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Approaches to Geo-Mathematical Modelling: New Tools for Complexity Science - 2827033227

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Approaches to Geo-Mathematical Modelling: New Tools for Complexity Science John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Geo-mathematical modelling: models from complexity science Sir Alan Wilson, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London Mathematical and computer models for a complexity science tool kit Geographical systems are characterised by locations, activities at locations, interactions between them and the infrastructures that carry these activities and flows. They can be described at a great variety of scales, from individuals and organisations to countries. Our understanding, often partial, of these entities, and in many cases this understanding is represented in theories and associated mathematical models. In this book, the main examples are models that represent elements of the global system covering such topics as trade, migration, security and development aid together with examples at finer scales. This provides an effective toolkit that can not only be applied to global systems, but more widely in the modelling of complex systems. All complex systems involve nonlinearities involving path dependence and the possibility of phase changes and this makes the mathematical aspects particularly interesting. It is through these mechanisms that new structures can be seen to 'emerge', and hence the current notion of 'emergent behaviour'. The range of models demonstrated include account-based models and biproportional fitting, structural dynamics, space-time statistical analysis, real-time response models, Lotka-Volterra models representing 'war', agent-based models, epidemiology and reaction-diffusion approaches, game theory, network models and finally, integrated models. Geo-mathematical modelling: * Presents mathematical models with spatial dimensions. * Provides representations of path dependence and phase changes. * Illustrates complexity science using models of trade, migration, security and development aid. * Demonstrates how generic models from the complexity science tool kit can each be applied in a variety of situations This book is for practitioners and researchers in applied mathematics, geography, economics, and interdisciplinary fields such as regional science and complexity science. It can also be used as the basis of a modelling course for postgraduate students.


Computability and Complexity Theory - 2826649247

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Computability and Complexity Theory Springer

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This revised and extensively expanded edition of Computability and Complexity Theory comprises essential materials that are core knowledge in the theory of computation. The book is self-contained, with a preliminary chapter describing key mathematical concepts and notations. Subsequent chapters move from the qualitative aspects of classical computability theory to the quantitative aspects of complexity theory. Dedicated chapters on undecidability, NP-completeness, and relative computability focus on the limitations of computability and the distinctions between feasible and intractable. Substantial new content in this edition includes:§a chapter on nonuniformity studying Boolean circuits, advice classes and the important result of Karp Lipton.a chapter studying properties of the fundamental probabilistic complexity classesa study of the alternating Turing machine and uniform circuit classes. an introduction of counting classes, proving the famous results of Valiant and Vazirani and of Todaa thorough treatment of the proof that IP is identical to PSPACE With its accessibility and well-devised organization, this text/reference is an excellent resource and guide for those looking to develop a solid grounding in the theory of computing. Beginning graduates, advanced undergraduates, and professionals involved in theoretical computer science, complexity theory, and computability will find the book an essential and practical learning tool.§Topics and features: §Concise, focused materials cover the most fundamental concepts and results in the field of modern complexity theory, including the theory of NP-completeness, NP-hardness, the polynomial hierarchy, and complete problems for other complexity classes Contains information that otherwise exists only in research literature and presents it in a unified, simplified mannerProvides key mathematical background information, including sections on logic and number theory and algebra Supported by numerous exercises and supplementary problems for reinforcement and self-study purposes


Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems - 2841437953

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Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems Springer, Berlin

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This book presents a systematic study on the inherent complexity in fuzzy systems, resulting from the large number and the poor transparency of the fuzzy rules. The study uses a novel approach for complexity management, aimed at compressing the fuzzy rule base by removing the redundancy while preserving the solution. The compression is based on formal methods for presentation, manipulation, transformation and simplification of fuzzy rule bases, which are illustrated by algorithms as well as results from numerous examples and two case studies. The results are directly applicable or easily extendable to a wide class of fuzzy systems and detailed benchmarks for expanding these systems to new areas such as fuzzy networks and fuzzy multi-agent systems are introduced. The intended readers are people from both academia and industry, who would be interested in building and implementing advanced fuzzy systems.


