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Advanced Concepts in Particle and Field Theory - 2826811636

291,87 zł

Advanced Concepts in Particle and Field Theory Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Uniting the usually distinct areas of particle physics and quantum field theory, gravity and general relativity, this expansive and comprehensive textbook of fundamental and theoretical physics describes the quest to consolidate the basic building blocks of nature, by journeying through contemporary discoveries in the field, and analysing elementary particles and their interactions. Designed for advanced undergraduates and graduate students and abounding in worked examples and detailed derivations, as well as including historical anecdotes and philosophical and methodological perspectives, this textbook provides students with a unified understanding of all matter at the fundamental level. Topics range from gauge principles, particle decay and scattering cross-sections, the Higgs mechanism and mass generation, to spacetime geometries and supersymmetry. By combining historically separate areas of study and presenting them in a logically consistent manner, students will appreciate the underlying similarities and conceptual connections to be made in these fields.


Key Concepts in Victorian Literature - 2854266713

117,77 zł

Key Concepts in Victorian Literature PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text contains major facts, ideas, and contemporary theories, and is packed with close and detailed readings of a variety of novels, poems, and plays. Structured into three easy-to-use sections, this text book guides readers through all the major concepts, themes and issues that characterize Victorian literature; offers an overview of the historical and cultural context in which this literature was produced; and introduces readers to all of the significant critical and theoretical perspectives that underpin modern research into the period.


Learning in Contemporary Culture - 2854269230

117,77 zł

Learning in Contemporary Culture LEARNING MATTERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides an accessible undergraduate-level introduction to the central educational concepts of learning and culture. In examining these themes it addresses key issues including: what is meant by 'culture'; characteristics commonly associated with contemporary culture; relationships between culture and learning; changing understandings of how, what, where and when we learn; the relationship between learning, national identity and citizenship; and the impact of all these on our way of life today. These ideas are approached from historical, philosophical, sociological, political and psychological perspectives: the traditional disciplines of Education Studies.


Europe and America in the mirror - 2854924895

27,38 zł

Europe and America in the mirror

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - A vivid and more or less stable partnership between European and American countries is generally regarded as a key issue and particularly serious challenge in terms of cultural, economic, historical, political, and social developments and changes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This volume aims at bringing together various approaches, concepts, and analyses that are currently on the agenda in academic discussions in transatlantic and international relations studies. With a collection of essays from young scholars who have pursued their research in a wide-ranging field of interdisciplinary research, this volume not only contributes to intensifying important aspects of the study and analysis of transatlantic relations, but also reflects upon recent developments in different European regions that can only be understood in a global dimension such as anti-Americanism, popular culture and media, contemporary regionalist movements, and secularization in modern societies. In all cases, the contributors? findings and research perspectives shape not only the content of this book, but in many respects develop an innovative understanding of transatlantic and international relations, helping us to gain important new insights into this specific relationship. Nazwa - Europe and America in the mirror Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Nomos Kod ISBN - 9788376880914 Kod EAN - 9788376880914 Rok wydania - 2012 Język - angielski Format - 14.5x20.5cm Ilość stron - 296 Podatek VAT - 5%


Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Modality - 2854201037

120,33 zł

Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Modality Bloomsbury Academic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Modality examines the eight main contemporary theories of possibility behind a central metaphysical topic. Covering modal skepticism, modal expressivism, modalism, modal realism, ersatzism, modal fictionalism, modal agnosticism, and the new modal actualism, this comprehensive introduction to modality places contemporary debates in an historical context. Beginning with a historical overview, Andrea Borghini discusses Parmenides and Zeno; looks at how central Medieval authors such as Aquinas, and Buridan prepared the ground for the Early Modern radical views of Leibniz, Spinoza, and Hume and discusses advancements in semantics in the later-half of the twentieth century a resulted in the rise of modal metaphysics, the branch characterizing the past few decades of philosophical reflection. Framing the debate according to three main perspectives - logical, epistemic, metaphysical- Borghini provides the basic concepts and terms required to discuss modality. With suggestions of further reading and end-of-chapter study questions, A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of Modality is an up-to-date resource for students working in contemporary metaphysics seeking a better understanding of this crucial topic.


