk 506. Everybody's Talkin' 507. Bath 508. River Deep - Mountain High 509. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend 510. Don't Leave Me 511. Without Her 512. Together 513. One 514. Closing 515. You Can't Do That - Alternate Version 516. It's Been So Long - Italian Version 517. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend - Italian Version 518. Without Her - Italian Version 519. Cuddly Toy - Italian Version 520. You Can't Do That - Italian Version 521. Bbc Saturday Club Introduction - Brian Matthew 522. 1941 - Live On Bbc's 'Saturday Club' 523. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song - Live On Bbc's 'Satu 524. Nilsson Talks With Brian Matthew - Live On Bbc's ' 525. Together - Live On Bbc's 'Saturday Club' 526. Good Old Desk - Live On Bbc's 'Saturday Club' 527. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet - Radio Spot July 1971 601. Gotta Get Up - Remastered 2004 602. Driving Along - Remastered 2004 603. Early In The Morning - Remastered 2004 604. The Moonbeam Song 605. Down - Remastered 2004 606. Without You - Remastered 2004 607. Coconut - Remastered 2004 608. Let The Good Times Roll - Remastered 2004 609. Jump Into The Fire - Remastered 2004 610. I'll Never Leave You - Remastered 2004 611. Si No Estas Tu - Spanish Version Of 'Without You' 612. How Can I Be Sure Of You 613. The Moonbeam Song - Demo 614. Lamaze 615. Old Forgotten Soldier 616. Gotta Get Up - Alternate 617. Nilsson Schmilsson Radio Spots 701. Take 54 702. Remember (Christmas) 703. Joy 704. Turn On Your Radio 705. You're Breakin' My Heart 706. Spaceman 707. The Lottery Song 708. At My Front Door 709. Ambush 710. I'd Rather Be Dead 711. The Most Beautiful World In The World 712. What's Your Sign? 713. Take 54 - Alternate 714. Campo De Encino 715. Daybreak - Single Version 716. It Had To Be You / I'd Rather Be Dead 717. It Had To Be You 718. I'd Rather Be Dead 719. Son Of Scmilsson - Radio Spot 801. Lazy Moon 802. For Me & My Gal 803. It Had To Be You 804. Always 805. Makin' Whoopee! 806. You Made Me Love You 807. Lullaby In Ragtime 808. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 809. What'll I Do 810. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) 811. This Is All I Ask 812. As Time Goes By 813. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 814. Make Believe 815. Trust In Me 816. It's Only A Paper Moon 817. Thanks For The Memory 818. Over The Rainbow 901. Many Rivers To Cross 902. Subterranean Homesick Blues 903. Don't Forget Me 904. All My Life 905. Old Forgotten Soldier 906. Save The Last Dance For Me 907. Mucho Mungo / Mt. Elga 908. Loop De Loop 909. Black Sails 910. Rock Around The Clock 911. Down By The Sea 912. The Flying Saucer Song 913. Turn Out The Light 914. Save The Last Dance For Me - Alternate Version 915. Don't Forget Me - Alternate 916. Black Sails - Alternate 917. Pussy Cats Radio Spots With Eddie Lawrence 1001. Jesus Christ You're Tall 1002. It's A Jungle Out There 1003. Down By The Sea 1004. Kojak Columbo 1005. Easier For Me - 1994 Remastered 1006. Turn Out The Light 1007. Salmon Falls 1008. Puget Sound 1009. What's Your Sign? 1010. Home 1011. Good For God 1012. Goin' Down - Alternate 1101. I'll Take A Tango 1102. Something True 1103. Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left For Everybody 1104. The Ivy Covered Walls 1105. (Thursday) Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today 1106. The Flying Saucer Song 1107. How To Write A Song 1108. Jesus Christ You're Tall 1109. Will She Miss Me 1110. A Tree Out In The Yard (Central Park) 1201. That Is All 1202. Just One Look / Baby I'm Yours 1203. Just One Look 1204. Baby I'm Yours 1205. Moonshine Bandit 1206. I Need You 1207. A Thousand Miles Away 1208. Sail Away 1209. She Sits Down On Me 1210. Daylight 1211. Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back) 1212. That Is All - Reprise 1213. ...that's The Way It Is Radio Spot 1301. All I Think About Is You 1302. I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely 1303. Who Done It? 1304. Lean On Me 1305. Goin' Down 1306. Old Bones 1307. Sweet Surrender 1308. Blanket For A Sail 1309. Laughin' Man 1310. Perfect Day - 1994 Remastered 1311. Ain't It Kinda Wonderful 1312. Sweet Lorraine 1313. Shuffle Off To Buffalo 1314. Ballin' The Jack 1315. All I Think About Is You - Demo 1316. Knnillsson Radio Spot 1401. 1941 - Demo 1402. World - Demo 1403. Signs - Demo 1404. Cuddly Toy - Demo 1405. This Could Be The Night - Demo 1406. As I Wander Lonely 1407. The Family 1408. Miss Butter's Lament 1409. Mr. Tinker - Alternate Version 1410. Leggenda 1411. Sister Marie - Stereo Remix 1412. She Wandered Through The Garden Fence 1413. One - Alternate Version 1414. I Said Goodbye To Me - Alternate Version 1415. Searchin' 1416. She's Just Laughing At Me 1417. Together - Alternate Version 1418. Bath - Alternate Version 1501. You Are Here 1502. The Cast & Crew 1503. Garbage Can Ballet 1504. I Will Take You There 1505. Girlfriend 1506. Wasting My Time - Alternate Mix 1507. Rainmaker - Alternate Version 1508. Open Your Window - Alternate Take 1509. Postcard 1510. Think About Your Troubles - Alternate Version 1511. Marry Me A Little 1512. Ballin' The Jack 1513. Gotta Get Up - Demo 1514. Down To The Valley - Single Mix 1515. Buy My Album 1516. Joy - Alternate Version 1517. Blackbird 1518. Paradise 1519. Lucille 1520. Early In The Morning - Alternate Version 1601. Walk Right Back 1602. Jump Into The Fire - Alternate Version 1603. Isolation 1604. Without You - Demo 1605. Driving Along - Demo 1606. Gotta Get Up - Demo 1607. Coconut - Demo 1608. Old Forgotten Soldier - Alternate Demo 1609. Down - Demo 1610. The Moonbeam Song - Demo 1611. Jump Into The Fire - Single Version 1612. Per Chi (Without You) - Italian Version 1613. Joy - Guitar Version Demo 1614. Joy - Piano Version Demo 1615. You Made Me Love You 1616. Lullaby In Ragtime 1617. Always 1618. It Had To Be You 1619. I Want You To Sit On My Face 1620. A Souvenir - Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon


