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Close to My Heart - 2826759079

114,81 zł

Close to My Heart The Quantuck Lane Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the autobiography of a quiet woman whose exceptional social conscience and actions are an example of the influence one person can have on society without being either rich or in a lofty political position. As a young woman, Dorothy Sterling's concern for working people in America led her to the Communist Party in the 1930's, a refuge for many with noble intentions. In the 1950s, her concern for the plight of African Americans led her to help integrate her own community of Rye, New York. She went on to become one of the most prolific authors of works of African American history, first for young readers with books such as Mary Jane, the first book about a young black girl growing up in the South. Later works for adults were equally important and influential, including a documentary book on black women's lives which would become a play performed throughout the country and a life of Abolitionist Abby Kelly. Sterling's fascination and concern for the environment led her to write a wonderful natural history guide to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Long Island, and the islands in between. Still active at 90, her most recent triumph was to open her own road to oystermen, whose access to local salt flats had been denied by wealthy summer residents.


Close To My Heart - 2839304556

52,99 zł

Close To My Heart Repertoire Records


1. Secret 2. Passing Her 3. Close To My Heart 4. A-ha 5. Tight Blue Lips 6. Warm Eyes 7. Apparently Uncontrolled 8. Senselessness 9. You Stranger 10. Angelus Thread 11. Meet Me 12. Here Comes Everybody


