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Comrades, a Story of Social Adventure in California - 2842426487

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Comrades, a Story of Social Adventure in California



Sinsemilla Bootlegger - 2826939794

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Sinsemilla Bootlegger Council Oak Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bootleggers have a long and colorful past in the annals of American history. They were equally depicted as ruthless gangsters and "Robin Hoodesque" outlaws, bribers and benefactors of the police and politicians, architects of immense business enterprises and grand personal fortunes. Throughout the age of speakeasies and bathtub gin, bootleggers were the benevolent providers of the social lubricant that fueled the social network of both the common man and American aristocracy in the age of Prohibition in early 20th century America. Flash forward to the 1980's, where a new Prohibition is in full swing. This time, however, the bootleggers were not distilling corn for whiskey, but rather growing an age old crop for public consumption; marijuana. Seen as the drug de rigeur of the 60s counterculture that was grown abroad and imported into the USA, marijuana had become a significant domestic crop and a new cadre of bootleggers came to the fore. These were, most certainly, difficult times for California's herb growers. Ronald Reagan was President and marijuana growers were on the front lines of the culture war. The forces of Prohibition were once again deployed in full force, on the attack and threatening these peace-loving entrepreneurs with every weapon in their arsenal, including helicopter gunships, special forces and home invasion. But potheads, contrary to popular belief, are a highly motivated group. Thwarted by the efforts of forces like CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Production,) they moved their illicit crops indoors, perfecting the art of indoor agriculture while risking everything to earn a living and support a thriving community trying to live on its own terms. This is a story about what it was like in those heady outlaw days, when herb was precious and marijuana bootleggers roamed the countryside. Jason Garrett is a modern day bootlegger, plying his trade from the fertile back roads and forests of the Emerald Triangle of northern California to the clandestine back rooms of Oakland at the heart of the domestic marijuana trade. In a time when marijuana patients can grow their own medicine in any spare room of the house and medical marijuana outlets proliferate like corner liquor stores, this adventure, set in the heyday of California's pot country takes us back to a time when it took balls to grow weed and the smarts and guile to get away with growing, harvesting and distributing. Sinsemilla Bootlegger is compelling tale of the modern bootlegger's life. It portrays the adventures of a singular bootlegger and his perilous life on the edge. In Sinsemilla Bootlegger, Jason takes us along for a wild ride complete with all of the fears, the highs, the lows, the cash, the sexual adventures, the exotic climes and the outlandish and exotic characters who work the streets, grow the crops, and populate a world of intrigue built around the herb. Sinsemilla Bootlegger is a deadly accurate and vividly depicted tale, some true, some not so true, that is certain to entertain and enthrall readers with a riveting depiction of some of the early founders of the marijuana trade.


Barbarian Days - 2826633925

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Barbarian Days Penguin US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Reading this guy on the subject of waves and water is like reading Hemingway on bullfighting; William Burroughs on controlled substances; Updike on adultery. . . . a coming-of-age story, seen through the gloss resin coat of a surfboard." - Sports Illustrated §§Barbarian Days is William Finnegan's memoir of an obsession, a complex enchantment. Surfing only looks like a sport. To initiates, it is something else: a beautiful addiction, a demanding course of study, a morally dangerous pastime, a way of life.§§Raised in California and Hawaii, Finnegan started surfing as a child. He has chased waves all over the world, wandering for years through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa. A bookish boy, and then an excessively adventurous young man, he went on to become a distinguished writer and war reporter. Barbarian Days takes us deep into unfamiliar worlds, some of them right under our noses-off the coasts of New York and San Francisco. It immerses the reader in the edgy camaraderie of close male friendships forged in challenging waves.§§Finnegan shares stories of life in a whites-only gang in a tough school in Honolulu. He shows us a world turned upside down for kids and adults alike by the social upheavals of the 1960s. He details the intricacies of famous waves and his own apprenticeships to them. Youthful folly-he drops LSD while riding huge Honolua Bay, on Maui-is served up with rueful humor. As Finnegan's travels take him ever farther afield, he discovers the picturesque simplicity of a Samoan fishing village, dissects the sexual politics of Tongan interactions with Americans and Japanese, and navigates the Indonesian black market while nearly succumbing to malaria. Throughout, he surfs, carrying readers with him on rides of harrowing, unprecedented lucidity.§§Barbarian Days is an old-school adventure story, an intellectual autobiography, a social history, a literary road movie, and an extraordinary exploration of the gradual mastering of an exacting, little-understood art.§§Praise for Barbarian Days :§§"Without a doubt, the finest surf book I've ever read . . . But on a more fundamental level, Barbarian Days offers a clear-eyed vision of American boyhood. Like Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild , it is a sympathetic examination of what happens when literary ideas of freedom and purity take hold of a young mind and fling his body out into the far reaches of the world." -The New York Times Magazine§§"Incandescent . . . I'd sooner press this book upon on a nonsurfer, in part because nothing I've read so accurately describes the feeling of being stoked or the despair of being held under. . . . [But] it's also about a writer's life and, even more generally, a quester's life, more carefully observed and precisely rendered than any I've read in a long time." -Los Angeles Times


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