Dad's Army - 2827064683

40,32 zł

Dad's Army Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The best jokes, gags and scenes from a true British comedy classic. 'They don't like it up 'em!' 'People shout the "Don't tell him, Pike!" line at me regularly - and I didn't even say it!' Philip Madoc. In the annals of British television, no finer example of classic comedy exists than in the shape of Dad's Army, the Home Guard-based sitcom written by veteran writers Jimmy Perry and David Croft. Although they penned many other sterling programmes, including Hi-De-Hi! and the underrated You Rang, M'Lord?, they'll forever be remembered for their brilliant wartime comedy spotlighting the antics of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard, led by the irascible and pompous Captain Mainwaring. Between 1968 and '77, nine series and three Christmas Specials - totalling 80 instalments - were screened, much to the delight of the millions of fans who tuned in; but the show's popularity has continued unabated and even today, four decades since the platoon marched onto the scene, it remains one of the golden offerings from the sitcom genre. With the 40th anniversary of Dad's Army in 2008, what better time to celebrate the magic of this show. The Best of British Comedy - Dad's Army includes: / The History: an overview of how Dad's Army was born and developed / Gags and Catchphrases: a collection of classic quotes from the programme / Did You Know?: snippets of info about the show, cast, etc. / Favourite scenes: the most memorable scenes in full / A Dad's Army quiz Episode: 'Something Nasty in the Vault' Mainwaring and Wilson are stuck in the bank's strong room. There has been an air raid and they've ended up holding an unexploded bomb. Pike arrives. Pike: Uncle Arthur? Wilson: Oh, what it is, Frank? Pike: Do you think I ought to phone mum and tell her you're holding a bomb? Wilson: No! Pike: But she might get cross if she found out that you'd been holding a bomb and she wasn't told about it.


