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Piracy in Comparative Perspective - 2834157462

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Piracy in Comparative Perspective Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This new work presents a comprehensive approach to an age old disruption of the order of the oceans that was known to ancient Greece, Persia, the first Indian Empire, the Han Dynasty of China and the early European maritime powers. Many of the norms proscribing piratical acts that are codified in contemporary international law are vestiges of those earlier periods. Yet contemporary maritime piracy is more complex and intense. The International Maritime Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce reported 439 reports of actual piracy attacks in 2011, most Somali based, and a higher number of attempts. This book presents perspectives on the problem by contributors from four continents, diverse legal cultures, and multiple disciplines. This volume appraises piracy from the comparative perspectives of those disciplines and from the standpoint of key participants in the social processes that are plagued by piracy-mariners, navies, ship owners and operators, policy makers and lawyers. Decision-making and operational measures cannot be separated from piracy's origins and continuing social impact. Thus the contributors bring clarity to the problem through the lenses of history, development, law, maritime security, fisheries, economics and ocean commerce. Maritime piracy initiatives are generating a great number of operational and institutional counter-measures and the diversity of stakeholder interests often complicates proposed solutions. Against that backdrop the contributors examine strategies - the range of available modalities to address and correct the problem - through the lenses of naval power, port state control, penal systems and development. And they appraise law - both national and international authoritative decision-making - viewing state practice, international regulations, tribunal judgments, custom and international conventions from the comparative perspectives of Africa, India, England, France and the United States. Piracy in Comparative Perspective is a collaboration of the Centre for Maritime and Oceanic Law (CDMO) of the University of Nantes (France) and the Center for Oceans and Coastal Law of the University of Maine School of Law (United States), prepared under the direction of Professor Charles H. NORCHI and Dr. Gwenaele PROUTIERE-MAULION.


Legal And Ethical Issues In The Media - 2849503993

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Legal And Ethical Issues In The Media

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Media studiesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>La...

In A World Of Proliferating Media Devices, Convergence, Mobility And Social Media Usage, Diverse Cultures And Globalised Media Invite Comparative Understanding Of The Legal And Ethical Issues That Now Confront Media Audiences And Practitioners. Dwyer Explores Key Frameworks And Concepts That Will Engage And Challenge Thinking About Media Practice.


Case Law - 2826725544

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Case Law Duncker & Humblot

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although the problem of ratio decidendi concerns the essence of law and justice, very little comparative work between the Continental and Anglo-American legal systems has been done on the topic. Legal literature often repeats that it is one of the sharpest points of contrast between the two legal cultures. Within the English speaking legal system, multiple opinions, both concurring and dissenting, prevail where dissent among Continental judges only occurs behind closed doors: the published decision indeed is always presented as the single and incontestable opinion of the whole court. Historical reasons are generally put forward to explain that contrast. Where in the Anglo-American Common Law system judges are asked - and always have been asked - to present the materials and reasons upon which they based their judicial opinions, in Ancien Regime continental Europe it was not considered necessary to formulate the reasons of a decision and in most courts of the European Continent it was even formally forbidden to the judges, until the end of the eighteenth century, to write down or even communicate orally"the secrets of their discussions and deliberations".§To comparatists, this reveals two different cultures among judges and lawyers. In Continental Europe there is much emphasis on the idea of judging as a science which can be learned and reproduced with an impersonal rigour. The Anglo-American judge is not considered to be such a trained scientist, he is merely a practised craftsman. Can the history of ratio decidendi - but also the history of law and justice from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century - therefore be reduced to a total contradiction between two legal cultures?


