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Classroom Teachers' Use of Sheltering Strategies - 2835642672

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Classroom Teachers' Use of Sheltering Strategies Scholars Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The number of English language learners (ELLs) attending schools in the United States is increasing rapidly. In contrast, the number of teacher preservice education programs that specifically train teachers to teach ELLs is increasing more slowly. As a result of this disparity between the number of students and number of trained teachers, school systems must find methods to prepare classroom teachers to provide appropriate and effective instruction for ELLs. A school system in North Carolina has addressed the shortage of trained teachers by mandating professional development in the use of the sheltering instructional strategies that comprise The SIOP Model (Echevarria, Vogt, & Short, 2008). This book will discuss the perceptions of a group of third through fifth-grade teachers in one school regarding their use of sheltering strategies and the factors that facilitate and/or hinder their use of these instructional strategies in their classrooms. Their perceptions should provide valuable insights to educational professionals in preservice education programs, district and school administrators, classroom teachers, and English as a Second Language coordinators and teachers.


Language Use in the Two-Way Classroom - 2844168494

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Language Use in the Two-Way Classroom MULTILINGUAL MATTERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Based on an extended ethnographic study of a dual language (Spanish-English) Kindergarten, this book takes a critical look at children's linguistic (and non-linguistic) interactions and the ways that teaching design can help or hinder language development. With a focus on official Spanish timeA", it explores the particular challenges of supporting the minority language use as well as the teacher's strategies for doing so. In bilingual classrooms, teachers' goals include bilingualism as well as academic achievement for all. The children may share these interests, but have their own agendas as well. This book explores the linguistic and social interactions that may help, or hinder, these multiple and sometimes conflicting agendas. How can teachers design educational practice that takes into consideration broader forces of language hegemony as well as children's immediate interests?


Educational Psychology Classroom Update Preparing for PRAXIS - 2212841439

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Educational Psychology Classroom Update Preparing for PRAXIS McGraw-Hill

Nauki humanistyczne

Written by the author of highly effective psychology texts relied upon by thousands of teachers and students, this text shows future teachers how to put theory into practice. It reflects the voices of todayĹźs teachers and students, and includes numerous case studies to help pre-service teachers understand how to apply educational psychology. The Classroom Update enriches Educational Psychology with a wealth of new applied resources: a video library for students that includes "Expert Advice" interviews with experts in the field; "Video Lectures" expanding content covered in the text; "Video Observations" showing K-12 classrooms; and "Teaching Experience" interviews with K-12 teachers. Also new to the update are specific strategies offered by K-12 teachers, "Theory into Practice" modules that allow students to study and apply key theories, and "Enter the Debate" questions regarding controversial, thought-provoking issues. A PRAXISĹź II (Principles of Learning and Teaching) study guide is now available as a print supplement or in electronic form on the Student Toolbox CD-ROM. Video Enhancements: Each chapter in the updated edition is supported by new video segments on the Student Toolbox CD packaged free with every new copy of the text. These segments are designed to show readers the relevance of theory to their future teaching lives:"Expert Advice": These interviews with nationally and internationally recognized scholars address the most important areas of research in each chapter and help students focus on key material. "Teaching Experience": In these segments, actual teachers explain how they apply the crucial theories and concepts presented in each chapter to their classrooms and to their interactions with students. "Video Observations": These segments depict students and teachers in action in the classroom."Video Lectures": These segments expand on topics addressed in the text. |Cutting-Edge Scholarship: More than three hundred 2004 and 2005 research references have been added to the Classroom Update. Additionally, updated and expanded coverage addresses Web-based assessment (Chapter 16), bullying (Chapter 14), creativity and critical thinking (Chapter 9), and the "No Child Left Behind" legislation (Chapters 1 and 15).|Student Toolbox CD-ROM: In addition to new video segments, the expanded CD-ROM includes "Strategies in Practice" features that invite in-service teachers to offer specific strategies they use in the classroom; "Theory into Practice modules" that allow extra practice with key theories (including help in reviewing content, as well as application examples and quizzes); a study guide with quizzes and practice questions based on content tested by the PRAXIS IIĹź exam (which is also available as a separate print booklet); additional "Crack the Case" studies; electronic versions of the self-assessments included in the text, application exercises and "Site Observation Questions"; as well additional learning aids and professional resources, including a portfolio primer with activities, a lesson plan builder, and Bibliomaker software. |Preparing for PraxisTM: This study guide--available on the Student Toolbox CD-ROM in an interactive format, or as a print guide--offers help for any student taking the PRAXIS IITM: Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exam. It includes an overview of the exam, objective quizzes to confirm understanding of topics from the text, and a practice test based on the PRAXIS IITM exam.|"Enter the Debate" Questions. At the end of each chapter, questions address controversial chapter content; these questions can be further explored through the text's companion Online Learning Center.|Learning Goals System: John Santrock's approach applies theories of knowledge acquisition to the chapter organization; his texts' proven learning goals system (with chapter-opening Learning Goals echoed in "Review and Reflect" sections within the chapter and reiterated in "Reach Your Learning Goals" sections at the end of each chapter), combined with the extensive study and quizzing features on the Student Toolbox CD, help students master each chapterĹźs content. |Constructivist Emphasis: The text has an evident and solid constructivist emphasis, but also stresses a developmental perspective--covering early childhood, elementary, and secondary education, drawing upon John SantrockĹźs extensive writing in developmental psychology. |Case Studies: The Classroom Update edition includes 48 case studies--more than any other educational psychology text. One "Crack the Case" study appears in each chapter, and two more related to each chapter appear on the Student Toolbox CD packaged free with every copy of the text. |Expert Input: Acknowledging that no single person can be an authority on every area of development, cognition, learning, motivation, classroom management, and assessment, Educational Psychology enlists a panel of nationally and internationally recognized experts to thoroughly critique each chapter, ensuring that the material presented is 100% accurate and reflects the most current research.