Celine Dion - 2826784490

131,52 zł

Celine Dion Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 125. Chapters: Celine Dion albums, Celine Dion concert tours, Celine Dion songs, God Bless America, I Drove All Night, Celine Dion singles discography, Taking Chances Tour, Celine Dion albums discography, My Heart Will Go On, Falling into You, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, Let's Talk About Love, Let's Talk About Love Tour, A New Day Has Come, A New Day..., The Power of Love, Falling into You Tour, These Are Special Times, D'eux, The Colour of My Love, The Colour of My Love Tour, List of Celine Dion songs, One Heart, List of awards received by Celine Dion, All by Myself, D'elles, At Last, You've Got a Friend, Miracle, I'm Your Angel, Because You Loved Me, S'il suffisait d'aimer, When I Fall in Love, Celine Dion Tour, Unison, Pour que tu m'aimes encore, That's the Way It Is, 1 fille & 4 types, Dion chante Plamondon, The Prayer, Tell Him, Alone, I'm Alive, Think Twice, To Love You More, Beauty and the Beast, Tommy Mottola, D'eux Tour, Love Can Move Mountains, If You Asked Me To, When I Need You, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Immortality, Incognito, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, René Angélil, A World to Believe In, Misled, Unison Tour, Sous le vent, Where Does My Heart Beat Now, Goodbye's, Je sais pas, Calling You, I Want You to Need Me, L'amour existe encore, You Shook Me All Night Long, I Believe in You, Tout l'or des hommes, Et s'il n'en restait qu'une, Only One Road, Tellement j'ai d'amour..., The Reason, Have You Ever Been in Love, Je ne vous oublie pas, Treat Her Like a Lady, Eyes on Me, Nothing Broken But My Heart, Ne partez pas sans moi, (If There Was) Any Other Way, Incognito tournée, You and I, Zora sourit, Mélanie, Call the Man, Tous les secrets, D'amour ou d'amitié, La voix du bon Dieu, Les chemins de ma maison, Tout prčs du bonheur, Beautiful Boy, Les chemins de ma maison tournée, The Last to Know, Un garçon pas comme les autres, C'est pour toi tournée, Send Me a Lover, Et je t'aime encore, The Power of the Dream, Céline Dion chante Noël, Water from the Moon, That's Just the Woman in Me, Chants et contes de Noël, Did You Give Enough Love, Then You Look at Me, Be the Man, On ne change pas, Have a Heart, Foolish Lullaby, Immensité, If Walls Could Talk, A cause, Les derniers seront les premiers, On s'est aimé ŕ cause, J'irai oů tu iras, J'attendais, In Some Small Way, Je danse dans ma tęte, Contre nature, Ma Nouvelle-France, Mon ami m'a quittée, Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You, Des mots qui sonnent, Just Walk Away, Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi, Une colombe, Ce n'était qu'un ręve, I Hate You Then I Love You, Le ballet, Plus haut que moi, Faith, Miles to Go, Dans un autre monde, Dans la main d'un magicien, Lolita, Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime, Fais ce que tu voudras, Je lui dirai, Don't Save It All for Christmas Day, Délivre-moi, Next Plane Out, Voler, La ballade de Michel, Stand by Your Side, Destin, Je ne veux pas, En attendant ses pas, Le temps qui compte, List of Celine Dion concert tours, Love Lights the World, On traverse un miroir, Mon ręve de toujours, Je crois toi, D'abord, c'est quoi l'amour?, Comme un coeur froid, Les yeux de la faim, Make You Happy, Thérčse Dion, C'est pour vivre, La religieuse, L'amour viendra, Ne me plaignez pas, Un enfant, Vois comme c'est beau, Jours de fičvre, Dreamin' of You, L'univers a besoin d'amour, Un amour pour moi, Billy. Excerpt: Céline Marie Claudette Dion, CC, OQ, (French pronunciation: ; born March 30, 1968), is a ...


