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The Commentaries Of C. Julius Caesar On The Civil War (Classic Reprint) - 2853004997

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The Commentaries Of C. Julius Caesar On The Civil War (Classic Reprint)

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Civil War (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading) - 2854287795

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Civil War (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading) GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMEN

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"The Civil War" is Julius Caesar's personal account of his war with Pompey the Great - the war which destroyed the five hundred-year old Roman Republic. Caesar the victor became Caesar the dictator. In three short books, Caesar describes how, in order to defend his dignitas (honour), and the libertas (freedom) of both himself and the Roman people, he marched on Rome, and defeated the forces of Pompey and the Senate in Italy, Spain, and Greece. Caesar's commentaries, written in famously simple prose, with the distinctive use of the third person, offer a unique opportunity to read the victor's version of events.


Sir Robert and Sir William-Two Europeans in India - 2854550446

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Sir Robert and Sir William-Two Europeans in India OUP India

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The stiff upper lip. Steely eyes. A cold heart. This has been the picture of the English imperialist carried through the ages in popular imagination. Elizabeth Hamilton brings forth an alternative portrayal in her book, The Feringhees. Of a quiet people, dedicated to upholding the tradition of dispensing justice, avoiding corruption and conflict. Drawn from a multiplicity of sources- memoirs, commentaries, original manuscripts and family letters, it illustrates the lives of two British men who worked in the Indian Civil and Political Services, replete with descriptions of the social and cultural life as well as political particulars of the time. Sir Robert Hamilton during the rebellion of 1857, and Sir William Barton in the first part of the twentieth century as the movement for independence gained momentum. Their careers are set alongside the crucial events of their times, forming a lively and readable account of a world that no longer exists, a world now accessible only through fading photographs and yellowing pages. Volume 1: The Proud Empire The Proud Empire traces the life of Sir Robert Hamilton,from when he starts his career under the watchful eye of his ICS father, up till his retirement, wherein he returns to England.This exploration opens up windows into the political climate that pervaded large parts of India during the mid 19th century, particularly in the Central Provinces. Occupying multiple roles such as the Resident of Indore, Agent to the Governor General in the Central Provinces, Political Adviser he is seen interacting with various prominent figures of the independence movement like the Rani of Jhansi, Tantya Tope and Nana Sahib. The picture of the arrogant imperialist fades away to be replaced by someone keen to make a difeerence to the society he was working in.who attempts to encourage good governance, mends ties in the midst of escalating tension, and must recover cities occupied by insurgents, all the while shadowed by the burden of great personal losses. Volume 2 The Straight Race The Straight Race moves into the early part of the twentieth century. Sir William Bartonas career took him down paths as varied a the vast land that the British were ruling. Starting in the Punjab and later moving to the North-West Frontier, he learnt to respect the Pathans, a hardy tribe persisting in the remote mountainous districts at the end of the Third Afghan War in the harsh region of Waziristan beset by frequent violence. In contrast he served as Resident in the well administered States of Mysore and Hyderabad, where he stood up to the Nizam, doing his best to set the administration on a less corrupt footing. Retirement did not deter Sir Williamas close interest in Indian affairs. He returned twice on tour as adviser to electrical companies, and travelled out during the Second World War with a Ministry of Supply Mission. With three books and many articles for newspapers and journals on the subject,India remained an integral part of his life.


Caesar's Gallic Wars - 2854251902

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Caesar's Gallic Wars Osprey Publishing

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Caesar was one of the most ambitious and successful politicians of the late Roman Republic and his short but bloody conquest of the Celtic tribes led to the establishment of the Roman province of Gaul (modern France). Caesar's commentaries on his Gallic Wars provide us with the most detailed surviving eye-witness account of a campaign from antiquity. Gillver makes use of this account and other surviving evidence to consider the importance of the Gallic Wars in the context of the collapse of the Roman Republic and its slide toward civil war.


Malangatana - 2854340101

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Malangatana Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

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Malangatana is one of Africa's greatest painters. Best known for his dramatic paintings, he has produced a broad range of works in diverse media -- drawings, murals, ceramics, and sculptures, as well as poetry and music. For the most part his works are commentaries on the historical and political events in Mozambique, and on the experiences of colonialism, the anti-colonial struggle, civil war, and independence. They also explore broader themes of violence and resistance to violence, capturing the hardships of human life and manifestations of human dignity. This superbly illustrated book of Malangatana's paintings is a showcase of his work. The paintings are accompanied by two introductory essays, one on the artist's biography, the other a critical essay situating the paintings and the importance of his work in context. To date only available in Portuguese, this English-language edition provides the opportunity for a wider audience to gain an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the background and meanings of the paintings.


In the Company of William Hazlitt - 2854422067

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In the Company of William Hazlitt The Merlin Press Ltd

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Considering both literary and cultural spheres, this thoughtful survey examines the writings and life of William Hazlitt, a 19th-century essayist and critic. Often considered a thorn in the side of the establishment, this volume investigates Hazlitt's opposition to slavery and war and his defense of civil liberties as well as his private life, including his friendships with Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth. Through his theories and commentaries, this study also reveals his continuing historical and social significance in 21st-century studies.


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