Nation and Nationalism in Europe - 2854264643

107,28 zł

Nation and Nationalism in Europe EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book offers an overview of the contending approaches to the nation and nationalism, in a European context. Part One explores a wide variety of theoretical perspectives including the controversial issue of theoretical dichotomy (civic versus ethnic nationalism) and attempts to overcome it. Part Two introduces three types of nationalism: as ideology, social movement and attitude, allowing for a systematic treatment of sub-state and central state nationalism. The final Part looks at European nationalism in practice, offering new empirical findings from both in-depth single country cases and cross-country comparisons. Key Features *The only textbook on the nation and nationalism which covers the main methodological and analytical issues and gives comparative empirical insights into nationalism in Western and Eastern Europe *Combines a clear exposition of contemporary theoretical positions and perspectives with the authors' own appraisal and synthesis *Presents a critical assessment of the breadth of the literature in the field *Regards nationalism as a contemporary rather than just a historical phenomenon *Challenges the concepts and theories regarding the nation and nationalism with a growing body of relevant empirical research *Includes empirical findings of contemporary nationalist tendencies for instance from Britain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, and Sweden.


Tourism Geography - 2853790884

192,56 zł

Tourism Geography ROUTLEDGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Tourism Geography develops a critical understanding of how different geographies of tourism are created and maintained. Drawing on both historical and contemporary perspectives, the discussion connects tourism to key geographical concepts relating to globalization, mobility, new geographies of production and consumption, and post-industrial change. The new edition has been fully updated to have an international focus, with global case studies and broader based content.§This book is the only up to date and comprehensive review of geographies of tourism and the ways in which geographers can interpret contemporary tourism processes. It provides an accessible yet thorough explanation of concepts and models which promotes an understanding of their applications and limitations.


The European Public Servant - 2854505772

485,34 zł

The European Public Servant ECPR Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

European integration is under pressure. At the same time, the notion of a European administrative space is being explicitly voiced. But does a shared idea of the public servant exist in Europe? This volume shows how the public servant has been conceived throughout history, and asks whether such conceptions are converging towards a common European administrative identity. It combines conceptual and institutional history with political thought and empirical political science. Sager & Overeem's timely analysis constitutes an original effort to integrate history of ideas and cutting-edge survey research. It presents the subject's ideational foundations as well as its modern manifestation in European administrative space. To reserve your copy of this book ahead of publication, please email 'Sager & Overeem's excellent collection is the first serious exploration of the historical and comparative development of the public servant in Europe. The result is a superb set of essays that are historically insightful and of contemporary relevance. Scholars and practitioners will benefit from learning of the historical roots of the often competing concepts of public service and democratic legitimacy that still inform so much of contemporary practice.' Mark Bevir, University of California, Berkeley 'From the ashes of the second world war, the European Union emerged as, ultimately, a moral experiment. But can today's EU of 28 nations and 400 million people from immensely diverse cultures transcend the traditional nation-state and all its historic limitations? Many factors will decide the answer. Among the most critical is the EU's capability to forge its own public administration expertise, corporate identity, and ethical commitment to carry out effectively its policy agendas. This book attempts to examine that fundamental yet often neglected problem confronting Europe's future. While no simple or clear-cut conclusions can be found in these pages, the book's contents open intriguingly diverse perspectives and raise key research questions on a seminal public issue that deserves priority attention for those who wish the EU experiment success.' Richard Stillman, University of Colorado 'This volume puts the European civil servant centre stage. It offers disciplined, insightful comparisons across time and space and reveals converging trends towards a shared European administrative identity. The lucid chapters are coherently assembled and fill a gap in the literature. An important contribution to the debate about the European administrative space.' Michael W Bauer, Deutsche Universität fur Verwaltungswissenschaften, Speyer