Taxing Culture - 2843503298

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Taxing Culture Dartmouth Publishing Co Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work seeks to provide a cultural context for the laws of tax collection, within a comparative UK/American structure. The comparative focus of the book has been chosen so as to enable its thesis to construct a cultural focus more clearly. Histories of collection, laws, and enforcement, are all considered so as to enable the stories of cultures of tax collection to be told. The author presents three of the inferences that a comparative, critical and cultural consideration of tax collection cultures in the US and the UK has produced. These findings include, first, that study of the usage of exemplary prosecutions for tax evasion in the US provides valuable insight into positions of classes of persons - in other words, that taxpayers selected for exemplary prosecution speak to not merely other taxpayers, but to the socio-economic position of the class from which that person comes. The example of Leona Helmsley is discussed in this context, and with the suggestion that the manner of her prosecution presents feminist issues. Secondly, this book argues that analysis of the culture of tax and its collection must take note of the status of tax legal scholarship, and its historical failure to keep apace with developments in legal theory. Finally, the author suggests that critical cultural studies hold great promise for elucidation of this, presently, heavily criticised area of legal scholarship.


Criminal Proceedings, Languages and the European Union - 2826828451

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Criminal Proceedings, Languages and the European Union Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The book Criminal proceedings, languages and the European Union: linguistic and legal issues the first attempt on this subject deals with the current situation in the jurislinguistic studies, which cover comparative law, language and translation, towards the aim of the circulation of equivalent legal concepts in systems which are still very different from one another. In the absence of common cultures and languages, in criminal procedure it is possible to distinguish features that are typical of common law systems and features that are typical of civil law systems, according to the two different models of adversarial and inquisitorial trials. Therefore, the most problematic challenges are for the European Union legislator to define generic measures that can be easily implemented at the national level, and for the individual Member States to choose corresponding domestic measures that can best implement these broad definitions, so as to pursue objectives set at the European level.In this scenario, the book assesses the new framework within which criminal lawyers and practitioners need to operate under the Lisbon Treaty (Part I), and focuses on the different versions of its provisions concerning cooperation in criminal matters, which will need to be implemented at the national level (Part III). The book analyses the issues raised by multilingualism in the EU decision-making process and subsequent interpretation of legal acts from the viewpoint of all the players involved (EU officials, civil, penal and linguistic lawyers: Part II), explores the possible impact of the EU legal acts concerning environmental protection, where the study of ascending and descending circulation of polysemantic words is especially relevant (Part IV), and investigates the new legal and linguistic concepts in the field of data retention, protection of victims, European investigation orders and coercive measures (Part V).


Writing Greek Law - 2826800051

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Writing Greek Law Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The use of writing in the development of Greek law was unique. In this comparative 2008 study Professor Gagarin shows the reader how Greek law developed and explains why it became so different from the legal systems with which most legal historians are familiar. While other early communities wrote codes of law for academic or propaganda purposes, the Greeks used writing extensively to make their laws available to a relatively large segment of the community. On the other hand, the Greeks made little use of writing in litigation whereas other cultures used it extensively in this area, often putting written documents at the heart of the judicial process. Greek law thereby avoided becoming excessively technical and never saw the development of a specialised legal profession. This book will be of interest to those with an interest in the history of law, as well as ancient historians.


History of Infanticide in Britain, C. 1600 to the Present - 2834140183

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History of Infanticide in Britain, C. 1600 to the Present PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work provides a detailed history of infanticide in mainland Britain from 1600 to the modern era for the very first time. It examines continuity and change in the nature and characteristics of new-born child murder in Scotland, England and Wales over a chronology of more than four centuries. Alongside offering a comparative analysis of the types of individuals suspected of the offence, and a detailed appreciation of the different ways in which the crime was carried out, the work also exposes the broad nexus of causal factors which underpinned its enactment. In addition, the work investigates the evolving attitude in social, medical and legal contexts to the killing of young infants in Britain over a substantive time period. Thus the work as a whole is both compelling and innovative as it provides the reader with much more than a mere history of infanticide. The book also contributes much to our understanding of criminal history, gender history, legal history, medical history and social history in its analyses of the different contexts allied to the offence. It does this also through its exploration of the complex characteristics of accusers, commentators and perpetrators across cultures, borders and time.


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