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Speech and Audio Signal Processing - 2837896260

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Speech and Audio Signal Processing Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons...

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When Speech and Audio Signal Processing published in 1999, it stood out from its competition in its breadth of coverage and its accessible, intutiont-based style. This book was aimed at individual students and engineers excited about the broad span of audio processing and curious to understand the available techniques. Since then, with the advent of the iPod in 2001, the field of digital audio and music has exploded, leading to a much greater interest in the technical aspects of audio processing. This Second Edition will update and revise the original book to augment it with new material describing both the enabling technologies of digital music distribution (most significantly the MP3) and a range of exciting new research areas in automatic music content processing (such as automatic transcription, music similarity, etc.) that have emerged in the past five years, driven by the digital music revolution. New chapter topics include: Psychoacoustic Audio Coding, describing MP3 and related audio coding schemes based on psychoacoustic masking of quantization noise Music Transcription, including automatically deriving notes, beats, and chords from music signals. Music Information Retrieval, primarily focusing on audio-based genre classification, artist/style identification, and similarity estimation. Audio Source Separation , including multi-microphone beamforming, blind source separation, and the perception-inspired techniques usually referred to as Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA).


Acoustics - 2843906562

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Acoustics Books on Demand

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 230. Chapters: Frequency, Acoustic theory, Harmonic, Temporal masking, Attenuation, Overtone, Formant, Fundamental frequency, Ambient noise level, Medical ultrasonography, Decibel, Equivalent rectangular bandwidth, Head-related transfer function, Geophysical MASINT, Metamaterial, Acoustic metamaterials, Underwater acoustics, Binaural beats, Sound localization, Sound from ultrasound, Smaart, Sound masking, Microbarom, Lamb waves, Absolute threshold of hearing, Infrasound, Acousto-optics, Anechoic chamber, Acoustic microscopy, Thermoacoustic hot air engine, Computational Aeroacoustics, Resonator, Psychoacoustics, Cocktail party effect, Equal-loudness contour, Rijke tube, Phonautograph, Reverberation, Musical acoustics, Acoustic resonance, Bioacoustics, Piano acoustics, Acoustic cleaning, Sonic weapon, Seismic metamaterials, Dropped ceiling, Noise barrier, Acoustic quieting, Chronomčtre of Loulié, Measurement microphone calibration, Sound transmission class, Joseph Sauveur, First break picking, Spectrogram, Academic programs in acoustics, Acoustical engineering, Rubens' tube, Parametric array, Soundproofing, Helmholtz resonance, Attenuation coefficient, Basic physics of the violin, Hypersonic effect, Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging, Digital room correction, Schlieren imaging, Sonomčtre of Loulié, Acoustic enhancement, Cymatics, Architectural acoustics, Acoustic wave equation, International Commission for Acoustics, Bass trap, Bore, Sonochemistry, Atmospheric diffraction, Seismic communication, Underwater acoustic communication, Structural acoustics, Sone, Dummy head recording, Kundt's tube, Acoustic mirror, Otoacoustic emission, Sound intensity, Scanning acoustic microscope, Room modes, Jens Blauert, Sound reduction index, Poromechanics, D. Van Holliday, Acoustic droplet ejection, String resonance, Directional sound, Particle displacement, Acoustic location, Proximity effect, Aliquot stringing, Diffusion, Sympathetic resonance, Whispering gallery, Acoustic metric, QuietRock, Nonlinear acoustics, Franssen effect, Lumped element model, Room acoustics, Phonomotor, Acoustic streaming, Denge, Acoustical measurements and instrumentation, Combination tone, Statistical energy analysis, Micro perforated plate, Stokes' law, Precedence effect, Waveguide, Wildlife Acoustics, Particle acceleration, Home ultrasound, Jet noise, Musica universalis, Biophony, Acoustic network, Fletcher-Munson curves, Diaphragm, Fessenden oscillator, Audio frequency, Acoustic analogy, Sound baffle, Acoustic levitation, Loudspeaker acoustics, Reverse echo, Sound generator, Closed tube, Sustain, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Robinson-Dadson curves, Sound speed gradient, Acoustic lubrication, Sound Retrieval System, Onset, Seashell resonance, Pythagorean hammers, Simultaneous masking, Sound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, Hot chocolate effect, Auditory event, Campbell diagram, Standard day, Acoustic source localization, Pre-echo, Acoustic shock, Tone hole, Acoustic dispersion, Acoustical oceanography, Minimum audibility curve, Reverberation room, Acoustic board, Ambience, Subharmonic, Background noise, Noise reduction coefficient, Thermoacoustics, Acousto-optic deflector, ISO 31-7, Gobo, Spectral splatter, Critical distance, Thin film bulk acoustic resonator, Institute of Acoustics, Acoustic shadow, Acoustic suspension, Ecoacoustics, Acoustic holography, Sounding board, Presence, Echogenicity, Head shadow, Acou...


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