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1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor - 2826905080

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1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor Memoirs of a Flight Engineer" features the true tales f an aviation officer of the United States Army Air Corps during the final year of World War II. These stories center around an airman's life on the Pacific island of Tinian, the base from which the B-29 Flying Fortress was unleashed against the empire of Japan. Engagingly written in the first-person, "1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor" draws the reader into the human drama of the war in the Pacific theater: the tedium and terror, doubt and wonder, guilt and pride, and finally the joy that peace alone can bring. Numerous photographs complement the narrative and provide an immersive experience. Suspenseful, enlightening, poignant and often humorous, "1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor" reveals the inner thoughts and emotions of a young man loyal to his country and his comrades-in- arms, confident in his abilities and his magnificent airplane, yet longing to fulfill his promise to return to his pregnant wife on the home front. Strap yourself in and prepare for an experience you'll never forget!


Outlaw Album - 2826707693

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Outlaw Album SCEPTRE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Daniel Woodrell is able to lend uncanny logic to harsh, even criminal, behaviour in his wrenching first collection of short fiction. Desperation - both material and psychological - motivates his characters. A husband cruelly avenges the murder of his wife's pet; an injured rapist is cared for by a young girl, until she reaches breaking point; a disturbed veteran of Iraq is murdered for his erratic behaviour; an outsider's house is set on fire by an angry neighbour. There is also the tenderness and loyalty of the vulnerable in these stories - between spouses, parents and children, siblings and comrades in arms - which brings the troubled, sorely tested cast of characters to vivid, relatable life.


Avengers - 2826694685

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Avengers Marvel Comics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The first in a series of all-new comic stories published directly in book form!§An abomination, long thought buried, has resurfaced in a war-torn land. But now it wears an American flag. Faced with another nightmare reborn, Captain America will not stand for yet more death at the hands of a ghost from his past. Haunted by his greatest shame, Thor must renew the hunt for a familiar beast. At their side, an assemblage of allies united to end the threats no one of them could face alone. They are soldiers. Warriors. Comrades-in-arms. Mighty heroes led by a living legend, stronger together than apart. They are the Avengers. Also includes exclusive AR video content, a free digital download of the book, and an introduction written by Agent Coulson himself Clark Gregg!


Dot And Anton - 2849510714

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Dot And Anton

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

The Funny, Heart-warming Story Of Two Young Comrades-in-arms, By The Author Of Emil And The Detectives


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