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Communication At The End Of Life - 2852847605

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Communication At The End Of Life

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Communication Is At The Heart Of Any Complete Understanding Of The End Of Life. In This Volume, Top Scholars From Numerous Disciplines Showcase The Latest Empirical Investigations And Theoretical Advances That Focus On Communication At The End Of Life.


The Skill of End-Of-Life Communication for Clinicians: Getting to the Root of the Ethical Dilemma - 2853324981

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The Skill of End-Of-Life Communication for Clinicians: Getting to the Root of the Ethical Dilemma



Dynamics of Modern Communication - 2826795147

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Dynamics of Modern Communication Sage Publications

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Patrice Flichy offers a profound analysis of the social shaping and impact of the major communication technologies of the last 200 years. From the semaphore and telegraph to contemporary information technologies, Dynamics of Modern Communication focuses on the relationship between technological and social change. Particular emphasis is put on four processes: the birth of the modern state at the end of the eighteenth century; the development of stock markets; the transformation of private life in the modern nuclear family; and the individualism of the late twentieth century. Exploring the interaction of technology and social context - for example, in the move from public methods of communication to more private and individualized forms - Flichy exposes the gap between the original conception of a technology and its end use after the interplay of political, economic and consumer forces.


Dynamics of Modern Communication - 2826800405

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Dynamics of Modern Communication Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Patrice Flichy offers a profound analysis of the social shaping and impact of the major communication technologies of the last 200 years. From the semaphore and telegraph to contemporary information technologies, Dynamics of Modern Communication focuses on the relationship between technological and social change. Particular emphasis is put on four processes: the birth of the modern state at the end of the eighteenth century; the development of stock markets; the transformation of private life in the modern nuclear family; and the individualism of the late twentieth century. Exploring the interaction of technology and social context - for example, in the move from public methods of communication to more private and individualized forms - Flichy exposes the gap between the original conception of a technology and its end use after the interplay of political, economic and consumer forces.


Handbook Of Veterinary Communication Skills - 2840848746

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Handbook Of Veterinary Communication Skills

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The First Definitive Textbook On Veterinary Communication. Covers All The Key Areas Of Communication: The Basic Framework For The Veterinary Consultation; Professional, Ethical And Legal Aspects; Communication With Clients And Colleagues; And Coping With End-of-life And Other Difficult Situations.


Aqa Information And Communication Technology As - 2839881377

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Aqa Information And Communication Technology As

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Computing & information technology

Written Specifically For The AQA A Level ICT Specification, Our Student Book Offers Complete Coverage And Support Through A Variety Of Real-life Case Studies And End Of Topic Questions To Help Develop ICT Theory And Knowledge.


Life Skills - 2853282335

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Life Skills Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Life Skills" is a practical resource that gives teachers 225 ready-to-use worksheets that cover a wide variety of key life skills. The book addresses topics such as drug and alcohol use, sex, relationships, stress, food-related issues, and self-esteem. "Life Skills" is an easy-to-use, time-saving book that is designed for grades 6-12 and helpful for both new and seasoned teachers. For quick access and easy use, the worksheets are organized into eight sections and are printed in a large 8 1/2" x 11" format that folds flat for photocopying.Here's an overview of what you'll find in each section: Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking - Trends in smoking, second-hand smoke, reasons why people smoke and ways to help people quit, facts about drug use, the classification of different drugs, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as drinking and driving; Sex and Sex-Related Issues - Male and female sex organs, why people have sex, facts and myths, birth control, options after getting pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, infertility options, sexual harassment, and date rape; and, Love, Relationships, Marriage, and Family - The role of friends in our lives, negative aspects of cliques, dating and love, love and infatuation, qualities in an ideal mate, problems in marriage, why marriages end, family life cycles, and nontraditional families. It also includes sections: Life Skills: High and low self-esteem, long and short range goals, learning assertive behavior, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, what makes a good leader, effective communication and time management skills, and problems with violence; Stress - What makes you stressed?, reactions to stress, coping with stress, suicide, death, and dying; Food and Food Related Issues - Improving eating habits, the food pyramid, information about calories, water, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, additives, and eating disorders; Know Your Body and Body Image - Body image and type, the functions of differnet organs, body parts, body systems and terminology, viruses and bacteria, basic first aid, diagnosing and solving emergency problems, fitness habits, and four components of fitness; And, Self Esteem and Knowing Yourself - Favorite things, handwriting, personality type, birth order, highs and lows, and five senses.