Teaching Drama in the Classroom - 2826782179

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Teaching Drama in the Classroom Sense Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Teachers, Theatre practitioners, Higher Education instructors/professors, Workshop facilitators in a variety of settings. Any teacher looking for creative, innovative ways to reach his or her students (activities can be adapted to fit a variety of age levels). This book includes strategies for integrating drama in the classroom through the use of creating characters, giving meaning to activities through answering the questions: who, what, when, where, and why about any person and situation under discussion (5 W's), using storyboards, incorporating music, writing radio scripts, and using literature and movies as prompts for improvised enactments. Students will learn how to create characters and apply those creations to different content-area activities, situations, and subject matter. This useful resource describes more than thirty-five scenarios of teachers and students in early elementary grades through graduate school working together to craft drama events that draw out participants' creative energies, interpretations of curricular topics, and investigations of social, political, and personal concerns. In all of these lesson plans, students collectively explore topics, concepts, themes, or tensions that surface as they navigate their way through the conditions and experiences that unfold in a scene, skit, improvisation, or in interrelated episodes. Drama techniques include role play, scripting, dialogue, audience participation, improvisation, and the strategic use of interaction, space, movement, and gesture.


Kaleidoscope of Models and Strategies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - 2837512440

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Kaleidoscope of Models and Strategies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Libraries Unlimited Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written by teachers for teachers, this is a practical introduction to models and strategies employed in the teaching of English language learners. Each chapter discusses several models and/or strategies by focusing on particular methods. It gives the background of the method's development, discusses practical examples and applications, provides possible caveats and modifications, and offers a list for further reading about the method. Written by teachers for teachers, this is a practical introduction to models and strategies employed in the teaching of English language learners. Each chapter discusses several models and/or strategies by focusing on particular methods. It gives the background of the method's development, discusses practical examples and applications, provides possible caveats and modifications, and offers a list for further reading about the method. The book is written to be of immediate use to classroom teachers but will also be valuable as a supplementary textbook. All methods discussed are currently being taught in Norland's classes and implemented through the student teaching program at Luther College. Strategies include: Grammar-based Approaches, The Silent Way, Experiential Language Learning, Literature-based Approach, Family Literacy, and many more. Grades K-12.


Detecting and Preventing Classroom Cheating - 2826739602

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Detecting and Preventing Classroom Cheating Corwin Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Cheating is a problem that affects all teachers. This no-nonsense approach to cheating is essential reading for all teachers, principals, and policy makers. Practical classroom examples show how cheating occurs, how it can be detected, and how it can be deterred. Gregory Cizek, esteemed scholar and former classroom teacher, combines key findings from the most current research with practical classroom examples. Important features include: - glossary of key terms - tips for detecting and preventing cheating and plagiarism - strategies for responding to cheating with students, parents, and other teachers - sample school cheating policies and honour codes - common resources that students use to cheat - resources, including emerging high-tech methods, that can detect and deter cheating Questions for Further Discussion at the end of each chapter making it ideal for study groups.


Classroom-oriented Research - 2843909446

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Classroom-oriented Research Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The volume brings together papers related to different aspects of classroom-oriented research on teaching and learning second and foreign languages that have been authored by specialists from Poland and abroad. The first part contains contributions dealing with individual variation in the language classroom, in particular age, anxiety, beliefs and language learning strategies. The second part deals with various facets of teachers behaviors in the classroom, focusing in particular on classroom communication and the use of action research in teacher training. The third part includes papers devoted to various instructional practices, such as the use of new technologies, the development of intercultural competence, assessment or combining content and language. Finally, the last part deals with issues involved in research methodology, with special emphasis being placed on the use of diaries, observations, mixed methods research as well as triangulation.


Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management - 2836091596

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Practical Guide to Primary Classroom Management Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Seems excellent - I know I would want to use this book' - Helen Bilton, Reading University 'Very relevant and appropriate for all trainees and the content would provide support for the area that the trainees are most concerned with' - Jane Warwick, University of Cambridge Classroom management is an area of genuine concern to students and NQTs. As there is only basic coverage of classroom management issues on initial training courses, new teachers often find it difficult to cope in busy classroom situations. This easy-to-read book helps you to select the right strategies for your classroom. The practical advice and points for reflection help you to think about why some strategies work and why others do not, and to decide which ones will work for you. Chapters include advice on: o behaviour management o organizing your classroom o routines, scripts and 'teacher-talk' o positive prevention through class rules and targets o praise, rewards and sanctions o teacher 'presence' o coping with difficult students.


Classroom Observation Tasks - 2826716185

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Classroom Observation Tasks Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Classroom Observation Tasks shows how to use observation to learn about language teaching. It does this by providing a range of tasks which guide the user through the process of observing, analysing and reflecting, and which develop the skills of observation. It contains a bank of 35 structured tasks which are grouped into seven areas of focus: the learner, the language, the learning process, the lesson, teaching skills and strategies, classroom management, and materials and resources. This book is suitable for teachers, trainee teachers, teacher trainers and others involved in school-based teacher support, teacher development and trainer training. It has a comprehensive introduction to the tasks and a rationale covering the theoretical issues involved and places the responsibility for professional growth in the hands of the teacher.


Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom - 2826735869

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Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom Corwin Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'An excellent tool to help teachers address issues related to testing so that those factors do not hinder student success. With an easy format and clear, concise instructions, the book tells not only how but why.'uJolene Dockstader, Middle School English TeacherJerome School District GBP261, IDPrepare students to do their best on tests!Today's educational climate demands a multitude of high-stakes, standardized tests not only to assess student achievement, but also to promote school and teacher accountability. Carolyn Chapman and Rita King help educators meet the challenge with this second edition of Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom. This research-based resource is packed with practical tips and tools needed to change attitudes about testing and improve test readiness and performance.Educators will find a wealth of useful ideas and suggestions for preparing students for tests, creating positive test environments, and helping students deal with test anxiety. The authors bridge the gap between formal test formats and the way each student learns, retains, and transfers information to tests. These techniques can be implemented in any subject across all grade levels. This second edition features strategies, activities, and tips to:Prepare students mentally, physically, and emotionally as productive test-takersCreate an optimal testing environmentHelp students attack passages and use problem solving for test successInterpret test data for strategic, customized planningPut these easy-to-implement techniques to work in your classroom throughout the year and transform each test experience into a celebration of achievement and learning.


Classroom Discipline Problem Solver - 2826777811

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Classroom Discipline Problem Solver Pearson Education (US)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the authors words, ?""CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE PROBLEM SOLVER" is a 100 percent benefit for teachers.?Ideas in this resource help to create the disciplined environment we all need. The techniques, strategies, and concepts were chosen because they were very practical. They are easy to use and are low cost.?Some have great detail, others are simple, but they all have one thing in common -- they work!"


Essential Motivation In The Classroom - 2848624759

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Essential Motivation In The Classroom

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Education>Teaching skills & techniques

Ian Gilbert Takes The Reader On A Rollercoaster Ride Through The Theories Of Teaching. On The Way The Author Highlights Seven Key Factors That Affect Motivation And Offers A Range Of Strategies To Help Teachers Implement And Use Them At The Chalk Face.


Classroom Presence Pocketbook - 2840409837

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Classroom Presence Pocketbook

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Education>Teaching skills & techniques

This Pocketbook Shows How To Create Presence Through Your Teacher Persona. It Plugs A Gap That Exists In Teacher Training And CPD. It Draws On Exciting And Not Widely Disseminated Material From The World Of Acting And Improvisation To Provide Straightforward Tools And Strategies That All Teachers Can Use To Improve Their Classroom Presence.


Essential Motivation in the Classroom - 2843496669

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Essential Motivation in the Classroom ROUTLEDGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ian Gilbert takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through the theories of teaching. On the way the author highlights seven key factors that affect motivation and offers a range of strategies to help teachers implement and use them at the chalk face.


Visual Thinking Strategies - 2838462468

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Visual Thinking Strategies Turpin DEDS Orphans

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Visual Thinking Strategies" explores powerful methods teachers can use to introduce art into the classroom. These unconventional teaching tools are designed for schools struggling to meet Common Core State Standards.


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