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Geometric Mandalas - Basic to Advanced - 2834691623

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Geometric Mandalas - Basic to Advanced Speedy Publishing Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This super cool mandala coloring book features intricate and interesting geometric mandalas that range from basic to more advanced designs. Geometric mandalas are fun for both children and adults to color. The geometric designs weave together into the sacred mandala shape, as seen in nature. Geometric mandalas have a more kaleidoscope effect, when compared to other mandalas. The images are mesmerizing and very relaxing to color in. Adults are encouraged to have fun, and color in these designs with their kids. 50+ Geometric Mandalas!!! We have several mandala coloring books for choose from for kids of all ages. Some of the designs in this mandala book might be too complex for small children. PLEASE NOTE: This book is best for crayons and colored pencils, (Not intended for markers).


Mandalas - 2849850329

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Mandalas Speedy Publishing Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Coloring, and doodling at any age is therapeutic because it reduces stress, enhances calmness and encourages imaginative expression. Mandalas symbolize the movement of energy through the universe with distinct shapes and patterns that draw you into the center. Coloring enhances brain activity in children and adults. This Mandala advanced coloring book was designed for kids, but many adults are sure to enjoy coloring in the designs as well. Mandalas stem from Far Eastern designs and tradition with various focal points weaved into the designs. The shapes come to together to create a harmonic pattern that blossoms within and outward as well. Mandala designs are a special favorite throughout the world because of their mesmerizing effect on the brain. Both kids and adults report feeling happier after coloring a sacred mandala. If you look around in nature, you'll see these shapes and pattern styles everywhere. PLEASE NOTE: This book is an Advanced coloring book, not intended for small children because some of the designs are complex. Includes 30 pages of sacred mandalas to color.


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