Complexity - 2841433358

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Complexity Birkhäuser Berlin

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Today it is complexity studies, with their starting point in physics, that define the current approach to the concept of complexity. They have established a new connection between the natural sciences and information technology and have thus become a central premise of computer-based approaches to design.


Benchmarking supply strategies in the automotive and the power tool industry - 2826955718

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Benchmarking supply strategies in the automotive and the power tool industry GRIN Verlag

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Diploma Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, grade: 1.7, UNITEC New Zealand (Supply Management Institute (SMI)), course: Diplom, 105 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Problem Definition and Scope of the Diploma ThesisThe problem which is addressed in this diploma thesis is the research deficit in the field of benchmarking supply and sourcing strategies. As it was stated in the introduction, no academic publication could be identified in which supply or sourcing strategies in the automotive industry are benchmarked with another industry and detailed recommendations for a particular industry are derived. This lack of academic research is related to a general research deficit in the whole field of supply management which was already identified by Wildemann (2000), Van Weele (2002) and Jahns (2005). The whole field of supply management cannot be entirely benchmarked within two industries in a diploma thesis. Because of that and to reduce complexity, the sourcing strategy triangle which is further explained in section 2.4 and shown in the following figure 2 was developed as a benchmarking framework.1.3 Structure of the Diploma ThesisFirstly, chapter one provides an introduction including the problem definition (section 1.1), background information about the Hilti Corporation (section 1.2) and the structure of the diploma thesis (section 1.3). This is followed by supply management definitions and classifications which are given in chapter two of the thesis; supply management terminologies are defined (section 2.1), a supply strategy is explained in its strategic environment (section 2.2) and different supply management concepts are explained and analyzed (section 2.3). Besides that, also the sourcing strategy triangle which is used for the benchmarking approach is introduced in section 2.4. After that, chapter three includes the benchmarking analysis of the sourcing strategy triangle. In section 3.1, the applied benchmarking methodology is explained before the actual benchmarking analysis is pursued in section 3.2 which is divided into three sections according to the three elements of the sourcing strategy triangle: benchmarking global versus local sourcing (section 3.2.1), benchmarking supplier management (section 3.2.2) and benchmarking commodity management (section 3.2.3). Based on this benchmarking analysis, recommendations are derived for power tool companies in chapter four. Finally, a conclusion and an outlook into the future of the automotive and power tool industry together with supply management in both industries are given in chapter five.


Tool Kits in Regional Science - 2834142625

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Tool Kits in Regional Science Springer, Berlin

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§Regional Science is now more than 50 years old; in the last two decades, significant advances in methodology have occurred, spurred in large part by access to computers. The range of analytical techniques now available is enormous; this books provides a sampling of the toolkit that is now at the disposal of analysts interested in understanding and interpreting the complexity of the spatial structure of sub- national economies. The set of tools ranges from the more traditional (input-output) to new developments in computable general equilibrium models, nonlinear dynamics, neural modelling and innovation.


Animal Tool Behavior - 2840013907

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Animal Tool Behavior

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Biology, life sciences>Life sciences: general issues>EvolutionKsiążki Obcojęzyczn...

Through A Comprehensive Synthesis Of The Studies Produced Through 2010, The Authors Provide An Updated And Exact Definition Of Tool Use, Identify New Modes Of Use That Have Emerged In The Literature, Examine Various Forms Of Tool Manufacture, And Address


Macarthur Bible Studies: Mark - 2839145502

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Macarthur Bible Studies: Mark Nelson Bibles

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Revised and updated, the MacArthur Study Guide Series takes the participant on a journey through the Bible, book by book. Inquisitive questions, "Keys to the Text" feature, and new material compose this useful and concise tool from renowned Bible teacher John MacArthur.


