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Design and Test for Multiple Gbps Communication Devices and Systems - 2834138386

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Design and Test for Multiple Gbps Communication Devices and Systems International Engineering Consortium

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Focuses on the multiple Gbps communication technologies and applications - from design to test - and covers the useful elements of device and system development (architecture, simulation and modeling, design techniques, and testing). This title helps you to choose the right methods and tools for your designs and tests.


Circuits, Devices and Systems - 2826948859

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Circuits, Devices and Systems John Wiley and Sons (WIE)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is also available through the Introductory Engineering Custom Publishing System. If you are interested in creating a course-pack that includes chapters from this book, you can get further information by calling 212-850-6272 or sending email inquiries to The authors offer a set of objectives at the beginning of each chapter plus a clear, concise description of abstract concepts. Focusing on preparing students to solve practical problems, it includes numerous colorful illustrative examples. Along with updated material on MOSFETS, the CRO for use in lab work, a thorough treatment of digital electronics and rapidly developing areas of electronics, it contains an expansive glossary of new terms and ideas.


Clinical Engineering - 2826909412

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Clinical Engineering ACADEMIC PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Clinical Engineering is intended for professionals and students in the clinical engineering field who need to successfully deploy medical technologies. The book provides a broad reference to the core elements of the subject and draws from the expertise of a range of experienced authors.§In addition to engineering skills, clinical engineers must be able to work with patients and with a range of professional staff, including technicians and clinicians, and with equipment manufacturers. They have to keep up-to-date with fast-moving scientific and medical research in the field and be able to develop laboratory, design, workshop, and management skills. This book is the ideal companion in such studies, covering fundamentals such as IT and software engineering as well as topics in rehabilitation and assistive technology. §Provides engineers in core medical disciplines and related fields with the skills and knowledge to successfully collaborate to in developing medical devices to approved procedures and standards §Covers US and EU standards (FDA and MDD, respectively, plus related ISO requirements), the de facto international standards, and is backed up by real-life clinical examples, case studies, and separate tutorials for training and class use §The first comprehensive and practical guide for engineers working in a clinical environment


Clinical Systems Neuroscience - 2826712886

619,86 zł

Clinical Systems Neuroscience Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The impaired brain has often been difficult to rehabilitate owing to limited knowledge of the brain system. Recently, advanced imaging techniques such as fMRI and MEG have allowed researchers to investigate spatiotemporal dynamics in the living human brain. Consequently, knowledge in systems neuroscience is now rapidly growing. Advanced techniques have found practical application by providing new prosthetics, such as brain-machine interfaces, expanding the range of activities of persons with disabilities or the elderly. The book s chapters are authored by researchers from various research fields such as systems neuroscience, rehabilitation, neurology, psychology, and engineering. The book explores the latest advancements in neurorehabilitation, plasticity, and brain-machine interfaces among others, and constitutes a solid foundation for researchers who aim to contribute to the science of brain function disabilities and ultimately to the well-being of patients and the elderly worldwide.


Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices II - 2843912176

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Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices II Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book introduces the state-of-the-art technologies in mechatronics, robotics, and MEMS devices in order to improve their methodologies. It provides a follow-up to "Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices" (2013) with an exploration of the most up-to-date technologies and their applications, shown through examples that give readers insights and lessons learned from actual projects. Researchers on mechatronics, robotics, and MEMS as well as graduate students in mechanical engineering will find chapters on:§§Fundamental design and working principles on MEMS accelerometers§Innovative mobile technologies§Force/tactile sensors development§Control schemes for reconfigurable robotic systems§Inertial microfluidics§Piezoelectric force sensors and dynamic calibration techniques ...And more. Authors explore applications in the areas of agriculture, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, and space. Micro-assembly for current and future industries is also considered, as well as the design and development of micro and intelligent manufacturing.