Close Harmony - 2839413284

619,99 zł

Close Harmony Bear Family Records


1. Alabama, Alabama 2. Seven Year Blues 3. (I'm Changing The Words To) My Love Song... 4. The Get Acquainted' Waltz 5. Weapon Of Prayer 6. They've Got The Church Outnumbered 7. Do You Live What You Preach 8. You'll Be Rewarded Over There 9. I'll Live With God (To Die No More) 10. Robe Of White 11. The Great Atomic Power 12. Insured Beyond The Grave 13. The Gospel Way 14. The Sons & Daughters Of God 15. Broad Minded 16. The Family Who Prays (Never Shall Part) 17. I Know What You're Talking About 18. Let Us Travel, Travel On 19. I Love God's Way Of Living 20. Born Again 21. Preach The Gospel 22. From Mother's Arms To Korea 23. If We Forget God 24. Satan & The Saint 25. Satan Lied To Me 26. God Bless Her ('cause She's My Mother) 27. Last Chance To Pray 101. No One To Sing For Me 102. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 103. Nearer My God To Thee 104. Make Him A Soldier 105. I Can't Say No 106. Just Rehearsing 107. Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self 108. Where Will You Build 109. Pray For Me 110. When I Stop Dreaming 111. Pitfall 112. Alabama 113. Memories & Tears 114. Don't Laugh 115. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby 116. Childish Love 117. In The Middle Of Nowhere 118. Hoping That You're Hoping 119. The First One To Love You 120. I Cried After You Left 121. That's All He's Asking Of Me 122. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight 123. In The Pines 124. What Is Home Without Love 125. Mary Of The Wild Moor 126. Knoxville Girl 127. Kentucky 128. Katie Dear 201. My Brother's Will 202. Take The News To Mother 203. Let Her Go, God Bless Her 204. A Tiny Broken Heart 205. Plenty Of Everything But You 206. Cash On The Barrelhead 207. You're Running Wild 208. The New Partner Waltz 209. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 210. Praying 211. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus 212. This Little Light Of Mine 213. I Steal Away & Pray 214. There's No Excuse 215. Are You Washed In The Blood 216. Lord, I'm Coming Home 217. Thankful 218. Take Me Back Into Your Heart 219. Here Today & Gone Tomorrow 220. We Could 221. Tennessee Waltz 222. Too Late 223. Are You Teasing Me 224. Nobody's Darling But Mine 225. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die 226. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 227. Why Not Confess 228. Making Believe 301. Have I Stayed Away Too Long 302. Call Me 303. I Wish You Knew 304. Dog Sled 305. When I Loved You 306. My Baby's Gone 307. She Didn't Even Know I Was Gone 308. My Baby Came Back 309. Are You Wasting My Time 310. My Curly Headed Baby 311. Lorene 312. I Wish It Had Been A Dream 313. While You're Cheating On Me 314. If I Could Only Win Your Love 315. You're Learning 316. Blue From Now On 317. Today 318. My Heart Was Trampled On The Street 319. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On 320. On My Way To The Show 321. Read What's In My Heart/red Hen Hop 322. She Will Get Lonesome 323. I Wonder If You Know 324. Blue 325. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night 326. Dying From Home & Lost 327. Satan's Jeweled Crown 328. The River Of Jordan 401. I'm Ready To Go Home 402. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 403. Satan Is Real 404. The Christian Life 405. Are You Afraid To Die 406. He Can Be Found 407. There's A Higher Power 408. The Drunkard's Doom 409. I See A Bridge 410. Just Suppose 411. The Stagger 412. Nellie Moved To Town 413. What A Change One Day Can Make 414. Ruby's Song 415. The Last Old Shovel 416. Midnight Special 417. Brown's Ferry Blues 418. Southern Moon 419. Sand Mountain Blues 420. Nashville Blues 421. Blues Stay Away From Me 422. When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing 423. Put Me On The Train To Carolina 424. Freight Train Blues 425. Weary Lonesome Blues 426. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar 427. It's Christmas Time 428. Santa's Big Parade 501. Love Is A Lonely Street 502. If You Love Me Stay Away 503. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 504. I Love You Best Of All 505. I Can't Keep You In Love With Me 506. Scared Of The Blues 507. I Have Found The Way 508. He Set Me Free 509. Kneel At The Cross 510. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 511. O Why Not Tonight 512. You Can't Find The Lord Too Soon 513. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 514. Almost Persuaded 515. I Feel Better Now 516. O Who Shall Be Able To Stand 517. If Today Was The Day 518. You'll Meet Him In The Clouds 519. You'll Meet Him In The Clouds 520. Away In A Manger 521. The Friendly Beasts 522. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 523. Good Christian Men Rejoice 524. While The Shepherds Watched Their Flocks 525. The First Noel 526. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 601. O Come All Ye Faithful 602. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 603. Silent Night 604. Deck The Halls 605. Joy To The World 606. It Hurts Me More (The Second Time Around) 607. How's The World Treating You 608. Every Time You Leave 609. Time Goes So Slow 610. I Died For The Red White & Blue 611. From Mother's Arms To Korea 612. Searching For A Soldier's Grave 613. At Mail Call Today 614. A Soldier's Last Letter 615. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhe 616. There's A Grave In The Wave Of The Ocean 617. Mother I Thank For The Bible You Gave 618. The Great Atomic Power 619. A Seaman's Girl 620. Robe Of White 621. The Weapon Of Prayer 622. Broken Engagement 623. The First Time In Life 624. There Is No Easy Way 625. Love Turned To Hate 626. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face 701. The Great Speckled Bird 702. Wabash Cannonball 703. Lonely Mound Of Clay 704. Wreck On The Highway 705. Wait For The Light To Shine 706. Low & Lonely 707. We Live In Two Different Worlds 708. The Precious Jewel 709. The Great Judgement Morning 710. Branded Wherever I Go 711. Not A Word From Home 712. Stuck Up Blues 713. Don't Let Them Take The Bible Out Of Our... 714. I'm Glad That I'm Not Him 715. A Message To Your Heart 716. Thank God For My Christian Home 717. I'll Never Die 718. The Price On The Bottle 719. I've Known A Lady 720. He Included Me 721. Keep Watching The Sky 722. Now Lord, What Can I Do For You 723. Way Upon A Mountain 724. Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There 725. He Was Waiting At The Altar 726. Oh Lord, My God 727. What Would You Give In Exchange For My Soul


Mystery of Mercy Close - 2826814136

94,92 zł

Mystery of Mercy Close Penguin Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The unabridged audiobook edition of Marian Keye's heartbreaking stunner of a novel, "The Mystery of Mercy Close", read by the actress Niamh Daly. "I employ this thing called The Shovel List." "A shovel...?" "No. A Shovel List. It's more of a conceptual thing. It's a list of all the people and things I hate so much that I want to hit them in the face with a shovel." Meet Helen - youngest of the Walsh sisters and a law unto herself. She's easily bored, has an inability to filter her thoughts and was fired from every job she ever had before she found her true calling as a private investigator. But times are tough for PIs and Helen's had no choice but to take on the search for AWOL boyband has-been Wayne Diffney - The Wacky One. It's not all bad this game of Where's Wayne. It may have brought her charming crook of an ex Jay Parker back into her life, but it's giving her an excuse to avoid the usual Walsh family dramas and the intense looks from her gorgeous boyfriend Artie that make her heart beat wildly with lust and panic in equal measure. But most of all it's an excellent distraction from the huge swarm of black vultures gathering over her head. If she hides out in her target's empty house on Mercy Close for long enough maybe they'll go away...But as Helen begins to unravel the mysteries secreted on Mercy Close she discovers a kindred spirit in a man unwilling to be found. Could someone be telling her to look a little closer to home...?