Exploring British Politics - 2212833295

146,60 zł

Exploring British Politics Longman Group

Inne 1

Concise, comprehensive and accessible, Exploring British Politics presents an insightful and fresh approach to British politics with a special emphasis on recent developments. Designed to stimulate critical analysis and provoke lively debate, it provides new perspectives on two key themes; the health of British democracy and the transition from traditional models of government to more flexible forms of ‘governance’.  Whilst framed in a discussion of the essential historical background of British politics, contemporary issues are to the fore throughout and readers are encouraged to scrutinise what is often taken for granted and to develop their own thoughts and ideas. Whether studying the subject for the first time or revisiting it, Exploring British Politics is the ideal undergraduate text.Learning Objectives list the topics covered and what students should understand by the end of the chapter Each chapter contains Controversy boxes that discuss issues that have been and continue to be sources of debate Analysis boxes take a closer look at a particular event or issue for a deeper understanding Case studies bring key issues to the fore with real life examples of politics in action Key terms introduce and define important words and concepts throughout the text Every chapter is supported by a Further Reading section to help students find more information and continue their study Websites provide a wealth of valuable resources for further study and interest Conclusion and summaries bring together the key issues dealt with in the chapter succinctly and clearly to aid understanding"This book provides an insightful and intriguing new addition to the literature on British Politics". Dr.Dan Hough, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Sussex'Thought-provoking, incisive and informative, Exploring British Politics provides an excellent and welcome addition to the current literature. Shedding light upon the key debates in British government and politics, the authors use a wealth of contemporary and historical examples to illustrate their arguments. Both students new to British Politics as well as those already familiar with the subject area, will greatly benefit from reading this engaging text'. Dr. Jacqui Briggs, Senior Lecturer in Politics, The University of Lincoln.


Utopia/Dystopia - 2854320358

125,64 zł

Utopia/Dystopia Princeton University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The concepts of utopia and dystopia have received much historical attention. Utopias have traditionally signified the ideal future: large-scale social, political, ethical, and religious spaces that have yet to be realized. "Utopia/Dystopia" offers a fresh approach to these ideas. Rather than locate utopias in grandiose programs of future totality, the book treats these concepts as historically grounded categories and examines how individuals and groups throughout time have interpreted utopian visions in their daily present, with an eye toward the future. From colonial and postcolonial Africa to pre-Marxist and Stalinist Eastern Europe, from the social life of fossil fuels to dreams of nuclear power, and from everyday politics in contemporary India to imagined architectures of postwar Britain, this interdisciplinary collection provides new understandings of the utopian/dystopian experience. The essays look at such issues as imaginary utopian perspectives leading to the 1856-57 Xhosa Cattle Killing in South Africa, the functioning racist utopia behind the Rhodesian independence movement, the utopia of the peaceful atom and its global dissemination in the mid-1950s, the possibilities for an everyday utopia in modern cities, and how the Stalinist purges of the 1930s served as an extension of the utopian/dystopian relationship. The contributors are Dipesh Chakrabarty, Igal Halfin, Fredric Jameson, John Krige, Timothy Mitchell, Aditya Nigam, David Pinder, Marci Shore, Jennifer Wenzel, and Luise White.


Integrative Approaches for Health - 2854350136

325,48 zł

Integrative Approaches for Health Academic Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Integrative Approaches for Health: Biomedical Research, Ayurveda and Yoga brings together interdisciplinary and integrative approaches to health and medicine in one comprehensive reference. It covers the concept of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) as a common thread to connect medical systems, facilitating dialogue and triggering the evolution of Integrative Medicine. The basic principles of Ayurveda and Yoga are connected and juxtaposed to the modern systems biology including the complex relationships between cells, tissues, organs and body to get better and inclusive picture of Integrative Medicine. This book introduces readers the potentials of Ayurveda and Yoga as important components of Integrative Medicine as also knowledge sources for future research in biomedicine. * Contains a confluence of ancient and modern concepts, historical perspectives, philosophical underpinnings and an extensive review of literature supported by worldwide case studies. * Provides a contemporary analysis of ancient wisdom, pointing to potential areas for future research, allowing for contemplation of forthcoming healthcare and integrative medicine practices.* Offers illustrative charts, timelines and entity relationship logic diagrams for enhanced understanding of concepts presented.* Shows Ayurveda knowledge and its relevance to drug discovery, personalized medicine, genomics, epigenomics, regenerative medicine, longevity, and nanotechnology.* Shares yoga knowledge insights and explains its relevance to body -mind complex relationships, psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology, bioenergetics, consciousness, and cognitive sciences.