Creating a New Community - 2827054423

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Creating a New Community Zondervan

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Our hearts hunger for order and a sense of belonging in the chaos of life. We long for community. Deep inside us, we yearn to connect with God and with those around us. That's not surprising---it's a reflection of God's own longing. Guiding you through the first five books of the Bible, this participant's guide reveals God's passionate desire for intimacy with his people and among his people.The Truth for Today small group series is a high-impact tool for discovering the power and relevance of the Old Testament. This innovative series combines Bible study with an enjoyable, interactive format to help you and your group experience God's Word as it really is: energetic, immediate, and life-transforming. Other Truth for Today small group studies: Stepping Out in Faith: The History of Israel (7 Sessions)Developing a Heart for God: The Wisdom Books (8 Sessions)Pursuing Spiritual Authenticity: The Prophets (8 Sessions)


A Short History Of The New Testament - 2840035415

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A Short History Of The New Testament

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Christianity>Biblical studies & exegesis>Biblical exegesis & hermeneut...

In Discussing Its Textual Origins, As Well As Its Later Reception, Moxnes Shows Above All How The New Testament Has Been Employed Both As A Tool For Liberation And As A Means Of Power And Control.


Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting_Nickas Bob - 2822175299

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Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting_Nickas Bob Wydawnictwo: Phaidon


Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting   ISBN: 9780714849331 Autor: Nickas Bob     Rok wydania: 2009-10-17 Ilość stron: 343 Oprawa: twarda Format: 250 x 290 mm ISBN: 9780714849331 In recent years, abstract painting has developed a rich complexity that, more than ever, rewards intensive viewing. Bob Nickas introduces the reader to the key issues in contemporary abstraction while profiling eighty artists who, in the last five years, have made it one of the most exciting areas in contemporary art. Each artist's paintings are illustrated in lavish full-colour images and accompanied by a text that leads the reader through the work in language both accessible and illuminating. The product of extensive new research and several dozen studio visits with artists around the world, Nickas's text brings out the key details and distinctions in their work, creating a vivid picture of a field awash in creative innovation. Painting Abstraction is an essential reference tool for curators, critics, artists and collectors, and a major statement on the future of painting from one of contemporary art's most respected voices. Featuring: Tomma Abts, Richard Aldrich, John Armleder, Monika Baer, Kristin Baker, Francis Baudevin, Lisa Beck, Alex Brown, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Varda Caivano, Mike Cloud, Karin Davie, Jules de Balincourt, Philippe Decrauzat, Tomory Dodge, Jacob Feige, Chris Finley, Kim Fisher, Bernard Frize, Wayne Gonzalez, Joanne Greenbaum, Katharina Grosse, Mark Grotjahn, Wade Guyton, Alex Hay, Mary Heilmann, Daniel Hesidence, Mamie Holst, Jacqueline Humphries, Nathan Hylden, Xylor Jane, Chris Johanson, Tony Just, Jutta Koether, Bill Komoski, Michael Krebber, Alex Kwartler, David Malek, Marta Marce, Chris Martin, Julie Mehretu, Alison Miller, Katy Moran, Olivier Mosset, Carrie Moyer, Elizabeth Neel, Odili Donald Odita, Steven Parrino, Peter Peri, Ann Pibal, Monique Prieto, R.H. Quaytman, David Ratcliff, Anselm Reyle, Bernd Ribbeck, Ruth Root, Alex Ross, Sterling Ruby, Wilhelm Sasnal, Thomas Scheibitz, Anja Schwoerer, James Siena, Amy Sillman, Josh Smith, Rudolf Stingel, Esther Stocker, Philip Taaffe, John Tremblay, Alan Uglow, Daan Van Golden, Chris Vassell, Charline von Heyl, Kelley Walker, Dan Walsh, Chuck Webster, Stanley Whitney, Jens Wolf, Clare Woods, Christopher Wool and Heimo Zobernig.