Close Case: A Samantha Kincaid Mystery - 2840798694

493,86 zł

Close Case: A Samantha Kincaid Mystery BOLINDA PUB CO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid's 32nd birthday, she gets an unusual gift: a homicide call out. The crime scene: the elite Hillside neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. The victim: hotshot investigative reporter Percy Crenshaw, who has been bludgeoned to death in his carport. Tensions in the city have been running high. The previous week, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed mother of two in what he claims was self-defense; in the aftermath, protestors have waged increasingly agitated anti-police protests. Crenshaw's death, it seems, is not unrelated: within a matter of hours, police arrest two young men who appear to have embarked on a crime spree in the aftermath of the protests. The case looks straightforward, especially when one of the suspects confesses. But then the man recants, claiming coercive police tactics, and Samantha finds herself digging for more evidence. Following Crenshaw's steps, her search leads her through an elaborate maze of connections between the city's drug trade and officers in the bureau's north precinct. Samantha's pursuit of the truth puts her in the middle of city political battles and on the outs with the cops, including her new live-in boyfriend, Detective Chuck Forbes. Worse yet, the path left by Crenshaw could lead Samantha to the same fatal end.


Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind ... - 2826765887

35,09 zł

Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind ... Stripes

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Fourteen-year-old Archie is a Geek to his core. In the world of role-playing games, he's a Level 5 Mage, capable of summoning the Undead. In this world, things are rather different. With no rule book to navigate Life's Big Challenges - warring parents, a crass step-father, orc-like school bullies and crap hair - he's teetering on the brink...Then a Beautiful Girl appears in his Geeky world...Despite the fact that the closest he's come to an encounter with a girl is painting an Elven miniature, Archie embarks on a Daring Quest to win her heart. Geek meets girl ...what could possibly go right?


DOMINOES Second Edition Level 2 - A CLOSE SHAVE + MultiROM Pack - 2850423955

83,44 zł

DOMINOES Second Edition Level 2 - A CLOSE SHAVE + MultiROM Pack Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Wallace the inventor meets Wendolene in her wool shop, he falls in love with her at once. But why does her dog, Preston, hate Wallace


Behind Close Doors. . - 2844421940

63,99 zł

Behind Close Doors. . KENT SOUL

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. The Grand Tour - Aaron Neville 2. He'll Have To Go - Solomon Burke 3. Take Time To Know Her - Percy Sledge 4. I Saw Me - Esther Phillips 5. My Elusive Dreams - Moses & Joshua Dillard 6. Hangin' On - Ann Peebles 7. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You - Bobby Sheen 8. Wings Upon Your Horns - Tami Lynn 9. Before The Next Teardrop Falls - The Limelites 10. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Al Green 11. Life Turned Her That Way - James Carr 12. He Called Me Baby - Candi Staton 13. The Chokin' Kind - Z Z Hill 14. Yours Love - Joe Simon 15. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad - Cookie Jackson 16. Detroit City - Arthur Alexander 17. Gentle On My Mind - Tony Borders 18. Don't Touch Me - Bettye Swann 19. Set Me Free - Clarence Carter 20. Behind Closed Doors - Little Milton 21. If You're Not Back In Love By Monday - Millie Jackson 22. Skip A Rope - Joe Tex 23. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye - Brook Benton


Too Close To Home - 2840157769

39,99 zł

Too Close To Home

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Meet Minny: Her Life Is A Complicated Whirlwind Of Unbearable PE Lessons, Annoying Friends And Impossible-to-live-with Siblings. Minny Has To Contend With Her Autistic Sister's School Bullies, Whilst Trying To Keep Her Self-absorbed BFF Penny Happy. And On Top Of This, Now Dad Has Announced That He's Returning To London - With His New Girlfriend.