Cicely Saunders - 2845912369

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Cicely Saunders Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Cicely Saunders is universally acclaimed as a pioneer of modern hospice care. Trained initially in nursing and social work, she qualified in medicine in 1958, and subsequently dedicated the whole of her professional life to improving the care of the dying and bereaved people. Founding St. Christopher's Hospice in London in 1967, she encouraged a radical new approach to end of life care combining attention to physical, social, emotional and spiritual problems, brilliantly captured in her concept of 'total pain'. Her ideas about clinical care, education and research have been hugely influential, leading to numerous prizes and awards in recognition of her humanitarian achievements. This book includes a selection of Cicely Saunders' most important writings throughout a period of over forty years. Full articles, chapters, editorials, reviews, and commentaries include important clinical themes relating to the care of dying people such as pain and symptom management, issues of communication and truth telling, and the needs of particular patient groups, such as those with cancer and other diseases. The book includes pieces that reflect on the wider development of the palliative care field and on policy and organisational issues. Some of the papers take up the theme of spiritual care at the end of life as well as the question of euthanasia, raising in turn issues of a wider theological and philosophical nature. The articles are written for a multi-disciplinary audience and will be of enormous interest to many professionals now working in palliative care. The collection will become a key work of reference for those interested in the evolution of hospice and palliative care and will serve as an important sourcebook of many currently hard to obtain publications by the acknowledged founder of the modern hospice movement. This book will also stand as a remarkable testimony to the personal contribution of Cicely Saunders and the influence she has had upon the modern field of palliative and end of life care.


Death with Dignity - 2827054597

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Death with Dignity University of Scranton Press,U.S.

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End-of-life issues and questions are complex and frequently cause confusion and anxiety. In "Death with Dignity", theologian, medical ethicist, and pastoral caregiver Peter A. Clark examines numerous issues that are pertinent to patients, family members, and health care professionals, including physiology, consciousness, the definition of death, the distinction between extraordinary and ordinary means, medical futility, 'Do Not Resuscitate' orders, living wills, power of attorney, pain assessment and pain management, palliative and hospice care, the role of spirituality in end-of-life care, and physicians' communication with terminal patients. Patients, family members, medical students, and health care professionals will find in "Death with Dignity" the practical and ethical knowledge they need to capably and confidently cope with end-of-life challenges.


Distributed network protocols for anonymous stations in cooperative and noncooperative settings - 2619308978

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Distributed network protocols for anonymous stations in cooperative and noncooperative settings Politechnika Gdańska


