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Living on the Edge - 2826857483

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Living on the Edge Parson's Porch Books

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This volume contains four sermon series prepared for and preached during the Season of Advent; the sermons are based on the Lectionary texts for Year C. Advent preaching that grows out of the texts suggested by the Revised Common Lectionary is rewarding in several ways. First, such preaching underscores our common tradition. The various members, congregations, and denominations that have made up and do make up the Body of Christ in the world share in a common biblical tradition that forms, undergirds, and challenges our faith. At all times, but maybe especially during a special time like Advent, it is exciting for preachers and for congregations to know that we are reflecting together on our common tradition that deals with the sure comings of God into our world and into our midst. Second, such preaching underscores our common community. Every Sunday we worship in communion with all other Christians who are gathered to worship the God who chose to reveal God's self most fully and graciously in the person of Jesus Christ, whose coming to Bethlehem's manger, in the Parousia, and to our lives here and now we anticipate during Advent. There is something about a special season like Advent that causes us to appreciate more fully, as we admittedly should all the time, that when we worship God we worship together with all others who worship God. Third, such preaching underscores our common waiting. We are all in this together. During Advent we are waiting for Christmas but we are also waiting for the Second Coming and we are also waiting for Christ to come to us in whatever new and different ways he wants and needs to come to us and in whatever new and different ways we need him to come to us. In some ways, we will not have to wait long. In other ways, we may have to wait a very long time. Whatever the case, we wait together for Christ to come. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! I am very grateful for the congregations of the First Baptist Church of Adel, Georgia, The Hill Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia, and the First Baptist Church of Fitzgerald, Georgia, in concert with whom these sermons were composed and preached. Michael L. Ruffin


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