21 Steps for Success in the New Music Biz - 2826861548

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21 Steps for Success in the New Music Biz Janson Media Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

21 STEPS For Success in the NEW Music Biz is a down to earth, easy to read motivational tool and primer to help you understand the complexity of the music biz from a layman's point of view; a clear understanding of the music industry and how it works. This uncomplicated crash course includes lessons compiled from industry experts. Go behind the scenes with top artists, producers, entertainment attorneys and major pro's. The book gives you a plan, taking you from your first gig to national distribution of your album and bringing you inside the digital game from online exposure to tracking royalties, protecting your rights and helping you gain success.


Challenges in Role Transition of New Nurse Graduates - 2834700887

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Challenges in Role Transition of New Nurse Graduates LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The nursing shortage, one major stumbling block debilitating the nursing profession, has been well addressed locally and internationally over the past decade. Many recent research studies indicated that one of the sources contributing to the shortage of nursing professionals is the attrition of new graduate nurses (NGN/s). Recent research studies indicated that the high attrition rates of NGNs are related to the challenges that face them during transition into their new roles. This comparative literature review aims at exploring the transition challenges that new nurse graduates encounter in the Middle East compared to USA. Findings indicated that the role transition challenges in the Middle East were similar to those in USA with a variation in the themes identified rather than the content specified under each theme. The Casey-Fink Graduate Nurse Experience Survey (2004) appeared to have most of the role transition challenges represented in its sub-scales. This review calls for more research studies assessing role transition challenges of NGNs in the Middle East. It also presents a valid and reliable tool to utilize in assessing NGNs role transition challenges.


Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - New Series - 2834156484

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Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - New Series Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is subvolume C of the Landolt-Börnstein Volume II/29 "Molecular Constants Mostly from Microwave, Molecular Beam, and Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy", which is planned to appear as a series A, B, C and D1 and D2 for the diamagnetic, and E for the paramagnetic linear and polyatomic species, respectively. Like in the preceding volumes II/19 and II/24, which have appeared in 1992 and 1999, the diamagnetic substances are arranged in the manner suggested by Hill ("Hill's system", 1900), meaning an almost strict alphabetical order; details are given in the General Introduction on the following pages. The ionic species are included in the alphabetical arrangement of the neutral ones in each table. In the preface to the previous volume II/24 we had noted: It is somewhat surprising that the trend of reducing spectroscopic activities in universities and other research institutes has not led to a lower production rate of pertinent molecular literature data during the last say ten years. It seems that the opposite is true. The number of studies of Van der Waals complexes is still increasing, and naturally also their complexity. Similarly, the "normal" molecules studied under high-resolution conditions became more complicated and flexible, and interesting effects like inner hydrogen bonding have been investigated. The number of figures used to illustrate the molecular conformational structures is, therefore, also larger than in the foregoing volumes.


New Politics of Surveillance & Visibility - 2212835016

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New Politics of Surveillance & Visibility University of Toronto Press

Inne 1

Since the terrorist attacks of September 2001, surveillance has been put forward as the essential tool for the 'war on terror,' with new technologies and policies offering police and military operatives enhanced opportunities for monitoring suspect populations. The last few years have also seen the public's consumer tastes become increasingly codified, with 'data mines' of demographic information such as postal codes and purchasing records. Additionally, surveillance has become a form of entertainment, with 'reality' shows becoming the dominant genre on network and cable television. In The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility, editors Kevin D. Haggerty and Richard V. Ericson bring together leading experts to analyse how society is organized through surveillance systems, technologies, and practices. They demonstrate how the new political uses of surveillance make visible that which was previously unknown, blur the boundaries between public and private, rewrite the norms of privacy, create new forms of inclusion and exclusion, and alter processes of democratic accountability. This collection challenges conventional wisdom and advances new theoretical approaches through a series of studies of surveillance in policing, the military, commercial enterprises, mass media, and health sciences.


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