Computer-based Support for Clinical Guidelines & Protocols - 2822222806

356,19 zł

Computer-based Support for Clinical Guidelines & Protocols IOS Press

Medycyna > English Division

In recent years, guidelines and protocols have gained support as the vehicles for promoting best practices in clinical medicine. They offer the possibilities of reducing unwarranted practice variations, of containing cost while maintaining quality of care, and of defining standards of care for quality assurance purposes. These promises have led to an explosion of guideline publications. Yet studies have shown that dissemination and effective use of guidelines in clinical care remains a major bottleneck. A number of researchers have developed different technologies for delivering computerized guidelines in clinical care. These technologies range from alerts and reminders to knowledge-based systems, information-retrieval systems, and others. The tasks to which guidelines have been applied include classic clinical decision support, workflow management, quality assurance, and resource-requirement estimates. The research has spanned several communities (information retrieval, artificial intelligence, medical informatics, software engineering, clinical medicine), but unfortunately, there has been little cross-fertilization between the communities working in this area. This publication brings together researchers from different communities to examine cutting-edge approaches to guideline modeling and application development and to consider how different communities can leverage each other's strengths.


Battery Management Systems - 2834684609

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Battery Management Systems Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book describes the field of State-of-Charge (SoC) indication for rechargeable batteries. An overview of the state-of-the-art of SoC indication methods including available market solutions from leading semiconductor companies is provided. All disciplines are covered, from electrical, chemical, mathematical and measurement engineering to understanding battery behavior. This book will therefore is for persons in engineering and involved in battery management.Battery Management Systems: Accurate State-of-Charge Indication for Battery-Powered Applications describes the field of State-of-Charge (SoC) indication for rechargeable batteries. With the emergence of battery-powered devices accurately estimating the battery SoC, and even more important the remaining time of use, becomes more and more important. §An overview of the state-of-the-art of SoC indication methods including available market solutions from leading semiconductor companies, e.g. Texas Instruments, Microchip, Maxim, is given in the first part of this book. Furthermore, a universal SoC indication system that enables 1% or better accuracy under all realistic user conditions is developed. A possible integration with a newly developed ultra-fast recharging algorithm is also described.§The contents of this book builds further on the contents of the first volume in the Philips Research Book Series, Battery Management Systems - Design by Modelling. Since the subject of battery SoC indication requires a number of disciplines, this book covers all important disciplines starting from (electro)chemistry to understand battery behaviour, via mathematics to enable modelling of the observed battery behaviour and measurement science to enable accurate measurement of battery variables and assessment of the overall accuracy, to electrical engineering to enable an efficient implementation of the developed SoC indication system. It will therefore serve as an important source of information for any person working in engineering and involved in battery management.


Human-Machine Interactive Systems - 2826812549

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Human-Machine Interactive Systems Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Many hardware devices present either results or alternatives selected by computers to users. A few are video display terminals (VDTs), touch-tone telephones, and computer-generated speech systems. In part this book con cerns the impact and implications of such tools. Alternatively this is an attempt to provide material for researchers, students, and managers con cerned with computer interfaces. The subject of computer interfaces is at one level a technical subarea sharing common interests with the broad dis ciplines of computer science, psychology, and bioengineering. However, it is also a topic thrust to the forefront of interest of a wide variety of individuals who confront one of the most striking technological changes that has occurred in human history-the introduction of contact with computing devices as an essential component of many kinds of ordinary transactions. Point of entry sales, travel and entertainment reservations, and library infor mation, are commonly conducted today by interaction with digital calculat ing devices that did not exist in the recent past. The papers in this book present several concerns arising from the widespread use of computing. One involves the future implications of further advances of this technology. This is a twofold issue: (a) the potential conse quences of changing the basic way that information is managed in areas ranging from design, engineering, and management/planning to information access, education, and clerical function; and (b) improvements that could be instituted from further development of the special characteristics of display techniques, technologies, and algorithms.


Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Systems - 2826858799

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Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Systems Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents effective ways to partition mobile devices such that the enterprise system access and its information are completely separated from the personal information. For those using mobile devices for personal and business purposes, the ability to keep the data secure and separate is critical. The applications for security in smart platforms range from personal email accounts to global enterprise systems.§Several approaches for mobile virtualization are described, all creating secure and secluded environments for enterprise information. The authors present a reference architecture that allows for integration with existing enterprise mobile device management systems and provides a lightweight solution for containerizing mobile applications. This solution is then benchmarked with several of the existing mobile virtualization solutions across a range of mobile devices.§Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Systems is an excellent resource for researchers and professionals working in mobile systems. Advanced-level students studying computer science and electrical engineering will also find the content helpful.