This work studies the effects of station anonymity and/or noncooperative (selfish) station behavior upon the design and performance of selected distributed network protocols. A set of stations interconnected by a computer network are assumed to be engaged in a collective activity for which some inter-station consistency is required. The considered protocols relate to group communication (where message delivery in agreed order is required), random multiple access over a single channel (where collision avoidance is required), and packet forwarding (where maintenance of end-to-end paths is required). Design of distributed protocols for anonymous stations permits to dispense with costly authentication mechanisms, and provides a "security lower bound" for systems in which station identities are relied upon. Modeling of noncooperative settings (where stations are allowed to behave selfishly) is justified in view of the increased autonomy and user configurability of today's network components; at the same time, as a departure from the traditional engineering paradigm, it opens up interesting areas of networking research. In Chapter 2, two agreed order multicast protocols are proposed for anonymous stations in a cooperative setting. Both are LAN-oriented i.e., designed to yield high group throughput by exploiting the natural synchronism of single-broadcast transmission media. A faulty communication environment is assumed with occasional reception misses - failures by one or more stations to receive a message. The Distributed Precedence Graph (DPG) protocol is network-independent in that multicast and reception primitives clearly define a protocol-to-network interface, and missed message recovery is separated from message ordering. In contrast, the Jamming Protocol (JP) is network-dependent and exploits in a novel way the "ideal synchronism" of LAN broadcast to couple missed message recovery and message ordering. Both proposed protocols are insensitive to membership control mechanisms and do without the knowledge of station identities. Even so, they compare favorably with existing agreed order multicast protocols like LANSIS or TOTEM, as demonstrated by the analysis of logicaltime properties and simulation of stochastic performance. Chapters 3 through 5 are devoted to game-theoretic analysis of random access MAC-layer protocols in a noncooperative setting. Chapter 3 deals with CSMA/CA, the multiple access mechanism of the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol. It is argued that in an ad hoc wireless LAN, CSMA/CA is vulnerable to a selfish backoff attack consisting in systematic selection of short backoff times. Network performance under a backoff attack is evaluated via extension of Bianchi's Markovian approximation, as well as using more accurate models. A sufficient condition of solvability is given and a game-theoretic analysis is carried out with stations' bandwidth shares regarded as payoffs. Launching a backoff attack is established as a strictly dominating action, the payoff structure of the resulting one-shot CSMA/CA game being similar to a multiplayer Prisoners' Dilemma (with a unique and Pareto non-optmal Nash equilibrium). The notion of a Nash capacity is introduced to show that selfish station behavior reduces the achievable bandwidth utilization roughly by half compared with a cooperative setting. Incentive-based discouragement of backoff attacks is proposed in Chapter 4 using the concept of a repeated CSMA/CA game, where a station is allowed to reconfigure its CSMA/CA mechanism based upon past payoffs. Assuming that most stations are interested in enforcing cooperative behavior of the other stations, a satisfactory equilibrium play is shown possible. In particular, a selfish station can be expected to incline to honest play for fear of the other stations inclining to selfish play. This idea is elaborated upon and gives rise to two proposed strategies of playing the repeated CSMA/CA game, called Cooperation via Randomized Inclination to Selfish Play (CRISP) and Selfish Play to Elicit Live-and-Let-live (SPELL). By exploiting another property of the one-shot CSMA/CA game, called coarse profile observability, CRISP and SPELL are shown to asymptotically achieve Pareto optimality and the related Nash equilibrium becomes subgame perfect. It is shown how to extend the proposed strategies if some stations disengage the CSMA/CA backoff scheme. Chapter 4 concludeswith a discussion of QoS-sensitive station behavior, in which case the CSMA/CA game may change from a Prisoners' Dilemma into a form of a queuing game. Selfish behavior of CSMA/CA stations studied in Chapters 3 and 4 only affects specific protocol parameters, leaving the very principle of contention unchanged. In Chapter 5 we look at a slightly more general model of single-channel contention. In the proposed framework, the MAC protocol proceeds in cycles, each of which accommodates the stations' requests to transmit. This subsumes various existing random token-like protocols e.g., CSMA/CA, Random Token, slotted ALOHA, and HIPERLAN/1. A selection configuration determines how the requests are placed, whereas a winner policy decides the winner of a contention. It is argued that while the winner policy must be agreed upon by all the stations, the selection configuration is entirely within a station's discretion. For a wide class of winner policies, called