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Code Name ARC Angel: The Demise of the Devil - 2837119655

88,96 zł

Code Name ARC Angel: The Demise of the Devil Iuniverse Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It is 1940 and Europe is in crisis. Adolph Hitler is leading Germany, the Italians have declared war on Great Britain and France, and the Luftwaffe is attacking Great Britain. Carlton Fuller, a husband, father, lawyer, and common citizen of the United States, is going about his day in Cleveland when he receives a strange phone call from General William Donovan, future director of the Office of Strategic Services. After Donovan reveals he is interested in Fuller because of his German background, it is not until nearly a year later when he manages to recruit Fuller into one of the most complex and dangerous spy missions of World War II. When Fuller takes his place as an embedded spy, he steps into his role as a highly placed Nazi Colonel who plans armed services operations and interacts with Hitler, Himmler, Jodl, Gobbles, and their staffs. As he attempts to fulfill his mission gathering military secrets for the allies, Fuller puts everything on the line for the sake of destroying Hitler's regime. Now only time will tell if he will become one of the unsung heroes of the war or lose his life in the process. In this compelling thriller based on a true story, an American citizen turned spy must do everything in his power to stop a cycle of dark events before more innocent civilians die at the hands of a megalomaniac devil.


Deephouse Summer Megamix - 2840111124

124,99 zł

Deephouse Summer Megamix


1. Steinberg, Daniel - Let Me Down (Tube & Berger Rem 2. Loui & Scibi / Nuwella - Your Love (Ian Tosel Remi 3. Croatia Squad - Get You Off (Mark Lower Remix) 4. Galati, Rosario - Deep In My Chest (Vanilla Ace & 5. Bale, Mark / Caesar, Jason - We Don't Care (Twopac 6. Larse / Sneaky Sound System - This Feeling (Larse 7. Rio, Stefan - I Won't Hold You Back (Deep House Ed 8. Flauschig - ...und Bequem (Original Mix) 9. From Drop Till Dawn - Soul Connection (Original Mi 10. Me & My Toothbrush - Never Really Matters (Radio E 11. Aminuslex / Oni Sky - Set Me Free (Kakkeplay Remix 12. Tocadisco / Salomon, Lennart A. - Frozen (Radio Ed 13. Delay, Ben - I Want You (Original Mix) 14. Bakermat - Uitzicht (Stil & Bense Remix) 15. Russo, Carlos / Kay, Cassandra - On My Way (Mr. Mo 16. Code 40 - Electricity (Original Mix) 17. Route 94 - In My Heart (Original Mix) 18. Fcl - It's You (Mousse T's Teef Vocal Mix) 19. Tigerskin & The Lazarusman - I Believe (Original M 20. Sons Of Maria - I Got A Thrill (Original Mix) 21. Corr, Ida - Jungle Fever (Township Rebellion Remix 22. C-ro / Nusja - Walk Along (Teenage Mutants Remix) 23. Larse - So Long (Nice7 Remix) 24. Nice7 - Time To Get Physical (Sonny Fodera Remix) 25. Tiff & Trashkid - Face To Me (Original Mix) 26. Disco Boys, The / Cuebrick - Watch Out (A2a O' Boy 27. Pertini, Oliver - Dodici Apostoli (Original Mix) 28. Melokind - Fruehlingsgefuehle (Original Mix) 29. Noir & Hayze - Angel (Hayze Remix) 30. Avedon, Chris / Lauter Leben - Es Ist Soweit (Mart 31. Finger & Kadel - Leben (Gestort Aber Geil Remix) 32. Al-mer, Meral - Losgehen 101. Me & My Toothbrush - Fair Enough (Sons Of Maria Re 102. Calippo - Need A Friend (Original Mix) 103. Murasca, Yves / Carroll, Ron - Everyone (Original 104. From Drop Till Dawn - Just All That Shit (Original 105. Aaron, Sean - You Are The One (Extended Mix) 106. Passenger 10 - Stories (Sons Of Maria Remix) 107. Easy L - New Day (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix) 108. Promonova - Turn It Down (Original Mix) 109. Corporate, Johnny - Sunday Shoutin (Sonny Fodera R 110. A2a / Seraphina - Maenner 2k14 (Deep Mix) 111. Over, Kevin - Jodye (Original Mix) 112. C-ro - Rollin' Flies (A2a Remix) 113. Garcia, Louis / Zac - Crazy 114. Gerber, Hugo - Tonight (Original Edit) 115. Sinclar, Bob - Cinderella (She Said Her Name) 116. Kakkeplay - Barcelona (Original Mix) 117. Goose Bumps / Caesar, Jason - This Life (Original 118. Nutron - Beautiful Face (Original Edit) 119. A2a - Nothing 2 Lose (Original Mix) 120. Breaker, Rony / Cherry, Che - Something More (Deep 121. Tigerskin - Love & Peace (Original Mix) 122. Tocadisco / Salomon, Lennart A. - Get Away (Scimon 123. Twopack - Klingt Gut (Radio Edit) 124. Lyazgin, Max / Jazzyfunk - Element Of Life (Ed's D 125. Zeyenne, Cedric - Feel You (Radio Mix) 126. Matthew1626 / Skyla J - I Pray (Original Mix) 127. Vintage Culture / Krauze, Thomaz / Tkwonder - Love 128. Caseli, Matt / Lex, Terry - Spin Around (Original 129. Sure Thing - Holding You Tight (Gotsome Bump-in-th 130. Yanter / Paul, Juan K - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix 131. Larse / Sneaky Sound System - This Feeling (Larse 132. Gaez, Rober / Hosse - You Got It (Original Mix)


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