Practical Arduino Engineering - 2826773972

263,21 zł

Practical Arduino Engineering COMPUTER BOOKSHOPS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Arduino boards have impressed both hackers and professional engineers. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, it isn't just a breadboard and a hazy idea that keeps you going. It's essential to institute a proper design, device instrumentation and, indeed, test your project thoroughly before committing to a particular prototype.§§Practical Arduino Engineering begins by outlining the engineering process, from the basic requirements and preliminary design to prototyping and testing. Each and every chapter exemplifies this process and demonstrates how you can profit from the implementation solid engineering principles regardless of whether you just play in your basement or you want to publicize and sell your devices.§§Arduino is a brilliant prototyping platform that allows users to test and iterate design ideas. Imitation by other Arduino makers, hackers and engineers often proves your design's popularity. Practical Arduino Engineering will teach you to follow the engineering process carefully; over time, you will be able to review and improve this process, and even extend its scope.§§Practical Arduino Engineering is not purely theoretical. In addition, you'll learn the process of hardware engineering as applicable to Arduino projects, and the importance of the process in each and every project presented in this book.§§To set the stage, Practical Arduino Engineering begins by reviewing the Arduino software landscape, then shows how to set up an Arduino project for testing. Even if you already know your compiler toolchain and the basics of Arduino programming, this refresher course can help fill in the gaps and explain why your compiler may spit out certain error messages.§§Practical Arduino Engineering then gradually builds up the engineering process, from single devices like LCDs, potentiometers and GPS modules, to the integration of several modules into larger projects, such as a wireless temperature measurement system, and ultimately an entire robot.§§The engineering projects become progressively more challenging throughout the first 4 engineering chapters. Next, you'll proceed with simple steps towards the first intelligent part of a robot: the object detector. You'll find yourself teaching your robot how to avoid very hot objects or insurmountable obstacles. The basic design requirements for a complete robot and, indeed, the detailed design and prototyping for robots can be extremely tricky, which is why engineering discipline is invaluable.§§Practical Arduino Engineering then enters the world of domestic engineering by introducing home alarm systems not quite as simple as they seem. A solid, robust system can only be built by following the engineering process detailed in previous chapters, and this section reinforces that process.§§You'll then take a step further in your Arduino engineering process: instrumentation and control, and some error messaging using GSM. Control is introduced via the Xbox controller, a very powerful piece of technology able to play a considerable role in robotics projects. Having already learned to control motion and to sense and avoid objects, you'll learn how to debug your Arduino projects of varying complexities via the hardware instrumentation software LabVIEW.§§To complete the journey into Practical Arduino Engineering , you'll discover how to use a special Arduino board to rely on Bluetooth Mate Silver for control of domestic and mobile Arduino projects. Using Bluetooth Mate Silver, you'll learn to implement basic engineering design with almost any Arduino project, and be able to justify, build, debug, and extend Arduino-based designs using a solid engineering approach.§§Please note: the print version of this title is black & white; the eBook is full color.§


CAN and FPGA Communication Engineering - 2834693529

286,69 zł

CAN and FPGA Communication Engineering Diplomica

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Controller Area Network (CAN), invented by Bosch in 1983, is a serial field bus protocol which was originally used in road vehicles and now is widely applied in other industrial fields. Since its birth automotive electronic engineers have been use Microcontrollers (MCU) to control the CAN bus. Today, as the Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) has become very advance, this book introduces a new method which uses an FPGA and a MCU jointly instead of a single MCU is to design a CAN bus measurement system. Furthermore the designed system should be able to work at the fastest possible speed. §Chapter 1 of this book is the introduction which includes the background, objective and outline of this book. §Chapter 2 describes the CAN protocol development history and fundamentals such as application field, architecture layers, different frame structures, frame coding, error handling and fault confinement which are extracted from the CAN Specification 2.0 and ISO 11898. It helps reader to understand the CAN. §Chapter 3 studies the effective data transmission rate and ratio of the CAN bus and the MCU serial UART port. Then it compares their values and draws a conclusion. This chapter is the most important theory research of this book.§Chapter 4 describes the devices used in the experiments of the book. There are five major devices applied: an Altera FPGA, a 5-3.3 V level translator, an Atmel CAN MCU, a NI CAN USB and a PC with LabVIEW environment.§Chapter 5 demonstrates the software development procedure for the whole system including FPGA with Quartus II, MCU with Keil C51, and NI CAN BUS with LabVIEW.§Chapter 6 describes the testing experiments of the measurement system. It analyses a common error ignored during the MCU programming and shows how to solve it. After the reprogramming, three tests and their results are illustrated.§Chapter 7 presents the final conclusion of this book which is that the measurement system designed here maximally utilizes the CAN effective data transmission rate and ratio and could be applied in control systems of electric vehicles.