Random Token with Extraneous Collision Detection (RT/ECD), the notions of verifiability and viability are introduced to factor out brute-force selfish behavior, and shown to lead to two interesting winner policies, RT/ECD-0 and RT/ECD--. The resulting games are found to be a multiplayer Prisoners' Dilemma and an anti-coordination game, respectively. Related repeated games are again found to potentially lead to cooperative behavior. In Chapter 6, selfishness considerations are extended to the network layer of a mobile ad hoc network (MANET). Each MANET station generates source packets and also is supposed to forward transit packets for pairs of stations currently out of each other's reception range. It is argued that forwarding transit packets becomes a dual liability: it shortens the station's battery life "in exchange for" sacrificing a portion of the channel bandwidth that could be used for source packets. Under the introduced packet anonymity model (no packet reveals its source station except at destination), undetectable selfish manipulation of the local congestion controls is possible. The issue is addressed in a noncooperative game-theoretic framework: each MANET station selects its own strategy (congestion control settings) at will, so as to maximize some defined payoff (a combination of source packet throughput and a reputation measure). For a class of Drop-and-Throttle (D&T) congestion control mechanisms, a generic model is formulated, whereby a station adjusts its D&T threshold in response to the other stations' adjusted thresholds; this model is subsequently translated into a simple extensive-form game. Types of reachable Nash equilibria are discussed and the notion of robustness of a Nash equilibrium is introduced. Finally, a novel packet forwarding protocol called Fair Forwarding with Forced Transmissions (F3T) is presented, which, if properly configured, leads to a desirable type of Nash equilibrium. Spis treści: CONTENTS  LIST OF SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS 1. INTRODUCTION   1.1. Motivation, objective, and scope  1.2. Outline of the contents 2. MEMBERSHIP INSENSITIVE AGREED ORDER MULTICAST   2.1. Introduction and related work  2.2. Message ordering constraints  2.3. Jamming Protocol  2.3.1. LAN model  2.3.2. JP mechanisms and data structures  2.3.3. Jamming and lag detection Ethernet Token Ring  2.3.4. "Catch-up" mechanism  2.4. Evaluation of JP  2.4.1. Logical-time properties of JP  2.4.2. Stochastic performance of JP  2.5. Distributed Precedence Graph protocol  2.5.1. Network service model Wired or wireless single-channel LAN Tag seąuencer Bounded-deiay WAN with sparse group messages  2.5.2. DPG data structures and PDU types  2.5.3. Maintenance of strong ADO  2.5.4. Missed message recovery and flow control  2.6. Evaluation of DPG  2.6.1. Logical-time properties of DPG  2.6.2. Stochastic performance of DPG  2.7. Conclusion 3. BACKOFF ATTACK AND ONE-SHOT CSMA/CA GAME   3.1. Introduction and related work  3.2. Network operation  3.2.1. CSMA/CA contention under IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol  3.2.2. Network model  3.3. Solvability of EBM  3.3.1. Uniform CSMA/CA configuration profile  3.3.2. Non-uniform CSMA/CA configuration profile  3.4. Station performance  3.5. Backoff attack incentives  3.5.1. Selfish configurations  3.5.2. CSMA/CA game and Nash capacity  3.5.3. Selfish and greedy configurations Incentives in a binary set of actions Incentives in a temary set of actions  3.5.4. Mixed and Monte Carlo models  3.6. Conclusion 4. BACKOFF ATTACK DISCOURAGEMENT and REPEATED CSMA/CA GAME   4.1. Introduction and related work  4.2. Morę properties of one-shot CSMA/CA game  4.3. Repeated CSMA/CA game  4.3.1. Introduction to repeated games  4.3.2. Application to CSMA/CA game  4.4. CRISP strategy  4.4.1. Strategy description  4.4.2. Uncorrelated Pareto optimality and subgame perfection  4.4.3. Performance  4.4.4. Enforceability  4.4.5. Ternary CRISP  4.5. SPELL strategy  4.5.1. Strategy Description  4.5.2. Uncorrelated Pareto optimality and subgame perfection  4.5.3. Ternary SPELL  4.6. QoS game  4.6.1. One-shot QoS game  4.6.2. Dynamie QoS game scenarios  4.6.3. Stochastic QoS game  4.7. Conclusion and comments 5. NONCOOPERATIVE CHANNEL CONTENTION IN AD HOC LANS WITH ANONYMOUS STATIONS   5.1. Introduction  5.2. WLAN model  5.3. Framework for a winner policy  5.3.1. Reąuests to transmit  5.3.2. Verifiability  5.3.3. Performance objectives  5.3.4. Viability  5.4. Binary RT/ECD game  5.4.1. One-shot RT/ECD game  5.4.2. Stage-by-stage repeated RT/ECD game Nash strategy Idea Bag strategy  5.5. Cycle-by-cycle repeated RT/ECD game  5.5.1. Reinforcement learning strategies  5.5.2. Evolutionary stability  5.6. Conclusion 6. FAIR PACKET FORWARDING IN MOBILE AD HOC NETWORKS   6.1. Introduction  6.2. Related work  6.2.1. Reputation systems  6.2.2. Micropayment schemes  6.2.3. Game-theoretic approaches  6.3. Forwarding model and related selfish behavior  6.3.1. Forwarding model  6.3.2. Discussion of the model  6.3.3. Undetectable selfish behavior  6.4. Game-theoretic model  6.4.1. D&Tgame  6.4.2. Reachability of Nash eąuilibria  6.5. F3T protocol  6.5.1. Protocol description  6.5.2. D&T game payoffs under F3T  6.6. F3T protocol configuration and performance  6.7. Conclusion and future research 7. SUMMARY OF MAIN RESULTS BIBLIOGRAPHY  Summary in English  Summary in Polish