The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law and the Legal State (Rechtsstaat), 1 - 2854234405

661,15 zł

The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law and the Legal State (Rechtsstaat), 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book explores the development of both the civil law conception of the Legal State and the common law conception of the Rule of Law. It examines the philosophical and historical background of both concepts, as well as the problem of the interrelation between the two doctrines. The book brings together twenty-five leading scholars from around the world and provides both general and specific jurisdictional perspectives of the issue in both contemporary and historical settings. The Rule of Law is a legal doctrine the meaning of which can only be fully appreciated in the context of both the common law and the European civil law tradition of the Legal State (Rechtsstaat). The Rule of Law and the Legal State are fundamental safeguards of human dignity and of the legitimacy of the state and the authority of state prescriptions.§


Chora 6 - 2854274938

147,34 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thirteen diverse essays in Chora 6 reconsider cultural and historical roots of architecture and explore contemporary venues for architectural action. Different concepts of the machine are pursued in essays on Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Alfred Jarry's pataphysical machines, and cosmological and political orders in sixteenth-century utopias. Cross-cultural tensions are examined in essays on the Christian appropriation of Aztec symbolism, and on Jesuit perspectives in an imperial Chinese garden in Beijing. Architectural origins and education are revisited in essays on fire and language in Vitruvius, on storytelling by Spanish theorist Juan Caramuel de Lobkowitz, and on the role of history in the design of the Prato della Valle, a public square in Padua. Phenomenal experience is the focus of essays on light and stone in the Gothic church of Saint-Denis, and on bodily movement through the ancient Palace of Minos at Knossos in Crete. Tensions in architectural representation are investigated in essays on the influence of Villard de Honnecourt on drawings by William Burges in Victorian England, and on Stendhal's curious narrative drawings in his book Vie de Henry Brulard. Contemporary beliefs are scrutinized in an essay that uses psychoanalytic theory to examine the modern concept of sustainability.


Fashion and Cultural Studies - 2853160087

138,98 zł

Fashion and Cultural Studies Berg Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bridging theory and practice, this accessible text provides an introduction to fashion from both cultural studies and fashion studies perspectives, and addresses the growing interaction between the two fields. Cultural studies relies on fashion to exemplify change as well as continuity, examine identity and difference, agency and structure, and production and consumption. Fashion, meanwhile, benefits from the interpretative lens of cultural studies; its key concepts, contextual flexibility, and attention to bridging 'high' and 'popular' culture, contemporary and historical perspectives, and diverse identity issues and methodologies. Organised thematically, the book uses a wide range of cross-cultural case studies to explore ethnicity, class, gender and nation through fashion, and explains the ways in which these notions interact and overlap. Drawing on intersectionality theory in feminist theory and cultural studies, Fashion and Cultural Studies is essential reading for students and scholars.


Muslim Identities - 2854290119

122,61 zł

Muslim Identities University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rather than focus solely on theological concerns, this well-rounded introduction takes an expansive view of Islamic ideology, culture, and tradition, sourcing a range of historical, sociological, and literary perspectives. Neither overly critical nor apologetic, this book reflects the rich diversity of Muslim identities across the centuries and counters the unflattering, superficial portrayals of Islam that are shaping public discourse today. Aaron W. Hughes uniquely traces the development of Islam in relation to historical, intellectual, and cultural influences, enriching his narrative with the findings, debates, and methodologies of related disciplines, such as archaeology, history, and Near Eastern studies. Hughes's work challenges the dominance of traditional terms and concepts in religious studies, recasting religion as a set of social and cultural facts imagined, manipulated, and contested by various actors and groups over time. Making extensive use of contemporary identity theory, Hughes rethinks the teaching of Islam and religions in general and helps facilitate a more critical approach to Muslim sources. For readers seeking a non-theological, unbiased, and richly human portrait of Islam, as well as a strong grasp of Islamic study's major issues and debates, this textbook is a productive, progressive alternative to more classic surveys.


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