Martina Cole - Close - 2826767664

44,47 zł

Martina Cole - Close HEADLINE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A novel from the bestselling Martina Cole that is powerful, shocking and utterly addictive. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And your family should be closest of all. Patrick Brodie knows exactly how far he's prepared to go to get what he wants. And he wants it all. Now. Before long, Patrick has become a legend in his own lifetime. Violently. Lily Diamond is different from the kind of woman Patrick is normally attracted to. But together they are determined that their children will have everything they didn't. Until the unthinkable happens and Lily is left on her own to look after their family in a dangerous world. The Brodies must stay close to survive. But as everyone knows, your sins will find you out.


Eden Close - 2844395831

69,70 zł

Eden Close Mariner Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Andrew returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral, he is drawn once more into the legacy of beautiful Eden Close next door. Now, 17 years after a tragedy left Eden blind and her father dead, Andrew uncovers the truth about Eden's past and his own attachment to her. A compelling, modern gothic tale of edgy small-town emotions, lingering obsession, and romantic salvation told in clear, taut prose.


Close Your Eyes - 2844566706

99,94 zł

Close Your Eyes Sphere

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I close my eyes and feel my heart begin racing Someone is coming They're going to find me A mother and her teenage daughter are found brutally murdered in a remote farmhouse, one defiled by multiple stab wounds and the other left lying like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince. Reluctantly, clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin is drawn into the investigation when a former student, calling himself the 'Mindhunter', trading on Joe's name, has jeopardised the police inquiry by leaking details to the media and stirring up public anger. With no shortage of suspects and tempers beginning to fray, Joe discover links between these murders to a series of brutal attacks where the men and women are choked unconscious and the letter 'A' is carved into their foreheads. As the case becomes ever more complex, nothing is quite what it seems and soon Joe's fate, and that of those closest to him, become intertwined with a merciless, unpredictable killer ...


Geekhood: Close Encounters Of The Girl Kind. . . - 2839920709

34,99 zł

Geekhood: Close Encounters Of The Girl Kind. . .

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Fourteen-year-old Archie Is A Geek To His Core And He's On A Mission. When A Beautiful Girl Enters His Geeky World, Archie Embarks On A Daring Quest To Win Her Heart. Geek Meets Girl ... What Could Possibly Go Right?


Close Call - 2836772030

39,46 zł

Close Call Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a Middle Eastern souk, CIA agent Miles Brookhaven was attacked. At the time he was infiltrating rebel groups in the area. No one was certain if his cover had been blown or if the act was just an arbitrary attack on Westerners. Months later, the incident remains a mystery. Now, Liz Carlyle and MI5 have been charged with the task of watching the international under-the-counter arms trade: a trade that has been booming in the wake of the Arab Spring. As the clock counts down, Liz finds herself on a manhunt through Paris and Berlin, and into her own long-forgotten past. A past buried so deep that she never thought it would resurface...


Fleshmarket Close - 2826767334

44,95 zł

Fleshmarket Close Orion

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ein illegaler Einwanderer wird ermordet auf einer Baustelle in Edinburgh gefunden Rassismus oder ein völlig anderes Motiv? Dann die beiden Skelette, eine Frau und ein Säugling, die in Fleshmarket Close, begraben unter einer Betondecke, im Keller gefunden wurden. Scheinbar hängen diese beiden Fälle auch noch zusammen ...An illegal immigrant is found murdered in an Edinburgh housing scheme: a racist attack, or something else entirely? Rebus is drawn into the case, but has other problems: his old police station has closed for business, and his masters would rather he retire than stick around. But Rebus is that most stubborn of creatures. As Rebus investigates, he must visit an asylum seekers' detention centre, deal with the sleazy Edinburgh underworld, and maybe even fall in love...Siobhan meanwhile has problems of her own. A teenager has disappeared from home and Siobhan is drawn into helping the family, which will mean travelling closer than is healthy towards the web of a convicted rapist. Then there's the small matter of the two skeletons - a woman and an infant - found buried beneath a concrete cellar floor in Fleshmarket Close. The scene begins to look like an elaborate stunt - but whose, and for what purpose? And how can it tie to the murder on the unforgiving housing-scheme known as Knoxland?


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