Eastern Experiences - 2836773103

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Eastern Experiences New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

World history is littered with tales of great conquests and catastrophic defeats, of the rise and fall of empires, armies and global corporate entities. Does man ever learn the lessons that history teaches him and is he doomed to continue making the same mistakes until at best, the lessons are learnt or at worst, he destroys his own means of survival? This is a compelling book of many levels and is the result of one man's experiences garnered over nearly half a century living and working in the many different countries of the Far East, which will appeal equally to historians, travellers, businessmen and aviation enthusiasts. Deeply involved in the development and implementation of aviation communication systems over a period when technological advances meant more dramatic changes than will ever be the case again, Bernard Leroy observed not only the countries he visited but also shifting political alliances, social migration and changes in the balance of power from the days of the empire, to the superpowers and, looking forwards, to the tiger economy. Detailed historical accounts bring to life the development of differing peoples, and in many cases their struggles to gain independence, which has resulted in the richly diverse and cultural nations that make up Asia today. He examines the life cycle of global entities, be they modern day corporations or the Roman or Mongol Empires, the rise and decline of which seem to follow a similar pattern sharing many characteristics, and presents a probing study of management practice for the global entrepreneur which may lead you to conclude that at the end of the day, productive communication and common sense are the two vital, but often overlooked, ingredients for success.


Mezzanine De L'alcazar Boxset - 2839229203

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Mezzanine De L'alcazar Boxset Wagram

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Antonio - A Thousand Words 904. Kozo, Greg & Freakface Feat. Karl The Voice - Dand 905. Stingily, Byron - Flying High 906. Raw Artistic Soul / Gibbons, John - Keep On Shinin 907. Mink - Glory Of Life 908. Kupper, Eric / Organika - Aurora 909. Kid Massive / Antoine - The Way 910. Alex / Reverend P - Animal Vibes 911. Hardsoul / Carroll, Ron - My Life 912. Tiger Stripes - Serenity