1 $, Monety na szczęście - Podkówka, 2010 - 1373091699

249,00 zł

1 $, Monety na szczęście - Podkówka, 2010 Mennica Polska: Numizmatyka

Kategorie > Srebrne i złote monety świata

Seria: "Monety na szczęście" "Lucky coins" series   Emitent: Niue Island Producent: Mennica Polska S. A. Stan zachowania monety: I (menniczy) Nominał: 1 dolar (1 $, ang. 1 dollar) Srebro: Ag 925 Stempel: lustrzany Zdobienie: wstawka (kapsułka ze srebrną podkówką) Wymiary: 41 mm Waga: 28,28 g Wielkość emisji: 10.000 szt. Data emisji: 5.11.2010 r. Projektant: Dobrochna Surajewska W zestawie: srebrna moneta kolekcjonerska w kapsule ochronnej, dwujęzyczny certyfikat autentyczności Mennicy Polskiej Podkówka - niskonakładowa, srebrna moneta kolekcjonerska - pierwsza z urzekającej tematyką serii "Monety na szczęście". Ponadczasowy i niebanalny upominek na szczęście dla bliskiej Ci osoby. GOOD LUCK! Srebrna moneta na szczęście! Symbole szczęścia - czterolistna koniczyna i biedronka siedmiokropka Srebrna moneta kolekcjonerska - Podkowa:  Po raz pierwszy w historii Mennicy Polskiej - moneta z zastosowaną wewnątrz krążka przezroczystą kapsułą z umieszczonym wewnątrz oryginalnym, srebrnym elementem - podkówką, będącą atrybutem szczęścia i pomyślności. Na rewersie w tle wizerunki koniczynek, w centralnej części monety trzy podkówki. Niepowtarzalny prezent dla bliskiej osoby, której chcemy podarować odrobinę szczęścia. Doskonała moneta dla każdego kolekcjonera, zainteresowanego innowacyjnymi rozwiązaniami i technologiami menniczymi. Do każdej monety dołączony jest certyfikat autentyczności, będący gwarancją najwyższej jakości i kunsztu Mennicy Polskiej. Gdyby spytać przeciętnego człowieka, czy jest przesądny, zapewne odruchowo zaprzeczy. Mimo tego większość z nas od czasu do czasu rozgląda się za czterolistną koniczynką, a w portfelu nosi szczęśliwą monetę lub łuskę karpia. Nie ma się czego wstydzić! Rozmaite amulety i talizmany towarzyszą ludzkości od zarania dziejów. W wykopaliskach z czasów neolitycznych przedmioty, które miały przynieść posiadaczowi pomyślność, znajduje się niemal równie często, co narzędzia codziennego użytku. Symbol szczęścia - królik Przez tysiąclecia zmieniły się tradycje, obyczaje, czy wierzenia, ale wiara w magiczną moc przedmiotów trwa niemal niezmieniona. Podkowa, szczęśliwa moneta, łuska karpia, figurka słonia, pierścienie, piramidki, kamienie szlachetne, muszle, magiczne kule - takimi przedmiotami ludzie otaczają się i dzisiaj. Może i nie jesteśmy przesądni, ale


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