Advances In Analog And Rf Ic Design For Wireless Communication Systems - 2840062984

479,99 zł

Advances In Analog And Rf Ic Design For Wireless Communication Systems

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Technology, engineering, agriculture>Electronics & communications engineering>Communications engineering /...

Offers Technical Introductions To Circuit Design Of Analog/RF ICs For Wireless Communication Systems. This Book Ranges From High Performance Circuits For Complex Wireless Infrastructure Systems To Highly Integrated Systems For Handsets And Mobile Devices. It Includes Power Amplifiers, Low-noise Amplifiers, Modulators, And Even Single-chip Radios.


Handbook of Accelerator Physics and Engineering - 2841430326

741,87 zł

Handbook of Accelerator Physics and Engineering World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Edited by internationally recognized authorities in the field, this expanded and updated new edition of the bestselling Handbook, containing more than 100 new articles, is aimed at the design and operation of modern particle accelerators. It is intended as a vade mecum for professional engineers and physicists engaged in these subjects. With a collection of more than 2000 equations, 300 illustrations and 500 graphs and tables, here one will find, in addition to the common formulae of previous compilations, hard-to-find, specialized formulae, recipes and material data pooled from the lifetime experience of many of the world's most able practitioners of the art and science of accelerators. The eight chapters include both theoretical and practical matters as well as an extensive glossary of accelerator types. Chapters on beam dynamics and electromagnetic and nuclear interactions deal with linear and nonlinear single particle and collective effects including spin motion, beam-environment, beam-beam, beam-electron, beam-ion and intrabeam interactions. The impedance concept and related calculations are dealt with at length as are the instabilities associated with the various interactions mentioned. A chapter on operational considerations includes discussions on the assessment and correction of orbit and optics errors, real-time feedbacks, generation of short photon pulses, bunch compression, tuning of normal and superconducting linacs, energy recovery linacs, free electron lasers, cooling, space-charge compensation, brightness of light sources, collider luminosity optimization and collision schemes. Chapters on mechanical and electrical considerations present material data and important aspects of component design including heat transfer and refrigeration. Hardware systems for particle sources, feedback systems, confinement and acceleration (both normal conducting and superconducting) receive detailed treatment in a subsystems chapter, beam measurement techniques and apparatus being treated therein as well. The closing chapter gives data and methods for radiation protection computations as well as much data on radiation damage to various materials and devices. A detailed name and subject index is provided together with reliable references to the literature where the most detailed information available on all subjects treated can be found.


Esd Circuits And Systems - 2849505994

459,99 zł

Esd Circuits And Systems

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Technology, engineering, agriculture>Electronics & communications engineering>Electronics engineering>C...

ESD Physics And Devices Offers An Accessible Introduction To The Subject Covering Thermal, Mechanical And Electrostatic Phenomena As Well As The Techniques From Physics And Mathematics That Are Useful For Electro-thermal And Failure Physics.


Nano and Microelectromechanical Systems (NEMS and MEMS) and Molecular Machines: Volume 741 - 2848951288

135,02 zł

Nano and Microelectromechanical Systems (NEMS and MEMS) and Molecular Machines: Volume 741 Materials Research Society

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book broadens the scope from 'conventional' MEMS to include issues relating to bioMEMS, NEMS, and molecular machines and the interfaces between these fields. Although originally based in silicon microelectronics technology, the reach of NEMS and MEMS is now extending to new materials such as diamond, metals and polymers, with various fabrication techniques. New materials and applications envisioned for NEMS and MEMS introduce a number of processing and packaging issues, such as biocompatibility. They also provide potential to study in situ thin-film properties with extraordinary resolution. Properly designed structures fabricated alongside NEMS and MEMS structures and integrated with advanced metrology methods provide unprecedented resolution for measuring material property. The book improves understanding of materials behavior and device issues at the micro-, nano- and molecular scale as well as the behavior and interface between micro-, nano- and molecular devices. Topics include: micro- and nanofluids; nanotechnology and molecular machines; mechanical properties and characterization; alternative micro- and nanofabrication techniques; and surface engineering issues in MEMS structures and devices.


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