Jerome and His Women - 2835277653

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Jerome and His Women Black Quill Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The events in this book take place in Ancient Rome at the end of the fourth century, between the years 382 and 385 AD - a short, but critical, timespan in the history of Western civilisation. It was crunch time for the Roman Empire, long racked by internal riots and external threats, particularly from the Germanic tribes to the north. Christianity had developed from a splinter group of Judaism in Roman-occupied Jerusalem into a widespread movement with its own beliefs and rituals which brought it into direct confrontation with the existing social order. The old gods, with their power to unify their subjects, were being replaced by a new and very different God - one available to all, independent of status. While many of the older generation remained faithful to the pagan gods, others were drawn to Christianity and, in worhipping a new God, weakened their allegiance to the Empire. In short, if you worshipped Christ, you could not also worship the Emperor. For the Roman Empire, therefore, the political ramifications of the spread of Christianity were dire. Persecution - that time-honoured recipe of governments the world over to opposition - hadn't worked either, as the conversion of the Emperor Constantine himself to Christianity in 312 AD had demonstrated. Was the spread of Christianity the straw that broke the back of the Roman Empire? Many - most famously, the historian Edward Gibbon - argue that it was; at the very least, most agree that it played a critical role in its eventual collapse. But without recourse to a single authoritative text, would Christian leaders have secured their religion's supremacy in the West? Probably not. It was Damasus I who, in commissioning Jerome to translate the Bible into a single definitive Latin version, accessible to all bequeathed to Christianity the perfect means by which to spread its influence and consolidate its authority. In so doing, he firmly established Rome as the centre of Christianity. It was a political masterstroke, the inspiration of which might elude us in our modern era of digital communication. This book is, therefore, amongst other things, a tribute to that master statesman Damasus I, as well as one of history's greatest, albeit most controversial, scholars, Saint Jerome. It is also a tribute to certain women of Late Antiquity who were often scholars in their own right and risked everything they had to adopt the ascetic life - an ideal almost unimaginable in today's age of celebrated secularity, individuality and hedonism. First and foremost among these women is, of course, Paula. The main characters are all historical figures - from Damasus, Jerome and Paula down to Toxotius, Hymetius and Praetextata. Those people who figure significantly are expanded upon in the glossary of names at the end of the book. Some lesser characters are my creations, primarily Aetius and Bassus, who I felt could well have existed. In an effort to recreate the spirit of this distant age, I have tried to bring them all to life imaginatively, drawing on knowledge of the times where possible, and reasonable inference where it was not. I have tried to convey a sense of the heady excitement attached to the theological debates of the day, and the rigorous scholarship underpinning them. As in Ancient Greece, the skills of rhetoric and argument were highly regarded, and matters such as the freedom of the soul and the nature of free will were debated and length and could divide men as easily as bringing them together. Central to the whole story is the relationship between Jerome and Paula, a much-speculated subject even in their day. Intimacy th


Middle Ages: A Very Short Introduction - 2839139787

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Middle Ages: A Very Short Introduction Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Middle Ages is a term coined around 1450 to describe a thousand years of European History. In this Very Short Introduction, Miri Rubin provides an exploration of the variety, change, dynamism, and sheer complexity that the period covers. From the provinces of the Roman Empire, which became Barbarian kingdoms after c.450-650, to the northern and eastern regions that became increasingly integrated into Europe, Rubin explores the emergence of a truly global system of communication, conquest, and trade by the end of the era. Presenting an insight into the challenges of life in Europe between 500-1500 - at all levels of society - Rubin looks at kingship and family, agriculture and trade, groups and individuals. Conveying the variety of European experiences, while providing a sense of the communication, cooperation, and shared values of the pervasive Christian culture, Rubin looks at the legacies they left behind. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.


Mother of Invention - 2826714155

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"The Mother of Invention" tells the life story of futurist and seer Barbara Marx Hubbard and in so doing explains the future of every human being on earth. Neale Donald Walsch's unique style and power of communication make clear the importance of this visionary thinker. In what may very well be a new-form literary style, this biography begins in the future, unraveling Barbara's story backward, from December 22, 2012, to the date of her birth, and offering at the end of each chapter a special section inviting every reader to explore how they may directly apply to their own daily life what Barbara has observed and learned during her remarkable 80-year journey. It is a journey that saw her become the first woman ever to have her name placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States by a major political party, that took her to Russia as a culture ambassador for peace, that had her visiting the Oval Office and asking a President of the United States a question that he could not answer, that placed her in deep acquaintanceship with the American space program, and that finds her today at the leading edge of contemporary thought and innovative action regarding our construction of the future. Neale Donald Walsch's biography places Barbara Marx Hubbard's life and work in its rightful place at the centre of human consciousness raising.


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